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11 2014


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Robbery spree nets five years

American man sentenced for string of grocery store holdups JANE SEYD

A 69 year-old man who deserted from the U.S. Air Force four decades

ago will be spending his last years in Canada in jail after being sentenced Monday for a series of brazen armed robberies on the North Shore and

in Vancouver. Thomas John Stone will spend almost three years in jail, on top of time he’s already been in custody, for a series of gunpoint holdups at grocery stores committed between March 31 and Oct. 26, 2012. Stone, also known as Thomas John Schwartz,

served in the U.S. Air Force as a staff sergeant before deserting to Canada in June 1972 after becoming disillusioned with his country’s role in the Vietnam War. By all accounts, he lived a quiet life in Squamish for many years under the assumed name Thomas Stone.

Stone told authorities he committed the holdups out of financial desperation, after racking up massive credit card debts and finding it impossible to support himself. Crown counsel Lindsay Herron said Stone spent time casing the grocery stores he targeted and

rehearsing the robberies before committing them. On March 31, 2012 he walked into Safeway on Marine Drive in West Vancouver, wearing a ball cap and glasses, brandished a gun at a clerk and said, “If I don’t see the See Gun page 11

RHOV star’s daughter hit in drive-by shooting JEREMY SHEPHERD

RealityTV performer Mia Deakin was in hospital being treated for gunshot wounds Sunday following a drive-by shooting at a Vancouver gas station. Deakin, a regular on Real Housewives of Vancouver, was hurt after shots were fired from an SUV on East Hastings Street near Vernon Drive.The shooting, which left Deakin wounded and another man with minor injuries, was targeted, according to police. Deakin is currently in stable condition. Deakin is the daughter of reality TV star Jody Claman, who sparred with the other Real Housewives for two seasons prior to the show’s cancellation. Lark Productions, which produced the show, issued a statement offering support. “We wish Mia a very speedy recovery and our thoughts are with the Claman family at this time.”

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A2 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A3

Bait car snags would-be thieves JEREMY SHEPHERD

That’s too much for a sensitive island, said Scholefield. “We want to see the land preserved.” According to the Ministry of Forests, the woodlots are intended to be small-scale forestry operations, often run by local residents under a 20-year lease and have limits on how much timber can be logged each year. According to the ministry, the annual combined cut in the two woodlots would be 6,000 cubic metres.

West Vancouver police used a bait car to reel in a couple alleged thieves Sunday. Two Vancouver cyclists were passing through West Vancouver at 5:30 a.m. when a parked car caught their eyes, according to police. While the duo rummaged through the car’s contents — eventually snagging a GPS and a cellphone — West Vancouver police sped to the scene. The 38-year-old man and 35-year-old woman pedaled away on their bicycles but police caught up and arrested the duo approximately one block from the bait. The takedown was a “good use of technology,” according to West Vancouver Police Department Const. Jeff Palmer. Police are recommending charges of theft and possession of stolen property. The theft was recorded with a hidden camera, resulting in: “those bait car videos that everybody loves,” said Palmer. Both suspects are scheduled to appear in North Vancouver Provincial Court Aug. 13. Often equipped with property that can be traced, including commonly stolen items such as smartphones, laptops and credit cards, bait cars are rotated throughout West Vancouver

See New page 10

See North page 11

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Logging on Gambier opposed

Cottagers fight creation of woodlots near recreation area JANE SEYD

A group of North Shore residents with summer cottages on Gambier Island are raising concerns about plans to log a large swath of forest they say could ruin recreational values on the island. “It’s the wilderness heart of Howe Sound, and a prime recreational jewel,”

said Peter Scholefield, a West Vancouver resident and president of the Gambier Island Conservancy, a group opposed to the logging. Scholefield’s is one of several hundred families who make up the majority of Gambier Island’s parttime residents, most of whom are from North and West Vancouver. Many of them have been coming to the island

for generations to enjoy its beaches, hiking trails and lakes. Scholefield said residents were shocked when they learned by accident this spring that the Ministry of Forests was putting two large areas in the northeast corner of the island up for bid as Crown woodlots. The two woodlots include areas of popular hiking trails, a community watershed, patches of old growth forest and Gambier Lake, a prime recreational destination on the island. “Why they would

put in a woodlot that encompasses that lake is beyond me,” said Scholefield. The area is close to a children’s summer camp and to outstations of the Burrard and Thunderbird yacht clubs. Combined with an existing woodlot, if the new woodlots are approved, it would see 25 per cent of the island under active logging, said Scholefield. The two new woodlots, which would be side by side, total 1,326 hectares, while the current woodlot is 400 hectares.

Children’s chalk mars Victoria Park cenotaph BRENT RICHTER

:Z1d 21-__ *W`-U`) 1\` )`_-*`) V`V83Z-W 8U F0`2)-d/ akcFc BRENT RICHTER

Just days after marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day, North Shore branches of the Royal Canadian Legion were dismayed to see one of North Vancouver’s most prominent cenotaphs defaced. A member of Lynn Valley’s 114 branch noticed the markings — mainly scribbles and what appears to be a scorecard made in children’s sidewalk chalk — drawn

onto the cenotaph in Victoria Park on Saturday and alerted her branch president. Even though the markings were apparently made by children and easily washed away, it is still unacceptable, said Rhonda Thomas, president of North Vancouver Legion 118. “Where were the parents? And why would you let your kids do that in the first place? I don’t understand. That’s a monument. That’s for veterans for goodness

sakes. It’s not for playing around by children,” Thomas said. “It shouldn’t be defaced in any way shape or form by anybody. Whoever did this should take responsibility and come up and say they made a mistake.” City of North Vancouver staff cleaned the memorial off on Tuesday morning. Seeing any memorial defaced “cuts to the bone,” said Bill Calder, Lynn Valley Legion 114 president “It’s very demoralizing

to us,” Calder said. “Legions are a promoter of remembrance and we work very hard to keep that in the forefront. Particularly, on Nov. 11 but all year round there are different events that take place that promote remembrance and we like to ensure our memorials reflect the dignity they deserve.” The incident underscores a failure by parents to teach their children about the sacrifices that cenotaphs represent, according

to Calder. “Even children who have a lack of knowledge, they have parents. They should be teaching them what the importance and value of those monuments are to those that have given us a life we seem to enjoy and take, too often, for granted,” he said. The recent passing of the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy makes the chalk all the more disrespectful. “If anybody needed a memory jog, that was certainly it,” Calder said.

A4 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A5

SCAN WITH E2` g-d-3 -66 .Z1\ ZcG -U) <U)38Z) V8+ZW` )`/Z*`2 18 -**`22 V83` )Z^Z1-W *8U1`U1K

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Infant’s stroller slides down WV embankment BRENT RICHTER

West Vancouver Fire and Rescue and B.C. Ambulance Service paramedics raced to the Seaview Walk, a popular hiking trail that runs above Marine Drive, just before 11 a.m. and hiked a halfkilometre in from Gleneagles Community Centre after

An eight-month-old baby was unscathed after the infant’s stroller slid down a 20-foot embankment on a West Vancouver trail Monday morning.

receiving a report of the runaway stroller. “They were able to find the mother and infant and they tell me, they’re in good shape,” said assistant fire chief Martin Ernst. “The infant went down in the stroller and stayed

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A6 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Gavel to fall T

he trials of Trinity Western University are a reminder of the importance and dangers of religious freedom. TWU’s law school dangles in limbo at press time as thousands of B.C. lawyers cast votes on the program’s accreditation. Legally, the decision may hinge on a 2001 B.C. Supreme Court Case in which TWU’s teacher training program won certification despite objections over the school’s famed covenant. That covenant, binding both students and staff, forbids sex outside marriage and defines marriage as a sacred relationship between man and woman. After the Law Society of Upper Canada in Ontario voted against TWU’s accreditation, essentially barring grads from practising in Ontario, the school shot back. Representatives argued that highly qualified graduates would be excluded — simply for holding religious values.


This argument would be more convincing if the school hadn’t kiboshed a filmmaking course solely because prospective — and very qualified — instructor Kevin Miller doesn’t believe in hell. Or to be more accurate, he doesn’t believe in their version of hell. TWU’s supporters have also trumpeted the importance of pluralism, accepting a multitude of views. This also rings false. Would TWU’s concept of pluralism include sharia law, despite its encroachment on women’s rights? Religious freedom is an important value, but it’s not our only value, particularly when it infringes on the rights of others. We believe love between consenting adults is more important than the right to restrict love between consenting adults. We hope B.C.’s attorneys make an ethical choice, because there are two things this province doesn’t need more of: lawyers and intolerance.


include your name, full address and telephone number. Send your letters via e-mail to:

The North Shore News reserves the right to edit any and/or all letters to the editor based on length, clarity, legality and content.The News also reserves the right to publish any and/or all letters electronically.

Parent support for teachers heartfelt Dear Editor: I am a teacher in West Vancouver who is frustrated about the current situation in B.C. education. I don’t enjoy walking the picket line, and I wish there was another way to ensure adequate government funding to our school boards. It is frustrating that the senior members of our government and our union can’t reach a compromise. Our educational leaders should be setting an example of how to collaborate on governing and delivering a system worthy of our multilingual, multi-talented children. Canada is a leader in 21st century education, but our leaders can’t agree on how to best serve our clients. Even though our

government’s actions (stripping the contracts that protected class size limits) have been deemed unconstitutional, we are still living under their rules. We need to “bargain” just to get back to where we were 12 years ago. Most teachers I know are willing to strike because we believe it is the only way to ensure classes that are too large, or have too many designated students will be brought back to manageable numbers. One positive outcome of this strike has been the support of our parent community and school neighbourhoods. It is heartening to have articulate, meaningful conversations with parents and colleagues about what they think is best for


students. It is uplifting to be greeted by friendly waves and tooting horns when cars drive by our picket lines. Several times during our shifts, parents have brought coffee, muffins, cookies and rolls, along with passionate accolades for our efforts

in speaking up for public education. I also appreciate the reflections of intelligent journalists, such as Keith Baldrey (May 30 North Shore News column), who are painting a multilayered picture of this issue, referring to the

mistrust and disrespect between the ministry and the BCTF as cause for the impasse. Perhaps it is time for a professional (neutral) mediator to take the lead at the bargaining table. Doni Gratton West Vancouver

Homeowner grant now out of reach Dear Editor: Tired of Christy Clark’s smiling face? Well, here’s a reason you should be. I discovered today that the basic grant for city taxes or threshold in 2013 was $1,295,000.This year’s 2014 threshold has been reduced to $1,100,000. That means that if your property is valued at

$1,214,000 you do not qualify, My assessed value just so happens to have been reduced to $1,214,000 so I do not qualify. Last year I received the total grant, this year nothing. I wonder how many other homeowners will fall into this $1,214,000 range? On the North Shore it’s probably the majority.

Should be interesting to find out. So that’s how the Christy Clark government is going to balance the budget, not from brilliant budget manipulation, but off the backs of thousands of homeowners who are going to pay on July 2 and don’t realize it yet. Howard Whishaw West Vancouver

Opposing amalgamation serves mayor’s own interests Dear Editor: Re. The A-Word (North Shore News, June 8). So let me get this straight. Darrell Mussatto, who wants to be the longestserving mayor in North Vancouver history and who could potentially be out of a job in an amalgamated North Vancouver is against amalgamation? Wow. Colour me surprised. I think Mayor Mussatto should stop looking to further his own interests and instead look to serving the people who elected him. Dave Iverson North Vancouver



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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A7


Giant Mine story a toxic cautionary tale “The GiantYellowknife Gold Mine began production in the 1940s in a region that is unusually rich in gold-bearing rock. Unfortunately, that rock also contains high levels of a naturally-occurring variation of arsenic — arsenic trioxide.” —Norm Zigarlick, April 2014 Most of the stories Norm Zigarlick has told me are exactly as one might expect from someone who has worked in underground mines, as a bush pilot and on the land with many First Nations people. A fascinating blend of a lifetime of experiences and campfire tales that grow taller with each telling, most are colourful threads that make up the tapestry of Canada’s Far North. But the history of a 60year accumulation of toxins abandoned by a succession of owners at the Giant Yellowknife Gold Mine is deadly serious.

Elizabeth James

Just Asking

It is a tale the Dene First Nations wish had never happened in the region they and their ancestors have called home for centuries. Starkly undressed, this is a story about one country’s accumulation of a toxin in large enough proportions to contaminate the 10th largest lake in the world. The country is Canada. The toxin is arsenic trioxide — a byproduct of the Giant gold-mining operations just a stone’s throw from two of the largest Dene communities.The lake is

Great Slave Lake and its entire river system. The bottom line of this story, however, is less about how the toxin came to be there, than to ask when Canada’s federal government will grasp the nettle to ensure that a 237,000-tonne dump can safely be defused or eliminated and prevented from ever happening again. The stage was set in 1935 when, according to the historical timeline detailed by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (aandc-aandc., BurwashYellowknife

Mines Ltd. staked 21 mining claims, including the future Giant Mine. The pace accelerated two years later whenYK Gold Mines Ltd., acquired the Burwash assets. But it was not until 1948 when the first gold bar was poured and mine tailings were dumped into nearby Back Bay, that the disturbing story was born. All told, between 1935 and today, the saga only partially covered by the official timeline details poisoned drinking water, community health problems

and contamination of soil and onsite buildings. Toxic airborne emissions were recorded at 7,500 kilograms/day and arsenic trioxide dust was pumped into underground storage chambers in the hope that permafrost would contain it. Corporate takeovers, receiverships and government-to-government transfers of jurisdictional management, regulations and liabilities were the order of the day. There is no doubt that the Canada we enjoy today was built largely by the

mining, forestry and other resource industries. But the history of the GiantYellowknife Mine is a blueprint that shows why people today have such litle trust that corporations will put citizens’ well-being ahead of shareholders’ profits, or that government regulators will protect the best interests of Canadians and their environment. In 1997, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, then owner Royal Oak Mines, See Poisonous page 8





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A8 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Poisonous legacy lives on

From page 7

Environment Canada, the government of the Northwest Territories and the City ofYellowknife co-hosted “a technical workshop to discuss the management of arsenic trioxide at Giant Mine.” But it was not until 2000, when SRK Consulting was named technical advisor to Aboriginal Affairs, that one senses federal agencies had awakened to the seriousness of the situation. Four years later, Aboriginal Affairs decided to “proceed with the Frozen Block Method as the preferred long-term

management alternative for storage of arsenic trioxide dust.” Yet even then, it would take nine years before the 245-page, June 2013 decision of the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board was released, which stated in part, “it is the board’s opinion that the proposed Giant Mine Remediation Project is likely to cause significant adverse impacts on the environment, including [those] arising from the effects of past activities.” The report then proposed nine measures aimed at mitigating those effects and

ended by recommending the project be approved subject to those measures being implemented. As this column winds down, concern is still being expressed that relying on permafrost and man-made coolant devices for 100 years may not be enough to prevent the highly-soluble arsenic trioxide from leaching into and poisoning Great Slave Lake and other natural watercourses that surround the mine-site. After 60 years and millions spent on committees, studies and 300-page technical consulting advice, it is disturbing that neither

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada Minister Bernard Valcourt nor the federal government have signed off on the $1-billion Mackenzie Valley clean-up plan for the Giant Mine legacy. Zigarlick believes that, “according to current health standards, at 60 per cent purity there is enough arsenic trioxide in that pile to kill the population of the planet many times over.” Prime Minister Harper and his minister have the science on their desks — the Dene and Canadian taxpayers are asking, “Why the delay?”


