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Economy Range

European Range

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Metering Systems Distribution

The Megabox

Emergency Services Installation

Water Services Spares

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RM The Marina Industry Specialists RM has over 25 years experience within the Marina Industry and are fully conversant with all the latest electrical and water regulations throughout Europe. Our range of products are competitively priced and manufactured from products that are tried and trusted in the industry and therefore carry a 2 year guarantee. As well as supply, we offer full design and installation and have a team of dedicated professionals. However, if you prefer to use a local electrical contractor we can assist them in designing a system and will willingly supply all distribution units or service pedestals.


Our service pedestals are assembled to individual customer specification in our purpose built workshops in Cambridgeshire, England. The Platinum and Sterling Ranges are marketed under license from Marine Technologies, Australia, a leading supplier of pedestals across Asia and Australia. Please visit

David Rollins RMCS

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European Range

Metering Systems The Megabox Distribution

Emergency Services Firecart


Water Services l Spares l

Some of our range of services: l l l l l l l l

Low-level / LED Lighting Installations Credit Card Metering Computerised Metering Testing to 17th Edition Spare parts for all units Adapter Plates for old service bollards to match ours Free advice

All Pedestals come with Water options

Platinum 4 WAY, 16 amp in blue

Rollins Marine can satisfy all marina requirements and can produce over 300 different specifications of service pedestals, therefore, to produce a standard price list is impossible. We pride ourselves on treating every customer as an individual. Simply choose your pedestal specification and call or email over your requirements and we will provide you with a bespoke, personal solution containing drawings and a detailed quotation. Furthermore, one of our national or international agents can visit you with no obligation, to discuss your requirements personally and in detail.

Lockable plugs and sockets available on all units

Various sizes of sockets available on all products with lockable option up to 125 amp, 3 phase

2 WAY 300mm Sterling unit shown here in silver


The Platinum

Any configuration of socket size and number available

The Platinum is an extremely modern and attractive unit manufactured from high quality UV stabilised aluminium extrusion. Its strength and durability surpasses any of its competitors.

The illuminated head unit has bespoke downward facing louvers and can be supplied with standard photocell controlled PL lamp or LED driver and 4 x 3 watt LED’s with 10 year life expectancy.


The Platinum Range is available from 250mm up to 1500mm








All units come complete with aluminium base ideal for mounting all types of decking and ground mounting bases are also available for land based applications.





250mm remote service unit. RCD's and MCB’s mounted in main service unit

Recent Installation Hoo Marina, Kent RMCS Smart Card Metering System

2 x 63 amp single phase Platinum with low level LED lighting


Platinum SOS Station (see page 10)

1000mm Platinum in white with polished stainless steel panels with low level LED lighting

Water is available on all Platinum units using WRAS approved fittings with optional electric trace heating

500mm Platinum 2 Way 16 amp Illuminated

Colour Schemes available White RAL 9010 The Platinum is so strong that it can easily support 2 x 125 amp, 3 phase sockets

Blue RAL 5010 Green RAL 6018 Red RAL 3020 05

The Sterling

The Sterling range is equal to the Platinum in terms of strength and shares all the same construction attributes. The Sterling, however, is cleverly constructed from one mould allowing all internal wiring and switch gear to be accessed from a single removable front panel. The slenderness of the Sterling means it is ideally suited for narrow pontoons.

2 x 16 amp 600mm and 400mm Sterling units. Very competitively priced slimline units for smaller marinas

All units come with standard photocell controlled SL lighting with optional LED, 4 x 3 watt illumination with a 10 year life expectancy. The Sterling Range is available from 250mm up to 1500mm









2 WAY 16 amp metered unit






Economy Range

TCU/2M TWO Way credit metered with 2 x 10/16 amp, RCBO’s, 2 meters and 2 sockets

All standard hook ups available. Visit our website or call or email us for a Caravan brochure

Lockable Plug Sockets available on all products

Rollins Marine recognise that some smaller marinas may have a limited budget.With this is mind, we have produced the Economy Range.

