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March/April 2013 • Volume 21 / Issue 2 • $9.00

BUSINESS MAGAZINE 2013 RSA Convention & Trade Show Highlights & Schedule of Events How to Rule Reno: A Tourist’s Guide to Reno Enticing the Beginning Athlete Getting Concessions Rolling

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How to Get the Most Out of the RSA Convention & Trade Show

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Tina Robertson President, Topeka, KS

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Michael Jacques Treasurer, Granite Bay, CA

Board of Directors

Keith Brainard, Warren, OH John Capelli, New Munster, WI Chris Finley, London, KY Chris Griffith, Sumter, SC Jimbo Hafner, Brenham, TX William Hoefler, Hadley, MA Ed Hughes, Liberty, MO Michael Jacques, Granite Bay, CA Brian Molony, Kalamazoo, MI Randall Ray, Centralia, WA Billy Thompson, Gastonia, NC Stephen Turner, Glen Ellyn, IL Cort Wahlig, Newark, DE

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Publications Committee Alan Bacon, Richland, WA Bobby Braun, Helotes, TX Brian Molony, Kalamazoo, MI, Chairman Cort Wahlig, Newark, DE Doug Warren, Murfreesboro, TN

James McMahon Executive Director


Lynette Rowland Editor-in-Chief / Publisher

Contributing writers: Joe Nazzaro, Jane Puracchio Wojnarowsky, Larry Etter, Meghan Molony, Susan Wright, Lynette Rowland, Tina Robertson, Susan Melenchuk, James Vannurden, Thomas Hill. Cover provided by: RSB is published bimonthly by Roller Skating Association International. Copyright 2013 by Roller Skating Association International. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without express written permission of the publisher is strictly forbidden. Postmaster: Send address changes to: 6905 Corporate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278, Phone: 317-347-2626 or Fax: 317-347-2636. Presorted standard at Indianapolis, IN. Subscription is part of membership in Roller Skating Association International. Subscription rate for non-members is $45. Statements of fact and opinion are the responsibility of the authors alone and do not imply an opinion on the part of the directors, officers or members of RSA. RSA does not endorse, represent or warrant the accuracy or reliability of any of the information, content, advertisements or other materials contained herein. RSB welcomes stories, art and photo contributions. All such material must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope in order to be returned. Advertising Information: Please contact Lynette Rowland at 317-347-2626 or email editor@rollerskating. com to request a media kit and rate card. Advertising discounts available for all RSM Affiliate members.

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The Tourist’s Guide to Reno

TABLE OF CONTENTS | association news

March/April 2013



25 Ways to Get the Most out of the RSA Convention & Trade Show

The History of Roller Skating Rink Stickers

Association News 6

Letter from the President Ready to rule Reno

Business Matters 25

Website vs. Web Presence Understanding your need for a web presence


Letter from the Editor It’s all about perspective


Getting Concessions Rolling What you’ll learn from Larry Etter of NAC at Convention


Marketing Kooky awards finalists and Scott’s Shared Value Program.


Online Booking The benefits of online booking


Promotions Free flash drives, new promotional flyers


New Products New items offered by advertisers and RSMs


Pepsi Program & New Folders Pepsi winter program, new presentation folders, RSA social media connections


New Members New and returning RSA members


Photos & New Games Book Section meeting photos

Connections 58

Affiliate RSA Members Complete list of all RSM Members.


Classified Ads Classified advertisements

Solutions 36

Grassroots: Enticing the Beginning Athlete Encouraging new skaters


Concrete Solutions When the last resort becomes the first option


Promotional Calendar Clip-and-save promotional calendar for July & August

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association news | LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT

Ready to Rule Reno! BY THE TIME EACH OF YOU RECEIVE AND READ THE MARCH/ April 2013 issue of Roller Skating Business Magazine, the final touches will be being put on this year’s convention. If you have not already signed up for the 2013 RSA/Laser Tag Convention and Trade Show, please contact the RSA office so you too can participate in this extraordinary educational and entertaining event. Remember Roller Skating is Going to Rule Reno and it’s just a few weeks away. As the 2013 RSA/Laser Tag Convention and Trade Show grows closer, it reminds me that the first year of my presidency is coming to an end and the second and final year begins. It is difficult for me to put into words the joy it continues to be serving as your president. The work load has been immense, but the rewards are even greater. Thank you for allowing me this memorable opportunity. I want to personally thank the RSA’s board of directors and committees for their continued efforts and commitment to the association and the roller skating industry. Time is a very valuable commodity and the time each of these volunteers take away from their families and businesses to help fuel the growth of roller skating is truly commendable—thank you. I wish each of you a happy and prosperous spring break (it, too, is just around the corner). I am personally getting both physically and emotionally prepared for my upcoming Spring Break All Night Skate that is followed by seven days of public roller skating and day camp fun. I am so excited! Travel safe and I will continue to look forward to seeing each of you in Reno.

6 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

September/October 2012


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR | association news

It’s All About Perspective

They say that red hair originates in Ireland, which would leave no doubt as to where some of my genes (and personality) originated. So, this

month for St. Patrick’s Day I joined three friends for a completely spontaneous journey through Chicago, which is totally out of character for the planner in me. This schedule-free wandering trip took us on a jaunt through Little Italy, Greek Town, Wrigleyville and a handful of Irish venues throughout the city. What this spur-ofthe-moment excursion taught me was that welcoming new and unexpected experiences, no matter how unfamiliar, can provide you with more insight, memories and courage than you may expect. Like our weekend trip, this issue of Roller Skating Business Magazine was a creative journey that I hope you’ll enjoy.

My role with the RSA revolves around communications, from designing all publications and selling advertising space to copyediting and writing editorial content, I’m here to make sure that

you’re receiving the most useful information possible on a continual basis. With the guidance of the publications committee, I took on this role with a fearless attitude, unafraid to make changes when necessary. If you’ve received your March issue of RSA Today Newsletter, you probably already

noticed that it’s now a four-page, full-color version. After more than 20 years with the same look

and feel, I felt that members deserved a fresh, new look -- and I hope that you’re pleased with the results.

Complete with a brand-new masthead, this issue will feature 25 Ways to Make the Most of the

RSA Convention and Trade Show, as well as the Tourist’s Guide to Reno that features a variety of

restaurants, museums, sporting facilities, wineries, breweries and more. Susan Wright of Trustworkz

has penned a piece on understanding the differences between having a website and maintaining a

web presence; James Vannurden of the National Museum of Roller Skating explains to us the history

of roller skating rink stickers (a historical fad I think would be fun to revive); Larry Etter of the

National Association of Concessionaires goes into a little detail on some of the information you’ll gain

from attending his presentation at the RSA Convention; and Jane Puracchio Wojnarowsky, Director

of Figure Skating for USARS, explains how to entice the beginning athlete into building roller skating skills. In addition, freelance writer, Thomas Hill, shows us the benefits of using an online booking software to increase profits and

save time; and Joe Nazzaro of Roll-on Floor Systems shares with us an experience in concrete flooring that he won’t soon forget, with a solution he never expected that you’ll definitely want to read about.

More importantly, we have some big announcements in this issue and are revealing a brand new

clip-and-save promotional calendar to hang in your facility that provides you with ideas every

single day of the month. You can even make copies and share with your customers to take home to enjoy and celebrate something every day!

I hope that you find the March/April issue of RSB Magazine as exciting and educational

as I found it to be. If you have suggestions on editorial ideas, please feel free to email me

at or call me directly at 317-347-2626 (Press option 8) and I’ll

do my very best to incorporate them throughout the year. Have a wonderful spring season

and I’ll see you in Reno! Lynette Rowland

Editor-in-Chief / Publisher

“There are good ships, and there are wood ships, the ships that sail the sea, but the best ships, are friendships, and may they always be.” March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 7

association news | MARKETING

13th Annual Golden Kooky Award Finalists! Congratulations to all the finalists and thank you to all RSA members who took the time to enter the 13th Annual Kooky Awards. The winner of each category will be announced on Tuesday, May 7 at the Marketing Assembly during the RSA Convention and Trade Show. The Grand Prize winner of the vacation package will also be announced at this time. All entries were judged completely independently by global sales promotion agency, TRCO. And the finalists are…...

Best Radio Spot Finalists: 1. CA120 – Paradise Skate Roller Rink, Jeff Warrenburg 2. MA035 – Interskate 91 North, Bill and Tanya Hoefler 3. WI058 – Spectrum, Chris Cohen Best TV Spot Finalist: 1. IL056 – Scotties Fun Spot - Jeff Scott 2. LA082 – Skate Galaxy, Doug & Christy Foval 3. NC007 & NC120 – Kate’s Skating Rink, Billy Thompson Don’t miss out on the excitement! Register for convention today by emailing or registering online at

Best Color Flyer Finalists: 1. CA018 – Northridge Skateland, Victoria Bourdas Mratizen and Courtney Bourdas Henn 2. MA035 – Interskate 91 North, Bill and Tanya Hoefler 3. NE028 – SkateDaze, Scott Cernik Best Black and White Flyer Finalists: 1. AR092 – Starlight Skatium, Tiffany Caston 2. MA052 – Carousel Family Fun Center, Charlene Conway 3. NE028 – SkateDaze, Scott Cernik Best Direct Mail Finalists: 1. IL041 – Orbit Skate Center, Sandra Levin 2. MA052 – Carousel Family Fun Center, Charlene Conway 3. MA052 – Carousel Family Fun Center, Charlene Conway Best Website Finalists: 1. PA168 – Valley Skating Center, Linda Miner 2. MA035 – Interskate 91 North, Bill and Tanya Hoefler 3. CA120 – Paradise Skate Roller Rink, Jeff Warrenburg

Scott’s Shared Values Program Complete Thank you to all the rinks that participated in this program! The customer loyalty program ended on March 31st, 2013. Vouchers may be redeemed by consumers at participating RSA rinks for an additional 60 days passed the program end date. What for more great programs like this through our partners at TRCO! Every partner program like Scott Shared Values helps to increase positive awareness about roller skating and give the industry national advertising exposure – this ultimately drives traffic to member rinks! How it Worked: Consumers, prompted by a national advertising campaign (which includes television, print, FSI’s, social media and blogging) to create an account on the Scott brand website. They will then be eligible to receive product coupons and share their online experience with friends. After sharing the site with friends or

8 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

answering survey questions, the consumer became eligible to receive one free family fun pass in their area. What RSA Operators Need to Know RSA members were able to customize the dates and times that they accepted the free roller skating admission vouchers to ensure that the program worked best for them. The voucher indicated to call ahead to check on vendor restrictions. The RSA encouraged members to educate their staff on the program as well as the dates and times they are accepted the vouchers. The vouchers were customized with the participating skating center’s name and the consumer name, so that members could check an ID at the door to make sure that the right consumer used the voucher. Should you have any questions about the program or TRCO, or you would like to share your success with this program, please call the RSA Marketing Department at 317-347-2626 or email

March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 9

association news | PROMOTIONS

Make Promotional Flyers Work For Your Rink

Use these promotional flyers found on in the members-only section to increase profits and fun!

The RSA Promotions In-Rink Committee is excited to announce that at the 2013 Roller Skating Association International Convention attendees at the Promotion Seminar on Tuesday, May 7th will receive a complimentary gift.

Serve dessert pizza with jelly beans on top or Sierra Mist with flavored syrup and jelly bean garnish. Play guess the number of jelly beans in a jar, have kids try their hands in a minute to win it game of separating jelly bean colors, play jelly bean BINGO, a jelly bean pong game and more! Contact eventmarketing@ about promo items.


Free Flash Drive


April: Jelly Bean Bash

Break out the taquitos and churros, let kids take a few whacks at a pinata, play the Mexican hat dance game or Cinco De Mayo BINGO and offer sombreros and Mexican jumping beans as prizes while playing Latin music throughout the session.

Each attendee will receive a flash drive containing promotion planning resources and tools to help roller skating rink operators plan their next big in-rink promotion. You won’t want to miss this Promotion Seminar to get tons of fantastic up-to-date promotional ideas for your rink.

10 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Make a delicious smores pizza or Pudgie Pies in your pizza ovens, or use the pre-made, crustless PB & J sandwiches in your freezer aisle. Break out some hillbilly golf, three legged or potato sack race with frizbees, water bottles and coolers as prizes. Pipe some outdoor-loving music through your speakers for a great outdoors month - indoors!


Being a member of the Roller Skating Association gives you access to monthly promotional flyers on our members-only section. Just visit the marketing section to download PDF files of every promotion from now, previous years and years to come.


June: Great Outdoors Month

Did You Know...

May: Cinco De Mayo

July: American Picnic Skate July is National Ice Cream Month, Pickle Month, Hot Dog Month AND Grilling let’s have picnic! Run specials on ice cream, play outdoor games indoors, hand out whistles and sunscreen, offer a prize grill, play Independence Day music or summer love pop songs. (Make sure to have people sign up in advance if food allergies are of concern.)

NEW PRODUCTS | association news

Pepsi pouring RSA members continue to enjoy the many benefits of pouring Pepsi in their skating centers. Not only do new contracts receive a $500 signing bonus and $1.65 rebate back on every gallon poured (including Siberian Chill contracts) but they also receive value added promotions and incentives from Pepsi. The second wave of the Pepsi Winter program was mailed to Pepsi pouring rinks who are RSA members on April 1st. Each Pepsi pouring rink received 800 points to use on Pepsi merchandise. A flyer promoting the program was also included in the latest issue of RSA Today but is only valid once and only by RSA Pepsi pouring rinks. During the second phase, each operator received 800 points that they can spend on a variety of Pepsi merchandise. The merchandise includes clocks, menu boards and much more. The deadline to use your points and order your merchandise is April 29th, 2013. Both the RSA Marketing Committee and the Pepsi marketing team are excited to bring something different to the operators this year. If you have any questions about this program, please contact the RSA Marketing Department at

Connect with us...

The Roller Skating Association has a bevy of ways to connect via social media. Check out our members-only Facebook group to connect with hundreds of other rink operators, join us on Twitter, Pinterest or Linkedin and stay connected with us at all times. Also, if you haven’t signed up for the members-only RSA Today enewsletter and weekly enews updates from the RSA on exciting roller skating news and association updates, please do so today at RSANewsletters

Facebook Group: groups/16235807289 Facebook Main Page: RollerSkatingAssociation Twitter: Linkedin: Pinterest:



Second Wave of Pepsi Winter Program Mailed on April 1

The Roller Skating Association, in collaboration with the Roller Skating Foundation, have worked hard to develop a BRAND NEW folder for members. The above folder is printed on high quality, thick cardstock and is glossy on all printed areas. The inside pockets have one area to the left that includes the following information on roller skating: “Studies have shown that roller skating provides a complete aerobic workout and involves all 640+ of the body’s muscles, especially the heart, and is recognized by the American Heart Association as among the best aerobic exercises.” The other inside pocket includes two slits for your business card. Use the folders when reaching out to schools in your area, when handing out information on parties or at public events - you can even use them as potential prizes at your rink. If you’re a coach, use them to hand out materials to students. Price: $1 per folder, plus shipping and handling. No restrictions on purchase amounts. You may order as little or as many as you would like. How to Purchase: To order, simply call 317-347-2626 and press 7 or email with questions.