Sculpture served its purpose as protest art Dear Editor: In response to Madeleine Adeoba’s letter (Sculpture Offends, May 25), and her outrage at George Rammell’s sculpture of the Capilano president: If George made that sculpture, then you can bet there is a good reason for it. Your letter was so full of vitriol, arrogance and unfounded entitlement.You obviously don’t understand the concept of protest art. It got into the news, people started looking into the issues, and it draws heat on the people involved — it worked perfectly! If it weren’t for people like

Rammell who are willing to stick their necks out, then the world would be in much worse shape. I had the privilege of being his student in the mid ‘90s and his dedication to art and teaching makes him stand above all the rest in my mind. I owe him a debt of gratitude for everything he taught me. I would also put money on it that the vast majority of his past students would agree. If you knew him you would eat your words. PS: He is also a very mellow cat. Andrew Bryden Hood River, Oregon

Indian Arm


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A9

Ski resorts permit review invites input New policy to set out how ski hills and parks will coexist

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if you see news happening call our news tips line

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Like a cassette player evolving into an iPod, the provincial government’s 1980s-era ski resort policy is getting an update. Ski resorts nestled in public parks such as Cypress and Mount Seymour, as well as Manning Park, are in need of new permits that account for the burgeoning popularity of snowshoeing and mountain biking as well as the public appetite for year-round use, according to a release from the Ministry of Environment. The province sold the resorts to private interests in 1984, and subsequently issued 50-year permits that failed to anticipate both changes in climate and the need for frequent infrastructure investments. Resort operators also can’t apply to extend their permit until 40 years have elapsed, creating uncertainty about the chances of recouping investments in infrastructure, according to the ministry. The new permits are intended help the ski resorts remain viable businesses while developing a land use policy that values both the environment and recreation. The decision to approve

Evergreen Computers

Council Chamber, City Hall, 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC Wednesday, June 18, 2014, at 6:00 pm

An additional Public Meeting will be held regarding the Draft Official Community Plan (OCP). The intention of this Public Meeting is to consider additional public input on proposed changes to the Draft Official Community Plan prior to the preparation of a Final Official Community Plan, in Bylaw form. Consideration of 1st Reading is anticipated in July 2014, with referral to a Public Hearing in the fall of 2014. This Public Meeting is held pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Act. All persons who believe they may be affected by this proposal will be afforded an opportunity to be heard in person and/or by written submission. Written or electronic (email) submissions should be sent to the attention of the City Clerk at or by mail to City Clerk, City Hall, 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 1H9.

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Please direct all inquiries to Neal LaMontagne, Manager, Community and Long Range Planning, at 604.990.4219 or email

North Vancouver City Hall 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H9 Tel. 604.985.7761 | Fax. 604.985.9417 |

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Electronic submissions must be received no later than 4:00 pm on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, to ensure their availability to Council at the Public Meeting. The 2014 Draft Official Community Plan and relevant background material may be inspected at the office of the City Clerk between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except Statutory Holidays, from June 5, 2014. If you wish to view the material online please visit

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A10 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Gambier Island Wood Lot (currently licensed) Wood Lots (to be licensed)

Gambier Island

Burrard Yacht Club Thunderbird Yacht Club Camp Latona

West Vancouver

Woodlot 2069

New woodlots ‘too big, too much’

From page 3

Gambier Lake

Woodlot 2068

West Van Yacht Club

Camp Artaban

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

F\` 638682`) -3`-2 _83 W8^^ZU^ 8U l-V+Z`3 j2W-U) -3` 2\8.U ZU 3`)% F\` Z2W-U)#2 `,Z21ZU^ .88)W81 Z2 2\8.U ZU d`WW8.% lH<akj: MYRA MCGRATH

District staff estimate the two new woodlots would provide between four and five jobs, said ministry spokesman Greig Bethel. Six bids were received on each of the woodlots, ranging from a low of $100,000 to a high of $488,000. Bethel said any successful bidder must complete a management plan, which is made available for public review and addresses issues like management of watershed, riparian areas and recreation areas. But islanders say they have little confidence in that process, and aren’t happy that they weren’t consulted before the ministry advertised the two new woodlots. “I think they need

l-V+Z`3 6386`31d 8.U`32 .80W) WZX` 18 2`` 1\` -3`63`2`3/`) _83 .ZW)`3U`22 *8U2`3/-1Z8U% akcFc GEaagj79 to hold off until they’ve properly evaluated it,” said Peter Snell, a North Vancouver resident whose family owns a cottage near the proposed woodlots on the north end of Gambier. Snell said the plan for the logging has ignored the impact on the island. “This is one of the last remaining wilderness areas close to Vancouver,” he said. He added there’s no guarantee about how much timber would be taken out each year, because woodlot operators have flexibility as long as the annual cut averages out over five years. “We’re not against forestry or economic development of regions,” he said “but you have to take into account an impact on an ecosystem.” Recently some Gambier residents met with Ministry of Forests officials along with political

representatives including West Vancouver Sea-to-Sky MLA Jordan Sturdy to discuss concerns. Kate-Louise Stamford, the island trustee for Gambier, said most people on the island would prefer to see the area preserved for wilderness conservation — or at least see the woodlots significantly reduced in size. While between 100 and 200 people are fulltime Gambier residents — including the logger who operates the existing woodlot — about 85 per cent of islanders are cottagers, said Stamford, who don’t want to see its beauty destroyed. “I recognize that we’re part of B.C. and B.C. has logging as a resource,” she said. “We do have a woodlot on our little island.” But with the addition of the new woodlots, “it’s too big, too much,” she said.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A11

Gun used in robbery spree never found JUNE SALE UP TO 70% OFF* Friday, June 13, 6pm–Midnight Saturday, June 14, 10am–6pm Sunday, June 15, 10am–6pm PLUS an additional 10% off last ticketed price, Sunday only* Enter the in-store contest for your chance to WIN any Arc’teryx product of your choice.** *

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Exit 23A

Dollarton y Highway

Main Exit 23B Ironworker’s Memorial Bridge

Riverside Dr

and spoke to the judge. He said he decided to commit the robberies after suffering severe financial setbacks in his late ’60s. “I had no savings. I was still deeply in debt,” he said. Stone said he tried to rationalize the robberies, by thinking he was robbing from companies, not terrorizing people. “I knew it was wrong,” he said. “Many good people were victimized in ways they didn’t deserve.” Stone’s defence lawyer described the holdups as “an act of desperation.” Stone has no previous record. In sentencing Stone, North Vancouver provincial court judge Steven Merrick said Stone would be facing five years in jail if he hadn’t been in custody for a significant time already. He is expected to be sent back to the U.S. after he serves his sentence.

Amherst Ave

money I’m going to drill you.” He got away with $1,200. He did the same at SuperValu in Edgemont on April 14, 2012, telling the clerk, “Don’t make a fuss or I’ll shoot you.” One of the more dramatic holdups happened at the Queensdale Market on Lonsdale Avenue where a store manager grabbed one of Stone’s wrists and wrestled with him after being threatened with the gun. The manager punched Stone in the face several times before Stone hit him in the head with the gun and ran away. The manager required nine stitches to his head. Stone’s biggest haul came after he went behind the customer service desk at Extra Foods on Vancouver’s Kerr Street

and pointed a handgun at the clerk, saying “Take me to where you’ve got the money.” That time he made off with $13,000. Stone also robbed an IGA in Vancouver and a Choices Market in Burnaby before his robbery spree ended. After police in the Lower Mainland appealed for help from the public, they got a tip pointing to Stone. Two days after police appealed for information, on Dec. 15, 2012, Stone tried to cross the border in a taxi and was arrested by U.S. authorities. He later agreed to be brought back to Canada. Herron told the court the handgun used in the robberies was never recovered. “Nobody knew if it was real or not,” she said. “The victims thought it was real.” Before receiving his sentence, Stone stood up

Riverside Dr W

From page 1

Located at 100-2155 Dollarton HWY, North Vancouver

North Van sees spike in thefts from auto From page 3 neighbourhoods. Palmer reminded residents to remove valuables from their cars to avoid tempting windowshopping thieves.

“Even with a locked door — if something’s visible and it’s a theft temptation — a window’s fairly easily broken.” North Vancouver RCMP recently reported 536 thefts from vehicles between Jan.

1 to May 15 — a 48 per cent increase compared to the same time last year. West Vancouver saw an 11 per cent bump over the same stretch with 70 thefts from vehicles compared to 63 last year.

How can we help you? Have a question, comment or suggestion? Just let us know. We’re here to help.

Gu Xiong, A Pigs River, installation detail, 2014, mixed media installation


a journey exposed presented by PARC Retirement Living

May 7 to August 23, 2014

GOR DON S M ITH GALLE RY OF CANADIAN ART 2121 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC Wednesday through Saturday, 12–5 pm

Dennine, City Hall Receptionist

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North Vancouver City Hall 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC 604-985-7761 | |

A12 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Progress Club anniversary

by Paul McGrath

Yvonne West >W`_1( -U) Jeanine Arseneault >3Z^\1( .Z1\ GV-WW F-WX :`U13` _83 g-U^0-^` 9`/`W86V`U1#2 Jenny Campbell

:-U-)Z-U a38^3`22 :W0+ 8_ l3`-1`3 D-U*80/`3 63`2Z)`U1 Ron Lloyd .Z1\ G6`*Z-W cWdV6Z*2 ;%:#2 Charlotte Taylor The Canadian Progress Club of Greater Vancouver celebrated its 52nd anniversary with a luncheon at the Olive & Anchor restaurant in Horseshoe Bay May 25. The Canada-wide service club raises funds for various groups and organizations. The event saw the presentation of awards and cheques to the North Shore Disability Resource Centre, the Small Talk Centre for Language Development and Special Olympics B.C. The event’s guest speaker was Special Olympics athlete Kara Williams. Info: The club will host the 17th annual Plywood Cup Corporate Challenge, a boat building and race challenge at Granville Island, on Saturday, June 14. Proceeds support Small Talk and Special Olympics.

Priscilla Payne' Glenn Phillips -U) Tim West

Penny O’Rourke -U) Marie Hess

Rob Edwards .Z1\ e831\ G\83` 9Z2-+ZWZ1d H`2803*` :`U13`#2 Suzanne Klassen

l0`21 26`-X`3 -U) G6`*Z-W cWdV6Z*2 -1\W`1` Kara Williams .Z1\ 6-3`U12 Frank Williams -U) Gayle Robinson

Karen Norman -U) Dave Chand

Please direct requests for event coverage to: For more Bright Lights photos go to:


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Next to Walmart #30-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver


Mon-Wed 9am-6pm, Thurs-Fri 9am-9pm Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 11am-6pm

Our office in West Vancouver has amalgamated with our new location in Capilano Mall next to Walmart, the Liquor Store and Kins Market.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A13


Father’s Day gift ideas Barb Lunter

Sunday, June 15 is Father’s Day and it’s the one day you can let your dad know how much he means to you. Those early morning hockey practices, lastminute bike repairs and lemonade stands all wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for good ol’ dad. This year, let your dad know how much you appreciate him with some fun and clever gift ideas tailored just for him. Every so often I come across a little gem of a store that carries some interesting and unique items. LaLa’s in Deep Cove is one of our North Shore treasures and this year they have some pretty great gift ideas for Father’s Day. Every dad needs an apron for the barbecue. Canadian designer Wendy Tancock’s tees and aprons are a definite hit this year. Choose from a variety

Renovator of the Year

g-g-#2 ZU 9``6 :8/` 8__`32 -U -33-d 8_ ^Z_1 Z)`-2 18 V-X` d803 )-) _``W `,13- 26`*Z-W 1\Z2 G0U)-d% akcFc MIKE WAKEFIELD of aprons for dad with sayings such as King Of The Grill and other fun teasers. Aprons are black with white writing and sell for $30. Bourbon Balls by Ruth Hunt Candies are a definite bestseller this year. It has been suggested that Bourbon Balls were created back in 1938 when a dignitary remarked that candy and fine Kentucky bourbon should be blended together to make a delicious treat. The result was the bourbon ball and they have been selling for

years since. Ruth Hunt started out in 1921 selling small candy confections from her home and her very successful business grew from there. These candies are sold in three sizes of boxes at LaLa’s and sell for $3, $7 and $13, respectively. Bartending anyone? We all know our dads love their bars. This year, why not give him some great toys for his bar area? With a tongue-in-cheek play in mind, Wild Eye Designs has come out with a line of pseudo-

prescription bar products for Father’s Day. Dad can sip his favorite scotch from the flask or mix his favorite martini in the special shaker. Enjoy shooters from their line of glassware as well. The flask sells for $25, shot glasses $25/set and the martini shaker is $30. Happy Father’s Day! Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design.

