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your Business Plan

Digital Marketing Why digital signage is professional, versatile and crucial to your business

Protect Your Business. Protect Your Skaters. Protect Your Future.

The Official RSA Endorsed Insurance Carrier OUR COMMITTMENT TO THE RSA


► Serving as the RSA Endorsed Insurance Provider Sponsor ► Diamond sponsor at every Roller Skating Industry Event ► Kids Skate Free Sponsor ► Roller Skating Manufacturer Associate Member ► Sponsor of local RSA Chapter Meetings ► Roller Skating Museum Sponsor ► My Skate Repair Program Sponsor ► Risk Management assessments for all customers ► Inline Hockey Association Insurance Provider

JBL Trinity has a division of underwriting and claims managers dedicated to the roller skating and FEC industry. Thanks to the dedication of these skilled professionals, JBL is at the forefront of the industry. We provide a full menu of insurance coverages to meet your specific needs, including but not limited to: General Liability, Property, Liquor Liability, Employment Liability (EPLI), Builders Risk. We hope that you will give JBL Trinity an opportunity to quote your roller skating rink or family entertainment center. Visit us on the web at to fill out an application.

General Liability Coverages

• $0 Deductible • Additional Insureds • Schools & PTAs • Rides and Arcades • Medical Payments • Active Shooter Coverage

Property Coverages

• Hired and Non-Owned Auto • Boy and Girl Scouts • Special Events • Assault and Battery • Sexual Abuse and Molestation • Teams, Leagues and Roller Derby through Inline Hockey Association Program

Refer to the actual policy(s) for complete terms/conditions. • HVAC Equipment Breakdown • Computer/EDP Equipment • Replacement Cost • Crime Coverage • Money - In & Out • Food Spoilage • Ordinance or Law • All Risk - Special • Hurricane and Wind • Garages and Sheds • $1000 Deductible

Endorsed Provider for the RSA

These coverages are provided by “A-rated” carriers that understand your business and provide the specialized coverages you need. Our industry-wide expertise and claims assistance completes your insurance protection at a price you can afford.

Anthony Profaci 1-800-925-RINK

50 First Avenue Atlantic Highlands, NJ Phone: 1-800-925-RINK Fax: 732-888-4646

NEWS & COMMENTARY CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Lynette Rowland, Lori Lovely, Jeff Couey, Keith Loria, Brandon Willey, Joe Rayes, David Brewer, Aaron Brink, Molly Allen



PUBLISHER Lynette Rowland

EDITOR Joe Rayes

PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE Brian Molony, Kalamazoo, MI, Chairman Cort Wahlig, Newark, DE Jeanne Housholder, Savoy, IL Jeanne Sincavage, Reading, PA Chanel Bellotto, Lakeland, FL Sophie Park, Pittsburgh, PA Rob Gould, Wilbraham, MA

RSA PRESIDENT Jeff Couey, Atlanta, GA

RSA VICE PRESIDENT Cort Wahlig, Newark, DE


A&W Photography. Businesses are welcome to submit photos for consideration for editorial use to editor@ Must be 350 DPI or greater. COPYRIGHT Rinksider is published throughout the year by Roller Skating Association International. Copyright 2019 by Roller Skating Association International. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without express written permission of the publisher is strictly forbidden. DISCLAIMER Statements of fact and opinion are the responsibility of the authors alone and do not imply an opinion on the part of the directors, officers or members of RSA. RSA does not endorse, represent or warrant the accuracy or reliability of any of the information, content, advertisements or other materials contained herein. SUBMISSIONS Rinksider welcomes stories, art and photo contributions. All such material must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope in order to be returned.

Brian Molony, Kalamazoo, MI

RSA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Alan Bacon, Richland, WA Jeff Warrenburg, Antioch, CA Mark Christianson, La Crosse, WI Ed Hughes, Liberty, MO Frank Torries, Lafayette, LA Brian Molony, Kalamazoo, MI Robert Kramer, Terre Haute, IN Chris Finley, Panama City, FL Joe Smith, Hermitage, PA Rob Gould, Wilbraham, MA Jeanne Sincavage, Reading, PA Billy Thompson, Clover, SC Chanel Bellotto, Lakeland, FL Shane Locklear, Richmond, VA

ADVERTISING INFORMATION Please contact Lynette Rowland at 317-347-2626 Ext. 107 or email to request a media kit and rate card. Advertising discounts available for all RSM Affiliate members. POSTMASTER Send address changes to: 6905 Corporate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278, Phone: 317-347-2626 or Fax: 317-3472636. Presorted standard at Indianapolis, IN. Subscription is part of membership in Roller Skating Association International. Subscription rate for non-members is $45. Canada: $55. International: $75 MEMBER / SUPPORTER / PARTNER

RSA STAFF Jim McMahon, Executive Director Angela Tanner, Assistant Executive Director Tonya Crenshaw, Accountant Lynette Rowland, Director of Communications Sharon McMahon, Director of Membership Services / Achievement Program / Pepsi Programming

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Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3





DEPARTMENTS News & Commentary

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President’s Update.................................................................... 6

2019 RSA Convention Photo Recap

Editor’s Note............................................................................. 7 Get Your MBA in Roller Skating Business �������������������������� 8 Foundation Scholarship Winners.........................................10 Museum News........................................................................24 Products from the RSA.........................................................50 Promo Only Top 20 List........................................................59

Digital Marketing: Why digital signage is professional, versatile and crucial to your business


Technology Managing Your Social Media................................................40 The Future is Bright...............................................................58

Rink Life Common Pitfalls of Human Resources ������������������������������44 Imagination: The Ultimate Instrument of Change

Why Branding is as Important as Your Business Plan


The Importance of Customer Personalization �������������������56

Connections Affiliate Members...................................................................62 Classifieds................................................................................66

Technology Updates for 2019


Coming up next month...

48 60

22 Tips for Providing Superior Customer Service

Laser Tag: Continually on the Cutting Edge

Back to School


Floor Guard Training

Accounting and Technology Integration

Sk8Expo Highlight

STEM Success

Concessions Marketing

How to Handle Lagging Sessions

Pro Shop Promos

RSM Highlight: Snack Bar Equipment and Supplies

To advertise, call 317-347-2626 Ext. 107 or email for a media kit.

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 5


President’s Update account 3. Hover over Members 4. Move your cursor down to National Roller Skating Month Toolkit. You will have to be logged into the website as a member to download materials. New materials will continue to be added throughout the summer months.

US Roller Speed Skating American Championships Second Year Success

National Roller Skating Month Posters Shipped


y the time most of you receive this issue of Rinksider Magazine, RSA members will have received their National Roller Skating Month Posters in the mail, ready

to display.

