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Puppy obedience training basically boils down to very basic training commands such as "sit," "stay," "go fetch," and a few others. Puppy obedience training can be very useful in fulfilling most of the puppy's most important needs. It actually gives your puppy something to direct their attention and learning towards. This will in turn make your puppy very happy. A lot of people don't actually realize that one of the main reasons a lot of puppies misbehave is because they lack direction in guiding their actions. They don't know how to respond accordingly with the many circumstances that they'll encounter. Most puppies can actually be trained as early as 7 or 8 weeks old. Let's explore some basic commands and how to carry them out. 1. The "Heel" Command. For this puppy obedience training command it's a good idea to use food for this one. Show your puppy the food at about his head level. Make sure it's on your left hand side. Now you're going to want to say "heel" and then walk forward a little. As you're walking let the puppy eat a little bit of the treat. At first, you should only travel a couple of paces. Then, you can go a little further each time. When your puppy gets it right, be sure to praise him. When your puppy begins to learn what is expected of him, you can start lifting the treat a little higher. If he jumps up for it make sure you don't reward him. 2. The "Sit" Command For this puppy obedience training command you'll want to move the treat from a spot in front of your puppy to over its head and say firmly "sit." A natural thing for your puppy to do at this point is to let his rear end hit the floor. Your puppy will do this as it raises its head back but if it doesn't use your free hand to put its bottom down on the floor. When it does sit, give it a good heap of praise and let your puppy have the treat. 3. The "Down" Command For this puppy obedience training command show your puppy the treat to get his attention. Now, you'll want to say "down" and move the treat towards the floor slowly. Only if needed, you can apply slight pressure to his shoulders to help him down. If you see that he begins to lie down even for a second or two give him the treat and a great deal of praise. As your puppy begins to make this a normal routine you can stretch out the time before giving him the treat. 4. The "Come" Command

A good idea here is to call your puppy throughout different time of the day even if it's for nothing at all. While doing this puppy obedience training command make sure that you reward him and give him lots of praise. Another way to do this is to have another person hold your puppy and you call their name and say "come" right after it. When your puppy comes to you be sure to reward it and give lots of praise. 5. The "Stand" Command To do this puppy obedience training command make sure your puppy is in the "down" position and then say "stand" and lift the treat forward and up in front of him. If you need to help him into position. The moment he stands give him lots of praise and the treat. Again, the more routine this becomes you can make the time longer that he has to stand to get the treat. 6. The "Stay" Command First off, have your puppy to sit. Then, say "stay" and go about one or two paces back from your puppy. As long as he stayed give him the treat and the praise for staying. If you see that he moved just do it all over again. For this puppy obedience training command to work properly be sure to only give the treat while your puppy is sitting and not when they get up. Your puppy needs to learn to associate the treat with having stayed and not when he got up. You can increase the length of time after he stays until you give the treat and praise as he responds to this more frequently. To make all this work as it should, remember to be consistent in your puppy obedience training commands and remain friendly during the whole learning process.

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==== ==== This is a really informative website on the topic od American Bulldog Obedience Training. ==== ====

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