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Tips for weight loss for women over 50 have some unique characteristics. The body changes with age and so does the way fat is distributed in the body. This article addresses these changes and shares 3 smart tips for weight loss for women over 50. As a woman approach 50 her body goes through a hormonal change that shifts the way fat is distributed. One of the most commonly noticed changes that a woman will have is that it becomes easier to put on belly fat. Even though the fat distribution is changing, the way that fat is removed stays basically the same and that is through proper diet and exercise. Here are 3 smart tips for weight loss for women over 50. 1. Shift away from carbohydrates in the evening. By doing this you minimize any spike in insulin. The spike in insulin, especially in the evening hours can act to inhibit fat burning and set up an internal environment that encourages fat storage. 2. Workout with weights. The goal is to maximize your muscle mass (note: this will not cause you to get big bulky muscles). The more muscle mass you have the better your fat burning metabolism functions. Women tend to lose muscle each year if they don't exercise against resistance. 3. Get a mindset that says "I can". Above diet and exercise the smartest tip I can pass along is how to get the right mindset for success. If you believe you can lose weight and get in great shape you can. So dump any "I can't" internal talk today. As women age they move through changes that make losing weight unique, follow these 3 smart tips for weight loss for women over 50 to get the edge and find fitness and health for many decades to come.

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