National Roller Skating Month is an annual event created for the purpose of encouraging skating centers to increase attendance during the back-to-school months. This month-long celebration is published in the Chase’s Calendar of Events and promoted nationwide. But this year, instead of celebrating National Roller Skating Month in October, why not celebrate #whyisk8 all year long? #whyisk8 is about everyone and the inclusiveness of roller skating. Do you skate because it is fun? Do you skate because your significant other or crush is at the skating rink? Hanging out with friends? Because it’s a great workout? #whyisk8 may be different for everyone. This poster is a celebration of why we all skate and the inclusiveness of roller skating. We urge you to use the poster and the hashtag not just in October, but all year long.

This year’s US Roller Speed Skating American Championships drew in more than 125 skaters from around the country on 22 teams. $10,000 in cash was awarded to the following individuals who skated their way to the top. A huge congratulations to them, and to all of the participants for their hard work. The following individuals skated their way to the podium: Women •

Kelsey Helman - 1st place

Jazzmyn Foster - 2nd place

Jeilyn Godin - 3rd place


your MBA in Roller Skating Business! Attendees will have access to insights and tools from Fortune 500 companies to learn how to propel their business by learning how how to: •

Manage your financials

Stop managing cash from a piggy bank or bank account

Establish routines and systems to get out of debt

Use time-tested processes to increase your cash flow

Create forward-looking plans to manage your finances.

Hiring and managing minimum wage increases

Exit strategies

So hurry, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to receive your MBA in Roller Skating Business! To register, visit www.sk8expo. org today!

Fall Trade Shows Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming fall trade shows!

Jonathan Blair - 1st place

Sk8Expo: August 26 - 28, 2019

Zach Stoppelmoor - 2nd place

Justin Stelly - 3rd place

RC Sports Open House: September 28-30, 2019

Funtastic Novelties Open House: September 24-25, 2019

Southeastern Skate Supply, Virginia: October 7-8, 2019

Ironwood to Educate RSA Members at Sk8Expo Ironwood works to remove the angst in the daily running of your business by helping to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Their goal is to help you learn how to take net income and translate it into working capital and larger savings. Come get

Southeastern Skate Supply, Georgia: October 21 - 22, 2019

All Skate Forward! Jeff Couey RSA President

The first Saturday of October (October 5, 2019) will be coined Learn to Skate Day. Skating centers across the country will be doing various promotions designed to help teach people how to roller skate. Need ideas for National Roller Skating Month? You can download additional materials on the Roller Skating Association website. 1. Visit 2. Log into your members only

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Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3


Editor’s Note


ummer is here and that means your customers are looking for a reprieve from the heat and something to keep them occupied throughout the summer, but with August right around the corner, that also means school is back in session - more school parties, birthday parties, after school parties, STEM program lessons. We’d love to share some of your success throughout the year with our readers, so if you would like to share your remodels or marketing ideas and highlights, we would like to hear from you! Please email me at with photos and contact information so we can potentially write a story about your facility or include you as a source in a feature editorial. We have some exciting and interesting features in this issue that we think you’ll be able to utilize in your rink: •

Technology updates for 2019 to help you achieve better results with less work

Laser tag innovations and updates

A complete 2019 RSA Convention photos highlight section

Why branding is as important to your business as your business plan

Digital marketing and why you should consider moving to digital signage for your skating center

22 tips for providing superior customer service

Common pitfalls of human resources

The importance of customer personalization

Managing your social media rather than letting it manage you

Here at Rinksider, we’re always looking for ways to help you improve your business. If you’re having issues with a specific topic, please reach out to us and we’ll do our very best to research and provide you with ideas on how to approach it. In the meantime, please enjoy this issue and feel free to reach out to me at with any suggestions or ideas.

Keep rolling!

FEATURE AUTHORS LORI LOVELY Lori is an award-winning syndicated writer, editor and photographer whose byline has appeared in a wide range of local, national international publications. A recipient of the 1999 AIDServe Superstar Award, Lovely is a long-standing PETA member and was a 25-year member of CARA Charities. In addition, she runs Montrose Farms where she raises alpacas and chickens. Lori can be reached at

MOLLY ALLEN Molly Allen is a freelance writer based in the Pacific Northwest with a passion for small businesses, lifestyle, travel, food and drink. With a background in business, events, and social media management, Molly also assists small businesses with their marketing efforts, including a local skating rink. When she isn’t writing, Molly can be found baking cakes from scratch or on her next hiking adventure. She can be reached at

HARRISON CHRISTENSEN Harrison Christensen has been an owner/operator in the FEC industry for over a decade. Currently working out of Cookeville, Tennessee at The Sk8 and Cyber Tag (between Nashville and Knoxville), Harrison has overseen the online marketing of his business and is excited to share his knowledge and services through his new business venture, Christensen Marketing Solutions, with you. Outside of the business world you can find Harrison enjoying his love of two wheels, golf, and gaming. Follow Harrison on Facebook and Twitter @HChristensen89 or contact him today at or 931-284-4935

BRANDON WILLEY Brandon Willey is the CEO of FetchRev and has broad knowledge of the local digital marketing ecosystem with extensive experience in email and search marketing, social media, retargeting, geotargeting, segmentation, automation, machine learning and more. He can be reached at or by calling 855979-7833.

DAVID BREWER David R. Brewer is the CEO of CSA Business Solutions, a merchant services and payment solutions provider based in Smyrna, Georgia. David has been working in the merchant services industry for more than 20 years and is dedicated to helping his customers improve their bottom line by reducing their costs. He can be reached at Website:

AARON BRINK Joe Rayes Editor

Aaron Brink is a part-time writer, full-time computer guy, and dabbles in board game design and songwriting when inspiration strikes. With more hobbies than gray hairs, skating has remained a consistent favorite for more than 35 years. He can be reached at aaron.brink@

Join us online today.

Join more than 500 roller skating rink owners on our Facebook group at Must be an RSA member to join.

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 7



Get Your MBA in Roller Skating Business at Sk8Expo


his year, Sk8Expo attendees will be sitting in on a one-of-a-kind learning experience with some of the best and brightest minds in business operations.

Here you will learn things like: •

How to know the stakes at play

Balancing daily operations and long-term planning

Ironwood Venture works with businesses • Working ON your business, not just IN to accelerate their growth. People who run your business businesses tend to be experts in their field and • Learning how to shift your train of work tirelessly in their business. As it grows, there is a point that owners reach where they’re not Clearwater Beach, Flooida quite sure August 26 - 28, 2019 how to grow it like Register online they used or sign up on site! to, which means that the business needs to be Visit to book managed in your room, reserve your seat, a different become a sponsor or exhibitor! way - but Sponsored by: how? Ironwood works to create a structure that gets business owners excited about growth thought as it applies to your business and gives them the tools they need to better manage a larger-scale business. • How to guide your business into the future How is it done? Ironwood works to connect strategy to execution. This doesn’t mean sitting • Dealing with an entitled workforce around a whiteboard, but rather hands-on • Planning your business exit strategy communication with business owners and staff to get the root of where the business can grow. • Succession planning According to an interview with The Department, Jeremy Veatch points out that the reason they started Ironwood Venture is because they believe that when someone’s business is going well, they can have better lives at home.

