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Do you need to lose weight fast? It's not that hard to have a great weight loss result, just follow my 7 easy diet tips. You simply need to learn about what you eat and apply sensible eating habits to make sure you enjoy your food. Yes it will have to be healthy food, and you need to identify those foods that are healthy AND that you have forgotten that you love. You do not need to sacrifice your enjoyment of food! Simply read my tips on how to lose weight fast. This is a carefully thought out plan with built in flexibility, and you can use it for as long as you wish. 1. Make a list of everything that you eat and drink for a couple of days. If you can do it for a week. There is no need to record calories, just focus on keeping an accurate record of what you eat and drink and how much of it. 2. Identify all of the areas that you use fats like butter, margarine, mayonnaise and sauces. Then make a commitment to cutting your usage in half. And that includes your cooking oils as well. 3. Have a look at when you consume treats like chocolates, ice cream, cakes, pastries and cookies. We are looking for all the high sugar stuff. This is likely to be the place you can make the most out of your efforts to lose weight fast. Try and identify with the reasons why you snack on these types of high sugar products. Do you justify them as a "get you over the hump" food? If so then you need to understand that products containing high levels of sugar are "high GI" foods, and that your body digests them really fast which leads to a very short term boost in energy followed by your body craving another boost. And if you don't feed your craving then you actually go into a short term depressed state until that craving is satisfied. This is not helping your attempts to lose weight. The best solution for this is firstly to accept that this type of snacking is really bad for you. Note; snacking is not bad for you, just the type of snacking. Secondly, bring yourself down from the high low syndrome over the course of a week or two. Just replace each snack with a slightly lower sugar content product each day. For example if you currently eat a donut with your morning cup of coffee that has two sugars, change that to a piece of raisin toast with butter and cinnamon (not cinnamon and sugar) and cut the sugar in your coffee to 1 and 3/4. Do that for a couple of days. Then on the 4th day just put a very small amount of butter on your raisin toast with cinnamon and cut the sugar in your coffee to

1 and 1/2. As your goal after 7 to 10 days, you might be having a cup of coffee with 1 sugar and wholemeal toast with no butter and your favourite spread like jam, honey or even a light spread of peanut butter. By doing this with the two or three high sugar snacks you are having, you will dramatically lower the calories you are consuming, increase your bodies benefit from the snack by lowering the GI level, and all while maintaining your enjoyment of the snack!!! 4. Take a look at your main evening meal as well as when you eat it. If you like to eat chicken with the skin and stuffing, or your red meat with a good bit of fat on it, then look at ways you can have your cake and eat it. Firstly if you prepare your own foods, start to cut say a third of the fat off before you cook it and throw it away. If you buy this type of meal from a take away store do this as you are serving or ask the store to do it for you. Increase the amount of fat you take away over a week or two. Your goal might be to only leave 10-20% of the fat or skin on. Secondly if you tend to eat very close to bed time, try to move the meal to a slightly earlier time frame. This will help the quality of your sleep and also the efficiency of your digestive system. 5. If you consume a lot of meat, introduce an extra lunch and dinner that does not include meat. Use whole grains, vegetables and beans to increase fiber and reduce fat. If this is not palatable to you then add some soy sauce, sweet chilly sauce or other low sugar but tasty sauce to spice up the flavor and enjoyment. 6. Lower the fat content in your dairy consumption. There are plenty of alternatives that if introduced carefully will not reduce your enjoyment. Try buying what you normally use and mix 1/3 of a low fat alternative. So when you have your cereal put a small amount of the low fat milk in first and then top it up with your normal milk. Gradually increase the amount of the low fat variety to allow your taste buds to get used to the very slightly different taste. 7. Watch what you drink. If you are like most people who are concerned about their weight, you have already switched to the diet version of your favorite "bubbly" drink. In a nutshell, this is not helping. The manufacturers just put a heap of chemicals in to help make the stuff taste good. And lets face it when you first swapped over I will bet you did not like it anyway. But you persisted because you were convinced you needed you can of coke!!! So if you can go through that process, surely you can go through a process of switching into a Non soda type of flavored drink, and subsequently into a healthy flavored drink and perhaps even just plain old water. Alcohol; there are two issues here, the first one is from a weight loss point of view and the second

one is the addictive nature of alcohol. I will address the second issue first and very briefly. this article is ONLY about weight loss, while there are many addictive qualities to foods, particularly high sugar foods, those can mostly be overcome by a simple and gradual reduction and or replacement process. An addiction to alcohol is an entirely different thing and can not be addressed in this article. The first issue is about how alcohol affects your weight, and it has two effects. The first is that most alcoholic drinks are generally high in calories. The second is that the consumption of alcohol increases the desire to eat. So it goes simply to state that if you can reduce your alcohol intake in either volume or by drinking a low alcohol version, this WILL help your weight loss.

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