- Mark Cooper




We live here We build here We’re proven here

VEGETABLE GARDENING COURSE Guest nutritionist will speak about the value of whole foods and organics Tuesday, June 24, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Cultivate Sharing Garden, 644 Queensbury Ave., North Vancouver. vegetable-gardening-course/ GARDENS, COMMUNITY AND YOU Join Courtenay Fraitzl, North Vancouver District’s community beautification co-ordinator, to hear about what’s happening in your community June 25, 7-8 p.m. at Capilano library. Registration: 604-987-4471 x8175 Compiled by Debbie Caldwell

Find exactly what you are looking for, no matter what type of flooring you want, you will definitely find your favourite design and colour here.

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LAWN SPRINKLING SCHEDULE Mornings only (4-9 a.m.) watering regulations are in effect until Sept. 30. One hour a week is all that is needed for a healthy lawn. Evennumbered addresses: Monday,Wednesday or Saturday mornings. Oddnumbered addresses: Tuesday,Thursday or Sunday. SAVE OUR SHORES This fun, moderately challenging community walk will take place Sunday, June 15, 10:30 a.m. at Cates Park concession stand and ends in Deep Cove, North Vancouver. Participants can enjoy the free boat ride on the Ocean Queen back to Cates Park.

Home Ideas

Put the

Green Guide

Serving the North Shore since 1969.


116-930 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC, V7P 3N6

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A14 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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(604) 985-8738 1075 Roosevelt Crescent, North Vancouver Mon Sat: 9am 5:30pm • Sun: Noon 4pm

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A15


A guide to beefriendly gardening Each year roving apiculturists truck millions of bees around North America from farm to farm providing bees to pollinate crops. Whether we realize it or not, humanity is dependant on the tireless pollination work that bees provide in agriculture.Without bees, we may not have strawberries, almonds, apples and many other fruits and vegetables to eat. Starting from two hives that arrived in 1858, B.C. now has more than 2,300 beekeepers, 47,000 colonies and approximately two million bees. Bee pollination accounts for $250 million of fruit, berry and canola production in B.C. and $1.5 billion of agricultural production in Canada. B.C. also annually produces $10 million of honey in different flavours as well as other hive products. Interestingly, May 29 was declared Day of the Honey Bee by B.C. Minister of Agriculture Norm Letnick to celebrate our beekeeping heritage, according to the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture website, Over the past decade there have been numerous stories in the news about bee colony collapse disorder, Varroa mite attacks on bees, pesticide kills of entire colonies and the gradual loss of millions of bees around the world. I am not going to go into the details of those problems that I believe are directly related to widespread pesticide use in agriculture and horticulture. If you want detailed information on the problem

Todd Major

Dig Deep

I recommend you visit the TED website and watch the insightful presentations of two leading scientists involved in bee research. The first presentation is called Why bees are disappearing, by Dr. Marla Spivak from the University of Minnesota.The second presentation, A plea for bees, is given by Dennis Vanengelsdorp, assistant professor of entomology at the University of Maryland. Each presentation is 15 minutes long and provides insightful and sciencebased discussions of the problems surrounding the ongoing death of bee colonies. Local bee keeping information can be found at northshorebeekeepingclub. can also visit the B.C. Honey Producers Association website at for more information. Politicians who carelessly legalize pesticide use and chemical companies that manufacture pesticides are directly responsible for the worldwide death of millions of bees despite the chorus of voices sounding alarm bells. A case in point,

the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was embarrassed in 2010 over a leaked document showing the agency gave conditional approval of an insecticide, despite warnings from the agency’s own scientists that the chemical was toxic to bees.The chemical manufacturer lobbied for registration of the chemical. I did not mention the company name because suing people is how chemical companies stifle opposition to their selling of poison.You may think such problems only happen in America but any pesticide registered in the United States is almost always given approval in Canada, because Canada is considered by chemical companies to be the “51st state” when it comes to pesticide registration. It is people who buy pesticides that drive up earnings for chemical companies. If we exercise our choice not to buy, then harmful products will not be manufactured. So if you like eating apples or tomatoes and think bees are important to our food security, here are some practises you can implement at home to help bees survive. Provide diverse food sources: Bees need to feed every day so there must be an abundance of food available to sustain them. Plant annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs and trees to bloom at different times of the year to provide ongoing food sources. It is more important to have See Give page 20



PUBLIC HEARING Proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4771, 2014, AND Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4772, 2014 Notice is given that a PUBLIC HEARING will be held in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Hall of The Corporation of the District of West Vancouver at 750 17th Street, West Vancouver BC on Monday, June 16, 2014 at 7 p.m. for the purpose of allowing the public to make representations to Council respecting matters contained in the proposed bylaws as described below. Applicant: The Corporation of the District of West Vancouver Subject Lands: Lands zoned RS1, RS2, RS3, RS4, RS5, RS7, RS8, RS9 and RS10 and RD1 and RD2.

Purpose: The proposed bylaws would provide for the introduction of coach houses as a new housing type in West Vancouver. Proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment: If adopted,

proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4771, 2014 would provide policy and guidelines for the development of coach houses in existing neighbourhoods. Specifically, the proposed bylaw would provide for: - rental coach houses as a detached form of secondary suite in all residential zones where secondary suites are a permitted use; - consideration of rental coach houses in other residential zones, subject to site specific rezoning; - consideration of ownership coach houses: (i) on properties designated in the Official Community Plan for future infill housing development; and (ii) as an incentive for conservation of properties listed on the Community Heritage Register; and - a new Development Permit Area Designation BF-B 3.1 and corresponding form and character guidelines to provide for the successful integration of coach houses with the built form and landscape character of existing neighbourhoods.

Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: If adopted, proposed Zoning Bylaw

No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4772, 2014 would add regulations for Detached Secondary Suites, and would allow for Detached Secondary Suites as a permitted use in the RS1, RS2, RS3, RS4, RS5, RS7, RS8, RS9, RS10, RD1 and RD2 Zones.

Enquiries: All enquiries regarding the proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw amendments may be directed to the West Vancouver Planning Department at municipal hall or by calling 604-925-7055. Copies of the proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw amendments and other relevant documents that the Council may consider in deciding whether to adopt the bylaws may be inspected from June 2, 2014 to June 16, 2014 at the municipal hall at 750 17th Street, West Vancouver BC on regular business days (Monday to Friday except for statutory holidays) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Copies may also be inspected at the public hearing. For convenience only, some of the documents may also be available for viewing on the District’s website at or at the West Vancouver Memorial Library at 1950 Marine Drive, West Vancouver BC (phone 604-925-7400 for current information on library hours of operation). All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw amendments will be given an opportunity to be heard and to present written submissions at the public hearing on the above noted date. Written submissions may, prior to the public hearing be: • sent by mail to Mayor and Council, District of West Vancouver, 750 17th Street, West Vancouver BC V7V 3T3; • sent by email to Mayor and Council at; or • delivered to the office of the Manager, Legislative Services/Municipal Clerk, at the District of West Vancouver Municipal Hall at 750 17th Street, West Vancouver BC; and must be received no later than 4 p.m. on June 16, 2014. Technical issues affecting receipt of electronic submissions may occur so persons relying on this means of transmittal do so at their own risk. Written submissions received for the public hearing regarding the proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw amendments will be included in the public information package for Council’s consideration and for the public record. Submissions received after the close of the public hearing will not be considered by Council. S. Scholes, Municipal Clerk June 2, 2014

TEL: 604-273-8777


A16 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Apple and Google vie for consumers

Canada now has three main digital entertainment competitors In my last column I noted how the arrival of Google’s online music store in Canada signalled the growth of Google Play as a viable iTunes

program purchases to Google Play’s video store. That means Canadians, starved for consumer choice in online entertainment compared to Americans, can get movies, TV, music, books and newspapers from Google. That means Canada now

competitor in Canada. As soon as I put that column to bed, Google expanded its digital offerings again in Canada by adding television

PUBLIC HEARING 2010 Marine Drive Grouse Inn Site What:

Public Hearing for the proposed redevelopment of the Grouse Inn site and adjacent former gas station site. The proposal includes two residential towers, a restaurant, commercial building, and gateway plaza.


7 pm, Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Council Chambers, North Vancouver District Hall, 355 W. Queens Road


Site Map

in Canada is its Xbox Music store, which offers a $10 a month music streaming service with the same claim to 25 million songs. I’m a subscriber.

has three main competitors for comprehensive digitalbased entertainment: Apple, Google and Microsoft. Apple of our eye Apple remains in the lead for content. iTunes offers music, movies, TV and books and iPhones and iPads can access a universe of news apps. Looking specifically at TV, the market which Google just entered, iTunes has a larger selection than either Google Play or Microsoft’s Xbox Video store. Its selections are nicely laid out and curated. Prices are market standard. iTunes’ music offerings are excellent but iTunes does not offer a streaming subscription service yet in Canada as it does in the United States. I don’t have any experience with its ebooks, but the selection looks reasonable. Google Play, which was nonexistent only a few years ago, is in solid second place for Canadians. Its video offerings are not as extensive as iTunes but it has all the mainstream releases, good prices and curation is on level with Apple. Its music store looks very good, with good pricing, and offers a subscription streaming music service for $10 a month, or $8 a month if you sign up before the end of June, with a reported

Barry Link

Practical Geek access to 25 million songs. Its Newsstand is a standalone platform combining newspapers and magazines in one central app, which some people might prefer to individual apps for their news reading. I’ve used Google’s books platform on Android and like it, although I prefer my Kobo for reading. Microsoft takes third place for content. Its movie selections are comparable to Google Play, but as with Google its TV selections lag behind iTunes. Its once stupidly high prices for videos have been lowered to be in line with iTunes (a lesson that competition is important). Microsoft has no ebooks platform and no equivalent to Newsstand, although Windows 8 devices, from computers to phones, have well-designed apps for news, travel, health and food — all curated, drawn from various sources and free. Where Microsoft excels

Playing with Google Few people are purist in their choices and most households freely mix and match services and devices. Given the dominant market share of Windows computers, it’s likely most iPad or iPhone users have a Windows PC. There’s a fair chance they have an Android phone. And instead of Apple, Microsoft or Google, they get their music from Rdio, Slacker or Songza. Or they use all of these sources at different times, which is the way it should be. That means aside from content, the consumerfriendly provider is available across as many devices and platforms as possible and here Google takes the prize. Its video, music and books apps are found on both Android and iPhone and iPad and available to PC and Mac users through the web. Apple, which makes money by getting consumers to buy devices, limits content to Apple devices and iTunes on PC and Mac. (The exception is music downloads, which can be played anywhere.) Even Microsoft, lagging in content, is working hard to See Tablets page 20

Public Information Meeting A redevelopment is being proposed for 1591 Bowser Avenue to construct a three storey residential building. You are invited to a meeting to discuss the project. * Provided by applicant for illustrative purposes only. The actual development, if approved, may differ.

What changes?

This proposal requires an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw.

When can I speak?

We welcome your input Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 7 pm. You can speak in person by signing up at the Hearing or you can provide a written submission to the Municipal Clerk at or by mail before the conclusion of the Hearing.

Need more info?

Relevant background materials and copies of the bylaw are available for review at the Municipal Clerk’s Office, Monday to Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm or online at


Tamsin Guppy, Community Planner, or 604-990-2387.


Date : Thursday June 19th Time : 6:30 PM Location of meeting : Lower Floor 1591 Bowser Avenue, North Vancouver BC

The applicant proposes to rezone the site from C9 commercial zoning to a comprehensive development zone to permit a 16-unit apartment building on three floors. The units range in size from 645 square feet to 1495 square feet. Parking is provided in an underground parking structure.

Information packages are being distributed to residents within a 100 meter radius of the site. If you would like to receive a copy or if you would like more information contact Doug Allan of the Community Planning Department at 604-990-2357 or Doug Johnson of Douglas R. Johnson Architect Ltd. at 604-998-3381 or bring your questions and comments to the meeting. *This is not a Public Hearing. DNV Council will receive a report from staff on issues raised at the meeting and will formally consider the proposal at a later date.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A17



Happiness Is An Organized Space.

An Organized Closet is a Calm Space.

Transform Your Garage.

Serving the North Shore since 1969.

604.985.0011 116-930 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC, V7P 3N6 Now open Sundays from 11am-3pm to serve you better!


The Northshore’s ONLY

Window & Door Specialists. It’s all we do!






Your first choice for supply & disposal of topsoil, crushed concrete, road base and gravel.


A18 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A19


art in eyewear

ART IN THE GARDEN F\` !R1\ -UU0-W <31 ZU 1\` l-3)`U F803 .-2 \`W) 1\` .``X`U) 8_ f-d T! -U) i0U` !% a3`2`U1`) +d 1\` e831\ D-U*80/`3 :8VV0UZ1d <312 :80U*ZW' 1\` 2`W_&^0Z)`) 263ZU^ 1803 ZU*W0)`) !Q ^-3)`U2' -31 +d TO -31Z212 -U) V02Z* +d mm 6`3_83V`32% <1 W`_1' -31Z21 g83Z l8W)+`3^ 2\8.*-2`2 \`3 .83X -U) +`W8.' 13Z8 a`-3W iZ^ V`V+`32 G1`/`U eZXW`/`U' :031Z2 73U21 -U) a-13Z*X 73U21 6`3_83V -1 8U` e831\ D-U*80/`3 2186 8U 1\` 1803% g8.`3 3Z^\1' -31Z21 -U) ^-3)`U`3 D`38UZ*- H81\ 2\8.2 8__ +3Z^\1 d`WW8. 382`2% ;8118V' 1\3`` 6-31Z*Z6-U12 1-X` ZU 1\` -31 )Z26W-d`) ZU - +`-01Z_0WWd 2W86`) C`21 D-U*80/`3 ^-3)`U% B7=: @#$% $%* 5=-=( =++ ),( <,(* +%,$,& =:4 C#4*,& akcFcG CINDY GOODMAN




all frames & sunglasses (with purchase of prescription lenses.)