Dealing with social media to grow your business

Confidently approach new avenues of business growth

“We just had our annual review with one of our clients. We sat down with them to go over what we’ve been working on for the past year and to review the results. What we saw was that their revenue was up 75% and their net income was up fourfold, largely because they had learned how to manage the business differently, to focus on the right kind of sales, and to build the team they need.”

Creating predictable cashflow

Harnessing the Fortune 500 mentality

How to access the capital necessary to grow your business

RSA members are encouraged to join in on this two-day event where they will learn the strategies behind Ironwood and how to put these ideas to work on their own businesses. At the end of the event, attendees will learn their honorary MBA in Roller Skating Business provided by the RSA.

Each session at Sk8Expo will be laid out as shown below and will include more than 5 speakers who will teach you how to expand, grow, reframe your thought process and propel your business to the next level. Take a look below and see a few of the speakers you’ll be working with.

SESSION 1: Elite Session: Kick Your Default Future to the Curb - Designing the Future of Your Business

clear on your company’s Purpose, Values and Mission will: •

Enable you to create a winning strategy

Help you attract and retain great talent who fit your unique culture, and

Bring confidence to you and everyone associated with your business.

SESSION 2: Ironwood session: Generate Predictable Cashflow We believe that net income should translate into working capital and larger savings. We believe that we can help your business generate cashflow that you can reinvest into your business and distribute as profit. Cash is the lifeblood of your business and we specialize in getting our clients to develop working capital from internal profits and build cashflows that are reinvested into expanding the business. •

Managing your financials - Turn your paper profit into cash flow

Stop managing cash from a piggy bank or your bank account

Establish routines and systems to get out of debt

Use time-tested processes and tools to increase your business’ cash flow

Forward-looking plans to manage your finances

SESSION 3: Integrity session: How Commercial Lending is a Team Sport Borrowing commercial financing can be a very complicated, overwhelming and challenging proposition. Today’s financial markets are packed with regulations and details, which can frustrate borrowers who don’t have a plan. Our hope is to offer the following steps to assure great results in borrowing a commercial loan. Strategy includes: •

Model It: Asking the right questions

Mold It: Structuring your deal to meet the market

Match It: Capitalizing on market knowledge

Make It: Structuring the deal you want

Visit to learn more about speakers, register to attend, book your room and find out more about next month’s event!

Business breeds chaos and confusion. Getting 8 /

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3

Official Wristband Supplier to the RSA


Made of DuPont™ Tyvek®

· strong & durable · water & tear-resistant · economical

m Special Pr ber icing

RSA Redemption Tickets



RSA Redemption Tickets printed on recycled stock with purple ink. Front of ticket features Roo, Kooky & Koala; back features the RSA logo.

per 100,000 tickets Minimum order of 300,000

Call National Ticket Company at (800)829-0829 to order today! Available to RSA members only. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.

P.O. Box 547 Shamokin, PA 17872 USA P: 800.829.0829 or 570.672.2900 F: 800.829.0888 or 570.672.2999



Roller Skating Foundation Scholarship Winners Announced


he Roller Skating Foundation Scholarship Committee received 21 applications for the two scholarships to be awarded in 2019. Each application was carefully reviewed and considered. All of the applicants are amazingly talented and worthy of consideration. The decision making process was not an easy one. Thank you to all who submitted scholarship applications for 2019. We wish you great success in your academic and life pursuits! Roller Skating Foundation Scholarship Committee: Bob Housholder, Rock Allman, Jim Park, Bill Hoefler, Chairman

Faith Hundley - $4000 Scholarship Award Recipient Faith Hundley, daughter of RSA member owner/ operators Cory and Becky Hundley, of Incredi-Roll Skate & Family Fun Center, in West Allis, Wisconsin, has been awarded a scholarship in the amount of $4000 by the Roller Skating

Foundation. Faith is currently a senior at Gulf Coast High School, maintains a 3.98 unweighted GPA, (4.0 scale) and is ranked in the top 9% of her highly competitive senior class, 52nd of 554. Faith had an impressive transcript full of honors and AP level courses and earned numerous awards and recognitions. She is a member of “The Circle of Friends,� a group of students who meet three times a week for lunch, with special needs students at her school. Faith is active in her church community. She has a passion for theater, dance, and singing, and has an extensive performance arts resume. Faith has been accepted and plans to attend the University of Florida where she has decided to pursue a bachelor of arts degree in theatre and a masters in business. On behalf of the Roller Skating Foundation Scholarship Committee and the entire Foundation Board of Directors, please join me is congratulating Faith Hundley on her accomplishment.

Austin Rawlins - $2000 Scholarship Award Recipient

Roller Skating Foundation. Austin is currently a senior at Jasper High School, maintains a 3.87 unweighted GPA, (4.0 scale) and scored an impressive 1410 on the SAT, ranking him in the 97th percentile nationwide. Austin filled his class schedule with honors and AP level courses, and graduated with an Indiana Academic Honors Diploma. Austin is an Eagle Scout, an accomplished athlete, and member of his high school marching band. He has demonstrated leadership as Senior Patrol Leader in his Boy Scout Troop, Captain of his Varsity Ice Hockey team, and in running a STEM camp for the Pike County Public Library. Austin enjoys robotics, performing in theater, and Radio/TV, and even hosts his own show on his high school radio station. Austin has applied to attend Purdue University where he plans to pursue a Computer Science Degree. On behalf of the Roller Skating Foundation Scholarship Committee and the entire Foundation Board of Directors, please join me is congratulating Austin Rawlins on his accomplishment.

Austin Rawlins, son of RSA member owner/ operators Brian and Stephanie Rawlins, of Jasper Skate Palace in Jasper, Indiana, has been awarded a scholarship in the amount of $2000 by the

Free Access for All RSA Members Call Today For Your Login Information!

HR360 ( is the one attorney-reviewed website you need to guide your company through hiring, managing and terminating employees with easy-to-use tools and forms. From supervising employees and staying current with Health Care Reform, to complying with federal and state labor laws, HR360 stays with you every step of the way. To sign up for your free $395 value member login, email and ask for your login credentials. You will then have access to 500+ documents and unlimited information for your business.

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Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 11

Roller Skating Association C

Purchase Convention Photos!

