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As anyone who has ever owned a dog can attest to, training man's best friend can prove to be not only extremely challenging, but it can also be immensely frustrating. With that said, dog training can also be a whole lot of fun, and if you're willing to learn a few tricks, it can be very rewarding. One of the first things to bear in mind is that dog training starts from the minute you bring your new puppy home. After all, housetraining is essential, unless of course you're willing to clean up your dogs mess for the next ten or more years. In fact, unless you're absolutely certain you're willing to commit yourself to training your dog, you shouldn't even consider getting one in the first place. Okay, rather than waste anymore words, let's take a look at some great, tried and tested dog training tips. Tip No.1 - Forget About Marathon Sessions Now, contrary to what you may have heard, training your puppy will not require hours and hours of your time. In fact, all it takes is about ten to twenty minutes each day. Any longer than this and you'll be wasting your time because dogs only have a relatively short attention span. Providing you apply the correct dog training tips and techniques, even the most stubborn dog can be taught basic commands in no time at all. Tip No.2 - Choosing a Suitable Name Ideally, you need to choose a name that is easily recognizable for your dog. In other words, try to avoid names that sound very similar to words or commands you may want to teach your dog in the future. You also need to make a point of using his or her names as frequently as possible, particularly in the beginning, because unless you're able to get your dog's attention, you won't be able to begin with training, no matter what dog training tips you use. Tip No.3 - Consistency One of the most important dog training tips you'll ever come across involves consistency. The importance of this simply cannot be stressed enough, and if there are other family members living in the same home, you need to point this out to them as well. Basically, for each command you want to teach your dog, you need to choose a specific word, and from that moment on, no other word should ever be used for that specific command. For example, if you want your dog to sit when you say sit, don't ever use the term "sit down". Many dog owners use "down" when they want their dog to lie down, and if you then tell your dog to sit down, your dog won't know whether it should sit, or whether it should lie down. Tip No.4 - Get into a Routine

While it's possible to spend time training your dog whenever you feel like it, getting into a set routine will certainly make your job a whole lot easier. Dogs rely on associating things, so if you put your dog to bed every evening at the same time, he or she will soon come to expect it, particularly if you give them some sort of a clue when the time comes. For example, you could give your puppy a small treat every evening at exactly the same time, and just prior to putting him to bed. This way he will soon learn that when that treat comes in the evening, it's time for bed, no questions asked. Tip No.5 - Don't Overload Your Dog's Brain Once again, this is one of the most important dog training tips around. Never attempt to teach your dog several commands at once. Instead, first make sure he has grasped a specific command thoroughly before you try to teach him the next one. You can be rest assured, there are no shortcuts here, and if you try to squeeze in too much too soon, your efforts will simply prove to be counter-productive. Tip No.6 - Accept the Fact That Punishment Doesn't Work As almost all successful dog trainers will tell you, punishing your dog for making mistakes simply doesn't work. In fact, depending on the nature of your dog, you could end up making training almost impossible if you continue to punish him at every turn. Just as with people, some dogs learn faster than others, and this is something you need to take into consideration. In fact, certain breeds pick things up within just one or two training sessions, while other breeds may need ten or more sessions just to grasp a single command. Yes, there are many dog training tips that you can use to maximize the effectiveness of training sessions, but you still shouldn't expect the impossible. If patience isn't one of your strong points, then you may want to consider doing a bit of research regarding the different breeds before you go and buy a puppy. Tip No.7 - Reading a Dog's Temperament Some dogs are always calm, and some dogs always seem to be on edge, and this is something you come across even between dogs of the same breed. Likewise, some breeds are more highly strung than other breeds, and this is something you'll need to determine before you even begin with training. A calm, friendly dog will be able to tolerate your odd moment of frustration, while a highly strung dog won't. Staying calm during training sessions is vital to your success, but it's of even greater importance if your dog has a nervous disposition, of if he or she is highly strung. Tip No.8 - The Importance of Rewards To a certain extent, giving rewards is the king of dog training tips. Just as punishment can be extremely detrimental to training, giving rewards can work miracles. If you furry little friend does something right, make sure he gets a reward. No, you don't need to give your dog an entire pack of treats each time he does as you say, but at least give him something. Your dog will soon associate rewards with obedience, and once he does, the battle has been won. Once you dog is capable of obeying a command every time, you can then begin cutting back on the rewards. The dog training tips mentioned in this short article are just a few of the tips you can use to begin

training your new family member, but of course, there are so many more tips available. For example, resources such as "Secrets to Dog Training" can be invaluable to anyone who has just come home with a new puppy. No matter what sort of dog training you're interested in, there's an abundance of dog training tips out there to help you train your dog in the shortest possible time.

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==== ==== Check out my new website You'll find a FREE report to download called, 'How To Be The Alpha Dog And Stop Your Dog's Behavior Problems' ==== ====

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Check out my new website, You'll find a FREE report to download called, 'How To Be The Alpha Dog And Stop Your Dog...

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