(Some exceptions apply.)


1685 marine dr., west van 6 0 4 - 9 2 5 - 2 11 0

eyewear and contact lenses

Serving the North Shore since 1994. • Government Certified • Bonded & Insured Company • Class B Ticket Certified Staff Pro Gas North Shore, your local Heating, Gas Fitting & Air Conditioning Company. We install & service furnaces & fireplaces.

The 2014 Fortis BC Furnace & Water Heater Rebate Program is Back! Receive up to

$800 in Rebates.

Please do not confuse Pro Gas North Shore with telemarketers from Pro Gas & Heating (PG Home Services) in Surrey. They are a different company and NOT accredited with the Better Business Bureau - BBB.

Kam Filsoofi OWNER

Call us today for a free estimate or in-home consultation • 604.925.1341

A20 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Give bees a place to call home From page 15 something blooming versus choosing only specific beefriendly plants. However, if specificity is your thing, try planting foxgloves, rhodos, poppies, chives and daisies to name a few. Interestingly, dandelions bloom early

and continuously so they are a good food source for bees.To prevent dandelions from spreading, regularly deadhead them like any other perennial. Supply a water source: Bees need clean water to drink.The water does not have to be deep, so an oak

Kitchen Cabinet Savings from People who know Scan this ad with & visit our photo gallery




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barrel, pottery basin or even a shallow pond can provide enough water. Rain water harvesting is a good way to provide water for beneficial insects and bees. Stop using all pesticides: I don’t care if you have weeds, a bug on your plants or some mildew problem on roses, stop buying and using pesticides and think about the bees and your children’s future. I do not use pesticides and my garden is as beautiful as any garden in the province. All pesticides are toxic to bees, including weed killing herbicides. Allow bees to have a home: I know this is a difficult concept to implement in a residential setting. However, no home — no bees.Tolerance is important for this practice to work. Parks, wild spaces and roadside hedgerows can accommodate wildlife stumps, rough brush, large trees and old perennial stalks to provide bee harbourage. Todd Major is a journeyman horticulturist, garden designer and builder, teacher and organic advocate.

Tablets awarded to readers From page 16 expand its services across platforms. If you’re an all-Apple household, limited platform availability is not an issue for you as long as you don’t mind reduced selection in devices and like Apple’s design choices. I hate being locked into one system or company, but I also have a problem with commitment.

DAY OF THE HONEY BEE </`3d 7W18U 6-31Z*Z6-1`2 ZU 9-d 8_ 1\` k8U`d ;`` _`21Z/Z1Z`2 -1 e831\ D-U*80/`3#2 g801`1 5-3V f-d T!% a3`2`U1`) +d 1\` 7)Z+W` l-3)`U a38Y`*1 -1 e831\ G\83` e`Z^\+803\88) k802`' 1\82` ZU -11`U)-U*` *`W`+3-1`) 1\` *3`-103`2 -U) 188X 6-31 ZU +`` X``6ZU^ -U) U-1Z/` +`` .83X2\862' -2 .`WW -2 `UY8d`) - 681W0*X W0U*\% *4#;?*'=(4*:+(,!*7$/7,< akcFc KEVIN HILL


513 ea




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Barry Link is editor of theVancouver Courier newspaper and a geek enthusiast. @trueblinkit

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Tablet winners We had two winners for our tablet giveaway, courtesy of Samsung Canada. They are Barb Ling and Irene Caudwell and were drawn by using Both are receiving a 10inch Samsung Galaxy Pro tablet. Congratulations!


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A21

Visitors invited to taste what Bowen has to offer Like a secret shared between friends, the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce is preparing to encourage a new batch of visitors to discover the businesses on Bowen Island. On Saturday, June 14 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. the inaugural Taste of Bowen event will take place. Forty

local businesses will open their doors and welcome visitors. They will stamp your supplied passport and offer samples of food, coupons or giveaways prepared for this special occasion. Art studios, chocolate makers, garden centres, pubs and restaurants are just some of the businesses waiting to greet guests.

Visitors are encouraged to park in Horseshoe Bay and take the ferry to Snug Cove as foot passengers. Tickets ($15 for adults and $5 for children) can be purchased at the West Vancouver Chamber office at 2235 Marine Dr. or online at westvanchamber. com or on Bowen Island on the day. — Terry Peters

Community Bulletin Board

on sale. $105. 1-866-5145050

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS IN CHILDCARE FACILITIES A two hour workshop designed for childcare workers covering an all hazard approach to emergency preparedness Wednesday, June 11, 7-9 p.m. at North Shore Emergency Management, 147 East 14th St., North Vancouver. 604-969-7000

THE NORTH SHORE CANADA DAY PARADE is only a few weeks away and the organizing committee still has some openings for group applications and volunteers. Application forms are available on the website or call 604-721-4462 for more information. HARMONY ARTS FESTIVAL Tickets for the popular Best of the West culinary event that takes place Aug. 6 are currently

AUDITIONS for a tenor and bass are being held for Laudate Singers. Advanced choral singers only. 604-729-6814 info@ More info at AUTHOR VISIT Steven Galloway will read from his new novel The Confabulist and Maggie Bolitho will read from her new youngadult novel Lockdown Wednesday, June 11, 7 p.m. at North Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St., North Vancouver. Registration required. 604998-3450

LIGHTHOUSE PARK OPEN HOUSE The district is exploring opportunities for future improvements to the parking area and washroom facilities and would like reviews and comments

TIME TRAVELLER F\` ]G1-3 l-U^'[ - ^3806 8_ 30^^`) f88)d/ZWW` W8U^2\83`V`U' Z2 6Z*103`) \`3` ZU 1\` VZ)&18&W-1`&!O""2% hU8.U _83 1\`Z3 213`U^1\ -U) 2XZWW -1 W8-)ZU^ W0V+`3 `_N*Z`U1Wd 8U18 2\Z62' ^`U`3-1Z8U2 8_ 5Z321 e-1Z8U2 W8U^2\83`V`U .83X`) 8U 1\` .-1`3_38U1% jU 3`*8^UZ1Z8U 8_ e-1Z8U-W <+83Z^ZU-W 9-d' i0U` m!' *\`*X 801 1\` e831\ D-U*80/`3 f02`0V -U) <3*\Z/`2# cU F\` g0V+`3 `,\Z+Z1 -1 e831\ D-U*80/`3 :Z1d gZ+3-3d% akcFc :cEHF7GB c5 Fk7 ecHFk D<e:cED7H fEG7Ef <e9 <H:kjD7G

on a concept design Wednesday, June 11, 6:308:30 p.m. at Gleneagles Community Centre, 6262 Marine Dr. 604-925-7275 parks@westvancouver. ca westvancouverite ST. ANDREWS PARK STUDY An Open House to get input about the park from surrounding

neighbours, park users and children to evaluate future upgrades to park infrastructure Wednesday, June 11, 2-6:30 p.m. at tents in the park. In case of adverse weather conditions, St. Andrew’s United Church at 1044 St. Georges will be used. 604-982-3969 BLOGGING 101 Create your own blog in this two-part class. Part one:

Thursday, June 12, 2-4 p.m. Part two:Thursday, June 19, 2-4 p.m. at the West Vancouver Memorial library 1950 Marine Dr. Registration required. 604925-7400 THE FRAN JARÉ TRIO will perform with saxophonist Saul Berson See more page 25




716 Main Street Park Royal (next to Kins Market)

716 Main Street, Park Royal (next to Kins Market)

(604) 281-2697

A22 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Parents need sensible plans, not metaphors What sort of parent are you? Helicopter, bubblewrap, tiger, dolphin or boss? These are only a few of the designations being placed on parents these days and not only that, tiger, dolphin and boss parents are the subjects of current parenting books. In the interest of full disclosure, I have written three parenting books and none of them uses a metaphor to describe parenting. My focus is simply on helping parents develop the skills and understanding to allow them to raise capable young men and women. Period. The Tiger Mom is the recent book that has received the most notice. Based on the book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua, it is the story of one Chinese mom and her two daughters and her experiences. She says that the children of tiger moms are not allowed to: • attend sleepovers • have play dates • be in a school play • complain about not being in a school play • watch TV or play computer games • choose their own extracurricular activities • get any grade less than an A

Kathy Lynn

Parenting Today • not be the No. 1 student in every subject except gym and drama • play any instrument other than the piano or violin • and must play the piano or violin And that, I would guess, is as far as most people got in the book. She believed that being a tiger mom would be best for her children. She not only followed the above rules, she was actively involved in every aspect of the kids’ lives and pushed them to be the very best. And they were the very best. And it worked until her second daughter rebelled and refused to play by the rules. This book is really about a mom learning how to listen to her children and support them in their passions. But let’s face it, it also put the term tiger mom on

the map. And that led to the book The DolphinWay:A Parent’s Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy, and Motivated Kids —Without Turning Into a Tiger by Shimi K. Kang, M.D. Kang uses her experience as a mom as well as her profession as a psychiatrist in this book. In simple terms, this book is all about maintaining a healthy balance in your life and the lives of your children. She uses the metaphor of the dolphin throughout and presents a healthy parenting style. She acknowledges that there is a lot of pressure on parents to push children to succeed. She points out, for example, that Baby Einstein videos were touted as essential for babies. The irony is that they may have done more harm than good. One study that she mentions shows that infants who watched the videos learned seven fewer words a day than those who did not watch the videos. She notes that parents are tending to over-schedule their children, over-protect them and pushing them to win. But dolphins are balanced in their lives and activities. Because of this, dolphin parenting can take parents


Kids can lose up to 2 1/2 months of learning in the summer. Stay ahead of the curve with Sylvan’s summer sessions! Summer sessions are filling up fast. Call today!

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off the hook for being too busy and too involved. Everyone wins. And then there is the corporate model.What if we looked to the workplace to model raising our children? Kathy Buckworth did just that with the book I Am So The Boss OfYou:An 8-Step Guide to GivingYour Family the “Business.” It was an interesting take but I found the book to have an underlying nastiness. She mentions, more than once, that she unfortunately can’t fire her kids. I think she sees that as humour. I didn’t. The point is that we don’t need metaphors.We need to raise our children to become capable young men and women. As Dr. Kang says throughout The Dolphin Way, it’s all about balance. In my view, when we have a parenting plan that makes sense and when we give our children unconditional love, live in a mutually respectful environment and encourage our kids, we will all be healthier and happier. Kathy Lynn is a professional speaker and author ofVive la Différence, Who’s In Charge Anyway? and But Nobody Told Me I’d Ever Have to Leave Home. Sign up for her informational newsletter at

Young Artist of theWeek

Emma Cairns (17) Carson Graham Art teacher: F`3`2- <U18U&f-3W8.` Favourite art: ZV63`22Z8UZ2V Favourite artist: :W-0)` f8U`1 Her teacher writes: 7VV- Z2 - 1-W`U1`) d80U^ -31Z21 .\8 `,*`W2 ZU 63`*Z2`Wd )`1-ZW`) -U) 3`-WZ21Z* 3`U)`3ZU^2' 20*\ -2 1\Z2 68313-Z1 6-ZU1`) ZU 8ZW2% G\` Z2 - 3Z2X&1-X`3 ZU W`-3UZU^ U`. -31 638*`22`2% f821 3`*`U1Wd 2\` \-2 +``U `,6W83ZU^ - /-3Z`1d 8_ 63ZU1V-XZU^ 1`*\UZ40`2% G\` 02`2 \`3 -31 -2 - 213`22 3`WZ`/`3 _38V \`3 +02d -*-)`VZ* W8-) ZU 1\` j; )Z6W8V- 638^3-V% k`3 V-Ud \8032 8_ )3-.ZU^ -3` 3`L`*1`) ZU \`3 3`NU`) -U) `,-*1ZU^ 21dW`% 2,":' 3($#&$& ,) $%* 8**A =(* &*?*7$*4 )(,< 1,($% B%,(* &7%,,?& ;- 3($#&$& ),( 9#4& ),( 4#&+?=-#:' *>7*+$#,:=? =;#?#$- #: $%*#( 7?=&&(,,< =($@,(A/ .,( 4*$=#?&0 C#&#$ $%* @*;&#$* =($#&$&6A#4&/7,</ akcFc MIKE WAKEFIELD

Kidding Around

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A23


Fun. New Friends and Learning ... for every girl.

For more than 100 years Girl Guides of Canada Guides du Canada (GGC) has been providing opportunities for fun, friendship and adventure to girls and women across the country.We are continuously working to eliminate the barriers that prevent girls from challenging themselves and being empowered to become responsible citizens. Girl Guides of Canada Guides du Canada (GGC) recognizes and values the richness of human diversity in its many forms, and therefore strives to ensure environments where girls and women from all walks of life, identities, and lived experiences feel a sense of belonging and can participate fully.This commitment to inclusion means GGC’s culture,

programming, and practices encourage self awareness and awareness of others; room for difference; and environments where girls and women feel safe, respected, supported, and inspired to


barriers that can be created by culture, language, socio economic status and functional ability while enabling all Canadian girls to participate fully in our programs.