March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 11

association news | NEW MEMBERS

New & Returning RSA Members Help us welcome the following new and renewing members of the RSA. New/Returning Rinks Stardust Skating Center 2167 North Lugo Avenue San Bernardino, CA 92404 Phone: 909-883-8317 Kal Ahmed: Owner/Operator Woodard Susan: Manager

Skating On Main 1391 Main Street Hamilton, OH 45013 Phone: 513-868-6246 Chet Powell: Owner/Operator Robin Powell: Owner/Operator

The Locomo 10451 County Line Road Spring Hill, FL 34609 Phone: 904-688-0545 Chris Milano: Operator Doug Milano: Owner/Operator

Latrobe Skating Center 291 Ligonier Street Latrobe, PA 15650 Phone: 412-537-8541 James Erny: Owner/Operator Ashlee Erny: Manager

Skylite Roller Skating Center 648 Park Avenue Worcester, MA 01603 Phone: 508-791-0774 M.J. Fors: Owner/Operator

CarVel Skateland South 2351 Goliad Road San Antonio, TX 78224 Phone: 210-337-6200 John Stewart: Owner/Operator Robin Stewart: Owner/Operator

The New Rink 50625 Van Dyke Shelby Township, MI 48317 Phone: 586-731-5006 Christie Catterall: Owner/Operator United Skates of America 2901 Trawick Road Raleigh, NC 27604 Phone: 919-790-3808 Gail Myers: Manager Orr Enterprises: Owner/Operator Wheels of Wonder 175 E. Southern Plaza Drive Indianapolis, IN 46227 Phone: 317-788-4272 Brian Eversman, Jr., Krisanna Eversman: Owner/Operator Starskate MWC 300 Bizzell Ave. Midwest City, OK 73110 Phone: 405-732-0574 Linda and Chris Hale: Owner/Operator

New RSM Members Faster Skates Sarah Hipel 1314 Rosewood Avenue, Unit 102 Austin, TX 78702 Phone: 512-897-3271 Times Two Technology Richard Dale 5809 Howard Avenue LaGrange, IL 60525 Phone: 708-497-9896 Trustworkz Susan Wright, James Ball 2449 Townelake Parkway Woodstock, GA 30189 Phone: 770-615-3275

12 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Being a member of the RSA provides a number of fantastic benefits including: •

• • • • • • • • •

Access to huge savings and discounts through the Pepsi national program, including a $500 sign-on bonus. Access to all RSA members and affiliates. 25% discount on RSB ads. Exclusive members-only pricing at convention. Discount on booth space. Access to RSA newsletters. Logo and clipart CDs. Members-only web areas and exclusive Facebook group. Promotional materials Industry-related roller skating products at discount and much more!

Would you like other member benefits added? Let us know! Email membership@rollerskating. com to give us your thoughts on what you’d like to see offered as a member of the RSA.

NEW from


“PREMIUM” MODEL First-ever VIDEO MONITOR on an air hockey game displays scores and more – attract mode features player info, web addresses, tournament info and updates. Customizable by operator! First-ever PLAYER’S CHOICE black light/white light option! Premium quality table sanctioned for competitive play by the U.S. Air Hockey Association (USAA) Most durable laminate surface available - outlasts the competition! Table designed by Gold Standard Games/Shelti owner Mark Robbins – industry air hockey “guru”, two-time world champion, table designer, and star of the recent documentary, “Way of the Puck”! Gold Standard Games/Shelti, 333 Morton Street, Bay City, MI 48706 Phone 989-893-1739 Fax 989-893-1809 www.


By: Lynette Rowland

to Make the Most of the RSA Convention AND TRADE SHOW

If you haven’t been to the annual RSA Convention and Trade Show, you’ll want to make the most of your time gathering information on new products and services, taking in a fabulous keynote address or seminar, and maybe even enjoying in a few sights, while you’re at it. The convention will offer you a behind-the-scenes look at what can lead you to new business ideas, connections, invaluable information and expanding your professional repertoire. Here are 25 things you should do before you leave the 2013 RSA Convention and Trade Show.


Ask an important question of the keynote speaker. Plan ahead and think about the one thing that has plagued your business over the last year. What issues keep you awake at night? Develop your question around this concern and make certain to ask during the question and answer portion of the seminar with Richard Flint on Monday, May 6, 2013, or during any of the other fantastic seminars throughout this four-day event.


Collect souvenirs or take a little time to relax. Snap some photos, grab some postcards or brochures and create a scrapbook to remind you of the time spent learning and meeting new people. We also know that when you’re at events all day, your brain might need a rest…don’t be afraid to venture out and enjoy some of the sights and sounds of Reno. We have a fantastic article in this issue of RSB Magazine called “How to Rule Reno” that will give you some ideas of places to visit, top-of-the-line restaurants, museums and more.


Compose your to do list. This will be your postconvention follow-up list. As you hear good ideas or business leads throughout the event, add them to your list. Each evening, place the items on your expanding list in priority order and plan to get to the top priorities as soon as you return home.


Convene your own mini convention. Invite a few colleagues to join you for an informal roundtable or bull session about a particularly thorny problem that all skating center owners and operators face. You’ll be surprised just how much of a wealth of knowledge other owners and operators can be if you just ask—and you mustn’t be afraid to ask!


Dine at a restaurant reflecting the culinary traditions of the region. Food is one of the best identifiers of an area’s history and cultural identity. When you enjoy a meal at a truly local eating-place, you can immerse yourself in Reno, Nevada’s heritage. Check out the article in this issue of RSB Magazine called “How to Rule Reno” about a few of the top restaurants, museums and cultural spots throughout the city.


Enjoy the stories you hear. They include formal case studies, “war stories” recounted at lunch and discussions at seminars. Storytelling may unlock a secret or two of success.

14 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine


Explore a topic or field unfamiliar to you. If, for instance, you know little about cell phone apps or social media, plan to attend the seminars surrounding social media development. Dr. Marc Clark will be presenting at RSU and will offer a great deal of insight on everything from marketing and sales to public relations and leadership. Shane Locklear, Marcin Jean and Yettanda Williams will be presenting on the new digital coupon that is Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local and more, while the Marketing Assembly, Promotions Committee and presentations by Katie Bruno on Social Networking and Websites all cover a significant number of resources on these topics to get you in-the-know.


File email and website addresses of people you meet. When you return to your skating center, save these addresses in your files. Be sure to check out the websites of companies and other skating centers that interest you.


Bring business cards and labels with your CONTACT INFORMATION. We can’t stress enough the importance of connecting with other rink operators, so business cards are always a must. When attending the trade show, a great way to fill out all of the little contests and raffles is to just have a label in your pocket to stick right on the entry form. No fuss and you might win a thing or two!


Keep an open mind and help a colleague. This might be nothing more than a few practical suggestions about marketing over a cocktail during one of the networking events or lunches/dinners, but sharing worthwhile office procedures you developed back home may help you gain insight to areas you can improve upon. Most importantly, be an active listener. With more than 30 hours of networking events scheduled throughout the entire convention and trade show, you’ll

have a considerable amount of time to gather great ideas to employ when you get back to your rink.


Hunt for new products you Have heard about. You can conduct these simple “scavenger hunts” by wandering among trade show exhibitors or talking with peers.


Identify one great learning experience you can bring back to your colleagues or employees. You might take home a wonderful idea from the seminar on how to bring more customers to your concessions, or learn all about how to use an app or coupon to draw in more business or maybe even a great new promotional idea at one of the promotional seminars. Whatever it may be, try to take at least one new idea and employ it once you return.

you want to provide an overview of your background and business. Make it a point to give this speech at least once a day to someone you don’t know. This simple act of networking can pay off in the long run.


Read the promotional literature you receive throughout the event. You might learn about a new product or service that could increase revenue and being face-to-face while you’re there is a great way to get business done on-thespot. At the very least, you may find out how others are marketing their skating centers, especially through the Kooky Awards, the association’s media awards, and glean ideas you can use to market your own facility.


Record information and ideas of practical value. Your notes can include useful comments from exhibitors, great customer relationship techniques from a seminar, your impressions of highly successful peers, and much more.







Kick the tires. Whenever you visit an exhibit booth that intrigues you, sample what’s being offered or participate in demonstrations. If you can’t “test drive” the product at the trade show, ask if product samples are available to you upon your return home. If someone wants your business, they’ll often be more than willing to give you a sample of what they’re offering. Laugh heartily at least once a day. As you hear the humorous exploits of your colleagues (and trust us, some of them are fantastic), or hear the stories from presenters, remember what your business is about – working with kids and having fun. They say that you’ll always get back what you give, so remember to keep a positive attitude and have fun. Listen for the buzz. You learn a lot during seminars and keynote presentations, but you often learn more by listening to the chatter that occurs after those sessions are over. Hang out for a few moments when the formal gatherings conclude, introduce yourself to a random stranger and I guarantee you’ll walk away with something new.


Make at least one new friend during the convention. Use special events and lunchtime to meet people who share common bonds with you. Seek out attendees with similar-sized centers in other geographical areas or members who have backgrounds that intrigue you. If you’re too shy to just walk up to someone, eavesdrop on a conversation or two and politely mention that you overheard them talking or just smile and say hello…it’s sometimes just that easy. If you’re looking for someone who has experience in a certain area to address a question you have, don’t be afraid to ask one of the RSA staff members…they can be a wealth of information, too.


Converse with the young and the old. Aim to meet at least one young peer and one senior peer each day. What makes these people unique is that they have new ideas and enthusiasm, energy, wisdom, experience, etc. Rink owners and operators who have been around for many years may exhibit the same enthusiasm and exuberance as younger ones. And don’t overlook the possibility that young colleagues might possess a store of hidden knowledge and fresh, new ideas that you can employ.


Notice the inflection in speakers’ and exhibitors’ voices. When their comments are exciting and enthusiastic, you may be hearing news of profitable new products or profit-building strategies. If they’re excited, it’s likely because they want you to be just as excited.


Snoop—but legally! While it’s no secret that sometimes people prefer to keep their best-kept ideas to themselves, you might be able to pick up on a few new money-makers. Listen to the lunchtime chatter, exhibit hall buzz and hallway murmuring, especially when speech is bright and animated. If you’re perceptive (and a bit lucky), you may pick up on a few secrets to take home with you. Visit the hidden corners. These include offthe-beaten-path exhibits, special member assemblies, and informal breakout sessions organized by other members. You may take a wealth of valuable information from these not-so-obvious sources. Watch the technique of presenters and exhibitors. You might pick up some sales and persuasion tips as a result—tips you can use when doing your own sales pitches.


Fill out a member survey with the RSA Staff. One of the great tools of being a member of the Roller Skating Association is that your voice matters and our goals, publications and tools are molded by fellow RSA members, so the solutions to problems, questions, and ideas that you’d like to see employed can be used as learning and growth tools. Everything we publish, every event topic, every decision we make is based on a recommendation from you. Your input is absolutely key and we look forward to hearing from you. Above all, make the most of the time spent at the RSA Convention and Trade Show. This is a time to learn, cultivate relationships, make your voice heard, discover the solutions to difficulties you’ve dealt with over the last year, and learn how to make more money and enhance your business. From the entire RSA staff, board of directors and committees, we look forward to seeing you in Reno!

Lynette Rowland

Lynette is the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of RSB Magazine and RSA Today Newsletters for the Roller Skating Association. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana State University and has been in the publishing industry for more than 14 years with more than 600 magazines of experience. She enjoys gardening, collecting vintage furniture and decor, reading, traveling and art.

Practice your 30-second elevator pitch. This is the capsule introduction you give whenever March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 15

March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 17

Registration Desk  Hours:   8:30  AM  -­‐  6:30  PM  

Registration Desk  Hours:   7:30  AM  -­‐  6:30  PM  

Registration Desk  Hours:   7:30  AM  -­‐  7:00  PM

Registration Desk  Hours:   8:30  AM  -­‐  4:30  PM  

Time Saturday 5/4 Sunday  5/5 Monday  5/6 Tuesday  5/7 Wednesday  5/8 8:00  AM Newcomer  Breakfast                   Breakfast  with  IALDA                 8:00  -­‐  8:45  am 8:30  AM 8:00  -­‐  9:00  am 9:00  AM                                     Open  Mic                                Social                            N        etworking         Golf   Your  Secret   9:30  AM 9:00  -­‐  10:30am General   9:00  -­‐  10:30  am The  New  Coupon                  Competitors  -­‐   Tournament   10:00  AM Assembly/Keynote-­‐   Birthday  Parties                         9:15-­‐10:45  am 8:30  a.m.  at   9:15-­‐10:45  am Richard   F lint                                                   10:30  AM Lakeridge  Golf   9:00  am-­‐12:00  pm   11:00  AM Course Marketing                                                         11:30  AM Kooky  Awards  (11:00-­‐11:30  am)                                                               RSU                                                                                                                       12:00  PM Pepsi  (11:30  am-­‐12:00  pm)                                   9:00  am  -­‐   12:30  PM Chapter   L unches                                          Keynote     Trade  Show                                     (12:00-­‐1:00  pm)               5:00  pm                                         12:15  -­‐  1:45  pm 11:00  am  -­‐  3:00  pm 1:00  PM 1:30  PM 2:00  PM No  Excuse   More  Bang  for  Your   Buck                                                 Management     2:30  PM 2:00-­‐3:30  pm 2:00-­‐3:30  pm 3:00  PM Trade  Show                                                 3:30  PM Cashing  In  on   Does  Your  Website   1:30   -­‐  5:30  pm Derby                               Have  Pop?                                                   Redemption                    Risk                      M   gmt  with   4:00  PM 3:30-­‐5:00   pm 3:30-­‐5:00  pm IALDA                             3:45-­‐5:00  pm 4:30  PM 3:45-­‐5:45  pm 5:00  PM 5:30  PM Updating  Your   6:00  PM Concessions                                                 Center  One  Idea  at   6:30  PM Promotions                     a  Time                                     President's  Dinner  Reception                               6:00  -­‐  7:30  pm 5:45  -­‐  7:45  pm 6:30  -­‐  7:15  pm   5:45  -­‐  7:00  pm 7:00  PM Roller  Kingdom                                                                           7:30  PM In-­‐Rink  Seminar                                                                       Life   M ember   8:00  PM Reception                     Bus  Leaves  at  6:30pm         Reception/Dinner                          Welcome                       8:30  PM 6:00  pm  -­‐  Cocktails       DJ/Music/Games                            SureGrip/Pacer                   8:00  -­‐  10:00  pm Reception                      President's                       Dinner                                   9:00  PM 7:00  pm  -­‐  Dinner         6:30  -­‐  10:00  pm           7:30  -­‐  10:00  pm 8:00  -­‐  10:00  pm 9:30  PM 10:00  PM 10:30  PM

Convention Schedule


n o ti ia c o s s A g n ti a k S ow h r S e ll e d o ra R T & n o ti n e v n International Co in partnership with:


money and efficiency to your rink and provide a better experience for your customers.

Roller Skating Foundation Golf Classic

Welcome Reception

8:30 a.m. sharp tee time Cost per person: $135. Participation fee includes golf, range balls, barbeque lunch with burgers, hot dogs and chips, prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams, prizes for closest to holes on par 3s. Additional $25 to rent clubs.

Monday, May 6, 2013

8:00 PM – 10:00 PM Join your fellow operators at the reception to celebrate the kick off of the 76th Annual Convention.

Roller Skating University with Dr. Marc Clark: How to Newcomer’s Breakfast 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM Build Your Business From A to Z 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Additional cost per person to attend: $159 (first delegate), $99 (second delegate from same rink). Lunch is included. Building a business does not have to be complicated, but one does have to have a passion for it. Understanding the mechanics on how to run a small business can make this challenge easier to handle. Owning and operating a small business can be hugely rewarding personally, professionally, and financially. The “How to Build Your Business from A to Z” workshop will focus on critical characteristics and business strategies needed to compete in today’s ever changing economy and market place. This session is designed for group interaction and exchange, while being informative and interesting. Topics of discussion include but are not limited to: • Leadership/Management • Human Resources • Performance Management • Sales and Marketing • Technology • Public Relations • Energy Efficiency • Customer Service

A special breakfast to honor our new members and first time attendees with a warm Roller Skating Association welcome.

General Assembly 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM Receive the latest RSA news and share the excitement of honoring RSA award winners.

