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People love to eat out and tend to indulge in some overeating when they do. However, if you are on a diet plan these tendencies could be counterproductive to your overall goals. Here are some healthy weight loss tips for dining out that are easy to follow and in line with most diet plans. Tip 1 - Order From The Low Calorie or Weight Watchers Sections A lot of restaurants have parts of their menus devoted to low calorie meals or even Weight Watchers approved meals. If you pick from those you will likely stay clear of over indulging or eating ill prepared meals. Tip 2 - Eat a Soup or Salad Before Your Main Course Order a cup of low sodium soup or a salad without dressing or a low fat dressing before the meal to fill your belly so you won't over eat. Most soups and salads are very good for you and will start letting your brain know there is food in your belly. Tip 3 - Drink Water, 100% Juice, or Ice Tea Stay away from soda drinks, beers, mixed drinks, shakes, or other high sugar or carbohydrate drinks that add no nutritional value to a healthy diet plan. It is easy to order a soda or a beer with dinner, but if you can cut that out of your dinning you will be cutting roughly 300 calories from your diet and avoiding trouble foods like sugars and carbs. Tip 4 - Think How Food Is Prepared Ask how the veggies are prepared or if they are fresh cut. Ask how steak is made or if there are whole grain noodles to replace the regular noodles. Think baked, steamed, roasted, grilled, pouched, and other healthy ways of cooking instead of frying or sautĂƒÂŠing. Tip 5 - Don't Be Afraid of Leftovers Start to try and share food with your wife, partner, or friend or try and only eat half of the food on your plate even though you probably could eat all of it. Save some for later or the next day. Just because you can eat more doesn't mean you should.

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