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The forums are buzzing and the videos are flying as Apple has unveiled its latest product, the iPad which will be for sale in March. Consumers have already had strong mixed reactions to it and it's not even available yet. Many have already labeled it as just a larger version of the iPod touch. Lets rundown a few of the main features to see what everyone is talking about. Apple iPad Features: It has a familiar interface born from the iPhone and iPod touch. It will be available in a wii fi and 3G version both with a 1ghz Apple A4 chip - very quick. You can do a lot on the iPad seamlessly like browse full size web pages, send email, play games, flick through pictures, movies and music faster than an iPhone or iTouch. The typing is similar to the iPhone just on a larger screen. The display is 9.7" with a 1024 x 768 resolution. There is an updated You Tube application that allows you to watch HD videos. All of the applications that are in the app store will work on the iPad, however there will be many specifically designed just for the iPad. The iBooks feature is new and you can purchase and read books right off the built in "bookshelf". This will be huge competition for the Kindle as it does not have a bookshelf type feature. There are 3 versions of the original model, 16, 32 and 64 gigs. The wi fi version that is going to be available at the end of March is $499, $599 and $699. The 3g version will be available at the end of April which will be $629, $729 and $829. Apple iPad Misses: There is no camera built into it which seems odd as most devices of this caliber have a camera. Although it's designed to make the best use of multi media on a full size screen, its lack of flash support is a point of concern. And, its limited ability to multi task could hamper its mass appeal. Overall, its a lightweight, speedy device that gadget fans will love. It has the ability to be a game changer but the jury is still out and come March we'll see if it measures up to its reputation.

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