It’s fast register and pay for your Guiding membership reach their potential. in minutes. It’s easy sign As the leading organization in up from the convenience of Canada for girls and women, your own home. No paper. GGC strives to reflect the No line ups. It’s convenient diversity of our country and available 24 hours a day, 7 of our communities. days a week. By continually striving to be Available 24/7 from any web as inclusive as possible, we browser; accessible through are breaking through the the BC Girl Guide Provincial website: www.bc or the National Girl Guide website: Phone 1-800-565-8111

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Children’s Programs

RegisterNow! Forour SummerCamps!

Here at North Shore Taekwondo, your child will be empowered with life skills like confidence and focus while learning practical self defense skills. Call today for a free introductory lesson.

NORTH VANCOUVER 2900 Lonsdale Avenue 604.986.5558

Fun in The Sun Soccer Camps, High Performance Camps And All Day Soccer and Swimming Camps

All at the Home of West Van Soccer Club at Ambleside Park!

WVSC This Summer!

July 2 - August 29 (Sessions held weekly) WVSC’s Technical Director, Jammer Afshar, and his top quality professional coaches and staff will challenge participants and ensure that they have a great time. Find out more at and look under “Registration” and then “Camps”.

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A24 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

North Shore youth receive awards CHRISTINE LYON

i0WZ-U- ;0Z1`U\0Z2' *8VV0UZ1d )`/`W86V`U1 .83X`3 -1 1\` :Z1d 8_ e831\ D-U*80/`3' .`W*8V`2 _-VZWZ`2 18 1\` m"!S B801\ <.-3)2% akcFc PAUL MCGRATH





our fabulous store is now in the heart of Ambleside the corner of 14th & Bellevue Ave.

In honour of Youth Week, held annually during the first week of May, all three North Shore municipalities held awards ceremonies to recognize the achievements and community contributions of local youth. The District of North Vancouver handed out its 2014 CivicYouth Awards on May 5 in four categories. Winners of theYouth Recognition Award were Milad Bathani, Riley Davies, Simon Devisser, Claire Duyvewaardt, Tatiana Fortin, Chris Haibeck, Sarah Johnson, Summer MacDonald, Milena Nordwall, Neil Stirton and JasperYoo. TheYouth Community Enhancement Award went to Andrew Choi, Emma Clark, Chelsea Forsythe, Madison Johnson, David Lewis, Priya Payment, lsobel Rennie, Maryam Russel and Mona Sabzevari. This year’s Supporter ofYouth Award went to Argyle secondary’s counselling team and Papa John’s Pizza in Lynn Valley won theYouth Friendly Business Award. Finally, theYouth Team Award was given to the Do Good Committee at Brooksbank elementary. The City of North Vancouver 2014Youth Award recipients were

celebrated at an event on May 8. Winners of the $1,000Youth Centennial Scholarship were Ram Alexiev, Jonald Chan, Annette Cheung, Katelyn Foster and Ashley Jukich. Awards were handed out in five categories including theYouth Recognition Award, which went to Mitchell Anderson,Yvana Avram, Blaze Geraghty, Rhett Gibbons, Elisei Howell, Olivia Howie, Emma Larter, Robroy Munro and Lizzy-Rose Nahanee. Winners of theYouth Community Enhancement Award were Kero Daowd, Ronak Davani, Sarah Duggan, Ashley Jukich, Anita Mahinpei, Mana Moshkforoush, Julia Pinnock, Matthew Purkiss, Nazgol Rahmani, Farron Rickerby and Taylor Sacré. The Outstanding Supporter ofYouth Award went to Sam Clark, Sepehr Eftekhar, Timothy Horton and Les Robertson and the OutstandingYouth Friendly Business Award went to Lonsdale Quay Market, Rayne Longboards and Shoppers Drug Mart. The Sutherland Undercurrents received the OutstandingYouth Team Award. Finally, the District of West Vancouver held its 2014Youth Appreciation Awards on May 12. TheYouth Recognition Award went to Lauren Bauman, Naomi Brown, Celeste Crowe, Tom Ji,

Jessie lo, Ryan Ritson and Tristan Zondag. Winners of theYouth Community Enhancement Award were Eva Cai, Sara Choi, Nicola Cox, Briana Dunlop, Kevin Kim, Minjae Kim, Soraiya Lalani, Jerico Lumanlan, Brooke Mounsey, Dorothy Rhee, Eric Wei, Tiana Wong, MichaelYoo, Claire Yu and Cherry Zhi. And this year’s OutstandingYouth Team comprised Jordan Beck, Emily Bugeja, Ahmed Dharamsi, Hani Ebrahimi, Natalie Gifford, Daisy Harris, Katie Harris, Aria Hemmat, Rachael Herz, William Honcharuk, Joonhyung Hong, Heidi Hong, Tommy Hua, Tony Hua, Min Jee, Angeal Joannou, Mahta Kamyab, Natasha Kearns, Jisoo Kim, Madeleine Lamer, Emme Lee, Steven Lee, Lucy Li, John Li, Ethan Lippman, Tianna Lopes, Jasmine Marshall, Amanda Mast, Parvin Mayan, Liam Mitchell, Parand Mohandesi, Kate Morford, Yasamin Mozaffarian, Chloe Nakatsuru, Hannah Rahim, Gregory Read, Hunter Rigatti, Angus Robertson, Jena Roper, Saba Shahrasebi, Kenza Shayan, Sarajuddin Kazimi, Munira Sadat, Maysa Shekarlab, Carl Steffens, Jessica Su, Carter Suffield, Aria Bedford, Rachel Todd, Gabi Trigo, Jolee Tung, Johanna Watson, Kieran Wilkins, Jessie Xiang, Sayeh Yousefi, TaraYousefi, Ann Zhao and Kevin Zhou.

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STAGE READY e831\ G\83` e`Z^\+803\88) k802` 1\`-13` -U) )3-V- 210)`U12' -W8U^ .Z1\ 1\`Z3 ZU2130*183 G0` k0U1' .ZWW 63`2`U1 -U `/`UZU^ 8_ V8U8W8^0`2' 28U^2' 2\831 6W-d2 -U) 2X`1*\ *8V`)d +-2`) 8U 1\` 1\`V` ]aW-d Z1 <^-ZU G-V[ 8U f8U)-d' i0U` !Q' QKT"& OKT" 6%V% -1 mmR 7% mU) G1%' e831\ D-U*80/`3% <)VZ22Z8U Z2 +d )8U-1Z8U% akcFc PAUL MCGRATH

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A25



p: Paul Morrison


If you’re looking for the ultimate summer getaway, Whistler has you covered, top to bottom. Whatever you’re into – ziplining over a raging river, hiking on over 50 kms of high alpine trails, touching BC’s rooftop on the world record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola or cruising our vibrant village for some retail therapy – it’s all here, just a short drive up the breathtaking Sea-to-Sky Highway. Book your getaway by June 30th and get the 3rd night FREE*!

NETWORKING BREAKFAST Max Rivest with Digital Fluency will discuss the recent trends, how to structure your brand message and how to tell your story in order to cultivate better leads Thursday, June 12, 7:15-9 a.m. at Holiday Inn, 700 Old Lillooet Rd., North Vancouver. $35/$25 business. networking-breakfast-205 ADULT SUMMER READING CLUB Come into any branch starting Saturday, June 14 and get your Bingo book card and start reading. Available at Lynn Valley library, 1277

YEAR END FESTIVAL will be held at North Star German Academy Saturday, June 14, 25 p.m. at Brockton school, 3467 Duval Rd., North Vancouver. SPLASH — FAMILY FISHING DAY AND WATERSHED TOURS A free opportunity to try your luck at catching rainbow trout Sunday, June 15, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Rice Lake in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, North Vancouver.There will also be exhibits, a barbecue, bouncy castle, face painting and shuttle tours to Seymour Falls Dam and the Seymour Fish Hatchery. 778-452-4584 volunteering@

VALID JUNE 12 - 26, 2014

VALID JUNE 12 - 26, 2014

*Starting from rate is per night based on 2 adults sharing a studio or similar, during valid dates specified. Offer is subject to availability at time of booking and may change without notice. Taxes and fees are extra. Minimum night stays, blackout dates, weekends rates and/or other restrictions may apply. 3rd Night Free promotion includes offers that provide equivalent discounts of at least 33% off a 3 night stay. Book by June 30, 2014.

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publichearing tS




Av e le da










Shipbu lders’ Square












Av e



Subject Area

105 Carrie Cates Crt


Inlet and of the Bed and Foreshore of Burrard Inlet, Lying in Front of District Lots 271 and 274, Group 1, New Westminster District, Plan EPP30712, as indicated on the sketch.


Wa ll

WHERE: 105 Carrie Cates Court, Lot A of the Public Harbour of Burrard



2014, No. 8316 and Heritage Designation Bylaw, 1997, No. 6945, Amendment Bylaw, 2014, No. 8371

Av e

WHAT: Zoning Bylaw, 1995, No. 6700, Amendment Bylaw,


HIGH CLIMBING AND TALL TIMBER An illustrated talk with biologist and engineer David Cook on the logging of the oldgrowth forests of the North Shore Thursday, June 12, 7:30-9 p.m. at Parkgate library, 3675 Banff Court, North Vancouver. 604-9293727

VALID JUNE 12 - 19, 2014


and a NewYork guest artist Thursday, June 12, 7:30 p.m. at Ten Ten Tapas restaurant, 1010 Beach Ave.,Vancouver. 604-6897800

PHILIPPINE DAYS FESTIVAL An exposition of Philippine arts and culture to celebrate the 116th anniversary of independence June 14 and 15, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at Waterfront Park, North Vancouver.The family event will feature a parade, live performances, booths, a kids’ playland, Filipino cuisine and shopping.


3RD NIGHT FREE - Starting from $219*


From page 21

Lynn Valley Rd.; Parkgate library, 3675 Banff Court and Capilano library, 3045 Highland Blvd.


3RD NIGHT FREE - Starting from $145*


Community Bulletin Board


3RD NIGHT FREE - Starting from $119*


STEP RIGHT UP! l3-)` P gdUU D-WW`d `W`V`U1-3d 210)`U12 g-03`U a-33' k-UU-\ i8\U218U` -U) f`^-U k`1\`3ZU^18U .83X 1\` .\``W -1 - 3`*`U1 G6ZU&1\`&C\``W _0U)3-Z2`3 8012Z)` 1\` a-3X ? FZW_83) G-/`&cU&588)2% G\866`32 .`3` ZU/Z1`) 18 6-d @m 83 @R 6`3 26ZU 18 .ZU f83` H`.-3)2 68ZU12% a38*``)2 .`U1 18.-3)2 d`-3&`U) ^3-) `/`U12% akcFc CINDY GOODMAN

WHO: City of North Vancouver WHEN: Monday June 16, 2014 at 6:00 pm

Council Chamber at City Hall, 141 West 14th Street North Vancouver, BC

WHY: To receive representations in connection with the following proposed amendment to “Zoning Bylaw, 1995, No. 6700”, which will have the effect of reclassifying the said property:

FROM: CD-057, CD-323 and M-2 (General Industrial) TO: Comprehensive Development Zone 642 (CD-642) This zoning amendment would allow for public open space and Commercial, Waterfront, Marine and Civic uses (including a proposed gallery and accessory banquet use). The proposed zoning designation would limit the building height on the site to a maximum of 15 metres (49.2 feet). The proposed amendment to “Heritage Designation Bylaw, 1997, No. 6945” would result in the continued protection of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway Station building, but would no longer specify the Foot of Lonsdale as a Designated Heritage Property, in order to allow for the possible relocation of the building to an alternative site. This Public Hearing is held under the provisions of the Local Government Act. Persons who believe they may be affected by this proposal will be heard in person and/or by written submission. Send submissions to the City Clerk at or by mail. Electronic submissions must be received no later than 4:00pm on Monday June 16, 2014. Once the Public Hearing has concluded, no further information or submissions can be considered by Council. The proposed bylaws and material may be viewed at City Hall from June 5, 2014 or, if you wish to view the material online please visit Please direct all inquiries to Michael Epp, Planner II, at or phone 604.982.3936.

North Vancouver City Hall 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H9 Tel. 604.985.7761 | Fax. 604.985.9417 |

A26 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What’s On Wednesdays THE DUTCH KOFFIECLUB meets the third Wednesday of

every month, 10 a.m. to noon at the food court, at Park Royal South,West Vancouver. Meet new people and keep up your Dutch language or improve it.The club welcomes Flemish and South African

people also. Used Dutch magazines and books will be available. Henk, 604987-4978 Nel, 604-9876879. ESL BOOK CLUB A free club to read and talk about Canadian novels Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30 a.m. at the West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Dr. Registration required. 604-925-7403 GLENEAGLES SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE CLUB Classes every Wednesday, 7:309:30 p.m. at Hollyburn elementary, 1329 Duchess Ave., West Vancouver. 604925-9333 LET’S TALK Develop English skills while discussing current events Wednesdays, 7-8:30 p.m. at the West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Dr. No registration required. 604-925-7403


5Z/`&d`-3&8W) <W`,-U)3- 9Z*X&:W`W-U) .83X2 8U - 2`-2\83`&1\`V`) *3-_1 -1 1\` 3`*`U1 5-VZWd aW-d 9-d `/`U1 ZU C`21 D-U*80/`3#2 i8\U g-.28U a-3X% 5-VZWZ`2 `UY8d`) *8&86`3-1Z/` ^-V`2' 2*-/`U^`3 \0U12' -31' V02Z* -U) V83`% akcFc PAUL MCGRATH

rts Clean NorthSwtesrattePogy A ir Taking on air quality in the Pacific Northwest.

Shore Po wer


Enabling cruise ships to turn off their engines while in port, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

NORTH SHORE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA meets Wednesdays, 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Sutherland secondary, 1860 Sutherland Ave., North Vancouver, and is looking for new string players (especially bass players). 604-980-3132

hancement HabitatgraEmn Pro Enhancing fish and wildlife habitats for the future.