Looking for photos from convention? Attendees can view photos at, click on proofing/ordering, it will ask for session ID. Put in one at a time for each day. Note: IDs are case sensitive, so type them exactly how shown here based on whichever day you select. RSA2019SAT_convention / RSA2019SUN_convention / RSA2019MON_convention / RSA2019TUES_convention / RSA2019WED_ convention 12 /

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3

Convention and Trade Show 2019 Photos

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 13

Roller Skating Association C

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Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3

Convention and Trade Show 2019 Photos

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 15

Roller Skating Association C

16 /

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3

Convention and Trade Show 2019 Photos

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 17

Roller Skating Association C

18 /

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3

Convention and Trade Show 2019 Photos

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 19

Roller Skating Association C

20 /

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3

Convention and Trade Show 2019 Photos

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 21

Roller Skating Association C

22 /

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3

Convention and Trade Show 2019 Photos

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 23



300 Raffle Tickets Sold, $7500 Raised for National Museum of Roller Skating at RSA Convention The raffle is the single most important source of funds for the National Museum of Roller Skating in most years. The RSA graciously facilitates the conducting of the museum raffle at the convention and the museum’s presence at the convention through the donation of booth space.


he largest number of museum raffle tickets sold since 2013 occurred at the recent RSA convention in Las Vegas. Strong sales happened throughout the week, and 90 tickets sold at the President’s Dinner made this year the most successful since Frank Cernik personally matched tickets sold during the President’s dinner six years ago. The skating community generously raised $7,500 of net funds to support the museum. First place winners were Jim and Judy Link, who won 35%, or $5,250. Second place went to Bobby Bentley with 10% or $1500, and Chris Ray with 5% or $750. The Link’s donated $1,000 back to the museum.

Left: Judy Link; Jeff Couey, RSA president; Jim Link; Andy Starr; Violet Johnson; and Kim Wall, museum president; shortly after the announcement of raffle winners during the President’s Dinner. Right: Violet Johnson, daughter of Mark and Terri Johnson of Lynden Skateway in Lynden, WA, helped in the drawing of the raffle winners. Andy Starr of Rollerworld, Colchester, UK, also assisted in the drawing. In back is Connie Eisenzimmer of Skateland in Union Gap, WA. Connie and her husband Kim’s band performed for the President’s Dinner. Photos courtesy of Wendy Browne & RSA

Last year’s largest supporters continued their dedication this year, buying 10-12 tickets each: JBL Trinity, The Ramsey family, and Verna Quaranto. Over 100 attendees also bought tickets, plus RSA Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 & 11. Special thanks to all those who helped sell tickets, including our top sellers Dianne Braun, Cort Wahlig, Annelle Anderson, Nellie Anderson Lillie, and the museum’s newest

board member and seller, Andy Starr. At least 17 others sold tickets.

Pictured is Annelle Anderson, museum trustee and museum’s past president helping staff the museum booth during the RSA convention; Bud and Shirley Engle assisted. Pictured with Annelle is Wendy Browne of A & W Photography, who was at the booth to purchase the museum’s Ringling Brothers sweatshirt. In addition to being the official photographer for the RSA convention, she also takes portrait pictures during the reception before the President’s Dinner. All proceeds of those pictures have been donated to the museum for many years.

24 /

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3

FetchRev will soon be Hownd. Same dog. New tricks. Unleash the Power of... Effortless Foot TrafficTM Operating a roller skating rink is hard. Growing your business by attracting new and returning customers is part of the challenge. Especially if you don’t have the time, money and marketing expertise. FetchRev makes it easy with an effortless marketing solution that delivers compelling, actionable Buy Now offers and coupon promotions on your website, via email and social media, as well as through WiFi-based data capture.

Book up to 50% more birthday parties or events each month.

When FetchRev becomes Hownd, you’ll have an even more robust set of benefits on a zero-risk, Pay-Per-Visit™ basis.

We do all the work for you!

Meet the dog, learn more, and unleash the power at... Come see us in booth #9 at SK8 Expo!

877-394-2410 |

g n i t e k r a Digital M Why digital signage is professional, versatile and crucial to your business Written by: Lori Lovely


ne of the first rules of advertising is to know your market. Millennials have grown up watching screens. One study estimates that the average 8- to 10-yearold spends nearly eight hours a day in front of some kind of screen, whether a TV, a computer or their phone.


Affordability Digital marketing typically provides a quicker return on investment than traditional ads because it costs less, for one thing.

According to, Americans spend Scott Campbell, owner of Scooter’s Family 3 hours and 35 minutes on their smartphones Skating Center, uses a Pepsi PowerPoint template every day and mobile devices are eclipsing that he got free at a tradeshow to create a digital television for getting the most attention. Nearly 60% of adults in America use Facebook regularly. Nearly 90% of B2C businesses report that social media is the most effective content marketing. More than 80% of shoppers go online, either to research, comparison shop or purchase.

snack bar menu board. It’s customizable, allowing him to change prices and add images quickly. “I just save slides as jpegs, put them on a flash drive and use them on our smart TVs. It looks more modern, is easier to read than handwriting, and I can change it in seconds.” For more advanced designs, he sometimes goes to Fiverr for PowerPoint presentations for his custom menu boards. “They do good work fast – and cheap.”

People are on the internet – all the time. They consult a screen for everything: news, entertainment, socialization. There is no doubt that the surest way to reach them is to put digital messages on those screens. Digital marketing is crucial for today’s businesses, no matter what their size, to reach their target markets, connect with prospective customers and retain their current 26 /

Similarly, Tyler Cauvel, manager of The Rink Family Fun Center, uses a thumb drive and Microsoft Powerpoint to put images on a loop on the menu boards in his snack bar, although he says he’s in the process of switching to Google slides. “It’s 100% free, and I can access it anywhere on my phone. It looks professional and is engaging.”


The Rink Family Fun Center uses a thumb drive to put images on a loop on the menu boards in the snack bar and throughout the rink using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Digital marketing provides a platform for more interaction and engagement than traditional marketing. People can leave comments on social media posts, they can share posts and they can contact the rink. According to, 70% of consumers report having shared a brand’s video.

Volume 28 / Issue 3

“The kids pay attention,” Cauvel insists. He runs ads in the rink for a game every 20 minutes, listing the next game up and the time. “If I’m late, the kids notice and call me on it.”

Customization Digital marketing may be the most flexible, versatile and customizable form of marketing and advertising currently available. Changes and updates can be made – and seen – in real time. “I can change images on the fly,” Campbell says. “I just type in the information and it goes out everywhere.” In addition to the screens in his snack bar, he uses other screens to project images on the skate floor. During public sessions, images notify the crowd what skate it is: all skate, boys skate, girls skate. During special events, he says information on the screens runs continuously.

Ease of use Personalized video messages – the 1:1 video approach – is replacing emails and phone calls for more than just job interviews. It’s a way of generating excitement and urgency.

