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MAY 2014 Issue #2

For kids who roller skate

Roller Skating Turns to Olympic Stardom! Who watched the Olympics in February? If you did, you saw the story of another Olympic athlete speed skater who started out as a roller skater! Jilleanne Rookard’s parents own a roller rink in Michigan and she skated there all the time! Now, she’s an Olympian! You can turn your skating obsession into world travels and world class competition. Just keep rolling! See Jilleanne’s story and more about her Olympic journey by clicking HERE.

IC S EEPPIC SPPOORRT T FFA AIL ILS S!! Yees s,, it Y it in incclluuddees s RRoolllleerr S Skka at tin ingg Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Alex Cujavante lost the gold medal in the 2010 Roller Speed Skating World Championships in the last 10 meters of the Junior Men 10km race when he celebrated before the race was over. What on earth was Cujavante thinking? What a silly way to lose a gold medal in a World Championship. Well... he is only 16; experience will teach him some good lessons! See more epic sports fails HERE.

hat A wat ch t o you can use t ern et? t e h in n o t go ! That 's SM art

If you needed any further evidence that wearable technology is the next wave, toy manufacturer VTech has unveiled a smartwatch for kids 6-12 year-olds. It tells time and connects to the internet! See more cool colors HERE.

GT-50 America’s


W W W . S U R E G R I P. C O M

5519 Rawlings St . South Gate, Ca 90280

a l y P & t n i r P

Print the page and color the skaters!

s k d i p s l H e New A PP er t t e b t e r oll er Ska USA Roller Sports is an organization that promotes all kinds of roller skating. They have created an APP making it easier to learn roller figure skating, roller hockey, roller speed skating and roller derby. The APP comes complete with a high definition video library of instructional freestyle videos. The videos can be slow-motioned and freeze-framed. Performances can be recorded and analyzed precisely against others or against videos from the instructional video library of the APP. The APP also allows side-by-side comparisons or overlay features and slow motion controls. A very special feature is, “Draw your Program”, with the ability to sketch your program and sync it to your program’s music. Users can carry their routines with them

wherever they go. Other features n the APP include skating games to play and learn, proficiency requirements, judges’ score factors for items, competitions dates with updates, dictionary, National office staff information, about USARS and history, and a National rink locater. What a cool way to learn new skating moves! To learn more, click HERE.

Wh at do es to cre ate

ds k i o f r e k it ta ? p p a e l b o i a m

Most 12-year-olds love playing videogames — Thomas Suarez taught himself how to create them. After developing iPhone apps like “Bustin Jeiber,” a

whack-a-mole game, he is now using his skills to help other kids become developers. See the video of him describing how he started and how you can do it to by clicking HERE.

Fun ways to stay fit! What is sphering?

Invented in New Zealand, sphering is a fun and, let’s face it, weird, way to stay fit. Step inside the sphere — a big, plastic ball that acts as a shock absorber for the rider inside. Run like a hamster or roll down the hill. See more strange ways to stay healthy HERE.

Roll with the all-new Riedell Dart!

g n i t a S k R oll er is Pop ul ar Al l Over ! d r l o W e th The fun and excitement of roller skating is not something we do only in the United States! Youth and adults from all over the world enjoy strapping wheels to their feet and having a good time. Fans blog about their skating fun in Germany, organizations tell you where to go to skate in Portugal, and in Russia groups of people even enjoy costume skating! Adults and kids dress up in their favorite costumes and skate across the countryside! So remember, when you go skating, you are only one country of many that enjoys the rolling thrill of skating! Below is a photo from Russia’s costume skating festival. See more pics HERE.

HHoolllly yw wooood ds skka at teer rs s

rg & St even Spielbe Gold ie Haw n FROM Goldie Hawn and Steven Spielberg help each other stay balanced as they roller skate in the 1970’s. See more pics HERE.

Laur en Co nrad & St ephan ie Pra tt

FROM The Hills stars Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt recently laced up their roller skates for a fun evening out – and a good workout! See more pics HERE.

Alicia Keys FROM Alicia Keys surprised her husband, Swizz, with a roller skating party for his birthday! More photos HERE.

Gwe n Ste fani FROM WWW.PEOPLE.COM Gwen Stefani (left) and Gavin Rossdale (right) help son Kingston around the roller skating rink. See the pic HERE.

e f i l s e 8 s k H ash ta g # ss! c e c S u g i B A

On February 7th there was a nationwide internet flash mob using the hashtag #sk8selfie! The project was headed up by Kelly McGough of Sparkles Family Fun Centers in Georgia. Hundreds of skate enthusiasts posted their picutres to social media using the hashtag #sk8selfie. On Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Twitter and more, the internet was alive with pictures of skating and skating rinks. The screen capture above shows just a few of the many pictures shared by skating fans. “It went better than I had ever hoped for,” said McGough, noting that plans are already unfolding for an encore event this summer. There were 1,430 selfie posts on Instagram, alone! The idea for the event was that skaters would take selfies at the same time on the same evening. Then they would post their selfies to their favorite social networking application and by using a hashtag, create their very own Skater’s Internet Flash Mob. The hashtag they chose was, of course, #sk8selfie. Anyone in the world using that hashtag could view the selfies taken by all those smiling skaters.

McGough figured the concept would be appealing for skating centers, but was bowled over by the enthusiasm of everyone she contacted. “Any kind of response would have made it a success,” she said, noting that “If you get five additional people to come to a session, that’s a success.” On top of that, participation would be free unless individual skating centers wanted to pay for fliers or advertising in their areas. (Googling #skateselfie the day after the flash mob generated more than 1,000 hits – mostly skating rinks promoting the event.) Besides, said McGough, she had the full support of Sparkles’ owners, who, she said, “are very big on sharing, on community, and on promoting roller skating.” And promoting roller skating – everywhere – is what this international Internet flash mob was all about. “This will not only build our sport of roller skating in general, it’ll also introduce people to the fact that roller skating is not old or out of date – or uncool,” said McGough. “Roller skating is now.” To see more #sk8selfie pix, click HERE. is a product of Target Publishing, Co., Inc., Columbus, Ohio. Linda Katz, Publisher. Contact us at Visit our web site at - May 2014 Issue  

Roller skaters, check it out! It's roller skating, it's sports, it's technology, it's game and links to more fun and it's just for kids!

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