Richard Flint, Keynote Speaker: Treating Your Business Like a Business 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM Is your business stagnant? Having trouble figuring out what is holding your business back? Ready to start growing your business, rather than surviving? Richard will give you an in-depth look at running your business as a business rather than pretending you are a business owner. He will also go over some key principles that will make this happen: • 10 principles for making your business a real business • The 8 all-telling indicators that you aren’t treating your business as a business • What four things you can do immediately to start taking control of your business

Larry Etter of the National Association of Concessionaires: Chapter Lunch 12:15 PM – 1:45 PM What’s Hot and Cold in Concessions 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM Let’s welcome the National Association of Concessionaires by participating in this wonderful and informative seminar. Larry will be presenting: “What is bringing your customers to your concessions area?” Larry can offer great ideas and suggestions to bring more 18 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Enjoy lunch during a casual meeting with members of your chapter. Excellent time for networking within your section.


n o ti ia c o s s A g n ti a k S ow h r S e ll e d o ra R T & n o ti n e v n International Co in partnership with:

CONVENTION SCHEDULE Keynote Breakout with Richard Flint: No Excuse Management 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM • Dealing with those difficult customers and making an enjoyable experience for the both of you • Teaching your workers how to provide the best customer service to your attendees • Small ways to boost customer service that make a big impact

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 Breakfast with IALDA 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Join Roller Skating Industry expert attorneys as they introduce themselves and answer questions.

Shane Locklear, Marcin Jean and Yettanda Williams: The Christine Cohen and Mark Mackin: More Bang for Your New Coupon 9:15 AM – 10:45 AM Buck 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Want some new ideas to bring extra money into your rink besides skating? Come to this seminar to learn about adding additional entertainment and activities to your rink. From Sportcamps, Laser Tag, Trampolines, and Bounce Houses the possibilities are endless for extra revenue at any price!

Jim Chapman: Cashing in on Redemption 3:45 PM – 5:00 PM The right game mix will make you money­—it’s your redemption counter that will overflow your cashboxes! Come attend this helpful seminar from the expert in redemption, Jim Chapman. He will present on what will really bring the customers into your redemption center and what keeps them coming back to spend more. Make sure your redemption center is the place to be!

Risk Management with IALDA 3:45 PM – 5:45 PM IALDA will speak on risk management and safety standards. Come for expert advise and bring questions.

Brad Armstrong of Roller Kingdom- In-Rink Seminar: Let’s Return to an All-Skate Bus leaves: 6:00 PM / Seminar from 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM Come socialize and skate with other rink owners! Brad will be hosting us in this exciting In-Rink seminar where his DJ will lead the group in games from our new RSA games book. Bring your own skates or rent some, don’t miss out on this great social event!

Groupon? Living Social? Google Offers? Do any of these ring a bell to you and your rink? Attend this seminar to learn about what there is out there to offer in this new coupon world. Learn from past experiences from other rink owners which companies worked, what they offered on their coupons, and the disadvantages. Don’t miss this one!

Charlene Conway and Bobby Braun: Your Secret Competitor - Birthday Parties 9:15 AM – 10:45 AM We have all seen shows with secret investigators finding out the biggest secrets, and we are bringing that to you! We have asked some of our rink operators to go to your biggest birthday party competitors to see what they could be doing differently than you. This will be a great learning experience for those who want to bring something new and build their birthday parties at their rink!

Marketing Assembly 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Join the RSA Marketing Committee in honoring the finalists and winners of the 13th Annual Golden Kooky Media Awards, a favorite ceremony of many members. Afterwards, take home valuable insights to apply to your business from a fantastic keynote speaker. Lastly, come prepared with questions to ask the Marketing Committee about key RSA programs!

Trade Show 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM Meet vendors and exhibitors that know the roller skating and laser tag industry best at the RSA Trade Show in partnership with the Laser Tag Convention. March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 19


n o ti ia c o s s A g n ti a k S r e ll e Show d o ra R T & n o ti n e v n o C l a Internation in partnership with:

CONVENTION SCHEDULE Earn a Masters in Promotions 5:45 PM – 7:45 PM Join the Promotion Professors in a seminar that will equip attendees with the skills to build and evaluate their own promotions. Along with a Promotions Degree, attendees will leave with a free gift from the RSA Promotions Committee that will aid the promotions-building process even after convention ends. Can you earn an A in this course?

Updating Your Center One Idea at a Time 5:45 PM – 7:00 PM So you are looking to begin updating your rink, but do not know where to start or what to start with? Come join us for this seminar from the industry experts to discuss different ways to “facelift” your skating center! You will find out at this seminar what one can of paint can do to change your space. Need a small change in your signs, menu boards? We will cover it all! We know that a project, no matter big or small, will make a big impact at your skating center. Come join us for this very informative seminar and learn from fellow rink owners just like you!

Sure-Grip/Pacer Reception 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM Join us for a wonderful reception hosted by Sure-Grip/Pacer.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

information on what social media to use, but how to set up your account and how to make maintaining your presence easy and fun. “What I enjoy most is taking technical topics like this and making them understandable and practical for owners,” Katie said.

Trade Show 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM Last chance to shop! Check out the vendors and exhibitors that know the roller skating and laser tag industry the best at the RSA Trade Show in conjunction with the Laser Tag Convention.

Katie Bruno: Does Your Website Pop? 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM New potential customer’s first impression is most likely your website. Katie is an expert in the industry and will help present creative new ways to drive business into your roller skating rink. She will let you know what are the key items that people are looking for when logging into your website and how to make it appealing to everyone. She will also touch on how to update your website and not want to pull your hair out!

Reno Roller Girls: Bringing Derby Groups to Your Rink 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM Women’s Roller Derby is still hot, but Men’s and Junior’s Roller Derby are growing in popularity! We have everything you need to know about bringing in new derby groups to your rink. Don’t know what to ask for and what forms are best to keep both you and the league safe? Don’t worry we will cover that too.

Open Mic: Moderated by Charlene Conway, Bobby Braun, President’s Reception 6:30 PM – 7:15 PM and John Capelli 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM Have some questions you want to bounce off other rink owners? This is a great time do it! Write your question down and put it in the hat. We want to help you with questions and discussions that will not be covered during the other seminars. We want to hear from all of you!

Katie Bruno: Social Networking 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM Most rink operators know that they need to participate in social media, however, they need a ‘playbook’ and that is what Katie plans to do during this seminar. Katie’s presentation will not only include 20 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Enjoy cocktails and celebrate being a member of the Roller Skating Association.

President’s Dinner and Museum Raffle 7:30 PM – 11:00 PM Dinner, socializing and dancing are on the agenda this evening as RSA President Tina Robertson celebrates her first year of leadership and celebrates you –­­ the member. Formal Attire (Black Tie Optional).

2013 Roller Skating Foundation

Silent Auction Donation Form The Roller Skating Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation operated exclusively to raise money for educational programs, self-esteem and safety programs, and generally promote fitness through roller skating. The Foundation operates for the following charitable and educational purposes: • To promote physical fitness and to help build self-esteem among school age children and discourage unsafe and undesirable activities by providing them with a constructive alternative to becoming involved in drugs and crime. • To establish and provide scholarships and grants to deserving high school and undergraduate students in furtherance of their undergraduate educations. • To promote family values by providing families with opportunities to participate together in the sport of roller skating. • To promote safety and risk management programs. • To receive, administer, distribute, and expend funds, gifts, donations, bequests, contributions, and other receipts of money or property of every kind or nature in furtherance of the Roller Skating Foundation’s charitable and educational objectives and purposes. Each year, the Roller Skating Foundation hosts a silent auction at the RSA Trade Show to raise funds to support the mission of the Roller Skating Foundation. We encourage you to donate a product or service to the Roller Skating Foundation’s Silent Auction! This year’s event will be held during the 76th Annual Roller Skating Association Trade Show, in partnership with the Laser Tag Convention, May 7-8. In return, you will receive extra publicity in publications and throughout the convention and trade show. The Roller Skating Foundation is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1996. To benefit the Roller Skating Foundation. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Products or services to be donated:__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Retail Value: __________ Suggested minimum bid required (if any): __________ Company or Individual Providing Donation ____________________________________________________________________ Contact _____________________________Address _________________________________________________________ City ________________________________State _____ ZIP _______ Daytime Phone ______________ Fax _______________ E-mail ________________________________________ Website ______________________________________________ Please send this form to the Roller Skating Foundation via fax 317-347-2636, email or mail to Roller Skating Foundation, Attn: Silent Auction, 6905 Corporate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278. If you have any questions, please call 317-347-2626 or email

March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 21

Roller Skating Foundation / Pepsi Golf Classic Support Safe Skating and College Scholarships by playing in the RSF/Pepsi Golf Classic located at LakeRidge Golf Course at 1218 Golf Club Drive, Reno, NV 89519 on Sunday, May 5, 2013. Lunch will be provided. For more information on the course please call 800-815-6966 or visit


Name: ____________________________ Company: _______________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________________________ State: ____ Zip: ________ Phone: ___________________________ Fax: ____________________________________ Email: ___________________________ Website: _________________________________ List Home Course: ___________________________________________________________ Preferred Partners: __________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Registration fee: $135 per player. Includes golf, green fees, cart, range balls, lunch. Additional $25 to rent golf clubs.


Payment Type: ____ Check ____ Credit Card Credit Card Number: ____________________________ Expiry Date: _____ / _____ Name on Card: ________________________________ Billing address on card: ______________________________________ City: ______________________________ State: ___________ Zip: ____________ Security Code: ______ Total Cost: $ ________ Signature (Required): __________________________________________________________________________________

GOLF TOURNAMENT DETAILS Support safe skating and college scholarships by playing in The Roller Skating Foundation/Pepsi Golf Classic.


ABOUT THE COURSE Come in and see for yourself why Golf Week Magazine named LakeRidge Reno’s Best Golf Course. Recognized nationally as a top area golf course, LakeRidge offers a variety of challenges and breathtaking views to satisfy even the most astute tastes. LakeRidge Golf Course offers open play as well as tournament play, where LakeRidge helps in any way possible to make your event a success.

22 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

FEES $135 participation fee includes golf, range balls, barbeque lunch with burgers, hot dogs and chips, prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams, prizes for closest to holes on par 3s. Additional $25 to rent clubs. TIME / FORMAT 8:30 a.m. sharp. Format is 2 person scramble with 4 golfers per hole. QUESTIONS Contact Frank Torries at 337-278-8275.


n o ti ia c o s s A g n ti a k S r Show e ll e d o ra R T & n o ti n e v n o C l Internationa in partnership with:

Roller Skating RULES in Reno Convention Registration Form Convention: May 5 - May 8, 2013 • Trade Show Dates: May 7-8, 2013 Please complete form in its entirety. Should you have questions, please call 317-347-2626 or email When completed, fax registration and any other forms to 317-347-2636, e-mail to or mail registration to: Roller Skating Association International, 6905 Corporate Drive Indianapolis, IN 46278. To receive membership information, call 317-347-2626, email or visit Payment is required in full in order to register. PLEASE COMPLETE FRONT AND BACK PAGES OF CONVENTION REGISTRATION FORM.

CONTACT INFORMATION Name: ____________________________________ Center Name: ____________________________ Member ID: ____________ Address: ______________________________________________ City: ___________________ State: ____ Zip: ____________ Daytime Phone: ____________________________ Cell: _________________________ Fax: ____________________________ Email: ______________________________________________ Website: ________________________________________


Delegate fees for 1st-4th include: Full convention, full trade show and President’s Dinner. 5th Delegate or more includes full convention and trade show (President’s Dinner is separate fee). You may also purchase a one-day convention pass only or trade show admission only if not purchasing delegate package.

Delegate Category 1st Delegate 2nd Delegate 3rd Delegate 4th Delegate 5th or more each**

Pre-Reg 3/29 - 4/19 $375 $375 $325 $325 $225

On-Site after 4/19 $450 $450 $375 $375 $250

EXTRA PROGRAM FEES RSU- Roller Skating University (per person) $159 (first delegate) $ 99 (second from same rink) (Lunch included in price.) RSF Golf Classic (per person) $135 (Club rental is additional $25) Additional President’s Dinner Tickets* $100 (Adult) $ 40 (Child) Attending RSU Only:

**President’s Dinner for 5th or more delegate is: $100 per person in addition to above fees. Delegates 1-4 fees includes President’s Dinner.

1. _____________________________________________

Convention Day Pass $150 $150 $150 Which days you would like to purchase a pass: q M q T q W Trade Show $ 75 $ 75 $100

2. _____________________________________________

NON-MEMBER PRICING - Convention and Trade Show

Non-members have the option to purchase a delegate package (Full convention, full trade show and President’s Dinner) or trade show only.

Delegate (Convention): $675

Trade Show: $125

Attending President’s Dinner Only: (Additional names on separate paper) 1. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ March / April 2013 | Roller SkatingRegistration Business Magazine | 223 form page 1 of

...continued from page 1 of registration form

Roller Skating RULES in Reno Convention Registration Form Convention: May 5 - May 8, 2013 • Trade Show Dates: May 7-8, 2013






































Pres iden t’s D inne r



Clas sic RSU

Day Pas s

Trad e Sh ow


Con ven tion

(Please use pricing from first page to determine)

Full Dele gate Pas s

Last Name

Firs t Tim er? (Y/N )

First Name

Mem ber (M) or

Non -Me mbe r

(NM )

Please enter the name of each individual, if they are a member or non-member, and a first timer. Then enter the price of each (prices found on page one of this contract) and total all fees. If total discrepancy is found, RSA office will correct the error and notify you. Delegates 1-4 fees includes President’s Dinner. President’s Dinner for 5th or more delegate is: $100 per person in addition to delegate fees. All delegate passes include convention and trade show. RSU and RSF are separate fees. If not attending as a full delegate, select convention day pass or trade show only.

Grand Total: $

OTHER INFORMATION Persons with disabilities, please indicate special needs: __________________________________________________ q Check if you need wheelchair seating. CANCELLATION POLICY: Thirty days prior to the convention date, a full refund, less a $75 processing fee will be issued. Less than 30 days, no cash refund; the full registration fee, less a $75 processing fee, will be applied to next year’s convention registration. There will be no refund or further credit if member does not attend the following year. RSU CANCELLATION POLICY: Thirty days prior to the convention date, a full refund, less a $75 processing fee will be issued. Less than 30 days, no cash refund; the full registration fee, less a $75 processing fee, will be applied to next year’s RSU registration. NOTICE OF ANY AND ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING AND REFUNDS WILL BE MADE AFTER THE EVENT.

24 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

PAYMENT INFORMATION Member ID Number: ____________________________________________ Check: # _______________________ Make Check Payable To RSA International Credit Card: # ________________________________________________ Exp: _____/______ MM / YY

Security Code_________________________ Found on back of card. Amex 4-digit found on front of card.

Name On Card: ________________________________________________ Billing Address On Card: _________________________________________ City: ___________________________ State: ______ Zip: _____________ Signature: ___________________________________________________

Registration form page 2 of 2

TRUSTWORKZ | business matters

What You Have Is A Website... What You Need is a Web Presence

By: Susan Wright


“What’s the difference between a website and web presence?” Please know that this is a totally common and honest response to this title statement. My aim is to give you a better understanding of the differences between the two. What I really hope that you walk away with today is a firm understanding of the importance of having one verses the other.

A Website By Any Other Name Would Still Be Just A Website

Most of us have a website and have had one since the world dictated that it was a necessity for those of us who have a business to run. Your website is the place on the web where we send people who want to learn more about our business. It’s important to understand that your site is also the center or “hub” of your web presence. A website, according to Wikipedia, “presents pre-defined, static information to the user. This may include information about a company and its products and services through text, photos, animations, audio/video and interactive menus and navigation.” Let me be clear in saying that a website is not a bad thing in and of itself. Quite the contrary, it is the one piece of real estate on the web that you own and have complete control over. This alone makes it your most valuable online marketing asset. I would consider it detrimental and less than competitive if your website were your ONLY online asset. I’ll go one step further and say that if you still have an older static website (perhaps you even built it yourself) that never gets updated, this too can be a bad thing. In the online space of today, websites need to be much more versatile and malleable than the sites of yesteryear. If you’ve paid any attention at all to what’s going on, then you’ve heard at least a whisper about Wordpress and other Content Management Systems (CMS). Content Management Systems are much more dynamic than static websites and they also provide a higher level of functionality. I’ll speak more about this as it relates to Web Presence shortly. Just remember what CMS stands for. Web presence equals command presence, digitally speaking. My own company’s (Wordpress) website is just that, our website and nothing more. In contrast to this one destination, if you were to Google

my company’s name, you’d find many different touch points, our website would be just one of these. This is representative of our “web presence.” The term “digital footprint” is a great synonym to help describe web presence. Your digital footprint is the aggregate total of every single file, destination, or touch point on the web that is either owned by you or that mentions, links to, or refers to you - the bigger the footprint, the better. Your website (a CMS or content management system, hopefully) is the centerpiece of your web presence. All other touch points should ultimately lead here. From there you can implement calls to action, publish regular blog posts (content marketing) to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, and effectively optimize your site for search engine optimization (SEO), and build up a rapport with the community that you build around your brand. Some of the ways that you can build up your community and drive more awareness are social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest; review sites such as CitySearch, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Kudzu, and Urban Spoon; bookmarking or sharing sites like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, and; or directories such as local and national niche or geo-specific directories. This is not about being prolific; it’s about being effective and pro-active. We can no longer pick a single channel or medium to simply broadcast our message to one audience and expect it to be effective. With the planet’s mass adoption of social media as a preferred method of communication comes an ever-growing mountain of social networks. Easy enough would be a resolution to building a profile on every single site or network that we can find, right? Wrong. Abandoned profiles and neglected channels where you set up a profile actually work against you. Suppose someone finds that Twitter feed you built but never managed? They will see that you’ve only tweeted twice, perhaps a year ago. What if this is their favorite channel and this was their front door to learning about your company? There goes whatever credibility and authority you could have had. Better to have not been found there at all.