CRAZY FOR QUILTS gZ8U2 l-1` I0ZW1`32 l0ZW) V`V+`32 e83ZU` f*:-__3`d' G0b-UU` a-1*\`WW' ;`11d :W-3X` -U) ;`*Xd C`21 ZU/Z1` 1\` 60+WZ* 18 1\` ^0ZW)#2 ;Z-UU0-W I0ZW1 G\8. i0U` !T -U) !S' M -%V% 18 R 6%V% -1 :-6ZW-U8 EUZ/`32Z1d G683126W`,' m"RR a03*`WW C-d' e831\ D-U*80/`3% f83` 1\-U m"" 40ZW12 .ZWW +` 8U )Z26W-d% <)VZ22Z8UK -)0W12' @QJ *\ZW)3`U _3``% DZ2Z1 /!0+*"')#.(!/)#,*"(!/$&%0- _83 V83` ZU_83V-1Z8U% akcFc KEVIN HILL NORTH SHORE CHORUS meets Wednesdays, 7:15-9:45 p.m., at Mount Seymour United Church, 1200 Parkgate Ave., North Vancouver. New members are welcome. 604-9852559 or SING-ALONG WEDNESDAYS “Mr. Music” Peter Vanderhorst will play the piano to lead a sing-along of favourite

Fraser Riv Improveemr ent In


Removing derelict vessels and structures from the Fraser River.

songs the first Wednesday of every month from 10 a.m. to noon at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, 885 22nd St.,West Vancouver. Song books will be provided. Drop-in fee: $5 at the door.

Thursdays BETWEEN THE SHEETS This Deep Cove book club meets the first Thursday of every month from 7 to 9 p.m. Each member recommends

mmalentre M arine MResa cu eC Helping the Vancouver Aquarium rescue, rehabilitate, and return marine mammals to their natural habitat.

a book and takes a turn hosting discussions in their homes. New members welcome. Adele, 604-9295621 BINGO: Every Thursday, 6-10 p.m. at the North Shore Alano Club, 176 East Second St., North Vancouver. 604-987-4141 Compiled by Debbie Caldwell Email info for your event to

EcoActio n Progra m

for Ships

Promoting programs that support reducing emissions from vessels coming into our harbour.


Your port was the first port in North America with a dedicated environmental team.They are committed to improving sustainability and reducing the impact of port operations on the environment with innovative and industry-leading programs.

A quality of life.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A27

Father’s Day Hollywood Dads

Robert Mentz os

Harrison Ford look-a-like

Robert Bland

Mr. Rogers look-a-like

Don McDowal l

George Burns look-a-like

A special feature of the

George Lewis

Callum Ferries

Tom Selleck look-a-like

Andrea Bocelli look-a-like

and UNTIL JUNE 30, 2014

GEL-Nimbus 15

SALE $12999 Reg $189



GEL-Cumulus 15


980 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

(next to Everything Wine and across from Indigo Books)

604.982.0878 •







Dominic Herri

James Brolin look-a-like

A28 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father’s Day

A daughter’s letter to her dad JANINE MACARTHUR Contributing writer

My dad is an outdoorsman, expert pie baker, mentor, faithful husband, and amazing dad.

His name is Jay MacArthur. He is the kind of dad who truly cares for his two daughters. In fact, he is the best father I know (although my father-in-law is up there too). My dad spent his early

Happy Father’s Day Let the games begin!

Lynn Valley Centre 604 924 2411 •

years on the North Shore living in a house that my grandpa built with his own hands on Mount Seymour Parkway. Later, he moved to Richmond and after that he attended UBC, graduating in electrical engineering. My dad and my fantastic mom, Lucy, moved to North Vancouver to raise their family a couple of years before I was born. These days, my dad works during the day and is an adventurer at night. Every chance he gets after work he goes hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, windsurfing, or sailing. He is an active member of the Alpine Club of Canada, and if he could he would spend every day teaching people how to enjoy the outdoors safely. My poor dad was blessed with two lovely daughters, neither of whom share his passion for outdoor adventure. However, our childhood is filled with memories of time spent with our

"- ,./ #*'*0 .+!)- -%* ($/%$#& 2 BA<1 B6 71>19#=B1 .=4 =B BC1 -=8 -=7A$A7 ?@84=;/ :@81 )3BC $#6< ))=< , (+'*%< 0=$& -=7A$A7= =84 0=!7=41! 56@8"1 -&7' FP 5P+N;)>77FD!> 1F7'>;R9 4F0 D5++>7 D;5PB'I !&3> >P7>;7F&PQ>P7 FP@ 9=>B7FB5!F; 'F;DN5; 3&>29 H F =>;+>B7 2F0 7N 9'F;> 7'> @F0 2&7' 4F@G :@5!79" $(*J />P&N;9" $(CJ 6'&!@;>P (HCA" $?AG*EJ

O* FP@ 5P@>; H PN B'F;)>M $ '(/# "''()."0(+ !"*+# "&- ,%"!/)!)+#

1N; &P+N;QF7&NP FP@ ;>9>;3F7&NP9I =!>F9> BNP7FB7" (E,G%#*GA,%E N; &P+N<=FP=FB&+&B3FPBN53>;GBNQ

?EE H ### 6FPF@F K!FB>I .FPBN53>;I 86 .(6 ?8* L 222G=FP=FB&+&B3FPBN53>;GBNQ

dad outside. I went skiing for the first time when I was two years old. I still remember my first red skis, which clipped on over my running shoes. I also learned how to scramble rocks at Lighthouse Park. One could hardly call it climbing, although I did get to wear a harness and a helmet. We often went bike riding around Stanley Park or swimming at New Brighton Pool. I remember sitting on the beach watching my dad windsurf with his hot pink helmet and being pretty impressed with him. I thought he was so cool. Every summer, my dad took me and my sister camping to remote B.C. locations. We would drive up logging roads, and we would swim in lakes and eat wild blueberries. To me it was normal to have a dad who went to all of your piano recitals, plays, and basketball games (even if you never scored a basket). He went not because he had to, but because he

i-d f-*<31\03 Z2 -U -/Z) 801)8832V-U' .\8 `UY8d2 \ZXZU^' 2XZZU^' 2-ZWZU^ -U) V80U1-ZU *WZV+ZU^% akcFc GEaagj79 wanted to. It wasn’t until I was older that I began to notice that not all dads actually wanted to spend such intentional time with their kids. My dad has taught me so much over the years and has done so much for me and his family. He continues to amaze me every day. My dad is a man of few words and sometimes the wrong words. However, he is a man of many thoughtful actions. The sad part of being a person of many actions and few

words is that often things get left unsaid and often other people don’t know the person you really are. So, Dad, I’m writing this to make sure that others know you for the man you are, the one that you don’t talk up. Thank you for all the hours you have spent doing things for me over the years without much thanks or appreciation. I’ve been a bit preoccupied, but I noticed when you handmade all of the birch See Thanks page 29

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A29

Father’s Day

Thanks for support, encouragement and inspiration From page 28 bark candle holders for my wedding, and I noticed when you spent two weeks painting and fixing up my first real home. Thank you for taking care of me and Deanna, especially when mom was in the hospital when we were kids. Thank you for teaching me so much over the years. Thank you for showing me what a gem of a husband you are so that I knew husbands and dads like you existed, and so that I chose a man worthy of my love, time, and friendship. Thank you for loving and respecting mom all of these years. Thank you for showing diligence in your faith.You have shown me what life with Jesus looks like. Thank you for believing in me and telling me I should take physics because I would be good at it. Thank you for taking me outdoors and spending so much time with me. Even if I am not as adventurous or athletic as you are, you

taught me a love for the outdoors that I deeply appreciate. Thank you for crying during every amazing sports performance on TV (even in the movie Cool Runnings) because I have started to do the same. Thank you for choking up every time I tell you one of my teaching success stories. It means more to me than you will ever know. And thank you for making me a crier. Sometimes in class when a student does something sweet, I have to turn around and wipe a tear from my eye and it reminds me that I am your daughter. Most of all, thank you for accepting me for who I am: someone so very different from you and yet so similar to her daddy. Janine MacArthur is a North Shore resident who sent in this letter about her dad in response to a North Shore News tweet requesting submissions about great dads. The letter has been edited to fit the layout space.

i-d f-*<31\03 2Z12 .Z1\ \Z2 .Z_` g0*d -U) 1\`Z3 )-0^\1`32 i-UZU`' .Z1\ \`3 \02+-U) GZV8U h8W)dX' -U) 9`-UU-% f-*<31\03 Z2 )`2*3Z+`) -2 - ^3`-1 )-)' - V`U183' -U `,6`31 6Z` +-X`3 -U) -U -*1Z/` 801)8832V-U% akcFc CINDY GOODMAN

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A30 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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New York rk Strip Loin Steaks


Boneless. Boneless Cut ut from f 100% % Canadian C nadia beef. bee Sold in a twin wi package ackage of 4 only $24.

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Nestle Real Dairy Ice Cream

Dove Bodywash

Or Frozen Desserts or Del Monte Sherbet. Assorted varieties a i i 1.5 .5 Litre. Lit e. LIMIT THREE Combined varieties.

Fresh Whole Frying Chicken




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Simply Juices

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Prices effective at all British Columbia Safeway stores Friday, June 13 through Sunday, June 15, 2014 only. We reserve the right to limit sales to retail quantities. Some items may not be available at all stores. All items while stocks last. Actual items may vary slightly from illustrations. Some illustrations are serving suggestions only. Advertised prices do not include GST. ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Co. and Safeway. On BUY ONE GET ONE FREE items, both items must be purchased. Lowest priced item is then free. Online and in-store prices, discounts, and offers may differ.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A31



Dinner menu does well at lunch

Chris Dagenais

The Dish

ROMANCING THE STOVE Angela Shellard presents recipes that feature B.C. strawberries. page 32

Stack Grill, the latest restaurant concept to fill the old Ricky’s/Fatburger space at Lonsdale Avenue and 20th Street, is like that quiet accountant at work. You know the guy. He sits in the office all day doing exactly what he is supposed to, dutifully and proficiently fulfilling his role as a by-the-book numbers guy. But then at night, when you head out for that impromptu drink with the team . . . watch out! He’s a madman, full of delightful surprises, hidden talents, playful humour and unbridled passion. You see, Stack Grill serves up a very good diner-style lunch, featuring fish and chips, wraps, wings, panini and such, all well prepared and right on the money in meeting the expectations the room sets with its casual, 1950sera burger and shake environment. However, the restaurant’s evening menu, which tends towards grilled meats and Italian fare, defies all expectations and allows the kitchen to flex its creative muscle. Stack Grill’s unique riff on the Jekyll and Hyde story invites patrons to appreciate both faces in equal measure with preference determined

solely by mood and appetite. It was a tip from a reader, paired with my own investigation of the restaurant’s evening menu on Facebook, that piqued my curiosity about the place and prompted me to pay it a visit one recent Saturday afternoon with The Boy, my gregarious six-year-old son who was keen on the idea of a burger and shake served in an old fashioned chrome and leather swivel chair and Formica wonderland. Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by a very hospitable hostess who, it turned out, effectively runs the place, serving tables, manning the till, stocking condiments, consulting with the kitchen and blending up some mean milkshakes, including the rich and frothy chocolate number (“It has sprinkles on top, Dad!”) that The Boy so thoroughly enjoyed. Scanning the lunch menu I was initially mildly disappointed to learn how radically different the midday fare is from the dinner items described on Facebook. I mentioned the contrast casually to our server, who, without missing a beat, offered me the full dinner menu, explaining that the sunny afternoon traffic lull permitted the kitchen to prepare whatever I was looking for. Not being one to reject a magnanimous gesture, I ordered a sirloin steak with creamy Gorgonzola sauce, served with a side salad and seasonal vegetables. The Boy and I split an order of Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings to start, and then he had battered cod and chips as a main. Stack Grill’s open

l-3WZ* -U) +-2ZW 2\3ZV6 .Z1\ 2*-WW862 -U) a-Ub-U`WW- 2-W-) Z2 8U 1\` V`U0 -1 G1-*X l3ZWW ZU e831\ D-U*80/`3% akcFc PAUL MCGRATH kitchen afforded us the chance to witness the chef in action, a defthanded brigade of one who, upon receiving our table’s order, began his preparations, which included the creation of a batter for both the chicken wings and the fish and chips, entirely from

scratch, which was a very promising sign of what was to come. The wings arrived plump, juicy, and covered in an outstandingly light batter not unlike tempura. The portion was substantial and turned out to be too much for The Boy and I to finish in one

sitting, particularly in light of the entrees that were still to come. The cod was crispy and golden brown, steaming and moist on the inside and served with a wedge of lemon, tartar sauce and simple coleslaw. The See Steak page 33

GIANNI’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT Traditional authentic Italian food





Hours: luncH Mon-Fri FroM 11:30aM • dinner Mon-sat FroM 5:30pM




604 960 1015

A32 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014


’Tis the season for B.C. strawberries 12 thin slices French baguette, cut on the diagonal 4 oz brie cheese, cut into 12 slices 6 large ripe strawberries, hulled and sliced 1-2Tbsp liquid honey 4 fresh basil leaves, cut into thin shreds

Angela Shellard

Romancing the Stove B.C. strawberries, how do I love thee? I offer herewith my annual tribute to these little red beauties. Prime strawberry season is now upon us, so pick up a supply at your local fruit stand or farmer’s market and have a strawberry-themed dinner party. Here are the recipes for your appetizer, salad and dessert.While pheasant with strawberry sauce sounds intriguing, you might want to forego the strawberries in the main course. Strawberry and Brie Crostini

Preheat oven to 350º F. Lay the baguette slices on a baking sheet and top each slice with a piece of brie. Bake until the cheese is melted and the bread is toasted, about five or six minutes. Remove from oven and drizzle about half a teaspoon of honey over the melted cheese on each piece, then top with two slices of strawberry and a few shreds of basil. Makes 12 crostini. Strawberry Avocado Salad with PoppyseedVinaigrette 3 cups fresh baby spinach 3 cups fresh baby kale 1 pint strawberries, hulled and sliced 1 firm-ripe avocado, peeled and diced 4 oz crumbled gorgonzola cheese (you could

substitute feta or goat cheese) ¼ cup sliced almonds, toasted Half of a small red onion, thinly sliced Dressing: ½ cup olive oil 3Tbsp apple cider vinegar 2Tbsp liquid honey 1Tbsp poppy seeds 1 tsp Dijon mustard Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Place the first seven ingredients in a large bowl and toss to combine.To make the dressing, place all dressing ingredients in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Screw lid on and shake jar vigorously to mix dressing. Taste dressing and adjust seasoning if necessary; pour desired amount over the salad and toss to coat evenly. Makes four servings. Fresh Strawberry Cake 6Tbsp butter, room temperature, plus extra for greasing pie plate (½ cup or ¼ lb of butter = 8 Tbsp; this might help you measure)

Extending a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out.

