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The Apple tablet which we famously refer to as Apple iPad 16 GB is a feature-packed, powerful and performance-oriented device. It is a tablet PC but with many functions of the net-book. The iPad is a complete revolution of sorts in terms of design, interface, applications and connectivity. The iPad can be very useful for both professional and personal use. It is best suited for those who travel a lot and require notebook like capacities in a smaller framework. The first of the iPad 16 GB specs that would impress everyone would be the large - or more precisely, the giant - display. With the 9.7 inch multi-touch screen, everything right from videos to websites becomes a pleasure to view. The iPad 16 GB also comes with specially designed multitouch feature that makes it quite easy to navigate, interact and play with the applications on the gadget. The iPad features a special oleo-phobic coating that prevents fingerprints on the screen. The large screen display facilitates a 1024x768 pixel resolution. This gives videos, websites, photos and almost everything a crystal clear quality and high detail level. The built-in accelerometer lets you view the iPad in landscape or portrait orientation. This way you can have a larger display of your videos and websites with a simple shift. On the landscape view, the QWERTY keypad almost becomes real-life large and is very comfortable to type on. With the Apple tablet, navigation is not an issue at all. The Spotlight Search makes finding applications, files and documents very easy. Apple iPad specs include complete YouTube integration, Wi-Fi support and the latest browser to view websites on. The iPad comes with built-in apps that make watching videos and photoslideshows as easy as it can get. Almost every Apple iPad review would point out the 1GHz processor that powers the iPad to perform excellently. There are plenty of iPad accessories on the market that enhance the experience. The external keyboard gives you more comfort for typing and navigating on the iPad, while the iPad case provides a safe cover for the gadget. The Apple iPad release was most certainly interesting as stocks ran out almost immediately after the release date. Apple iPad price has remained at around GBP450 but is expected to go up as the demand rises. If you are planning to buy Apple iPad, this might just be the best time!

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