As smartphone cameras improve in It’s easy to personalize birthday parties and quality and theme birthday parties. ‘It takes 3 minutes, using Google images,” Campbell continues. “It’s colorful decrease in price, it’s and bright.” becoming easier Cauvel likes to use it for all events to announce for rink owners rink hours, the next game scheduled, birthday to leverage this skates and even when it’s time for floor sweeping. kind of digital “It backs up what I say on the mic in case they marketing to didn’t hear,” he explains. reach a broader He also uses a screen in the entry to list skating audience. Singlegrain. hours, special events and a welcome for private com reports events. “We do a lot of free skate nights that are paid for by sponsors, so we highlight the sponsors’ that 52% of SkateCenter Murfreesboro, Scooter’s Family Skating Center, Beechmont consumers names for each one.” Rollarena and Skatin’ Place all make use of digital marketing throughout their make purchases facilities. after watching product videos, and 72% of One of the advantages of digital marketing is • Canva, an online design tool, is not as businesses claim movement. Cauvel, who claims digital marketing user-friendly and runs a little more at that video has improved their conversion rate. is perhaps his biggest success, for which he has $14.95/month, Cauvel says, but it has the Scooter’s features four TVs on the skating attracted national attention, started with 2-D ads most skate-centric pictures, so he uses it. floor and two in the snack bar. “I run all of them on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Now, he Most apps have step-by-step instructions, but from the DJ booth,” Campbell says. “It’s super uses motion and video. Cauvel advises going to YouTube to learn how easy. I bought cheap video switchgear so I can Google slides allow him to embed GIFs. He to perform the basics. “They show simple steps: have a separate line to each TV.” When it’s game explains that “if you can make a PowerPoint night, he says, he shows football on at least one of add a background, add text, add your logo. It’s all slide, you can use Google images.” His projection those TVs. demonstrated.” displays also show movies, games and Wii dance. Ultimately, he says, “If you don’t know how to There are so many apps from which to choose, It’s easy to share videos – and project them in do this, hire someone who does.” but Cauvel relies on a few favorites, such as: the rink – on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and • Over, for graphics. It allows you to edit LinkedIn. Increasingly popular today is live video images and add your logo, text and video, that provides behind-the-scenes glimpses of the as well as put text on video. It offers a free action on the rink floor, which entices people to As with all forms of marketing, it’s important and a paid version, which features more come join in the fun. The latest is the 360-degree to know your audience. For example, Cauvel graphics. “I use it daily,” says Cauvel, who video, for an even more interactive experience. It says that people in his area don’t use Twitter or does all his design work on his phone (vs. allows the viewer to slide the image in order to see a computer) and advises using a big screen Facebook, so he focuses on Snapchat to reach his the action full-circle. target audience. Wherever you post – even inside with Over. Because YouTube videos are displayed in the your own rink, it’s imperative to incorporate • Snapseed for photo editing, at around SERPs, SEO is important. Text overlays and digital marketing if you want to reach an audience $12.95/month. The drawback, Cauvel closed captions allow you to include the name raised on screen time. says, is that it doesn’t permit you to save of your rink, as well as other information and images and create a portfolio like Over messages that will show up in Internet searches. does.


Final advice

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Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

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g n i d n a r B


Written by: Lori Lovely

is as Important as your Business Plan


he concept of branding can be confusing, but if you associate the “golden arches” with McDonald’s or the “blue oval” with Ford, you can begin to understand the power of successful branding. “Branding is everything,” says Dennis King, owner of Skate Tiffany’s Family Fun Center. “It’s what sets you apart.” Successful branding communicates your rink’s identity – what sets it apart from the competition to give skaters a reason to favor your rink over others. It should also create familiarity, establish credibility and

30 /

emotionally connect with your target audience, motivating them to become your customers. “Big companies are all about branding,” observes Chris Maganias, owner of Astro Skate. “Why shouldn’t the little companies be, too?” Entrepreneur magazine agrees with him, labelling branding as one of the “most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B.” An effective brand provides an edge in a competitive market.

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

What is Branding

Your brand represents you. It differentiates your rink from your competitors’ rinks. It’s a promise to your customers that tells them what to expect from your rink and why they should want to come. It embodies your rink’s personality: your values, beliefs and mission statement. Branding includes: • visual identity, such as a logo, colors and a website • a voice, which can include a mission

Volume 28 / Issue 3

statement, blog and social media posts and copy in ads and on a website • personality, conveyed in a mission statement, customer service policies, company culture and atmosphere A brand strategy defines how you use your brand to communicate with your customers and deliver your message. Distribution channels, choice of advertising and all company communications make up your brand strategy. Logos are a powerful asset to a brand. “They’re more than just a graphic design. It’s who you are and who you’re trying to attract.” Design, colors and fonts should be chosen with the desired target audience in mind. “If you have graffiti on your logo, you’ll reach a young audience.” A logo must have a clear purpose and understanding. It shouldn’t be too cluttered or complicated, King states. “It should be simple and legible, not too crowded or stimulating.” It should tell who you are and what you do. A rink’s colors establish a vibe. “Color makes people feel a certain way,” King notes. “It triggers emotions. Color captures memories.” Seattlebased Skate Tiffany’s colors are blue and green, like the Seattle Seahawks’ colors. “People relate to the Seahawks, so they associate our rink with them and feel comfortable here.” Because your brand delivers a message to your customers through images and writing, it’s important to maintain the same tone in all messaging in order to build trust and avoid confusing your customers. Your brand consists of the thoughts, emotions and products and service associated with your rink. Be sure it conveys what you want to express.


Perhaps the most important objective of branding is to clearly deliver your company’s message to your target audience in a consistent manner. “You need consistency throughout your branding,” emphasizes Rob Kramer, CEO and owner of Wigwam Skate & Event Center. Consistency leads to familiarity, and familiarity leads to trust.

branding, he won’t believe in your product.” It works for skating rinks just as well as for cola. For 40 years, the pink party panda, pink buses and pink army camouflage truck have symbolized Astro Skate to Florida residents. “It’s immediately recognizable,” Maganias says. “They know what they’re getting.” While recognition begins with the rink’s name, logo and colors, Kramer believes recognition can be enhanced by creating a tag line that succinctly describes what you do and how you do it – a catchy, memorable statement that captures the essence of your brand. According to Duct Tape Marketing, it should be unique as well as memorable.

Building a brand

Integrate your brand, advises Entrepreneur. Branding should extend to every aspect of your business. Use your name, logo, colors and tag line on everything: business cards, the website, marketing material, ads… When Kramer took over a venue in Terre Haute, IN, he incorporated his brand and standard in the newly acquired rink. “We leverage our logo, color scheme and brand standard in everything we do.” Similarly, with the last two rinks Maganias added to the Astro Skate family, he immediately began painting the buildings pink to let everyone know who was coming to town. He had a social media person film and post videos of crews painting the new building – and of him at the bank, signing paperwork. “It builds momentum,” he explains. It signifies that the venues will be “all new, with an all-new attitude. That creates excitement.”

Maintaining a YouTube channel is one way in which Maganias builds excitement, but maybe even more important is the posting by his clientele. His rinks are so popular, they sometimes have to turn kids away because they’re at legal capacity. “That Coca-Cola is also an example of another critical creates even more interest because aspect of branding: having a recognizable name they post about it. Then everyone goes hand-in-hand with an identifiable logo and wants to come check us out.” color scheme. “You want a consistent look and feel It’s also a method of growing your for name recognition,” Kramer says. community. Entrepreneur points out that big “Consistency is key,” King says. Consistency companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook builds trust. “If a customer doesn’t believe in your focus more on building and improving their Consistency also leads to strong brand equity. That adds value, which means you will be immediately recognizable, attract more business and be able to charge more. Coca-Cola is a prime example of consistent brand identity that creates consumer demand.

communities than on paid advertising. There’s no better way to expand your community than through viral posts and videos that create buzz. After all, brand is really the perception of your

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 31

business by your customers. If they’re clamoring to get in, their networks of contacts will, too. Happy customers help grow your business. As everyone knows, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Empower them with information and opportunity to strengthen your brand.