SINCE 1993

1½ cups all-purpose flour 1½ tsp baking powder ¼ tsp salt 1 cup plus 1½Tbsp granulated sugar, divided use 1 large egg ½ cup milk 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 lb strawberries, hulled and halved (if the berries are large cut them into three slices) Vanilla ice cream or lightly sweetened whipped cream

Preheat oven to 375º F. Grease a 10-inch pie plate generously with soft butter and set aside (if you use a nine-inch pie plate the batter may overflow, so fill it with only three quarters of the batter and bake the rest in a ramekin). In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder and salt. In a large bowl with an electric mixer, beat the butter and one cup of sugar until mixture is pale and fluffy, about three minutes. Mix in the egg, milk and vanilla until just combined, then slowly add the dry ingredients, mixing just until batter is smooth. Turn batter into the greased pie plate and spread evenly. Arrange the strawberries cut side down in a single layer on top of the batter, as close together as possible (they can overlap them a bit as you want them really crowded together). Sprinkle the 1½

;%:% 213-.+`33Z`2 -3` ZU 2`-28U -U) V-X` - ^3`-1 -))Z1Z8U 18 21-31`32' 2-W-)2' -U) `/`U V-ZU2% akcFc MIKE WAKEFIELD tablespoons of sugar over the berries. Bake at 375º for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 325º and continue baking for 50 to 60 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the centre of the cake comes out free of wet batter. Remove cake from oven and place on a wire rack; serve warm with ice cream or whipped cream.

Makes eight servings.The next time you make this, try substituting raspberries or sliced peaches for the strawberries. Angela Shellard is a selfdescribed foodie. She has done informal catering for various functions. Contact: ashellard@

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A33



COD DINE-IN DIN dinners Two 1-piece Cod t chips and includes fresh cu . law homestyle coles


99 + GST

Horseshoe Bay

6640 Royal Avenue, West Vancouver


A TASTE OF AMBLESIDE <31Z21 f-038 :`W811Z -U) EUZ40`Wd B8032 ^-WW`3d 8.U`3 DZ/Z`UU` ;38VW`d -W8U^ .Z1\ i-UZ*` k--X8U2 `UY8d 28V` .ZU` -U) *\``2` -1 1\` U`.Wd 86`U`) ^-WW`3d 8U ;`WW`/0` </`U0` ZU C`21 D-U*80/`3 -1 1\` 21-31 8_ 1\` 1\Z3) -UU0-W F-21` 8_ <V+W`2Z)` 8U f-d mM% f83` 1\-U P" +02ZU`22`2 _38V !T1\ 18 !M1\ 213``12 188X 6-31 ZU 1\` _88) `/`U1' 8__`3ZU^ - /-3Z`1d 8_ 3`_3`2\V`U12 -U) -66`1Zb`32 18 1Z*X`1&\8W)`32% akcFc PAUL MCGRATH

fries, while adequate, were incongruously unremarkable. Had the rest of the of the meal not been so well prepared I might not have paid them any mind, but in light of the kitchen’s evident skill, the fries felt somehow beneath the chef. Now, for those who have not worked in a professional kitchen, I need to explain that a patron ordering from the dinner menu at lunchtime can be a right nuisance for a chef, as the mis-

en-place (the setup of menu ingredients that facilitates preparation) is often completely different between meal services and is most certainly different at Stack Grill, where the lunch and dinner menus bear little resemblance to each other. Let it be said, my steak did not betray any evidence of struggle in the kitchen. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare, boasted an outrageously rich and silky Gorgonzola sauce, and was accompanied by some absolutely delicious

vegetables, including thin ribbons of marinated, grilled zucchini finished with a light dusting of spices, and paper thin, crispy fried slices of lotus root. Other dinner menu items include beef tenderloin with marsala reduction and an ambitious roster of traditional Italian pastas. Surveying the nearly empty room at the end of our meal, I hoped that once patio season kicks into full swing, Stack Grill’s outdoor seating will entice passersby to explore the restaurant.

Your Dad?

We have great items for him this Father’s Day! Come by and see what we have in store!


Our meal of one appetizer, two mains (including a dinner item that accounted for close to half of the bill), a milkshake and an iced tea came to $51 before gratuity. Stack Grill is located at 1995 Lonsdale Ave. 604-770-1737

Beer Tasting 7:30pm 8:30pm Compliments of Stanley Park Beer

3 Course` Dinner SUNDAY JUNE 15th, 2014 $39.00 / Per Person

Live music every Thursday & Friday night from 8pm to 11pm

Chris Dagenais served as a manager for several restaurants downtown and on the North Shore. A self-described wine fanatic, he earned his sommelier diploma in 2001. Contact: hungryontheshore@gmail. com.

CALL 604.973.8000 TO RESERVE FOR FULL DETAILS VISIT Victory Ship Way North Vancouver, BC V7L 0B1

Corner of Lonsdale and Esplanade

Large & Small


Full Class List and all Menus and Pricing at


4548 Hastings St., Burnaby 604.428.3700


Balloon Bouquets

• Tuesday June 17 A Dinner of Decadence! With Chef Glenys Morgan • Sunday June 22 All About Pies! With Chef Ginette • Tuesday June 24 A French Affair with Chef Glenys Morgan • Thursday June 26 Sushi Workshop - Hands On! With Chef Cindy Low • Saturday June 28 Luxe Desserts with Chef Ginette • Monday June 30 Mexican Fiesta with Chef Glenys Morgan

Just over the bridge!

the lobby

iparty Dollar Store Lynn Valley Centre

Upcoming Cooking Classes

(Just east of Willingdon)

1660 Pemberton Avenue


Dad’s Special

Steak boasts rich Gorgonzola sauce From page 31

North Vancouver


s. of 2 beverage and purchase . ply With coupon ap ts un co No further dis July 2, 2014 low. Expires locations be Valid only at

han Moreptarty just lies. supp

A34 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Alan and Jean Cook Doug and Alice Davies Doug -U) Alice Davies .`3` V-33Z`) 8U i0U` !T' !MQS% F\`Z3 *\ZW)3`U -U) ^3-U)*\ZW)3`U .Z2\ 1\`V W8/` -U) \-66ZU`22 8U 1\`Z3 R"1\ .`))ZU^ -UUZ/`32-3d%

Alan -U) Jean Cook' 2``U 8U 1\`Z3 .`))ZU^ )-d -+8/` -U) ZU - 3`*`U1 6\818 -1 W`_1' .`3` V-33Z`) 8U i0U` Q' !MQS% F\`d \-/` WZ/`) 8U 1\` e831\ G\83` 2ZU*` !MQP% 5-VZWd -U) _3Z`U)2 *8U^3-10W-1` 1\`V -U) 2`U) +`21 .Z2\`2%

Alex and AnneWood Alex -U) Anne Wood .`3` V-33Z`) 8U i0U` Q' !MQS' ZU D-U*80/`3% F\`Z3 *\ZW)3`U -U) ^3-U)*\ZW)3`U 2`U) 1\`Z3 W8/` -U) +`21 .Z2\`2 8U 1\Z2 /`3d 26`*Z-W R"1\ .`))ZU^ -UUZ/`32-3d%

Dave and Dolly Lade Dave -U) Dolly Lade' 2``U ZU - .`))ZU^ 6\818 -+8/` -U) - 3`*`U1 6\818 +`W8.' .`3` V-33Z`) 8U i0U` S' !MRS% </Z) 13-/`WW`32' 1\`d \-/` /Z2Z1`) V83` 1\-U P" *80U13Z`2% F\`d -W28 3`V-ZU -*1Z/` ZU 1\`Z3 *\03*\% F\`Z3 1\3`` *\ZW)3`U -U) 1.8 ^3-U)*\ZW)3`U .Z2\ 1\`V - \-66d Q"1\ .`))ZU^ -UUZ/`32-3d%

Grace Florence Coules Grace Florence Coules .-2 +83U 8U i0U` R' !MmS' ZU 722`,' 7U^W-U)% <_1`3 3`1Z3ZU^ 2\` V8/`) 18 C`21 D-U*80/`3 .Z1\ \`3 \02+-U) l`83^` ZU !MM" 18 +` .Z1\ 1\`Z3 28U -U) \Z2 _-VZWd' ZU*W0)ZU^ 1.8 ^3-U)*\ZW)3`U% 5-VZWd -U) _3Z`U)2 2`U) +`21 .Z2\`2 8U \`3 M"1\ +Z31\)-d%

Linda and Bryant Knox Lena Hjorthoy 5-VZWd -U) _3Z`U)2 ^-1\`3`) 8U f-d !P 18 *`W`+3-1` Lena Hjorthoy’s !""1\ +Z31\)-d%

Linda -U) Bryant Knox' 2``U ZU - .`))ZU^ 6\818 -+8/` -U) - 3`*`U1 6\818 -1 W`_1' .`3` V-33Z`) 8U i0U` P' !MQM' ZU D-U*80/`3% F\`d \-/` WZ/`) 8U 1\` e831\ G\83` _83 T" d`-32 -U) \-/` 1.8 )-0^\1`32% F\`Z3 _-VZWd -U) _3Z`U)2 .Z2\ 1\`V - \-66d SR1\ .`))ZU^ -UUZ/`32-3d%

:`W`+3-1Z8U2K C`))ZU^ -UU80U*`V`U1' VZW`218U` -UUZ/`32-3d >N321' N_1\ -U) `/`3d 20+2`40`U1 N/` d`-32(' 83 +Z31\)-d >O" d`-32 -U) `/`3d N_1\ d`-3 1\`3`-_1`3' 83 +Z31\)-d2 d`-3Wd _83 1\82` -^`2 MR -U) 8W)`3(% G`U) d803 20+VZ22Z8U 18 3)0-U`=U2U`.2%*8V 83 +3ZU^ - 63ZU1 18 1\` e831\ G\83` e`.2 +0ZW)ZU^% :`W`+3-1Z8U2 Z2 - _3`` 2`3/Z*` -U) 1\`3` Z2 U8 ^0-3-U1`` 20+VZ22Z8U2 .ZWW +` 60+WZ2\`)% F`,1 V-d +` `)Z1`) _83 21dW` -U)$83 W`U^1\%


Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - North Shore News - A35



<3^dW`#2 i-V`2 7W28U' 186 6\818' 2-ZW2 18 2ZW/`3 ZU \Z^\ Y0V6% k` -W28 .8U 638/ZU*Z-W ^8W) ZU 13Z6W` Y0V6% jU 1\` 6\818 -+8/`' eZ*8W` k01*\ZU28U 8_ G`U1ZU`W W`-)2 l3-*` F\8V628U 8_ :8WWZU^.88) ZU 8U` 8_ 1\`Z3 VZ))W` )Z21-U*` )0`W2% ;81\ .8U ;%:% ^8W)% :8WWZU^.88)#2 7VV- H-21-)' 6\818 -1 3Z^\1' .8U ^8W) ZU Y0UZ83 ^Z3W2 W8U^ Y0V6% akcFcG GEaagj79 ARGYLE >Fca($TAEHOON KIM >;cFFcf akcFcG(

Track stars strike B.C. gold North Shore track and field stars struck gold — and silver and bronze — at the high school provincial championships held at the end of May in Langley. West Vancouver’s Megan Roxby led the way, scoring double gold in the Grade 8 division with wins

in the 800 m and 1,500 m. Other multiple medal winners included Argyle’s James Elson, who won gold in senior boys triple jump and silver in high jump; Sentinel’s Rhian Paterson, who won gold in Grade 8 girls 3,000 m and silver in 1,500 m; Sentinel’s Nicole Hutchinson with gold in senior girls 3,000

m and bronze in 1,500 m; and Alana Mussato of St. Thomas Aquinas who won silver in 800 m and bronze in 400 m. Here is a list of the medal winners from North Shore schools: Gold ■ James Elson, Argyle, senior boys triple jump,

13.11 metres ■ Kristen Schulz, Argyle, senior girls triple jump, 10.73 m ■ Grace Thompson, Collingwood, senior girls 1,500 m, 4:32.32 ■ Nicole Hutchinson, Sentinel, senior girls 3,000 m, 10:10.79 ■ Emma Rastad Collingwood, junior girls

long jump, 5.44 m ■ Rhian Paterson, Sentinel, Grade 8 girls 3,000 m, 10:53.34 ■ Megan Roxby, West Vancouver, Grade 8 girls 1,500 m, 4:59.50 ■ Megan Roxby, West Vancouver, Grade 8 girls 800 m, 2:22.00

See North page 38

A36 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014


West Van schools still smashing away Sentinel and Collingwood continue to rule B.C. tennis


