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The Overlooked Management Tool: Staff Meetings Matter More Than You Might Think


sit right next them. We don’t need to have a staff meeting.

room is one of the ways a cleaning staff achieves that goal.

I used to have staff meetings, but we stopped having them. Nobody had anything to talk about.

By regularly connecting such activities as cleaning toilets, making beds, and folding towels to the guest experience, the manager highlights why each of those activities is important.

make good choices as to where it should focus its efforts.

STEP THREE: Follow a Formula and Rotate Responsibility

Successful staff meetings usually follow a pattern, such as looking at weekly metrics, sharing information from the top, highlighting For a myriad of reasons, many managers don’t success, a team-building activity, and so forth. By hold regular staff meetings. Furthermore, most creating and sticking with a formula, managers who do don’t get the most they could from them, help their employees know what to expect. Once and that’s too bad. Good staff meetings can focus employees know the pattern of the meeting, many a team, energize employees, and engage them in are capable of running it because they’ve learned ways ad-hoc interactions don’t. by watching. Managers then have a natural STEP TWO: Highlight Relevant opportunity to rotate the responsibility of the So how do you turn a halted or ho-hum Metrics meeting to different people. By delegating, the approach to staff meetings into a high-functioning manager is able to free up his or her time and Connecting work to purpose usually works management tool? provide employees with a chance to develop their best when a team focuses on both anecdotal and analytical information. If you don’t currently track skills. STEP ONE: Connect Daily statistics, start. What you track will depend on Work with Your Organization’s your industry. However, whatever you decide STEP FOUR: Celebrate Purpose should have a clear line of sight to the larger Successes goal. For instance, a museum that holds events In addition to distributing information, staff In many organizations, there is a huge meetings present an opportunity to connect your to attract new members might track the number appreciation shortage. Staff meetings provide of events held, contact information collected, team’s daily work to your organization’s purpose. managers and employees with regular intervals to memberships sold, and the percentage of new If you’re thinking, “My people know how their practice gratitude. memberships that come as a result of attending work fits into our overall goal,” you would be the free event. With regular attention placed on wrong. In fact, if you ask your group what your “I’d like to thank Tom for staying late last the right metrics, the team is far more likely to organization’s purpose or your department’s night. Because he did, I was able to attend a purpose are, don’t be surprised when you get as many answers as there are people in the room. (And you thought you had nothing to talk about in a staff meeting! A discussion about purpose is a good one to have.) We have enough meetings. We certainly don’t need another.

No matter what they do, employees usually enjoy their jobs more when their organization’s leaders talk about the importance of their work. They also tend to make better choices if they receive frequent reminders about purpose and what types of activities support it.

Purpose is why you do what you do. You connect the work to it by explaining how what people did aligns with the greater goal. For example, the head of housekeeping at a busy hotel might hold a meeting with the cleaning staff. In that meeting, the managers might recognize a team that received a perfect room score from all guests who took a survey and then talk about purpose. The purpose of the hotel is to provide people a safe and comfortable place to spend the night. Having a clean, welcoming, and functioning

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Rinksider Volume 27 / Issue 6  

In this issue members will learn about 10 tips to boost employee productivity, how to deal with difficult customers, what is Bazooka Ball an...

Rinksider Volume 27 / Issue 6  

In this issue members will learn about 10 tips to boost employee productivity, how to deal with difficult customers, what is Bazooka Ball an...