Beyond the brand

You can’t expect to expand your brand if you aren’t true to it. Keep your promises. Deliver value with a great venue and top-notch service. Connect with your customers. “You need good service,” Kramer begins, “and then you have to live up to your marketing. But first, you must be operationally sound.” Branding can’t convey your mission statement and core values, he believes. And branding isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning. “You also need a sales team, marketing, real media and metrics to gauge the market. You need to layer your message on multiple channels.”

website, on social media and in print ads, you’re missing an opportunity to gain more customers, according to King.

Evaluating your brand

A business owner should evaluate his brand every day, Kramer states. “Brands evolve.” He references Starbucks, whose logo has morphed over the years. Branding is not static. Because branding reflects what customers think of your company, it’s a moving target, as explains.

Styles, preferences and consumer habits change. A Kramer uses a multi-layer approach to company needs to evolve advertising for “more reach and frequency,” he says. with their audience. It’s Seeking to drive traffic, he makes use of print, important to keep your digital, video digital, direct mail, social media brand fresh and timely. (both buying ads and posting on Facebook and “Sometimes you need a Instagram), YouTube videos, banner ads on their total rebrand,” Kramer website and billboard ads. Billboard ads often muses, “sometimes just a consist of little more than the rink’s logo and brand refresh.” colors, he says. “It’s simple, but effective.” Maganias agrees. “We refreshed our logo. We Because traffic passes by billboards at 60 mph got rid of the blocky letters to make it look more (or faster), they have about 5 seconds to get a modern.” traveler’s attention, King estimates. That’s why billboards are often little more than a rink’s logo. One thing to consider is whether it creates That’s why it’s essential to use a bold font that’s confusion. When King took over Skate Tiffany’s, clean and easy to read. Skate Tiffany’s logo has it was known as Tiffany Skate Inn. “We got a two words. “It’s easy to remember.” lot of calls about booking a room,” he recalls. The extra “n” puzzled the public. Was it a rink That’s the sign of an effective brand and brand or a motel? What was the proper spelling? King strategy. Branding is within marketing, advertising decided to change the name to Skate Tiffany’s! – and promotions, Kramer says. “It drives urgency. which told the customer what to do, generating You can create a call to action with a tag line. You a call to action. It was simpler, he adds, and great want to strategically plan to drive guest counts for SEO searches. and make your rink a destination.” If your current branding isn’t working, King The tag line is the second line on Skate says some shock value may be needed: a complete Tiffany’s logo. “It tells who we are,” King says. But, redesign to grab attention. There’s a limit, he cautions, it’s important not to say too much or though. “At some point, you have to put a stake the message will become cluttered. in the ground.” Minimal tweaks and occasional updates have to be limited. “If you continue to Ultimately, Kramer says, branding is a tweak, it causes confusion. You have to maintain differentiator. “You want to be better than consistency.” and different from the competition. Use your brand standard to differentiate and elevate your Some criteria to evaluate your branding business.” includes: Branding can convey your business identity, • Evaluate your brand to determine if it’s Maganias believes, but it can’t do everything. “You effective and reflective – of your rink, need to supplement branding with consistency your audience, your message and the like McDonald’s does. All our rinks are owned by times. the same people, so you know what you’re getting in each one.” • Make sure your branding is unique. It should never be lazy, boring or cliched. If you don’t place your branding on your

32 /

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• Check to see if your brand keeps the promises made to your target audience. Branding is about making a promise to your target audience in an emotional way, but don’t let the emotional aspect overshadow the promise. • Make sure your branding reflects your company’s values. • Find out if your brand relates to your target audience. Branding is about creating an experience for the consumers; that builds loyalty. Know your customer and let them get to know who you are and what you have to offer them; this should create an emotional connection and build relationships. Your brand becomes part of their life and creates loyalty. Effective branding also creates loyal employees who stand behind your company once they understand its message. Branding used to be as simple as choosing a clever name and a catchy slogan and designing an eye-catching logo. Today, it takes an integrated and active approach. As points out, branding cannot be defined – or achieved – in only one way.

Volume 28 / Issue 3


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Written by: Aaron Brink


echnology is advancing more rapidly every year, but it is easier than ever to use it to refresh your business’ look and feel, automate certain tasks or simply save money. Even small improvements can make a big difference to your customers. Here are ten technology updates that will help make sure that your family entertainment center isn’t stranded in a previous decade.

something as simple as a regularly updated photo gallery can help your business seem current and engaged. Spend the time and the money, if necessary, to ensure you have the right tools for your guests to interact with your services.

Party Booking Parties are revenue drivers for any family entertainment center and your ability to keep those party rooms filled is vital to success. Scott

Web “The word ‘easy’ is the most important word in business today,” says Larry McLean of PartyWirks ( “Back in the day, you could hang an answering machine on the phone, put up the ‘closed’ sign at the end of the day [and be] confident customers would call or drive over with the required deposits and paperwork for their parties. You set the office hours and the location where business had to be conducted. Wow, does that sound like a long time ago in this day and age. The problem is, some business operators haven’t got the message that the tables have turned. Now the customer sets the rules.” They choose when and how to engage with a business on their own terms. Putting control in the hands of the customer is a great thing if you’re ready for it. Making sure that your center has an easy to find, and easy to navigate, web presence is a requirement for a successful business. Information about your center is only the beginning with online booking tools, marketing programs and even merchandising available to enhance and expand your revenue streams. Even 36 /

using online booking tools. “Trouble is that people, human beings, are usually between the owner and the customer,” notes McLean. “It can be like chasing cats. Staff answering phones is the real wild card. Do they have the information the caller needs? Is there a chance for a personality clash? Did they take notes and pass those notes along? Most hotels are solving this problem by letting guests book themselves online and guests love it.”

Social Media If you are not using social media, your business may be virtually invisible to a large portion of your target market. With a small investment of time, your center is able to engage directly with customers and advertise your brand of family fun to the world. Exposing more of what makes your center unique to interested internet users is good business and good fun.

Drummond with Party Center Software (https:// agrees, “60% of the buying decision is made before the customer ever reaches out to the business. With the massive increase in e-commerce over the last 5 years, this has made the online booking capabilities an even more important component to an FEC’s marketing and sales plan.”