Today’s Internet – Will You Embrace Or Ignore What’s Happening?

Your web presence is the living and breathing essence of your business on the web. Build and manage it accordingly so that the world will find a vibrant and healthy presence when they bump into you online. 1. It’s about having a CMS website that you have complete access to and control over. 2. It’s about fresh and relevant content on your website in order to A) build up your authority and grow your audience and B) pleasing the search engines so that you gain better placement in search results. 3. It’s about being communicative and engaging on as many channels as you decide are prudent and manageable. 4. It’s about having a solid and overarching strategy for your online marketing efforts that meets your business objectives. 5. It’s about having better insight about your existing and potential clients and how they behave and communicate online. 6. It’s about being nimble, innovative, progressive, and aware as the world continues to go through the most incredible shift in communications and technology the world has ever known. It all comes down to a pretty simple choice for business owners. We can either turn a blind eye toward what is happening online…or we can choose to embrace it and become pro-active in order to learn more about it and become a better participant. n

Susan Wright

Susan is the Digital Marketing Consultant for TrustWorkz, an organization that specializes in Web Presence Management that includes your entire footprint on the internet. She has a marketing and business development background and brings a clear understanding of the daily challenges of running a business. TrustWorkz services several skating rink clients and has been able to help them take their website and turn aeducation about what has changed in the internet world and what a business must do to stay relevant today. For more information on TrustWorkz visit their website at

March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 25


Section Meeting Photos

s Gatlinburg Meeting: Sections 8, 12, 13 RSA Members from sections 8, 12 and 13 gathered in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on March 4-5, 2013 for a two-day gathering featuring Trainertainment’s Beth Standlee. As part of the fun, members collaborated to create their own “Harlem Shake” viral video. To view the video, simply join the RSA Facebook group at www.facebook. com/groups/16235807289. (Group members must be RSA members, family members or staff.)

Brand New Big Book of Games Available for Preorder The Roller Skating Association International is proud to present: The Big Book of Games – All for Fun and Fun for All! Filled with skating and nonskating games in categories such as: • Balloon Games • Center of Floor Games • Games Played Without Skates • Races, Relays and Contests • Side Aisle Games • Skating Floor Games • Team Building and Mixer Games • And much, much more! This new resource tool is filled with game themes and ideas as well as monthly promotion ideas, suggested equipment and supplies to run successful games in your skating center, prize card templates and much, much, more!

ORDER TODAY AND SAVE! Pre-Paid / Pre-Order Price: $29.95 (plus shipping/handling if not picked up at convention) (pre-order price available through noon on May 8th, 2013 at the Convention) Regular Price: $39.95 (plus shipping/handling) (regular price starting May 9th, 2013) HOW TO ORDER Call the RSA office today at 317-347-2626 or email marketing@ Please tell is if you are registered for convention and your order will be waiting for you at the RSA registration desk located at the Silver Legacy, Reno, NV from May 5-8, 2013. (No later than 12 p.m. on May 8.) All other prepaid, pre-ordered books, will ship after convention. SAVE ON SHIPPING FEES When you order at the pre-order price, you can save on shipping fees when you pick up your paid copy at the 2013 RSA Convention & Trade Show in Reno, NV. Not attending convention this year? No problem. The cost to mail/ship your paid copy will be added to your order when it ships. Discounted price available through the end of convention (May 8th, 2013). Regular price in effect as of May 9th, 2013 and will ship within 10-14 days of receipt of paid order. For more information, please contact the RSA at marketing@

26 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

roller skating news | ROLLER SKATING BUZZ

Roller Skating news, videos, celebrities & more

By: Meghan Molony


Simon Cowell Knows How To Disco

Prominent judge and producer of American Idol and The X Factor, Simon Cowell, announced in an interview on January, 21 2013 that he loves to roller skate. The star, who is soon to celebrate his 54th birthday, stated that he feels like a “nine year old boy” and roller-skates whenever he can. He also said that he used to spend a lot of time in Britain’s roller-discos back in the day!

Speed Skating Reaches 50 Year Mark in India

The National Speed Roller Skating Championship got off to a speedy start on January 21, 2013 when approximately 800 contestants from all around the world gathered in Mumbai, India to prove their taste for haste. A special, synthetic banked track was built in order to provide a regulation 425cm circuit, and is the first skating track built in India. Twenty-two year old Nikhilesh Tabhane from Nagpur broke his own personal record during the 300m Inline Skating Time Trial, with an impressive 25.82 second run, shattering his original record of 26.50. As skating gains momentum in Asia, and is projected to be a part of the 2020 Olympics – we will hopefully be seeing much more from these athletes in the future.

Roller Derby Airs in UK

Roller Derby has blown up over the last few years with teams popping up in almost every city around the nation. Though big in the United States, derby is serious business on the other side of the pond, and this year the London Rollergirls league will be featured in their very own TV show on Rampage TV. The show will follow the girls around during their daily lives, as well as during practice. Premiering in the fall of 2013, the show may not be available in the United States, but it will be sure to bring this high octane sport to life in the United Kingdom.

Xanadu, the Musical, Gets a 2013 Remake

Though Olivia Newton John and roller-disco are key ingredients of Xanadu, a fantasy cult classic; the Ballarat Light Opera Company in California gave the musical a run for its money this February. Bringing the musical to life is the passion of producer, Emily MacDonald, who has been working hard for months to secure a singing cast… that can also skate. The theater is working with a local Derby team to provide skaters during some of the more difficult scenes, and the play will air February 7 - February 10, 2013. 28 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

ROLLER SKATING BUZZ | roller skating news

The Bachelorettes do Derby

Learning to take a fall is Roller Derby 101, and on ABC’s The Bachelor, one of the contestants learned that lesson the hard way. The Bachelor is a show where 24 contestants vie for the love of one eligible bachelor, and producers planned a roller derby bout as one of the group dates for this current season. Several ladies were pitted against each other on the track, and one contestant named Amanda ended up taking a spill that landed her in the hospital. She is doing just fine, and Derby enthusiasts are thrilled with the exposure that it gave the sport.

Skatin 66’ Veteran Fulfills Lifelong Dream

Bobby Love knows a thing or two about reaching for the stars. This reality show star, skating legend and recent entrepreneur recently opened his X Gym Sports Complex in Myrtle Beach, Florida. Love, who is known for his Skatin’ 66’ Tour where he skated down Route 66 raising money for St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital, has wanted to open up his own business for a long time and loves the way his business allows him to give back to the community.

Amazing Video of Julie Ball, Champion Quad Skater

Shot, cut and directed by Cary Cremidas, this wonderful video highlights champion quad skater, Julie Ball, as she trains for Nationals. http://youtu. be/NEvTaPl-Ao4

Roller Derby Moms Join the Cast of The Amazing Race

Season 22 of Amazing Race began February 17, 2013. This season has some very special contestants - Roller Derby moms from Colorado! Casting directors approached derby teams across the nation hoping to get team members and the moms decided to submit a video at the last minute. They were surprised to be chosen, but stated, “Our whole relationship is based on competition, we’re used to high stress,” and they had a blast, however, they contractually obligated not to say how far they’ve gone on the reality show - derby fans will have to just watch and see!

LA Derby Dolls Featured on Today Show with Skate Mates

March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 29

roller skating news | RINK STICKERS

The History of Rink Stickers By: James Vannurden


fad in the roller skating industry was the roller rink sticker. These stickers attached to a skate box and proudly displayed the name of that particular rink. Very popular in the middle of the twentieth century, most roller rinks created their own specific sticker to hand out to customers. Rinks could express their individuality through these stickers and very few designs were ever identical. Roller skating rink stickers were deeper than just a fun way to decorate a skate box. They had a specific origin and their function dealt with branding and marketing, as well as artistic appeal, with a variety of themes existing in the design of the rink stickers—the industry even created an official organization specific to trading rink stickers.

The Origin of Rink Stickers

In his book, Skate Crazy, Lou Brooks names the golden age of the rink sticker as 19371959, while also describing the inception of the roller skating rink sticker itself in the following statement:

“But thanks to the proliferation of skate cases, most of which came with roomy, ready-made “advertising” space on both sides, a few of the more flamboyant promoters came up with a method unique to the roller rink business, namely the roller skating sticker. Given away at the ticket booth, snack stand, skate rental counter, or skate shop, stickers were snatched up by loyal skaters who were happy to display them on their skate cases as proud, personalized evidence of their loyalty to their home rink. Even if the manufacturer had incorporated its own design onto the case, rink owners noticed that roller skaters preferred to redecorate their case, with the free stickers from their home rink. Other rinks followed suit, and soon there wasn’t a roller skating rink anywhere that didn’t offer a sticker of its own. Some naively amusing, some confoundingly astonishing, many transcendently beautiful, skating stickers were soon not only being pasted onto skate cases, but were also fervently circulated, collected, and traded by skaters across America.”

Functions and Themes

The many rink stickers produced had one main function: to promote the listed rink. To achieve this goal, the stickers needed to possess an endearing quality or an idea that helped it stand out from the 30 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

rest. Generic designs, while achieving the primary function, did not grab the attention of others and thus easily passed over. To truly provide the function of promotion, designs need to portray excitement, grab attention, and make patrons take notice. In the end, those who saw the sticker needed this inspiration to someday visit the rink, thus achieving the ultimate goal of new patronage. To help gain this attention, many rinks used characters to attract this consideration. Some trademarked characters used included Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse. Others created their own, such as dogs, cats, turkeys, and alligators. These characters appealed to the younger demographic. Decorating a skate box with fun cartoon mascots gave children more excitement about skating. Another way stickers appealed to the masses included the reminder to everyone that roller skating is a healthy activity. One major slogan used by many rinks said, “For health’s sake, roller skating.” Fairyland Roller Rink of Topeka, Kansas used the saying “Roller skating for health.” These ideas reminded customers that while skating was a fun activity, it also contained health benefits. With the United States’ entrance into World War II, the roller skating industry began their outstanding support of the military. Aggressive sales of war bonds, Red Cross support, and allowing active military free admission went hand-in-hand with promoting the war effort on rink stickers. Many rinks used military likenesses on their stickers. Girls skated with naval and army soldiers. “Remember Pearl Harbor” appeared on some stickers. Even caricatures of enemy soldiers graced sticker fronts. Many stickers promoted the idea of a safe environment. Numerous stickers featured families skating together. Others highlighted couples skating for young adults. These images provided a wholesome understanding for the local roller rinks. Queen City Roller Rink promoted the slogan “skate your date.” Another sticker said “roller skate

RINK STICKERS | roller skating news for poise and charm.” The Cavalier Arena of Richmond, Virginia incorporated many ideas with the motto “healthful, wholesome, and fun.”

Rink of New York City that same year. These conventions drew great crowds who shared stickers and stories.

Roller skating stickers were once so popular among collectors, that they formed an organization called the Universal Roller Skating Sticker Exchange boasting more than 4,000 members.

While most sticker artists went unknown, many rink stickers post the initials “M.J.S.” Margaret J. Sanders was a popular artist, poet, writer, and even a competitive skater. Starting in 1928, roller skating and ice skating magazines began featuring her art in their publications. In addition to sticker art, Sanders created greeting cards, cover art, and even apparel for the skating community.

Universal Roller Skating Sticker Exchange

Since most rinks created their own design of rink stickers, not much time passed before individuals saw an opportunity to begin collecting the stickers, similar to the way people collect Olympic pins. Collecting any item brings people together with common interests to discuss personal collections. Now the roller skating community had such a cause. Being lightweight, small, and easily portable, these skating stickers possessed great qualities for beginning a collection. With the explosion of sticker popularity, a few sticker enthusiasts took it upon themselves to create an official organization. In 1948, twenty-two individuals organized the Universal Roller Skating Sticker Exchange (URSSE). The first annual convention opened at the Gay Blades Roller

Trading rink stickers became a very serious endeavor; authorized URSSE stickers had the names of its previous owners written on the back. Members only traded with each other. If a member was caught trading with a nonmember, the member’s name was blacklisted from the organization.

From its inception in 1948 until 1980, the URSSE expanded to over 4,000 members. They hailed from forty-eight states and five countries. With these numbers, many roller rinks continued production of their stickers to meet the demand of the collectors. But by the late 1980s, enthusiasm subsided; after the 1989 convention, members voted to disband the organization. In closing, the roller skating rink sticker provided a low-cost way for rinks to advertise while also giving the skating public a fun way to showcase their favorite rinks. n James Vannurden James is the Director and Curator of the National Museum of Roller Skating in Lincoln, Nebraska and contributing writer for the Roller Skating Association. If you would like to contact James to make a donation or add to the collection of historical items at the museum, please call (402) 483-7551 or email

Join the National Museum of Roller Skating and Learn the History of your Business! With your $35 one-year membership to the museum, you will receive a copy of the History of Roller Skating, a subscription to the museum’s newsletter, Historical Roller Skating Overview, 10% off museum store items and a membership card.

Name:________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ City, State Zip: _________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________ Thank you for joining! Gift Membership Form (Makes a great gift!) Name:________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ City, State Zip: _________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________ International members, please add $10.

Clip and mail to: National Museum of Roller Skating 4730 South Street Suite 2 Lincoln, NE 68506 or call 402-483-7551 ext. 16 for Visa and MasterCard orders.

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Getting Concessions Rolling By: Larry Etter


any business is to optimize the performance of the intentions laid out by financial or services goals. This is true at the concession stand of the roller rink or any leisure time activity. At the 2013 Roller Skating Association International Convention and Tradeshow, to be held May 5-8 at the Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino in Reno, guest speaker Larry Etter will deliver statistics that compare cinemas, bowling centers, stadiums and arenas, etc. and how it relates to the rolling skating and family entertainment channel. Etter, Senior Vice President of Malco Theaters, is the National Association of Concessionaires (NAC) Director of Education and the former NAC President of the Board of Directors. As such, he travels the globe bringing an array of NAC education and certification programs to members of the recreational food service industry. The presentation will include trends, challenges, governmental intervention, repositioning and the cross pollination we all share in expanding the revenue potential in recreational food service. Do not confuse strategy with operational effectiveness. To achieve any objective, tactics and strategies are developed to insure success. Strategies are the plans that are conceived and developed so that profitability is possible. The tactics that are initiated are the action steps that lead to the confirmation of the strategies in place. All too often managers, in an effort to improve the operational effectiveness of the business, stray from the strategies set in place and the business model becomes dysfunctional. So, what is the function of the concession operation? Concessions food service operations have three components that distinguish its methods from those of other food service businesses: Speed of Service: Short transaction times are vital to the success of concessions food service. Entertainment: People engaged in leisure time activities want to be entertained both by the activities in the venue, but also by the food they are consuming. Convenience: People want food that is easy and convenient to eat. If these factors are essential elements to the consumer’s satisfaction at an event, then the strategy of the concessionaire should fit these factors. Concessionaires should strive for the highest levels of productivity, speed, and quality. These become tactics or steps to achieving the best model of concessions. The best strategies create unique and valuable 34 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

positions by serving the needs of the patrons. In the case of concessions, the responsibility is to provide entertaining fare/food for masses of people as quickly as possible. The operational efficiencies come into play when managers attempt to improve the profitability of those strategies. Terms such as value, per capita earnings, and ROI are related to the strategies, but they also become the measuring sticks to the tactics and strategies. The challenges faced by concession operators in different channels have many similarities. By looking at other entertainment venues, many astute observations can be drawn that can sharpen your operational strategies and tactics. The Etter presentation at the 2013 RSA Convention in Reno is a unique opportunity to gain that perspective. n

Larry Etter

Larry Etter, NAC Director of Education, former NAC President of the Board of Directors and reallife concession practitioner serves as Senior Vice President of Malco Theatres. He holds bachelor’s degrees in education and biology from Memphis State University and has served on the NAC Board of Directors since 1994, holding the positions of regional vice president of the southeast region, president elect, and now Director of Education. Prior to his employment at Malco, he served as vice president at Midland Food Services, a regional foodservice contractor in Memphis. He has also held positions with the Peabody and Hyatt Hotels. He was the recipient of the NAC Bert Nathan Memorial Award in 2002, which honors significant accomplishments in the theatre concessions industry and leadership and commitment to NAC. He has also earned the NAC Certified Concession Manager (CCM) designation. He has been active in promoting the association, bringing in new members and holding regional seminars for NAC.

