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Walk of Fame Arranged in a large semi-circle around Mills Lawn, the Walk of Fame comprises over 500 stones honoring the greatest intellects of all time, some of whom have walked the Rollins campus.

Harold and Ted Alfond Sports Complex While you’re on campus, be sure to explore the Harold and Ted Alfond Sports Complex. Home to Rollins’ men’s and women’s basketball teams and volleyball squad, the 77,800-square-foot complex was built in 2000 and boasts a 2,500-seat gymnasium, a separate gym for intramural sports and a top-of-the-line fitness center.

Before you go: Four must-see spots on Rollins’ campus Annie Russell Theatre Affectionately known as “The Annie,” the stunning, 375-seat Annie Russell Theatre was built in 1932 and is currently the oldest continually operating theatre in Florida, hosting six student-faculty productions each year. Stop by during your campus visit and listen for the ghost of Annie Russell—she is rumored to give standing ovations for particularly moving performances.

Cornell Campus Center 36,000 square feet of bustling activity, the Cornell Campus Center is at the heart of Rollins’ vibrant campus community. Grab a smoothie at The Grille; sit for a moment by the Alfond Pool overlooking Lake Virginia; close your eyes and listen to the lunchtime chatter in Dave’s Down Under. Above all else, try to picture yourself here.

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A visit to Rollins:the moment when a picture in a brochurebecomes the place where you will spend the mostpurposeful years of your life.Stand...

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