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Get the most of your iPad Battery life is always an issue when it comes to portable devices like the iPad. So, to enjoy the apps and other things that the it can offer, here are eight tips to extend the iPad's battery life. 1. Airplane mode Activating 'Airplane mode' is the fastest way to turn off all external connections to it. This will disable 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, all at once. Go to Settings to activate it. 2. Brightness Fine-tuning the brightness can save tons of battery life. Auto-adjust mode can also help users to limit the use of brightness especially when you are going from indoor to outdoor or vice versa. 3. Sound Turning the sound off when playing some apps or when you are not really listening to an audiobook will help a lot in conserving energy. You can always enable them if you want to, but the sounds really don't need to be on if it's not essential to what you're doing. 4. Auto lock Save more energy by adjusting the auto lock feature to activate the it faster. The longer the display screen is up when the device is unused results in more energy wasted. So, always make sure to turn off the screen manually when the device will not be used for some time. 5. Data Fetching Fetching data regularly and automatically means more energy being used minute after minute. This just means that it is working non-stop even without you touching it. Limit Data fetching by allowing it to fetch data in linger intervals. Schedule the data fetch using the lowest setting or choose to fetch data manually. 6. Notifications With the iOS 5, the new Notification System can be enjoyed. It is a lot easier to use and it is not messy. Using this new feature will leave it clutter-free. However, the Notification can also make your battery die out. So, to prevent it from blacking out, set each app individually to the off mode. For all-out battery savings, disable any notifications you can live without and set the rest to badges

only. The badge will act as a visual cue that you need to check the app, but it won't use more battery life by making a sound or an alert. 7. Location services No doubt, the location service from the iPad's built-in GPS chip is useful, but it also eats up a lot of battery power. Choosing to turn this app off when you don't need it will actually help your battery life to go beyond its usual on call performance. Turn Location Services off by setting apps on or off individually in the Settings Menu. 8. Picture frame The picture frame nice to have as it is a unique feature only found on the iPad. However, this feature actually sucks up a lot of battery juice. To save the battery for more important things, adjust settings for less recurrent transitions and longer image display times. This will improve your battery life a lot. But turning it off will reduce your battery usage more. Personalize your iPad The main idea to save you battery life is to personalize it. Do not just rely on the default settings that are programmed when you first held it fresh from its box. You should know that all these settings have been prepared to show off what it can do once you bought it. Most probably, you don't need all these things turned on automatically. Choose to go manual and enjoy your iPad experience longer.

If your iPad's battery has issues or is not working properly, why not try an iPad trade in to get a new one? The money you can get from this service can be used as an offset for a new one.

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