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Serving America’s Children for 50 Years!

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12/20/12 4:36:39 PM




Sports Director of Figure Skating, I am continually energized by the interest and dedication new skaters are showing to the sport of roller skating. It is exciting and interesting to view the different methods used by coaches to stimulate the new athlete, to market their continued involvement in the sport and help them reach their goals. This includes the skater and their parents, as well, many of whom have become involved as certified tabulators and meet officials supporting local events. I find that the new skater becomes interested primarily because they observed someone or something that created an emotion within their soul. The skating teacher needs to nurture the skills that will help them realize their passion and keep the skater motivated. During the “difficult first years,” this involves teaching the essential skating skills to help beginners achieve their goals. It is also a successful and realistic stepping stone toward the many implements available in the roller skating “toolbox.” Skating teachers need to impress upon the athlete and parents about the significance of short and long-terms goal to attain their goals in skating as well as the many “life lessons” skating illustrates. Many, many coaches are very skilled at teaching the fundamentals and usually expose the skater to the “basic edges” and figures. This may also include simple dance skating that emphasize the same edges and body positions that cross over to figures and free skating and even to the discipline of roller speed skating. But at what point do we as a group of teachers introduce competition? Do we assess whether this is the skater’s goal? Do we place them in a division that will challenge them without discouraging them? My particular preference is to go slow to ensure that the skater has built in success for at least the first year or two. USA Roller Sports and the RSA have many programs available and references in the form of DVDs and written materials the skating teacher can use to help educate their customers in their skating programs. USA Roller Sports offers the Roller Fun Star Patch Program which includes a record book in three disciplines of basic skills in artistic figure skating, roller speed skating and roller hockey. The beauty of this program for the skaters and parents is they can see what the lesson plan is going to involve through the weeks, as booklets can be given to the skaters so they may monitor their 36 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

By: Jane Puracchio Wojnarowsky

RSA Redemption Tickets



• $95.00 per 100,000 – minimum order of 300,000 • RSA Redemption Tickets printed on bright yellow • Front of ticket features Roo, Kooky & Koala skating; back features the RSA logo.

Call National Ticket Co. at (800)829-0829 (800)829-0829 to order today! Available to RSA members only. Visa, MasterCard & American Express are accepted.

Call today for details! (800)829-0829 for Customer Service

P.O. Box 547, Shamokin, PA 17872 USA Customer Service: 800.829.0829 or 570.672.2900 Fax: 800.829.0888 or 570.672.2999 Web Site: • E-mail:

solutions | ENTICING THE BEGINNING ATHLETE progression with the skating coach and their friends. The skating teacher may also use the RSA Super Skater program that allows the skater to be tested by their own coach or coaches within their familiar staff at their local roller skating fun center. This helps them feel comfortable with their anxiety to be tested against standards for basic skating skills. They can gain feedback from those who care about them and the encouragement that helps a skater of any age continue to attend their skating classes and public sessions at the rink. Another progressive level is the RSA testing program for artistic and speed skating. The first and second tests in each of the skating disciplines will allow the skater to work with linking their individual skills into an entire process culminating into a figure, dance, free skating element or speed lap time. These tests are the skaters’ report card! They indicate the dexterity of accomplishments and point out the need to continually improve basic skating skills. The testing allows the skater to challenge themselves in comparison to a set of standards that are nationally recognized and feel good about passing the test to gain a reward in a medal. It also gives them an opportunity to have introduction to all the disciplines in roller sports and begin to have a smorgasbord of skating opportunities to explore. When the time comes to actually compete in a local contest, they will have some confidence and begin to deal with their anxiety. Their coach has helped them become realistic about what level of skill they should enter. The outcome gives them feedback about how much more investment of time and lessons are required to further be successful. Personally, I believe the beginners should compete in as many disciplines as possible (in the beginning) so they may discover the discipline, or disciplines that spark their passion. Encourage them to continue competing and/or to continue with their achievement tests or local school skating programs as best tailored to individual needs and lifestyle.

During the times when competitions may not be available, I also enjoy and utilize the USA Roller Sports “Moves in The Field” program to help the skaters further their skating skill education. This program is not just for free skaters, as it is perfect for solo free dance skaters, figures skaters, etc. Learning to do the same edges as the athlete has learned for compulsory dances and figures, re-arranged as footwork with different directions and different lobes performed to music helps them feel even more confidence. All of the footwork diagrams are illustrated out for the candidate, so there is no guess work. This USARS reference is also a great education for the coaches as it can be of great value when creating routines! All of the above could also be considered a form of marketing to keep and maintain the athlete’s interest and confidence. It offers more opportunities for instruction whether group, semi-private or private lessons. It builds a sense of belonging to a club, a region and a national organization. Marketing is something many coaches do intuitively, but perhaps there is some benefit to our group of coaches generating discussions to share our different tools, to introduce and maintain our new skaters. Marketing is not just for income, but creating a program that meets the customer’s goals (skater and parent). This is just an introduction to begin a discussion among our peer coaches and skaters. We all can

38 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

learn from each other and different methods of encouragement, maintaining interest, the fun and the exhilaration of roller skating. Maybe there might be some benefit to a group of coaches having discussions at the national or regional championships to discuss how we do what we do and learn from each other. We may wish to find some instructional video or online tools about marketing to customize it for roller skating instructors as a method of helping those who love and want to help the sport of roller skating. I would really appreciate your feedback and comments. I may be reached at jwojnarowsky@ n

Jane Puracchio Wojnarowsky

Jane Wojnarowsky has been a member of the Roller Sports organization for 50 years; from R.S.R.O.A., to USAC, to USAC/RS to the present USA Roller Sports. Jane was a three time World Dance Champion, Coach of National and World Champions, USARS Hall of Fame Athlete, USARS Hall of Fame Coach, World Team Coach, former USARS Board of Director and presently the USA Roller Sports Figure Sport Director.

March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 39

HOW TO RULE Reno arch. Photo credit:

RENO By: Thomas Hill

The Tourist’s Guide to Reno, Nevada


s the Roller Skating Association International is holding its 76th Convention and Tradeshow in Reno, Nevada at the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino, it is only fitting to give you a guide to the facility itself. In a desert valley at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range sits a desert jewel. Reno, Nevada, namesake of Civil War General Jesse Reno and the county seat of Washoe County, came to life in the middle 19th century. Gold was discovered in 1850 in nearby Virginia City, then in 1859 a massive vein of silver was discovered there, as well. Thus began the rich history of Reno. Later, in 1931 when gambling was legalized in Nevada, Reno exploded onto the gambling

scene. In 1947, the first casino hotel was built in Reno—the Mapes Hotel. This establishment was the archetype and springboard for the casino hotels that have made Reno the gaming mecca that it is today. Since that time, Reno has flourished as a gambling and entertainment hub for adults. The city boasts a plethora of amusement and fine gambling establishments including the Silver Legacy Resort Casino. The Silver Legacy Resort Casino is an example of the decadent niceties that the city of Reno has to offer. Guests of the Casino may enjoy a variety of amenities during their stay. Some of the benefits offered to guests include: • Spacious rooms and suites • Six different restaurants • Comedy club

40 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

• Five different lounges and bars • Prize-winning health spa • Amazing mining rig laser light show • 85,000+ sq. ft. of casino style gaming

AMENITIES SPACIOUS ROOMS AND SUITES The Silver Legacy Casino Resort spares no expense for its guests. Each room provides guests with a level of sophistication that can only be found in Reno. Every spacious room has Wi-Fi access and is furnished with large, plush bedding and contemporary fittings. Each room also comes equipped with a thirty-two inch LCD screen T.V. Silver Legacy’s Reno Spa Suites are what dreams are made of. Each Reno Spa Suite

comes standard with Wi-Fi, a strategically planned work station, and a thirty-seven inch LCD T.V. Reno Spa Rooms also feature an enormous king-sized bed with a billowy pillow mattress and deep, rich pillows complimented by comfortable bed coverings. The crowning touch to each Reno Spa Suite is the relaxing whirlpool-style tub.

HOTEL SPA Silver Legacy Casino Resort has only the best for guests when it comes to amenities. Visitors to the Reno spa can make appointments for full body treatments and relaxing massages. The spa also boasts a full complement of work out equipment. Guests to the spa will find such amenities as: steam rooms, whirlpool style baths and saunas. A sense of safety can be enjoyed while benefiting from all of these amenities. Secure lockers for personal possessions are available while working out or relaxing in the spa.


• Reflections • Tradewinds Casualwear Guests can enjoy shopping at any of these fine shops for their favorites from Harley Davidson clothing and fine wines to high fashion, casual clothing or fashionable jewelry.

BUSINESS CENTER As much as this Convention and Tradeshow will enable you to get a taste of the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino, it has a full-service

simple bistro style sandwich, Silver Legacy has a restaurant or eatery to fulfill your cravings— even if it is just a cup of gourmet coffee.

STERLING’S SEAFOOD STEAKHOUSE Featuring a selection of veal, steak, seafood and poultry dining options, this restaurant is open from 5 p.m. onward every night. With reservations recommended this 14-time Wine Spectator Award of Excellence Winner is the perfect place to have a relaxing, upscale meal after a day at the convention.


For the person Silver Legacy Resort and Casino. Photo credit: looking for a personal touch, Silver Legacy has a professional hair salon. Whether it is a man business center. With laptop station hook-ups or woman in need of a haircut, shampooing or and a dedicated DSL service, you can take care blow drying Lulu Hair Salon has the solution. of any unfinished business matters during the Also, a variety of hair treatments may be given convention or ones that need your attention from a toner and rinse to deep conditioning. during the Convention and Tradeshow. Other Permanents, tinting and highlighting may be services include photocopying, faxing, shipping done, as well. and receiving, copier and fax machine rentals, and a well-stocked retail outlet for forgotten HOTEL SHOPPING items. If the shopping bug happens to bite while at the Silver Legacy Casino Resort, there are seven HOTEL DINING different shops within the resort including: Silver Legacy Casino Resort prides itself in the • Chester’s Harley-Davidson dining selections it offers its guests. Whatever • B-ICONIC™ the culinary desire, Silver Legacy can fill it. • Carriage House Whether it is a craving for delectable cuisine • The Boutique in a fine restaurant, the choice of selection • The Gift Shop from a world-class buffet, in-room dining, or a

As’s 2012 Diners’ Choice Winner, there are nightly chef ’s entrée specials that vary depending on what’s freshest and readily available. Sunday through Friday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., diners can take advantage of Sterling’s filet mignon “oscar style” that comes with your choice of a soup or salad and a slice of marble cheesecake. If you like wine, Sterling’s is the spot for you to sip a glass or two. Philip DeManczuk, the Restaurant and Wine Director, always ensures the best selection of wines are available with or without a meal. Associated with the Ferrari Carano Winery, DeManczuk is intimately familiar with California wines and many other

March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 41

after the split, paying a 3 to 2 ratio.


After the RSA Convention and Trade Show Welcome Reception on Sunday, May 5, you can catch Jamie Rollins at the Silver Baron Lounge. His music performances run every Sunday night from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. ranging from pop, folk, dance, country, blues—a little something for everyone.


sommelier principles that will enable you to enjoy the perfect glass of wine.

THE PEARL OYSTER BAR AND GRILL As part of the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino’s revamping effort, the Pearly Oyster Bar and Grill is set to open at the end of April. While the menu, setup, pictures and complete information has yet to be released, reservations are highly recommended to enjoy some classics, including seafood pan roast, crab cakes, Ciopino and countless other fruits of the sea! Their menu is being expanded and refined to please the most discerning palate – we’ll have to stay tuned for its complete offerings.

HUSSONG’S CANTINA-TAQUERIA® Similar to the Pearl Oyster Bar and Grill, this restaurant is part of the Silver Legacy’s reconstruction and is scheduled to open in mid-April 2013—just in time for the RSA Convention and Trade Show. Based on the legendary and original Ensenadabased Hussong’s Cantina-Taqueria in Baja California, Mexico, the Reno location has the same spirit, flavor and delicious food as the original location. It is also the place where the world-renowned margarita was invented.


The Silver Legacy Resort and Casino has no shortage of casino gaming. With 85,000+ sq.

ft. of gaming floor, everyone is sure to find the game of their choice. The casino offers: • Slot machines • Keno games • Table games • Race and sport booking • Automated poker room

TABLE GAMES The casino boasts sixty-three table games. Their featured table games include: • Roulette • Blackjack • 16 Pai Gow Poker tables • Three Card Poker • Let It Ride • Craps, featuring FireBet® • Baccarat • Texas Hold ‘Em • Craps with 3 to 5 Times Odds Silver Legacy also gives the best Blackjack betting rules anywhere in Reno: • Double Deck: You have the ability to double-down on your two original or more cards with 3 to 2 payout odds • Split Aces Four Times is applicable to all Blackjack games (table and video) • Six Deck Shoe: The first two and subsequent cards have a double down option and there is a second double down option

42 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Offering frozen drinks from 16 oz. in their LOGO Cup, to 100 oz. in their Monster Yard container, you can unwind from a long day at the convention and sightseeing around Reno. Well known classics, such as pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris, and specialty drinks like the Tahoe Tea® and the Silver Baron Mojito® are just some specialty drinks they make to give it a local flavor. Beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks are also available on and off their normal menu.

RUM BULLIONS ISLAND BAR Enveloped in an Island-themed ambiance, Rum Bullions Island Bar lives up to its name with many rum-inspired drinks. Mojitos, hurricanes, daiquiris and rum flows freely here, along with a full selection of Ferrari-Carano white and red varietals.

SILVER BARON LOUNGE Under Reno’s “Mining Rig” attraction, this bar features the perfect attributes for a relaxing evening. Along with a full-selection of beer, wine and spirits, and a happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, Reno entertainer Jamie Rollins provides live entertainment every Sunday and Thursday night. If you arrive in Reno on a Friday or Saturday night, there is regular piano entertainment with Dueling Pianos between 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.


MCKINLEY ARTS & CULTURE CENTER Found in the heart of the Truckee River Arts

and Culture District in Reno, this building is an artists’ slice of Heaven. Renovated in 1999, the beautiful interior features space for weddings, receptions, as well as a two art galleries and countless exhibits. Some exhibits touch on Reno’s natural beauty, others touch on its engineering marvels such as the Hoover Dam, while other exhibits touch on special days like Nevada Day or Reno’s own including Howard Hughes. The McKinley Arts and Culture Center also features Reno’s Philharmonic and Chamber Orchestra.

