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One of the primary reasons that triggers an outbreak of acne is an imbalance of hormone in your body. Typically this skin condition is inflicted on growing teenagers during their adolescent years. Other reasons could stem from stress, a poor diet which contains high and unhealthy fat food, skin disorders or violent skin reaction due to skin allergies. If you ignore a bad bout of acne outbreak and not treat it with proper medication, it could well lead to unsightly scarring that could remain on your skin on a permanent basis. Although it is usually the more serious type of acne condition such as those related to an inflammatory nodulocystic acne that have a high risk of resulting in more permanent scarring. If at any time, whether you are a teenager or an adult, find yourself being plagued by acne affecting areas not restricted just to the face but also the chest and the back area, then you should immediately seek medical help. In most cases, acne comes and goes with the correct treatment without any permanent scarring but when left untreated could spread like wild fire and could lead to self-esteem and confidence issues further down the road. Many products, both sold at a shop or found online are relentlessly touting their breakthrough acne skin care products. It is important to bear in mind that you should always try these products in small quantity to make sure your skin responds well to the product before committing to buying them in larger quantity. Often, these companies lock you into their acne skin care range with their introductory offers and you cannot easily get out of the contract should your skin develop adverse effects to their product. Many acne skin care products are not exactly cheap, so take care and time to find one that suits your skin type. A mild case of acne outbreak can usually be treated with over the counter acne skin care products. The more moderate to severe case of acne infection would definitely require medical attention. You will then need to seek treatment advice from a qualified dermatologist or skin doctor. They are the professionals who can prescribe you with the more powerful and appropriate skin medication. Different individuals recover at different speeds therefore there really isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to all acne problems but the sooner you receive the appropriate treatment, the better the chance you have of minimising or even erasing scarring altogether. Some acne skin care products are mild in nature and would therefore require a longer time to heal your skin. It requires you to be patient before you would notice any clear results. More powerful drugs are only available on prescription which means you will have to consult a skin doctor to get them. Any skin inflammation or infection does not go away overnight and rate of recovery varies from one patient to the other. A change of diet does help sometimes, eat more fruits and vegetables,

the more colourful the food, the better they are to your skin. Avoid fatty food especially deep fried and processed food. They are normally lacking in the right nutrients to support the healing of your skin. In fact they contribute to oily skin which clog up your pores and create more acne.

For acne scar skin care advice, have a look at our acne scar treatment informational page.

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==== ==== Need Some Beauty Tips - Click on this link now: ==== ====

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Need Some Beauty Tips - Click on this link now:

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