The word dynasty seems almost like an understatement these days for the Collingwood and Sentinel tennis teams. The Collingwood Cavaliers won their seventh straight provincial AA banner while the Sentinel Spartans claimed their sixth consecutive AAA B.C. title at this season’s championship tournaments played at the end of May. For the Cavaliers the dominance is even more impressive — they’ve made the final in each of the past nine years, winning eight of them. “It’s been a good run,” said Collingwood’s Al Rose, co-coach along with Andy Wong. The Cavs were led by Grade 9 star Isaac Davies — he went undefeated in the championship tournament to win the outstanding boys singles player award — and

the doubles team of Colton Kerfoot and Liam Huebner who also notched a perfect record while taking home the tournament’s top boys doubles team award. Davies is one of the top-ranked junior players in the province while Kerfoot is continuing a long tradition of elite hockey players moonlighting on the Collingwood tennis team. Other Cavalier tennis alumni include Sam Reinhart, a potential No. 1 overall pick in this year’s NHL draft, and Alexander Kerfoot, Colton’s older brother who was drafted by the New jersey Devils in 2012. “They like their tennis too,” said Rose with a laugh. “They’re both just great all-around athletes,” Rose said of the Kerfoot brothers. “They can do anything. You can see it on the court. . . . Because they played other sports they’re just used to those high-pressure situations.They can succeed in that and in fact I think

j2--* 9-/Z`2 W8-)2 06 - _83`\-U)% F\` l3-)` M -*` \`W6`) :8WWZU^.88) .ZU 1\` 638/ZU*Z-W 1Z1W`% they revel in it.” Reinhart was the same way, says Rose, despite playing the sport only sporadically. “He knew where to go,

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when to be there, and when he got there it didn’t matter what the situation was as far as pressure goes, he just came through in the clutch all the time. It was like he had ice in his veins.” This year’s Collingwood tennis team, as usual, featured a number of athletes who star in different sports but were ready to give their all on the hard courts as well. “Really good depth from top to bottom, great commitment from all the kids,” Rose said of the secret to his success. “I always

encourage them to play all the sports, but if you can we’d like you to make sure you’re here for our tennis matches.” Collingwood’s run, however, will be threatened in future years by the team they faced in this year’s final, said Rose. It’s a North Shore rival to boot. The Cavaliers topped Carson Graham 8-3 in the AA championship final but it was no blowout, said Rose, and the young Eagles are only getting better. “Carson Graham is an excellent young team and


they’re all going to be back next year,” he said. “They’re solid, top to bottom.They’ve got some good players and they’ve done an excellent job with their team.” Carson is coached by the husband and wife team of Fabio and Amy Walker, topnotch players themselves, and stars the duo’s daughters Angie and Alex, said Rose. Grade 10 Angie Walker won all of her matches at provincials to claim the outstanding girls singles player award. See Carson page 38

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A38 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SPORT North Shore runners rule middle distances From page 35

Silver ■ James Elson, Argyle, sr. boys high jump, 2.00 m ■ Alana Mussato, St. Thomas Aquinas, senior girls 800 m, 2:11.65 ■ Brendan Artley, Collingwood, junior boys javelin, 49.11 ■ Dakota McGovern, Windsor House, junior boys steeplechase, 4:41.25 ■ Rhian Paterson, Sentinel, Grade 8 girls 1,500 m, 4:56.34

Carson challenges Collingwood

Bronze ■ ScottYoung, Argyle, senior boys javelin, 53.26 m ■ Aiden Macklin, Carson Graham, senior boys 400 m, 49.23 ■ Alana Mussato, St. Thomas Aquinas, senior girls 400 m, 56.32 ■ Kristin Heuer, Sentinel, senior girls high jump, 1.65 m ■ Nicole Hutchinson, Sentinel, senior girls 1,500 m, 4:34.35 — compiled by Andy Prest

From page 36 The Collingwood vs. Carson showdown should only intensify in future years, said Rose. “We’re going to be back, and I know they’ll be back,” he said. “It looks like a real good rivalry.” As for Sentinel, the Spartans, coached by Dave Gibson, Angela Higgs and Anthony Cheung, claimed their sixth straight title with an 8-3 win over Heritage Woods in the AAA final. Dominique Beauvais and

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Kryrll Kryvchun led the way, winning the outstanding girl and boy awards, respectively, while also teaming up to win the mixed doubles MVP award.The team of Arisha Ladhani and Stacy Fung claimed the girls doubles MVP award. Sentinel, like Collingwood, also gets strong participation numbers in their tennis program. According to Cheung, nearly 50 players participated this season, making up one senior team and two junior teams.


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:8WWZU^.88)#2 hdW- i-33-3 N3`2 - 2`3/` )03ZU^ - 3`*`U1 V-1*\% akcFc GEaagj79 COLLINGWOOD SCHOOL


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Calming Stress #4a NPN 80022782

AVAILABLE HERE: ABBOTSFORD: Abbotsford Vitamin Centre 33555 South Fraser Way; Alive Health Centre Seven Oaks Shopping Centre, Fraser Way; Herbs & Health Foods West Oaks Mall, 32700 S. Fraser Way; Living Well Vitamins 4 32770 George Ferguson Way; Nutrition House High Street Shopping Centre 3122 Mt. Lehman Rd; !AGASSIZ: Agassiz Pharmacy 7046 Pioneer Ave. !ALDERGROVE: Alder Natural Health 27252 Fraser Hwy. !BURNABY: Alive Health Centre Metropolis at Metrotown 4700 Kingsway Ave.; Best Choice Health Food 4323 East Hasting St.; Health Natural Foods 4435 E. Hastings St.; Longevity Health Foods 6591 Kingsway; Natural Focus Health Foods Kensington Plaza, 6536 E. Hastings St.; Nutrition House Brentwood Mall, 4567 Lougheed Hwy.; Nutrition House Eaton Centre, 4700 Kingsway Ave; Nutrition House Lougheed Mall, 9855 Austin Ave.; Pharmasave 4367 E. Hastings St. !CHILLIWACK: Alive Health Centre Cottonwood Mall, 3 45585 Luckakuck Way; Aromatica Fine Tea & Soaps 10015 Young St., North; Chilliwack Pharmasave 110 9193 Main St.; Living Well Vitamins 45966 Yale Rd.; Sardis Health Foods Unit #3 7355 Vedder Road!COQUITLAM: Alive Health Centre Coquitlam Centre, 2348 2929 Barnet Hwy.; Green Life Health Cariboo Shopping Ctr.; Longevity Health Foods Burquitlam Plaza 552 Clarke Rd.; Nutrition House Coquitlam Centre, 2929 Barnet Hwy.; Ridgeway Pharmacy Remedy's RX (IDA)1057 Ridgeway Ave.!DELTA: Parsley, Sage & Thyme 4916 Elliott St.; Pharmasave #286 Tsawwassen 1244 56 St.; Pharmasave #246 Ladner 4857 Elliott St.; !LANGLEY: Alive Health Centre Willowbrook Shopping Centre, 19705 Fraser Hwy.; Rustic Roots Health Food Store formerly Country Life 4061 200th St.; Grove Vitamins & Health Centre 8840 210 St.; Langley Vitamin Centre 20499 Fraser Hwy.; Natural Focus 340 20202 66th Ave.; Nature’s Fare 19880 Langley By pass; Nutrition House Willowbrook Mall, 19705 Fraser Hwy.; Valley Natural Health Foods 20425 Douglas Cres.; Well Beings Health & Nutrition 22 St. Fraser Hwy. !MAPLE RIDGE: BC Vitamin Expert 11968 207th St.; Maple Ridge Vitamin Centre 500 22709 Lougheed Hwy.; Roots Natural 22254 Dewdney Trunk Rd.; Uptown Health Foods 130 22529 Lougheed Hwy. !MISSION: Fuel Supplements and Vitamins 33120 1st Ave.; Mission Vitamin Centre 33139 1st Ave.; !NEW WESTMINSTER: Alive Health Centre Royal City Centre, 610 6th St.; !PITT MEADOWS: Mint Your Health 19150 Lougheed Hwy.!PORT COQUITLAM: Pharmasave 3295 Coast Meridian Rd.; Poco Natural Food & Wellness Centre 2329 Whyte Ave; !RICHMOND: Alive Health Centre Richmond Centre, 1834 6060 Minoru Blvd.; Consumer's Nutrition Centre Richmond Centre 1318 6551 3rd Rd.; Great Mountain Ginseng 4151 Hazelbridge Way; Mall; MJ's Natural Pharmacy Richmond Public Market 1130 8260 Westminster Hwy; Your Vitamin Store Lansdowne Mall; Nature's Bounty 110 5530 Wharf Rd. !SOUTH SURREY: Ocean Park Health Foods 12907 16th Ave.; Pure Pharmacy Health Centre 111 15833 24th Ave. !SURREY: Alive Health Centre Guildford Town Centre, 2269 Guildford Town Centre; Alive Health Centre Surrey Place Mall, 2712 Surrey Place Mall; Natural Focus Health Foods 102 3010 152nd St.; Natural Focus Health Foods Boundary Park Plaza, 131 6350 120th St.; Nutrition House Guildford Town Ctr., 1179 Guildford Town Centre; Nutrition House Semiahmoo Shopping Centre, 1711 152nd St.; Punjabi Whole Health Plus 12815 85th Ave.; The Organic Grocer 508 7388 King George Hwy. Surrey Natural Foods 13585 King George Hwy; The Energy Shop 13711 72 Ave. !VANCOUVER: Alive Health Centre Bentall Centre Mall 595 Burrard St.; Alive Health Centre Oakridge Centre, 650 W. 41st Ave.; Famous Foods 1595 Kingsway; Finlandia Natural Pharmacy 1111 W Broadway; Garden Health Foods 1204 Davie St.; Green Life Health 200 590 Robson St.; Kitsilano Natural Foods 2696 West Broadway; Lotus Natural Health 3733 10TH AVE. W. MJ's Natural Pharmacy 6255 Victoria Dr. @ 47th Ave.; MJ's Natural Pharmacy 6689 Victoria Dr.; MJ's Nature's Best Nutrition Ctr. Champlain Mall, 7130 Kerr St. & 54 Ave.; Nature's Prime 728 West Broadway; Nutraways Natural Foods 2253 West 41st Ave.; Nutrition House 1194 Robson St.; Supplements Plus Oakridge Ctr.; Sweet Cherubim Natural Food Stores & Restaurant 1105 Commercial Dr.; Thien Dia Nhan 6406 Fraser St. !NORTH VANCOUVER: Anderson Pharmacy 111 West 3rd St.;Cove Health 399 North Dollarton Hwy. N.; Nutraways Natural Foods 1320 Lonsdale Ave.; Nutrition House Capilano Mall, 935 Marine Dr.; Victoria's Health 1637 Lonsdale Ave !WEST VANCOUVER: Alive Health Centre Park Royal Shopping Centre, 720 Park Royal N.; Fresh St. Market 1650 Marine Dr.; Nutrition House 2002 Park Royal S.!WHITE ROCK: Health Express 1550 Johnston Rd.; Alive Health Centre Semiahmoo Shopping Centre, 139 1711 152nd St. 100% Truthful testimonials with full name and towns. Real people you can call, if you want more reassurance. More testimonials on the Bell website. No money is paid for testimonials.To ensure this product is right for you, always read label and follow the instructions.

Helps to promote healthy mood balance, relaxation, use as a sleep aid and mental stress. Stress is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. Truthful experience by people: ! I am calm now in stressful situations! In the past 10 years I had a very short fuse, because my job is quite unpredictable. After I started Bell Calming Chronic Stress #66 the difference was amazing. My reactions to stressful situations are totally changed. I also have more energy, too. I don’t yell at others. I have more patience and I am much happier as well. Thank you. Mary Anne Thompson, 61, Lasalle, ON ! I suffered #66 NPN 80041855 greatly from anxiety. Standard treatments did not make me feel good. So my mother bought Bell Calming Chronic Stress #66 and it has been helping me a lot. I am on my 3rd bottle. Remington Fletcher, 19, Ponty Pool, ON ! I have a very high stress career in the film industry. There was no time for relaxation or meditation as you are on demand for 12 15 hours a day with no breaks. Since using Bell #66I am able to focus on the tasks at hand with more patience. Thank you for your help! Christina Ollson, 36, Burnaby, BC !It’s exactly one year since we began using Bell Calming Chronix Stress #66 for our two sons. Our local health food store recommended it. Both of our sons suffer from anxiety disorders. Our older son (14) was going through puberty and had become quite unmanageable, because he is much larger than I am. We are delighted with the immediate results. Our older son became his former sweet self and our younger son’s (12) anxiety is dramatically reduced. Thank you so much. Donna Van Veen, 48, Grand Prairie, AB

Try your local health food stores first. If they don’t have it and don’t want to order it for you, order on our website or call us with Visa or Mastercard.


Bell uses the power of nature to help put life back into your lifestyle

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A44 - North Shore News - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

0 84 UP TO















29,615 - 3,244






Rio4 SX with Navigation shown hwy / city 100km : 5.3L/7.3L



Offer includes delivery, destination, fees and $2,918 IN CASH BONUS §. Offer based on 2014 Rio LX MT with a purchase price of $15,502.





Steering Wheel Audio Controls

2014 LX AUTO

Satellite Radio1


130 $0 0% BI-WEEKLY


Offer includes delivery, destination, fees and $2,918 IN CASH BONUS §. Offer based on 2014 Forte LX MT with a purchase price of $17,502.




Offer includes delivery, destination, fees and $3,500 IN CASH BONUS§. Offer based on 2014 Optima LX AT with a purchase price of $26,302.


Power Driver’s Seat Bluetooth Connectivity°

Steering Wheel Audio Controls







85 0 0





74 0 0 $

Optima SX Turbo AT shown hwy / city 100km : 5.7L/8.9L




for 84 Months






Forte SX shown hwy / city 100km : 5.3L/8.0L




Aux & USB Input Ports


Bewicke Ave

Fell Ave

Fell Ave

725 Marine Drive North Vancouver, BC 604-983-2378 • Toll Free 866-983-2377 •

M Ma rin arin eD eD r. r.

Bewicke Ave


W Keith W Keith Rd Rd

6-Speed Automatic