RENO METRO GALLERY Downtown Riverwalk. Photo credit: Located on the first floor of Reno’s City Hall building, works of art come from racks display the artistic flair of the heart of local residents of Reno and surrounding areas. Reno. Admission is free and is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday. RENO GENERAL ATTRACTIONS

of Nevada’s mining past. Towering over 120 feet high, it is part of Silver Legacy’s 180-foot composite dome. Every hour there is a colorful laser light show for guests and tourists to enjoy.



To see works of art in Reno one only needs to step outside. There are commissioned pieces of art throughout the city, including sculptures, murals and other pieces of art that reflect the spirit of Reno. Even the city’s benches and bike


Once the mining rig of legendary silver miner, Sam Fairchild, this rig is now part of Silver Legacy Resort and Casino’s property. Situated right above to Silver Baron Lounge and Silver Legacy’s gaming floor, casino patrons and Reno tourists are able to see a historical relic

Held at the Grand Sierra Resort, Cinco de Mayo celebrations will be held on May 4 - 5 to celebrate Latino heritage in northern Nevada. Run by Big Daddy’s Barbecue and sponsored by many local businesses and non-profits, it features Latin bands and musicians, authentic Mexican wrestling. dancing horses and local food. This event, appropriately enough, features Reno Roller Girls, along with Spanish and English media.

NATIONAL CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATION 2012 WESTERN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Held at the Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center, the 2012 Western National Championships are going to be held between April 30, 2013 and May 8, 2013. Different events are held daily starting at 8 a.m. This is the perfect event if you arrive in Reno a day or two early.


National Automobile Museum. Photo credit:

Also know as The Riverwalk District, this is where Reno began as a city and is still vibrant to this day. Built around the Truckee River, this March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 43

area temporarily took a backseat to the newly constructed casinos and gambling venues elsewhere throughout Reno. However, during the 1990’s with the Raymond I. Smith Truck Walk, the city of Reno began its revitalization project that continues to this day. Featuring more than 36 shops for antiques, home accents, art, and mementos of Reno, there are ample shops for any type of shopper. Whatever type of food you are in the mood for, be it a quick appetizer, dessert or a complete meal, virtually every type of cuisine is represented here. From French-inspired Beaujolais Bistro or Campo, to Pizza Reno with traditional American fare, or Chocolate Bar featuring many namesake desserts and other treats and drinks, there are countless sweets and aperitifs that cater to every whim, budget and taste. The only thing you have to worry about here is which establishment you are going to try first. If you are looking for a glass of wine, pint of beer or a shot of whiskey, you can find your favorite libation at the aptly named BAR, the River Room, Hookava Lounge, Jungle Vino

Pioneer Center for Performing Arts. Photo credit: Pioneer Center for Performing Arts

and countless other watering holes. Culture abounds in the River Walk area’s established performance venues. The Bruka Theatre, located on main street and just ten years in existence, holds regular play performances along with musical, dance and children’s theatrical performances. Sierra Arts, a local Reno organization, supports and promotes all forms of art from local and regional artists. The Pioneer Center for Performing Arts, a more established and equally enriching venue, hosts the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra, the A.V.A. Ballet Theatre, the Nevada Opera Association and the “Broadway Comes to Reno” organization.



Java Jungle. Photo credit:

On par with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art with its American Association of Museums accreditation, this museum has revolving exhibitions and collections that literally span time. With artifacts from native Americans

44 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

living in Nevada to American settlers making their way westward, to contemporary and futuristic art, anyone who enters the museum will find something that piques their interest.

NATIONAL AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM The National Automobile Museum displays the history of America’s love affair with the automobile. From Bill Harrah, the gaming mogul and the eventual creation of this museum from his personal automobile collection, to the winning 1907 Thomas Flyer automobile—the sole American vehicle that won the 1908 New York to Paris Auto Race—history comes alive! Twenty-five minute showings once every hour are available between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily with guided tours starting at 1:30 p.m.

FLEISCHMANN PLANETARIUM & SCIENCE CENTER Located at the University of Nevada in Reno, the Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center features: • A revolving set of exhibits and interactive displays. • Ability to partake in public star observing. • Complementary galleries and exhibits with current films and starshows.


When out on the town in Reno, guests to the city have a myriad of choices for dining with a wide variety of cultures represented throughout restaurant selections. Along with American style dining, Reno offers a transcontinental tour of cuisines.

• R3 Limited Edition boot in black satin PU with red outsole and red cinch strap • PowerDyne Thrust black nylon plate with black adjustable toe stop • KwiK ABEC-5 bearings • Red/black swirl Limited Edition wheels – 62mm/95A with speed groove • Sizes 1–14 Full Only – Medium for a limited time only

it offers a wide selection of the finest cuts of poultry, meat and fish that are all expertly cooked in their signature wood-fired ovens. With its highly regarded dessert menu, you can have your choice of expertly crafted tarts, sorbets, cakes, soufflés, and breads made by their dedicated staff of pastry chefs.

Campo Restaurant. Photo credit: Campo Restaurant

LULOU’S RESTAURANT Serving New American cuisine including crab cakes, filet mignon, duck and rib eye, as well as international classic dishes such as calamari, reservations are a must whether you eat inside or out. Featuring a bar for drinks and something light, and a dining room for a fine dining experience, past customers have nothing but rave reviews — it is definitely worth checking out.

features a full-spread of appetizers, entrees, desserts and beverages. Whether you are looking for Californian, Italian or even German wine, you can get expert recommendations for the perfect glass, bottle or carafe. Reservations are highly recommended.

Notable highlights include an early bird special from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays. Nightly happy hour features $5 martinis from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. paired with ambient live piano entertainment. With more than 100 martinis and 350 wines at Roxy’s Bar and Lounge, it is no surprise that it has been awarded Wine Spectator’s “Award of Excellence.” If you are a sushi lover, Sushi Sake on the El Dorado’s patio area allows you to people-watch, have your favorite drink, enjoy live music and enjoy your favorite piece of sushi all in one place.

BRISCOLA Located in Grand Sierra Resort, Briscola literally means a traditional Italian card game. Similar to playing cards, the environment includes a causal, yet upscale club design featuring supple leather chairs. Dishes available include freshly made, hand-cut pasta, expertly

JUICY’S GIANT HAMBURGERS This is the perfect greasy spoon restaurant when all you are craving is a juicy hamburger and fries. This casual, no-frills burger joint establishment has both takeout and delivery and sticks to hamburgers, French fries, drinks and chili, coleslaw and brownies.

CAMPO RESTAURANT As the name implies, this is an upscale Italian restaurant that serves a continental breakfast, take-out lunches and some of Reno’s best Italian food in the city. If you are looking for hand-made pasta, brickoven fired authentic Napoletana-style pizza, or the finest selection of cured meats, Campo has top-notch cuisine. Chef and Roxy in the El Dorado Hotel and Casino. Photo credit: VRX Studios. owner, Mark Estee, is committed to every dish because he only uses the freshest, most flavorful organic, local and farm-fresh produce. ROXY Located in the El Dorado Hotel and Casino grilled lamb chops and velvety polenta. Featuring specials such as the “beer dinner” right next to the Silver Legacy Resort and Decorated with mid-20th century posters that pairs complementary beers and food, to Casino, Roxy is another renowned Reno and temperance-era liquor advertisements, weekly specials that highlight pasta, Porchetta bistro. Selected for the DiRoNa Award list of the Italian-themed, warm-feeling ambience and other Italian epicurean delights, Campo Distinguished Restaurants of North America, is exceptionally inviting. There is no shortage 46 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

of Italian and Italian-heritage wines from California. Reservations are a must at this upscale, yet casual restaurant.

KOKOPELLI’S SUSHI Part of Circus Circus Reno, Kokopelli’s serves a wide variety of sushi. Serving well-known choices including spicy tuna hand rolls and California rolls along with their own spin on sushi, make sure to check out the Royal Flush and the Gecko Roll, plus you can dine in or get it to-go. Options include vegetarian sushi and a one-hour, all-you-can-eat sushi buffet.


Established in 1993, this Reno location opened in 2010. Brewing a long list of Ales, IPAs, Hefeweizens, Stouts, Porters and other unique beers, their Reno location has 10 to 14 beers available to choose from and features typical pub fare options, as well as a full selection of wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. Located just down the road from their Reno brew-pub you will find their brewing facility,

BREW BROTHERS Located in the El Dorado Hotel, literally next door to the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino, Brew Brothers was named the “Best Brewpub in the United States” by Nightclub and Bar Magazine. Featuring a fun and exciting bar theme, you can have a drink and an appetizer, or you can enjoy a full sit-down meal with soup, entrée and dessert. Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 2 – 5 p.m. and is open at 11 a.m. Monday through Friday, and 11:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. You can

BEAUJOLAIS BISTRO Located in downtown Reno and part of the Reno Riverwalk District, this modern French style bistro serves its namesake cuisine. With a casual and inviting atmosphere, you will be able to have a relaxing dinner with timeless French music. Serving lunch from 11:30 – 2 p.m. and dinner from 5 p.m. until close, you can also enjoy classic French dishes. Reservations are recommended.

FUEGO A Spanish-themed wine and tapas bar, Fuego serves Spanish finger-food steeped in its social food culture and is located in the Riverwalk Dining District, complete with live music, drink specials with a daily happy hour, and lunch and dinner specials abound with Spanish small plate specialties. Vino 100. Photo credit: Vino 100. Indulge in Spain’s universal gazpacho, Iberian-themed meat and cheese plates, Paella (a Spanish dish of rice, seafood and saffron spices), and surf and turf-themed small “Great Basin Taps and Tanks.” Tours and fresh, plate tapas dishes. Don’t forget to round out handcrafted brews right from the source are your meal with churros, a delectable Spanish available Tuesday through Saturday afternoons fried and twisted dough, served with chocolate and evenings. dipping sauces. If you want to try a Spanish Cava, Rioja or more traditional wines, Fuego SILVER PEAK BREWERY has all of your wine options covered. Silver Peak Brewery has a full service restaurant and brewery, complete with a mountain view. CHI RESTAURANT Serving classics like fish and chips, you can Located at the Peppermill Casino, this also enjoy brick-oven fired pizzas, and juicy restaurant, along with its adjoining lounge, lamb burgers with Kalamata olive salsa. If features many delectable Asian dishes. From you are looking for even more refined food, their signature deep fried calamari seasoned you can indulge in pan-seared filet mignon with a spicy salt to roasted duck noodle soup featuring an asiago cheese and potato gratin, and braised sea cucumber with Chinese expertly roasted asparagus, and a Madeira wine mushrooms and bamboo shoots, you will have a sauce. You may also want to indulge in the blue menu full of Asian delicacies—and don’t forget cheese potato risotto with grilled broccoli and Peking duck. Everything is prepared under the rosemary garlic butter that serves as a bed for a direction of Hong Kong native, Benny Tsang, sizzling 12 oz New York steak that is expertly so you know you’ll receive an authentic Asian cooked to your ideal temperature. dining experience every single time!

also take in some great live music since this brewpub always has Reno’s best DJs and live bands nightly.

BREWER’S CABINET The Brewer’s Cabinet is another Reno brewery that combines fine food with equally delicious brews. Featuring two different happy hours, one from 4 – 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and their late night happy hour from 9 – 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday, whenever you decide to go, they have a wide selection of brews. The current selection features a spicy and complex beer, Festival Saison, which includes ginger, coriander, star anise and cardamom. Other taste-bud tantalizing brews include Reno Farmhouse Ale, Twenty One and Tig Ole Bitters. Each beer is uniquely blended and brewed and the selection always changes. Brewer’s Cabinet also offers their Tasting Room for private events and holds Beer Pairing Dinner’s from time to time.

March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 47

L’UVA BELLA WINE GALLERY Located at the Summit Sierra, you can have your pick of over 500 different wine labels at this wine retail outlet and tasting gallery. Featuring well-known and more specialized bottles of wine, you will be able to find bottles from local wineries and wineries from all over the world. There is a full staff of wine experts that will listen to your needs and help you pick out the perfect bottle of wine. If you’re sticking around Reno after the RSA Convention and Tradeshow, you can take advantage of an opportunity to taste wine directly from the vintners or wine representatives.

THE RESERVE Located at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, The Reserve is an upscale wine bar that allows you help yourself to sip over 80 Chi Lounge located at the Peppermill Casino. Photo credit: Peppermill Casino. unique wines. You’re invited to try some new varietals and blends of wine with an wide based restaurants, as well as revolving live happy hour from 3 – 7 p.m. all week long ounce or two sample, while also enjoying your weekly entertainment. featuring $3 pints, bottled beers, Irish coffees favorites. Your wine samples are complemented and well drinks, “Tune-In Tuesdays” offers by appetizers from the aforementioned Briscola VINO 100 patrons $3 pints until 10 p.m., while “Whiskey and Charlie Palmer’s other Reno and countryOffering wine, Bourbon, Wednesdays” give patrons $2 off all whiskey Tequila, and Scotch options. Food can be ordered at the restaurant tastings, Vino 100 always and you will have the option to pick from local has at least four red and four restaurants and food trucks that work with white wines available to Ceol. If you can make it in on Saturday evening purchase and drink by the and want to try this bar, there is live music on glass right on the premises. Saturday and Friday nights. Daily happy hour is from 4 – 6 p.m. featuring $5 CRAFT WINE AND BEER glasses of wine available to Offering its patrons a wide variety of wine and sip inside or on the outdoor beer options for on-premise consumption and patio. Every day the “Happy goodies to take home, Craft really prides itself Hour Platter,” a cheese, on showcasing Reno’s local brews and farmers’ fruit and cracker platter is goods. Featuring beer, wine, spirits and other available for only $6 or $10 farm-raised products, such as locally-farmed for a small or large size, honey, you can literally get a taste of Reno. and on Fridays Chefs in Open Monday through Saturday from 11 the City’s Chef Antonio a.m. – 9 p.m. and 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Sunday, will have a wide selection of you’ll never know what they will have going on, appetizers available. but you can be certain it will be an event that highlights a local product or event!


Lake Ridge Golf Course. Photo credit:

48 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine



Ceol Irish Pub is as authentic as it gets outside of Ireland for an Irish pub. In fact, the word “Ceol” is Gaelic for music. Going with the Gaelic language theme, along with English, of course, Ceol has a bevy of weekly specials. These specials include d a i l y

Located adjacent to Chi restaurant, the Chi Lounge, also located at the Peppermill Casino, offers patrons a relaxing Asian-themed lounge with all of today’s modern luxuries. Only a step away from the thrill of gaming on the casino’s floor, the lounge is decorated with Chinese statutes and artifacts. The lounge opens at 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and has numerous high definition wide-screen televisions and a full drink and appetizer menu

par five 515-yard holes. You can also take lessons from the in-house PGA pro, warm up on the driving range or get ready for your game on the putting green. To find out more detailed information for Silver Legacy Resort and Casino, other resorts, casinos and the establishments in Reno featured in this piece, the following websites and phone numbers are valuable resources:

Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority, RSCVA Website: Phone: 1-800-FOR-RENO (367-7366)

Silver Legacy Resort and Casino

Website: Phone: 1-800-MUST-SEE (687-8733)

Reno Riverwalk District

Aces Stadium. Photo credit:

for your enjoyment.


If you’re looking to take in a baseball game, take note that the Reno Aces will be playing at home on May 7 and 8 at 6:35 p.m. at Ace Stadium. Hotdogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks, anyone?

NATIONAL BOWLING STADIUM Once dubbed the “Taj Mahal of Tenpins,” this facility is a one-of-a-kind, family entertainment facility complete with 78 lanes, the Lane 81 Pro Shop and Stadium Club and an amazing 172seat I-WERKS Theater, one of the longest video screens in the world at 440 feet. All throughout the month of May and during the RSA Convention, the National Bowling Stadium will be playing host to the USBC Open Championships, the USBC Women’s Championships and the Bowlers Journal Tournament.

with the tournament or your own round of nine or 18 holes, you can have a relaxing lunch or dinner at the 19th Hole Restaurant right on the premises.

