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If you love playing your electric guitar, but don't have access to traditional amplifying equipment, check out the very cool AmpliTube iRig accessory for your iPhone. You can use this accessory played through your iPhone - as a virtual amp for your guitar! This is like Guitar Hero, but it is the real thing! You can actually play your electric guitar through the phone, but based on the sound quality, you just may forget you are playing your guitar through an iPhone. This is a cool, fun and versatile accessory for your iPhone. It is easy to hook up and within minutes, you can experiment with different sounds, make adjustments and totally customize your sound. Other than for fun, what could you use this for? You could take music lessons, play along with MP3 songs and enjoy a portable, high quality sounding amp for writing music or practicing a song. This interface works with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, although it was primarily designed for use with the iPhone. The AmpliTube offers up to 5 different amp sounds. In addition to the amp sounds, you can customize and play around with different effects such as microphones or cans. In fact, there are stomps, amps, cabinets and mic's available to customize your sound. You can download and play back songs quickly and easily. There are guitar and bass sounds available, along with presets and customization abilities. It is possible to connect your guitar directly to your iPhone, but the sound quality will not be that great. Using the iRig interface makes all the difference in making a solid connection between your i-device and guitar. The sound quality, clarity and noise reduction is noticeably better, crisp and clear. The controls on the AmpliTube are clearly marked and easy to understand. With a slight slide of the control, you can get a completely different customized sound. When you need privacy or need to keep the volume down, you can use headphones for a private concert. The AmpliTube iRig can be used with your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device, and the set-up will vary depending on what i-device you choose to use. You may need to purchase a cable, but overall, this is an affordable and fun accessory for music lovers. It is a mobile, portable application that can go anywhere you take your guitar.

Based on the options available, the sound quality and the ability to customize, this is a good quality add-on. If you have a love of the guitar, be prepared to spend a lot of time playing with this impressive accessory.

Don't wait another day to experience the AmpliTube iRig for iPad and iPhone. You will be playing guitar on the iPhone in seconds!

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