Mike Carrillo, SVP, Chief Evangelist, FetchRev (, underlines the importance of a comprehensive online approach, “A strong social media and website presence are table-stakes these days, and having a robust online personality that engages current and future customers, not to mention encourages them to take a desired action, is essential. We used to live in a world of ‘spray and pray’ billboards and print advertising (one message to many people) with hopes that

For the customers, the booking process needs to be simple and available to them whenever the inspiration to make a reservation strikes. For owners, the information they provide, and collect, needs to be accurate and that’s where problems can arise for centers not

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3

consumers would see a message and respond. Today, we’re in a much better position to target customers in a more refined and meaningful way (one to one) that’s better for them and more costeffective for businesses trying to reach them. If the potential of this direct one to one communication with your ideal customer doesn’t light your fire as a marketer, then your wood is all wet.” Handling your own social media accounts can be very rewarding, but if you find the tasks to be too much, too often there are a number of advantages to working with a social media service. “We stay at the forefront of digital trends and algorithms so you don’t have to,” writes Gabrielle Shaiman, President, TrustWorkz (trustworkz. com). “The core of what we do is ensuring our clients’ FEC is dominating its local online sphere. By being visible in local Google searches and appearing in the social media news feeds of residents in your area, for example, we increase

brand awareness and drive calls-to-action, which lead to increased foot traffic, party bookings, and overall revenue.”

Tax and accounting: With the press of a button you can send your numbers to your accountant or into your tax filing software.”

Point of Sale

Card Processing

While not as flashy as a new DJ booth, an updated POS system can streamline many dayto-day bookkeeping tasks. Save time and money by automating inventory, timeclock and other tasks.

Brewer also recommends that businesses review their payment card practices, “Many rinks across the country are still doing business the same way they did in the 50s. Many do not even accept credit cards for different reasons. Most see about a 23% increase in sales just by accepting credit card payments.”

“A POS system is one of the most valuable tools that you can have in many ways,”writes David Brewer, President, CSA Business Solutions. Reporting: Just this past month many rink owners were able to go into their systems and see when they started seeing traffic on Mother’s Day in previous years. They would learn, for example, that they didn’t need to open until 2:00 p.m., or they didn’t need to stay open past 6:00 p.m.

There are other risks for owners as well, Brewer notes, “Many rinks have outdated or very old credit card terminals which pose a security

Inventory control: A POS system makes it so much easier to keep track of what is selling and what is not and which items in the snack bar need to be discontinued and something else added. Employee management: Allowing your employees to clock in and out makes it easier for payroll.


Adjustable Speed Inlines Retail $199

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Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 37

risk and put the merchant in danger of hefty fines from [credit card vendors].” New machines would conform to the current and near-future security standards much more reliably.

Cash Handling 2019 may finally be the year to update your arcade and game machines with a new revenue management system. Eliminating quarters or tokens, and the tedious jobs associated with

handling them can now be done in a variety of high-tech ways. Debit cards and even cardless mobile-pay options simplify arcade game and reward management. Patrons will tend to pay with a card leading to a near cashless system. For those who do bring cash, you will be collecting money at a central location or self-service kiosks, which improves security. You’ll also gain the ability to easily track spending and play-time, helping to customize the offerings in your game room to maximize profits.

Security Cameras/ Alarm Systems Unfortunately, a good security system is a necessity for the owner of any facility. Guest safety and the security of the property are tough challenges to tackle, but your efforts will be aided by recent developments in camera resolution and digital storage sizes. Superior night vision and highdefinition resolutions combined with smaller sizes guarantees that there are cameras for every situation. Digital storage, on and off premises, makes the collection, retention and review of security footage a snap. Security services abound 38 /

to assist a new or existing rink in finding the right combination of sensors, cameras and other safety measures to fit their needs.

simultaneously exist in a rapidly shifting world with new tech and entertainment advances that challenge them to stay ahead of the curve and relevant. One of the features family entertainment center owners love is the mom-approved music. While they’ll certainly have access to PG and Lighting adult music for the The lighting design in a facility late-night crowd, works alongside your musical managers can set selections to enhance the mood of different filters for your guests and even plays a large different times of role in their safety. There are more the day throughout effective options than the week so only ever, from traditional G-rated songs and approaches such as black videos play when lights, spotlights and young audiences neon to more forwardare in the building. looking technologies You’ll never get a like digital signage and complaint from projection mapping. parents about Even just replacing older exposing their incandescents with children to inappropriate content. New music LEDs can have an impact on operating is added every day, so you’ll [FEC owners will] costs. never have to keep up with the charts. If Taylor Swift or Beyoncé drop another single or album Frank Proctor recently updated the overnight with no warning, our team has the lighting at Hamilton Skate Place and songs in the player ASAP and is already reviewing had this to say, “The lighting effects in your rink are important and don’t let no any accompanying music video.” one tell you different [sic]. I was at the convention in Vegas the year after I finished the updates and was talking to [another rink owner]. I introduced Digital Signage myself and told him about my updates and his Digital content displayed on a wall-mounted comment was, ‘I don’t want my rink to look like a screen is a cost effective way of getting custom nightclub’, and walked away. I didn’t do my lights advertising in front of your patrons. A few to look like a nightclub. I updated my lights to keep up with today’s youth and what they expect. The customers were truly excited about everything and the wow effect is still there. We had customers telling us what a great job and how exciting it looked. People cant believe the rink is over 20 years old.”

Music The beating heart of any entertainment center is the workhorse sound system that has been tirelessly and faithfully entertaining families for years or even for decades. Owners can breathe new life into an existing setup with a music service handling the traditional DJ tasks of playing the latest hits and filtering the music for the right audience. “Family entertainment centers are unique in that they promote classic family values that are timeless,” writes Nicki Ogaki with FEC Music (, “but they

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3

televisions and the right supporting software really grabs attention. Ogaki provides more detail, “Most establishments have televisions already installed, but the majority of them are wasting their screens. The solution is implementing your own digital signage—upload your own food and drink promotions, upcoming events, etc. that play between bright and engaging music videos that people are already paying attention to. Not only does it block other ads, but it’s actively encouraging your guests to spend more time and money at your entertainment center. By adding music videos to the FEC environment, our subscribers are not only modernizing their centers, but

they’re firmly placing their FECs at the forefront of an audio/visual entertainment movement that’s happening right now. They’re differentiating themselves from the competition and establishing themselves as modern, relevant, and desirable destinations for today’s consumers.”

or starting massive overhaul projects, technology updates will help to ensure the smooth operation of your center, and contribute to the overall enjoyment of your patrons well into the future.

Keeping pace with technology will always be important for a family entertainment center. Whether you are making incremental changes

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Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 39



Manage Your Social Media, Don’t Let it Manage You


perating your business is one of the most rewarding ways to make a living. It’s also one of the most difficult and timeconsuming ventures I have ever pursued, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If you are anything like me and thousands of small business owners across the country, you not only have the administrative tasks on a day-to-day basis, but also manage and operate your facility. With having to wear so many hats daily, time management is crucial. Digital marketing in today’s world is a must, and let’s be honest, it’s basically running a separate business from your FEC. Managing your digital marketing, specifically your social media pages, can feel like a neverending and extremely time-consuming task that must be done. With proper planning and a willingness to learn and utilize technology to it’s fullest, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. In this article, I hope to share some secrets that social media managers use to effectively run their social media pages.