WILDCREEK GOLF COURSE Located about 10 minutes from Silver Legacy Resort and Casino, and owned by the RenoSparks Convention and Visitors Authority, this course plays host to multiple PGA Seniors Tournament with rounds of nine or 18 holes available. If you are looking for challenging and forgiving holes, this is your course. You will face the gamut of holes between par three 150yard holes all the way up to horizon reaching

Website: Phone: (775) 825-WALK (9255)


Thomas Hill

Thomas Hill is a full-time professional freelance writer. He attended Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT majoring in U.S. history and minoring in social sciences. He is passionate about all things writing, including legal issues that impact roller skating facilities.

LAKE RIDGE GOLF COURSE As the scene of the Roller Skating Foundation/Pepsi Golf Classic, this is the perfect golf course for nine or 18 holes. Established in 1969, you can see downtown Reno and Nevada’s rolling mountains from virtually any part of the golf course. Just over four miles outside of downtown Reno, hole number 15, the course’s signature hole, is a par three at 140 feet atop Lake Stanley. According to Robert Trent Jones, Sr., Lake Ridge Golf Course has consistently been voted “Best of Reno.” When you are done

National Bowling Stadium. Photo credit: March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 49

business matters | ONLINE BOOKING

THE BENEFITS OF ONLINE BOOKING How Online Booking Software Can Help Your Roller Rink


skating parties is an excellent modern tool. It can assist roller rink owners by increasing their business revenue as well as provide a welcome service to roller rink patrons. However, owners of skate centers are sometimes apprehensive to make the move to online booking. My research and interview with Scott Drummond, the creator of Party Center Software, and two roller skating rink owners who currently use Party Center Software in their roller rinks, help explain how online booking has helped their roller rinks increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

SKATE CENTER TECHNOLOGY Approximately 72% of skate centers now have online websites advertising their facility and services offered. However, out of that approximated 72% only 26% offer their potential patrons the convenience of booking their rolling skating event online. Overall that is only 19% of all skate centers. Approximately 74% of people are active online. These days it seems that everyone has an electronic device of some kind. Everywhere one looks someone is talking on a smartphone,

enjoying a novel on an electronic reader or surfing the web on a tablet. The majority of these people are active online between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. making this a peak time for online scheduling. It only makes sense then that businesses such as skate centers would take advantage of online booking software such as Party Center Software.

and scheduling events can be redirected into more beneficial tasks. Also, online booking increases sales. When a customer can book a party online 24 hours a day from virtually anywhere the business’ bottom line is bound to increase. Many centers that use online booking have experienced between a 10-15% increase in sales.

Eleven to fifteen percent of all online party bookings are done on a tablet. There is no doubt that this number will steadily increase. What this means is that it’s possible for a parent to look up a skate center online and book a party while they are out and about running errands—if the skate center they have chosen has the ability to book parties online, that is. If not then that parent may simply find another nearby skate center with a website offering online booking.

There are a variety of software programs for online booking. One such online booking program is Party Center Software. This particular software has several advantages such as:

ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE BOOKING Having online booking for a skate center provides several advantages: • Twenty-four hour availability • Increased customer satisfaction • Better employee time usage • Increased sales The ability to schedule a party at a local skate center 24 hours a day is priceless for a person whose day runs long. Also, customers who have the ability to view party packages at their leisure and schedule their event online feel less pressured than those who call to schedule a party. Once the customer has sufficiently browsed over the skate center’s offerings, it only takes a couple of minutes for them to book their party online.

Champ’s website utilizes the Party Center Software to offer a number of packages to customers. 50 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

With online employee time normally used on describing party

booking, that is the phone packages

• Ability to customize design and layout • Direct linking to business web site • Ability to schedule a party on the internet in real time • Increase sale of add-on amenities • Instantly accept deposits by credit card • Employee Scheduling • Inventory Management • Vendor Management Having such a useful online tool available is a great benefit for rink operators. With most of the population using online devices on a daily basis it is definitely a wise business move. As the old saying goes, use the right tool for the job.

THE INS AND OUTS OF THE PARTY CENTER SOFTWARE After speaking with Party Center’s creator and founder Scott Drummond, we learned that one of the main reasons he created this software was because not everyone currently has online party booking—less than 19% to be exact. Drummond saw a world of opportunity and helped to fill a void that would allow more people to book their roller skating parties online. Virtually any type of event can be booked (birthday parties, corporate events, company building events). Generally speaking, patrons booking events with 30 people or less can seamlessly book online. Booking is done all day long, research shows that peak booking

ONLINE BOOKING | business matters patrons booking online. Roller rinks can also reach out to those who booked online through a followup call to both confirm the reservation and upsell services and products for their booked event. Either way, upselling can be customized based on the event or patron. Drummond gave me two examples of how roller rink operators can directly benefit: • When it comes to add-ons, many roller rink operators can see an increase of anywhere from 10 – 25% in their sales for Champ’s website utilizes the Party Center Software to offer a an individual add-on or the number of packages to customers. complete package. This all times are between 8 p.m. until midnight and depends on how many add-ons are available, between 11 a.m. to noon, normally on lunch how aggressive roller rinks operators are breaks. Tablets, especially within the last year, with the software and with a follow-up call. have accounted for between 10-15% of all online bookings. This is just with the Apple® • Another benefit Drummond pointed out iOS platform and does not include other tablet was the amount of labor this software saves operating system platforms. rink operators. He tells me that assuming a roller rink books 40 to 50 parties a month, For parties over 30, patrons must call, but and only 15 to 20 of them are booked online. online booking software can still be used to He estimates it takes up to 30 minutes, book the party – this requirement is used to totaling up to 10 hours. This time could speak with the patron to make sure all of the be used towards selling a group event to a details are understood, if capacity can be met, large school or business that could earn the what the parties will require, etc. roller rink up to $1,000 in extra revenue. The combined revenue from the online booking UPDATES AND UPGRADES and the re-directed labor will increase Upgrades and updates are performed profitability. automatically (for many roller rink owners, it happens in the early morning hours before they SOFTWARE EFFECTIVENESS arrive at their facility). Customers can have different types of service – the software enables customers to book over EASE OF USE the internet, book in person or book over the Patrons, roller rink employees and owners alike phone. Using the same software streamlines require virtually no training with its intuitive and funnels everything into one database. design. This increases its use and enables Records can be pulled up any time for the employees’ time to be better utilized elsewhere customer or for internal uses such as planning, in the roller rink. This saves time and money measuring bookings and for quarterly filings. while increasing profits. Simply booking the event takes about four to POINT OF SALE SYSTEM eight minutes. Depending on how many addThere is also a point-of-sale feature that can ons that your roller rink wants to sell, perhaps be used concurrently with booking software. five to 15 minutes. Rink operators and owners are able to use a fully customizable system to keep track of all COST BENEFITS of their food, drink and entertainment-related Roller rink operators and their employees transactions in a single database. can upsell food, drink, and novelty items to

REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE FROM RINK OPERATORS Nick Champa of Champ’s Skate gave us great insight on how his facility is using this software. Using Party Center Software since 2007, it has completely revolutionized how his roller rink has booked parties. The ability for Champa’s facility to book birthday parties is revolutionized because he is able to work with his customer however they want—online, over the phone, or in person. Customers are able to understand everything about the birthday party they are booking – what they get, how they get it, what options they have, the roller rink’s policies and procedures, etc. Champa also explained that Champ’s Skate has realized many benefits of Party Center Software. Since the software is easy to use and displays all of the information, it is easy to upsell many birthday party add-ons such as: • T-shirts • Food • Novelties • Mini-golf • Laser-tag Booking occurs all times of the day and night. Those who do book online take about 10 to 15 minutes, according to Champa’s estimations. Unlike having a person booking their event compared to his old system, with Party Central Software there is zero chance of a double bookingand is an extremely important feature to maintain great customer service. While Champa does follow up with every customer who books online, he uses the call to confirm the details and not to upsell any products or services. Scott Newberry, the owner of Rollarama Skating Center, loves Party Center Software. Using both the online booking software and the Point-of-Sale portions, he runs an efficient roller rink operation. He loves the software because he can work from anywhere he has an internet connection (his home, office or on the road). With more than 50% of his patrons booking online, he has seen a measurable increase in online bookings. Booking only takes a few minutes and while he generally limits online bookings to 25 people, Newberry says it works flawlessly with customizable reports and constant updates that occur through the internet and in the background. While Champa does not use the Point-ofSale side of the software, he explained that

March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 51


Whatever system you decide to utilize for your online booking, the evidence is clear that taking the time to offer new technological options will not only increase profits, but it saves time and creates a much better experience for customers— an attainable goal for every rink owner. n

Thomas Hill

Thomas Hill is a full-time professional freelance writer. He attended Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT majoring in U.S. history and minoring in social sciences.

New Products Gold Standard Games/Shelti announces that all three of its new coin air hockey models are available and now shipping. All three models are built for maximum player appeal, durability, and earnings longevity. The “Premium” model (pictured) features an outwardfacing video monitor which displays scores during game play and, between games, displays player and promotional info. It is completely customizable by the operator for advertising specials, tournaments, promotional info, etc. The table also features overhead scoring with a Player’s Choice option for either black light or white light.

s, a payment processing company, is necessary to have a fully functioning system. is a secure online payment gateway that you can have on your website and in-person marketing materials. Having a secure payment gateway such as enables your roller skating rink to process credit cards securely and fight against fraud, it also helps your roller rink give customers peace of mind as a “Verified Merchant.” New laws and guidelines require that online sales merchants utilize a secure payment gateway, so it is imperative that you include this feature when adding online sales.

The “Elite” model comes without the monitor but includes the overhead unit with black light/ white light. The “Professional” model is the basic model with side score unit and no overhead. The brochure can be viewed at The Gold Standard tables were designed by Mark Robbins, company owner and 30-year veteran of the air hockey side of the industry. “I am convinced we have the best-playing, most durably built table available to the industry”, says Robbins. “Game operators looking for longevity and great earnings year after year should check out our tables at the upcoming Amusement Expo in Las Vegas. We will also be showing the colorful FEC model we introduced at IAAPA., featuring attention-grabbing graphics and LED lighting.” For more information contact Gold Standard Games at 989-893-1739, or email Website

Support the Roller Skating Foundation and help grow the sport of roller skating! Promote healthy lifestyles through roller skating! Support college scholarships for roller skating industry students! If you would like more information on donating to the Foundation, please contact the Foundation Liasion at (317) 347-2626 or by email at Yes! I would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Roller Skating Foundation and help with skating safety, fitness and college scholarships for roller skating industry students. The Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non profit organization. You may complete the form online at to send a donation online by using a credit card or you may mail your donation to Roller Skating Foundation, 6905 Corporate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278. Please include the name of donor, mailing address, phone number and email address. Your unrestricted tax-deductible gift will help the Roller Skating Foundation meet our national objectives of educational programs, self-esteem and safety programs, and general promotion of fitness through roller skating.

To learn more about your dollars at work, visit for the latest information. 52 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine


CONCRETE SOLUTIONS When the Last Resort Becomes the First Option

By: Joseph Nazarro


ago: “There i was, knee deep in buffalo chips, trying to build a fire!” My Texas-born neighbor uses that expression when finding himself in a tough spot. I had faced many troubles during my thirty years converting asphalt, particle board and concrete into smooth and safe skate floors, but nothing like this. Always the last contractor to step onto a job site, during new rink construction or for a conversion, aptly dubbed “the floor guy,” I took pride in completing over 1,000,000 square feet of applications of base and top-coatings and solving the usual problems along the way. I never left the site without accomplishing my mission and watching the smiles on the faces of the new operators and their families as I rode off into the perfect sunset. This situation was going to be different. I found myself standing in the middle of the most marred, scraped, and unevenly finished 11,000 square feet of fresh concrete ever intended for use as a skate floor. After walking the floor, occasionally extracting protruding cigarette butts, candy wrappers, bits of cut wire and insulation from the surface with my pocket knife, I finally stopped, turning to survey the distortions left from a careless contractor, completely “bum-fuzzled” (another Texas expression). I had to allow the idea to take hold that I might not be able to save this one. In all other jobs, I could apply a remedy (heat, cold, chemical, sander, grinder, air or dehumidifier – sometimes time itself would solve a problem) but how was I going to tell this hopeful couple that their nearly complete rink that they had sunk all of their hopes and dreams (and money) into was about to be a nightmare? Calling my factory, I described the situation, desperate for a solution. No one on the other end of the line could give me a way out, but I was told to wait while they researched the issues within their network. The answer, the remedy – the perfect solution – came the following day. But a second and more devastating problem also came to the surface of the concrete that night. When attempting to determine how the imperfections might be overcome in some places by using the coatings I had sent to the rink, I discovered that an additive had been mixed into the concrete during the pouring (used to accelerate curing) which we specifically prohibit when working with a contractor. The nature of the additive prevented our coatings from adhering to the concrete. All was lost.

ZAMBONI® ON CONCRETE Many of us have heard of the Zamboni® – a machine developed 60 years ago by Frank Zamboni for use in ice skating rinks. The machine “shaves” a fine layer of the ice from the frozen surface while laying down a thin layer of water which immediately freezes behind it. It creates a brand new, clean, smooth and level ice rink in no time at all. Abrasive Blasting, although completely unrelated to the ice resurfacing machine, is the general category of equipment designed to propel particles under pressure. We are most familiar with sand blasting, which uses the process patented in 1870 by Benjamin Tilgham. At first designed to prepare smooth surfaces for painting, plating and even shaping objects, pressurized fluids were initially used to forcefully eject the abrasive materials. Air pressure is used for somewhat larger jobs. The process that was introduced to me to solve the first, as well as to prepare for the solution to the second problem on this floor uses high velocity centrifugal wheels (patented in the 1930s by Wheelabrator) to propel hardened metal shards or buck-shot depending on the condition and hardness of the sub-straight being treated or the condition and hardness of the film (surface) being removed. The process used on concrete surfaces is called Shot Blasting.

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solutions | CONCRETE LEVELING One of the more impressive uses of this technology came about in the late 70s when Burlington Northern railroad developed repainting stalls similar to a car wash where paint and rust on rail cars would be stripped by shot-blasting heads and emerge repainted and numbered in a single pass. On concrete, an experienced shot-blasting operator can salvage disastrous results from a careless contractor. More commonly, shot blasting is utilized to correct uneven pavement on roads and bridges as well to clean and resurface airplane hangers. When watching the equipment run, once having seen the Zamboni® in operation, it is natural to compare the two. Equipment and experienced crews are becoming more and more common throughout the country. A most important advantage in the use of this type of equipment over ordinary floor machines and grinders is in the Shot Blaster’s consistency of finish. Grinders, even when used by careful and experienced operators, can leave a concrete floor with “new-moon” shaped abrasions that become another part of the problem while working toward a solution. (Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.) It has often been the case that a grinder causes more trouble than it was brought in to solve. Until learning of and bringing in the shot blasting crew to help level the floor discussed above, our only remedies were long hours, added expenses in labor and coatings and imperfect results. The Shot Blasting crew arrived from over 400 miles away and began using a dustless machine cutting 36 inch swatches. They completed their work in less than eight hours and left me with a surface I could easily handle. What about the concrete additive blocking adhesion of the coatings? By the time the crew had arrived, my factory informed me that they had recently completed research and production of a “barrier coating” they

developed for Terrazzo – concrete and granite that is polished to a glasssmooth finish. They were sure that it would anchor into the pores of the concrete and give the skate floor coatings something to hang on to. I applied the barrier coats when the crew left and the remaining skate floor coatings, as well. As I had come to expect, the smiles on the operator’s faces were the last image I took from the job and the rink opened the following weekend. I share this story with you here to stress the importance of keeping up with ever-changing technologies. One of the more prohibiting factors in converting existing buildings into skate centers is that their floor specifications deviate too far from our industry standards or the flooring materials used cannot easily be removed. I am receiving calls from more and more prospective rink operators in small and large communities looking to convert an existing building in order to create new skating centers. Shot Blasting will reduce the floor problems most commonly faced in such conversions and improve possibilities for growing our industry. Where once chemical stripping followed by laborious grinding was the only solution to the creation of an economical skate floor, Shot Blasting is now the first recommendation I ask prospective rink owners to consider in a conversion or as a remedy to resurfacing their existing concrete skate floor. n

Joe Nazzaro

The son of Hall of Fame skating teachers, Joseph and Irene Nazzaro, Joe was raised in rinks, worked in rinks, and has even slept in rinks. Joe is the managing partner of Roll-on Floor Systems, LLC and has prepared and applied over one million square feet of urethane, epoxy and water-based skate floor coatings to maple, pecan, particle board, asphalt and concrete over the past thirty years. Joe in also a RSM life member.