TCU/4CM mounted on TCU Stand with Low Level Lighting and 2 x 15mm Water Taps

The TCU/4CM, a 4 WAY credit card metered unit is available with optional stand, water taps and low level LED lighting.

TCU/2CM TWO Way credit card metered unit with 2 x 10/16 amp, RCBO’s, 2 credit card meters and 2 sockets

European Range

All socket sizes available on all units

The European range has been specifically developed to cater for customers based in and around the Mediterranean. Available in a choice of powder coated finishes and polished stainless steel (316). All variations of socket and water options are available with lockable access doors.

Colour Schemes available White Blue Green RAL 9010 RAL 5010 RAL 6018

Red RAL 3020

Stainless Grade 316

Any colour available on orders of 10 units or more



Smart Card metering available in service pedestals

Smart Card charger/Adapter connects direct to your office PC Remote User Station (RUS) for customer control can be linked wirelessly to office PC

Credit Card Meters available in most units

Mini Meter

Our cost effective FOUR Way metered unit is available for general use on pontoons and hard standing areas

We offer a complete range of prepaid systems giving you the secured control you need over service provision and monitoring.

Some of our range includes: l

Smart Card Metering Reader /Charger connects to any standard PC. Charged cards slot straight into Meters

l l

Credit Card Metering

Computerised Metering

ROLTEC Computerised Metering

uses proven IMO equipment and specialist software that will satisfy all marina managers demands.

Hardwire Systems 2 pair cable data


Computerised metering will read your meters on a daily basis, weekly, monthly or yearly straight from your office PC.Various systems are available including utilising existing cables for transmission with our ROLTEC system. Please call for further details.

The Megabox Designed to meet the demand from Mega-yacht locations, the impressive Megabox unit can accommodate up to 400 amp direct connection and be supplied with any socket and colour combination.

Concept design (artists impression) of Rollins Marine Megabox (Launch date November 2009)

All units can be supplied with various colours of LED illumination, both functional and decorative.

Mains Distribution RMCS has 25 years experience in all types of mains distribution from HV installations to final circuit distribution including all types of TT Earthing Systems.

1000 KVA Transformer

2000 amp Mains Distribution

Distribution units supplying final hook up circuits

Service Pedestal 09

Emergency Services

Rollins Marine can supply all types of SOS Stations with the following options: l

Fire Extinguishers


First Aid Kits


Life Buoys


Fire Cart

Local Sounder and Xenon Strobes (activated by removal of door)


Central Monitored Systems


Red LED Lighting

The Instant Response Fire Cart can help marina staff fight boat fires in the first few critical minutes before the emergency services arrive. The cart can be manoeuvred quickly and run by one person, delivering up to 420 litres of sea water (with an optional mix of fire retardant foam) per minute.The environmentally friendly foam mix can deal with fires fuelled by plastic, fibreglass and fuel.


The Fire Cart could turn out to be the best investment the marina owner could ever make.


Rollins Marine can provide a complete design and installation service from plans or meet with clients and come up with a bespoke design package to suit individual requirements.We can then supply all plant, materials and labour to complete all types of projects, large or small.

Water Services

RM can also install all types of water installations including anti-contamination mains valves and chlorination of systems. RM can supply WRAS approved taps and fittings to PLATINUM service pedestals and TCU Stands.


RM provide a full range of spares and components from all manufacturers, most types in stock for fast delivery.

Replacement Double Check Valve Taps

All sizes of RCD’s and RCBO’s supplied from stock

Replacement Flaps 4/6/8 mod sizes available

Replacement Photo Cells

6/10/16 amp Replacement MCB’s

Lockable Plugs and Sockets


Rollins Marine is a division of Rollins Electrical, a fully NIC EIC Approved Contractor...offering an intensive installation team.

Why not call for a no obligation discussion, visit and competitive quotation.

Brochure available on request.

Tel: 01945 871 412 Email:

The Caravan Industry Specialists

With over 25 years knowledge and expertise in the Caravan Industry we offer extremely competitive prices on all Caravan products and services.

Brochure available on request.

Tel: 01945 871412 Email:

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RM has over 25 years experience within the Marina Industry and are fully conversant with all the latest electrical and water regulations thr...