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If you ask any room full of people how many would like to lose weight there is a good chance the majority of the group would respond in the affirmative. Whether you want to lose ten pounds or one hundred or more, losing weight is a difficult task. According to Alli weight loss reviews there is finally a product that successfully helps make the process easier. It can be purchased without a prescription by adults 18 and over and is one of the first OTC drugs for obesity to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. How Does Alli Weight Loss Work? Most people are initially skeptical as diet drugs are often more about hype than actual results. The Alli weight loss reviews appear to show this product in an entirely different light. It is a diluted form of Orlistat (Xenical) which works to keep the body from absorbing fat. When a food is eaten and begins the digestion process there is an enzyme called pancreatic lipase that breaks down food that is in the intestines. Alli reduces the amount of this enzyme that is produced. This means that less of the food will be broken down and converted into fatty acids directly impacting the amount of calories that have been eaten. The end result is a loss of excess fat in the body. That gets people quite excited. Does It Work? The exciting result of fat loss does not come without a price as there are a couple of side effects. Alli weight loss reviews show that most users believe that the benefits of the pill outweigh any negative effects. New users have to approach their program slowly and with caution to see how their body will respond to the supplement. When unused fat is eliminated from the body it can cause unpredictable bowel movements, increased flatulence and can cause the body to reduce the amount of vitamins that are absorbed. It is advised that a new user plan to start their first day at a time when they can spend the day at home close to the bathroom. Summery The great news is that it can be controlled by adjusting the dosage and eating less fatty foods. Clinical trials and Alli weight loss reviews show that this product is effective and stable. Alli is to be used with an overall plan of exercise and diet that is both low fat and low calorie. It is important to note that people that are not over weight, have had an organ transplant, take cyclosporine or have trouble with food absorption should not take this product. For all others this is a product that most people feel is a long awaited answer to weight loss.

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==== ==== Click this link for the Best Diet Solutions : ==== ====

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