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FLOOR, MATERIALS AND INSTALLATIONS Astro Carpet Mills Ed Hurney 1203 Broadrick Drive Dalton, GA 30720 Phone: 800-542-4189 Fax: 706-259-9684

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Finchum Sports Floors Larry Finchum 2812 Boyd’s Creek Highway Sevierville, TN 37876 Phone: 865-453-3995 Fax: 865-429-2431

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Floor Systems Inc Kim D Wall 4517 Industrial Road Fort Wayne, IN 46825 Phone: 260-484-7746 Fax: 260-484-7799

Rink Planning & Consulting Services Kim Wall 4517 Industrial Road Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Rink-Cote Gerald Klinger/Roy Spencer 1250 9th Street Muskegon, MI 49440

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Phone: 231-726-5911 Fax: 231-722-4081 Roll-On Floor Products Joe Nazzaro 1001 South Main Street Euless, TX 76040 Phone: 817-994-1953 Fax: 650-323-2818 Tite Coat International Scott Gray Taylor & Gray Urethane Coating 5421 Dorsey Evergreen Road Fulton, MS 38843 Phone: 800-442-8483 Fax: 662-862-6100 Birdwell & Associates LLC Bryan Birdwell 7915 S Emerson Ave, Suite B258 Indianapolis, IN 46237 Phone: 855-360-3278x149 Fax: 863-709-8107 Classic International/Skate Court John Matejec PO Box 1043 Isle of Palms, SC 29451 Phone: 918-488-1955 Fax: 918-488-1956 Joy Carpets & Co. Nick Dobosh 2640 Lafayette Road Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742-0579 Phone: 800-645-2787 Fax: 706-866-7928 INSURANCE Christian Baker Company Darrell Diodato PO Box 158 Camp Hill, PA 17001 Phone: 717-761-4712 Fax: 717-761-5810

AFFILIATE MEMBERS | connections Hanasab Insurance Services Inc. Robert Ferrer 8383 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 450 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 Phone: 310-980-9492 Fax: 909-581-6276 Heartland Agency Inc Becky Thurman 6808 Barr Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73132 Phone: 405-789-2733 Fax: 405-495-0426 JBL Trinity Group Ltd Anthony Profaci 100 Matawan Road Matawan, NJ 07747 Phone: 732-888-5000 Fax: 732-888-4646 K & K Insurance Group Inc 1712 Magnavox Way Fort Wayne, IN 46804 Phone: 260-459-5531 Fax: 260-459-5810 K.L. Owens & Associates LLC Karen Owens 309 Bouldercrest Way Woodstock, GA 30188 Phone: 770-855-4723 Meadowbrook Insurance Group Nancy Clay 11880 College Blvd, Ste 500 Overland Park, KS 66210 Phone: 913-266-5325 Fax: 877-892-4574 Tilton, Thomas & Morgan, Inc. Tyler Morgan PO Box 729 St Joseph, MO 64502 Phone: 816-233-0266 Fax: 816-233-9582 LEGAL SERVICES Agajanian, McFall, Weiss, Tetreault and Crist LLP Don Ornelas Jr. 346 North Larchmont Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90004 Phone: 323-993-1098 Fax: 323-993-9509 Anselmi & Mierzejewski PC Kurt Anselmi 1750 South Telegraph Road, Suite 306 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 Phone: 248-338-2290 Fax: 248-338-4451 Cruser, Mitchell & Novitz Rondiene E. Novitz 341 Conklin Street, 2nd Floor Farmingdale, NY 11735 Phone: 516-586-8513 Fax: 516-586-8517

Sayreville, NJ 08872 Phone: 732-238-0096 Fax: 732-238-4404 Fun Express Lae Phonephakdy 4206 S 108th St Omaha, NE 68137 Phone: 402-935-5529 Fax: 800-228-1002 Funtastic Novelties Kris Wall-Friesner 4515 Industrial Road Fort Wayne, IN 46825 Phone: 260-482-1566 Fax: 260-482-1568

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Promo Only Networks Jim Robinson 257 South Lake Destiny Drive Orlando, FL 32810 Phone: 407-331-3600 Fax: 407-331-6400

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SESAC Inc Bill Lee 55 Music Square East Nashville, TN 37203 Phone: 615-320-0055 Fax: 615-321-6292 NOVELTY ITEMS/REDEMPTION PRODUCTS Coast To Coast Entertainment John Maurer 4000 Bordentown Ave, Suite 16

The Stuff Shop Mike Hill 111 Triple Diamond Blvd. North Venice, FL 34275 Phone: 800-860-8474 Fax: 800-497-2976

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connections | AFFILIATE MEMBERS Virginia Toy and Novelty Company Tom Weigl 2503 Squadron Ct. Virginia Beach, VA 23453 Phone: 757-313-7000 Fax: 757-313-7007 PARTY SUPPLIES Party Direct Mike Kuepper PO Box 353 Peru, IN 46970 Phone: 800-548-7868 Fax: 800-363-0208 Rebecca’s Joe Nazzaro 1001 South Main Euless, TX 76040 Phone: 800-777-2235 Fax: 817-354-6393 Sureshot Redemption Sondra Doyle 568 Meadow Sweet Circle Osprey, FL 34229 Phone: 941-445-5073 Fax: 909-923-7909 PLAY EQUIPMENT AND LASER TAG Creative Works Theme Factory Jeff Schilling 350 Bridge St Mooresville, IN 46158 Phone: 317-834-4770 Fax: 317-834-4771 International Play Company Inc. Kathleen Kuryliw 215-27353-58th Crescent Langley, BC V4W 3W7 CANADA Phone: 604-607-1111 Fax: 604-607-1107 Laser Blast Carla Ewald 6118 Gotfredson Rd Plymouth, MI 48170 Phone: 734-332-0256 Fax: 734-332-0256 LaZer Runner Laser Tag Systems Paul Savard 7927 A Coronet Road

Edmonton, AB T6E 4N7 CANADA Phone: 780-496-9058 Fax: 780-496-9059 Mason Corporation Dick Mason 8114 Isabella Lane Brentwood, TN 37027 Phone: 800-821-4141 Fax: 615-373-8796 Nexus & Zone Laser Tag Erik Guthrie 4610 Ingleside Indianapolis, IN 46227 Phone: 866-966-3797 Fax: 302-336-9698 PlaySmart Gary Boots 107 North Missouri Sedalia, MO 65301 Phone: 217-221-4031 Fax: 660-829-0526 Ride Development Company Tami Dean PO Box 40 Independence, OR 97351 Phone: 503-606-4438 Fax: 503-606-4436 US Bowling Corporation Brent Dyer 5480 Schaefer Avenue Chino, CA 91710 Phone: 909-548-0644 PUBLIC SKATE SALES Connie’s Skate Place Connie Willis PO Box 3200 Brunswick, GA 31521 Phone: 866-419-1977 Fax: 267-712-6789 ROLLER SKATE MANUFACTURERS Bont Skates Debbie Rice 4178 70th St Cir E Palmetto, FL 34221 Phone: 225-603-6588

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Chicago Skates/National Sporting Goods Joel Aranson 376 Hollywood Avenue, Suite 202 Fairfield, NJ 07004 Phone: 973-779-2323 Fax: 973-779-0084 Classic International Sales John Matejec PO Box 700187 Tulsa, OK 74170 Phone: 918-488-1955 Fax: 918-488-1956 Crazy Skate Company Trent Carter PO Box 3330 Caloundra DC, QLD 4551 AUSTRALIA Phone: 130-078-8538 Fax: +61 7 5491 4277 GRN MNSTR Roller Sports Luke Powell 4742 42nd Ave SW #601 Seattle, WA 98116 Phone: 888-360-4534 LW Skates Luther Bernstein 4004 Cedar Creek Ct. Arlington, TX 76016 Phone: 817-781-1898 Nistevo Sport Manufacturing Corp Doug Glass 8925 Orion Drive NE, Suite E Lacey, WA 98516-1375 Phone: 360-456-8628 Fax: 360-438-7352 Riedell Skates Inc Bob Riegelman 122 Cannon River Avenue Red Wing, MN 55066 Phone: 651-388-8251x113 Fax: 651-385-5500 Roller Derby Skate Corp Walter Frazier PO Box 930 Litchfield, IL 62056 Phone: 217-324-3961 Fax: 217-324-2213

AFFILIATE MEMBERS | connections Skates US, Inc. David Ripp 415 West Eaton Pike Richmond, IN 47374 Phone: 765-935-7477 Fax: 765-935-7033 Sure Grip International Jim Ball 5519 Rawlings Southgate, CA 90280 Phone: 562-923-0724 Fax: 562-923-1160 Waynes Western Wheels 1755 County Road 1190 Kopperl, TX 76652 Phone: 254-797-0137 Fax: 254-797-3017 ROLLER SKATES & DISTRIBUTORS Damschroder Sales & Dist Jerry Damschroder 13227 Saticoy Street N Hollywood, CA 91605-3405 Phone: 800-635-6200 Fax: 818-982-9355 RC Sports Inc. Dale Hanson 9910 Lakeview Avenue Lenexa, KS 66219 Phone: 800-255-6588 Fax: 913-894-5179 Riedell Skates Inc Bob Riegelman 122 Cannon River Avenue Red Wing, MN 55066 Phone: 651-388-8251x113 Fax: 651-385-5500 Skatetime Rentals Clint Briggs 2450 20th ST Rockford, IL 61104 Phone: 815-756-7600 Fax: 815-787-7384 Southeastern Skate Supply David Ramsey PO Box 336 Mableton, GA 30126 Phone: 770-944-1322 Fax: 770-944-2631 Southeastern Skate Supply Inc Glenn Ramsey Jr. PO Box 12448 Roanoke, VA 24025-2448 Phone: 540-342-7871 Fax: 540-342-7873 ROLLER SPORTS Derby Lite Barbara Dolan 410 N Humphrey Ave Oak Park, IL 60302 Phone: 708-359-0159 Fax: 708-851-0445 USA Roller Sports Richard Hawkins 4730 South Street Lincoln, NE 68506 Phone: 402-483-7551 Fax: 402-483-1465 SKATING APPAREL Expert Hosiery, LLC Abid Sheikh 2953 Taylor Dr Asheboro, NC 27203 Phone: 336-495-9100 Fax: 336-495-9103

Quik n’ Crispy Paul Artt QNC Inc 12021 Plano Road, Suite 160 Dallas, TX 75243 Phone: 888-668-3687 Fax: 972-669-8990 SOUND SYSTEMS & LIGHTING Audio Lite Terry Maxfield 701 Graham Emporia, KS 66801 Phone: 800-255-1015 Fax: 620-342-3338 Froggy’s Fog Chris Markgraf 302 Rutherford Ln Columbia, TN 38401 Phone: 615-469-4906 SPECIAL PRODUCTS & SERVICES Amusement Advantage Inc Scot Carson 12650 West 64th Avenue E-426 Arvada, CO 80004 Phone: 800-362-9946 Fax: 866-430-9750

Roller Graphics Michele Edelmen 2059 Range Road Clearwater, FL 33765 Phone: 800-447-7793 Fax: 727-446-0981 SNACK BAR EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Gold Medal Products Company John Evans 10700 Medallion Drive Cincinnati, OH 45241-4807 Phone: 800-543-0862 Fax: 800-542-1496 Integrity Furniture & Equipment PO Box 6523 Longview, TX 75608 Phone: 888-600-8639 Fax: 903-663-2040 Pepsi-Cola Company

Patrick Hunt 7701 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024 Phone: 972-312-0059

Eliot Management Group Deborah Trout 5050 Quorum Drive Suite 410 Dallas, TX 75254 Phone: 469-374-9300 x1606 Olivers Products Mark Oliver 1313 W North St Jackson, MI 49202 Phone: 517-787-8716 Fax: 517-787-1897 Rinksider Linda Katz 2470 E Main Street Columbus, OH 43209 Phone: 614-235-1022 Fax: 614-235-3584

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connections | AFFILIATE MEMBERS & CLASSIFIED ADS Shumaker Products Marcia Shumaker PO Box 155 S Milford, IN 46786 Phone: 260-351-3204 Fax: 260-351-4378 VENDING MACHINES AND COIN-OPERATED GAMES Bay Tek Games, Inc. Holly Meidl 1077 East Glenbrook Drive Pulaski, WI 54162 Phone: 920-822-3951 Fax: 920-822-8936 Benchmark Games Richard Long 51 Hypoluxo Rd Hypoluxo, FL 33462 Phone: 561-588-5200 Fax: 561-493-2999 Betson Enterprises Brian Murphy 303 Paterson Plank Road Carlstadt, NJ 07072 Phone: 201-438-1300 x3345 Fax: 201-438-3628 Eversman Entertainment, LLC Jim Smith 2095 Andrea Lane Fort Myers, FL 33912 Phone: 239-482-7789 Fax: 239-482-6736 Theisen Vending Co Anita Bennett 2335 Nevada Ave. North Golden Valley, MN 55427 Phone: 800-633-3436 Fax: 612-827-7543

1160 North Central Avenue, #209A Glendale, CA 91202 Phone: 818-547-9900 Fax: 818-547-0551 Nistevo Sport Manufacturing Corp Doug Glass 8925 Orion Drive NE, Suite E Lacey, WA 98516-1375 Phone: 360-456-8628 Fax: 360-438-7352 Skate One Corp / DBA Roll One Distribution Isaac Oltmans 30 South La Patera Lane Santa Barbara, CA 93117-3215 Phone: 805-683-4779 Fax: 805-964-0511 WRIST BANDS, TICKETS AND TOKENS MedTech Wristbands USA Jennifer Purdy 7380 Sand Lake Road Suite 500 Orlando, FL 32819 Phone: 800-361-1259 Fax: 519-686-9369 National Ticket Company Patrick Carter PO Box 547 Shamokin, PA 17872 Phone: 570-672-2900 Fax: 800-829-0888 Price Chopper Inc Miriam Johnson 6958 Venture Circle Orlando, FL 32807 Phone: 888-695-6220 Fax: 407-679-3383

WHEEL AND BEARING MANUFACTURERS Faster Skates Sarah Hipel 1314 Rosewood Avenue, Unit 102 Austin, TX 78702 Phone: 512-897-3271 DRI Products Inc Soo Kwon 62 | March / April 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine


For Sale: Razorback Roller Rink name; limited liability corporation for domain name and copyright to image and the murals. Razorback Roller Rink. Call Nancy Campbell at 479-366-5111.


Wanted: Skate car. Large or small in any condition. Contact Bill McDonald at 816719-3965


United Skates of America, Inc. is looking to acquire existing roller skating facilities. We are currently operating in 10 states. If you have interest in selling your business please give us a call. Your facility needs to have at least 100,000 people within a 5 mile radius. Contact Josh Traeger at Joshtraeger@ or (802) 254-3880


For Sale used composite sports floor ( Brand is Ice Court ). Good Condition, 15,000 sq. ft. $1.25 sq. ft. or 912660-7458




Made by Media Vision, a member of the RSA. For more information, visit www.mvisioninc. com. To purchase, please call Matt Clark at 281-456-0507 (rink) or 281-615-8953 (cell).


Rental skates: 646 unisex pairs sizes 1-16, excellent condition, Riedell boots (Tan), soft urethane wheels (for school gym floors), aluminum plates, purchased new between $65 and $95 each. Call for available schools. Asking $35/pair for entire inventory including 16 cabinets@ $100.00 each. Call 563-543-7107 or email spensleyroger@

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Taking a simple product and making it better should seem easy, turns out it is. just add color.

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Bearings 70 Years in the Making...


5519 Rawlings St. • South Gate, CA 90280 toll free phone: (800) 344-3331• phone: (562) 923-0724 • fax: (562) 923-0724 check out our website @

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