Plan Like anything you do for your business, you must have a plan for your social media or you will find yourself haphazardly trying to come up with content and posts each day which will take up more time and energy from your work day. Spend 1-2 days each month and set a solid game plan and vision of what you want on your social media outlets. Just like planning events for your sessions, you should have a game plan of what each day looks like on your social media sites. I use a platform called Airtable, which is basically an easy and effective online spreadsheet, to plan out my post content each day, as well as what time I want to post based on my page’s analytics.

assign those as daily tasks for them to publish while they are at the rink. There are a ton of options for social media management apps like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Later - or whichever new app has been released recently. If you are using one of these apps, they have some great features and all of them have a calendar which will allow you to schedule your posts.

Photo & Video editing Along with great content, you will need appealing graphics or videos. If you haven’t heard of it by now, is the way to go for quick, simple, and size-specific photo editing that is suited for whichever social media platform you’re using. Canva allows your normal pictures to pop and has thousands of premade templates for Facebook events, regular posts, header images, newsletters, Instagram, etc. They even offer a mobile app for android and iOS systems. The free version is great, but the pro version is well worth the $10/month. All of my photos are saved in one place and available across all devices. You can even post directly to every social media account, including Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat once you are happy with how your graphic turned out. Another great and easy-to-use option is the Over app. Just like photo editing software, there is a plethora of video editing software available on your mobile device which will allow you to make quick and effective videos to post. For those of you who want great looking commercials with voice over, custom music, text

overlay and more, I would highly recommend outsourcing. You can find reputable sources to make these videos locally or through sources like For those who like to learn new things or are interested in doing your own videos, I would recommend using Wondershares Filmora Pro. It is packed with great editing features and offers an extremely easy interface to operate compared to others.

Engagement Along with posting and using these platforms to advertise your business, it is just as important to engage with your customers. This can be anything from responding to reviews, gaining awareness on Instagram, and liking visitor posts on your Facebook page. Schedule at least one hour per day to tackle these tasks. You will want to take care of your reviews first, whether it be a good or bad review, you will want to reply to your customer. They took the time to actually leave you feedback, so it is good practice to show them the same time and effort that you would if they were in your facility. Next, you’ll want to respond to Facebook visitor posts and comments customers have left on your page. Customers who tag you in photos taken during their visit to your facility should always get a like, love or wow reaction, we well as a personal comment thanking them for spending their time with you. Instagram is the big one. Instagram is one of the easiest ways to engage with followers and those who don’t follow you. Search your local hashtags or location tagged posts (location tags

Having all the days laid out with content created for that day gives me a clear insight of what I am posting. From there, I will go into Facebook and start scheduling my posts with appropriate graphics, videos, or if using a viral video link into Facebook’s scheduler. Having this prescheduled out 1-2 months in advance leaves me worry free to tackle other tasks at hand while keeping my Facebook page consistent. Although it is available on Facebook natively, it is not on Instagram and the apps that auto push these posts to your account will usually be $20 and up. For Instagram, I set a calendar reminder for the posting time of day. If you have management or team members in place who help run your social media accounts, you can also 40 /

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3

TECHNOLOGY can be anywhere in town, not just your rink) and be sure to give their photo a double tap and/or comment. This will show a notification that your business liked their photo instantly. It’s basically like giving a virtual handshake and handing out a business card. Another effective way to engage with Instagram users is to direct message them a promotion that you are running. For instance, if you have a sports team party package, search your local ball parks, such as parents and coaches posting photos of their child playing sports, and direct message them about your promotion. Something like, “Hey: NAME: it looks like a

great year of baseball! Be sure to let your coach know about our team parties and have them mention this post for 10% off when you book by the end of the month.”

With a clear vision that leads into a written plan and then on to a scheduled task, social media can turn a bad job into a good job in no time. Just like anything else you do in your business - own it! There will always be changes to algorithms and If you don’t have the Facebook page best practices, but these core practices will always manager, Instagram, or other social media apps apply. As always, your social media committee is downloaded to your phone, stop reading this now here to help answer any questions you have and and download them. Having the ability to manage guide your social media presence. You can contact your pages from literally anywhere is one great me through Facebook, Harrison@cmarketing. thing about marketing on these digital platforms. solutions, or phone at 931-248-4934. You can also look into the Facebook ads app and analytics to see everything going on on your pages at any time. HARRISON CHRISTENSEN This allows Harrison Christensen has been you the an owner/operator in the FEC freedom to industry for over a decade. Currently working out of Cookeville, engage and Tennessee at The Sk8 and Cyber post those Tag (between Nashville and funny memes Knoxville), Harrison has overseen the online you see marketing of his business and is excited to share his throughout knowledge and services through his new business the day to venture, Christensen Marketing Solutions, with you. your business Outside of the business world you can find Harrison pages, as well. enjoying his love of two wheels, golf, and gaming. Remember, Follow Harrison on Facebook and Twitter @ social media HChristensen89 or contact him today at Harrison@ is “social” and or 931-284-4935 it’s meant to have a personal feel to it, not just advertising.

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ials te for testimon Visit our websi bers! from RSA mem

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Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 41



How to Avoid Common HR Pitfalls in Business


mall business owners typically wear many hats and juggle a multitude of duties. However, lack of attention to human resource issues can lead to costly mistakes, ranging from employee turnover to litigation. To keep your rink running smoothly, here is a list of some common HR mistakes to avoid.

The interview The interview process is critical in matching the right candidate to the job. Sticking to a consistent interview process will help employers avoid skipping steps and questions. Perhaps the biggest hiring mistake is to rush through the steps without a plan. When rink owners are busy – or desperate – they sometimes hire anyone who shows up. Don’t just hire a warm body. Find the right person for your rink. A second interview with another staff member offers a second opinion on a candidate. Rushing through the hiring process can result in the wrong hire.

Written by: Lori Lovely and motivation you hope to see. This will help determine where to search for your ideal job candidate.

Job description An accurate, clear job description will help bring the right job candidate to you, but many business owners fail to write one or update it. Points to incorporate include: required qualifications, company information, job duties and other relevant details to weed out undesirable candidates. Be specific. According to, “vague job descriptions are a death sentence.” Clearly define the duties of the job so potential candidates will know what’s expected of them. Too many employers list only the traits they hope to see in a candidate. While those are important, it’s also critical to explain the job in order to weed out people who aren’t a good fit. Information that should be included covers:

Hiring practices

• Skills needed • Physical requirements

• Hours A 2013 CareerBuilder survey of more than • Chain of command 6,000 HR professionals revealed that 27 percent of them reported that even a single bad hire could • Specific job duties cost the company $50,000. National averages go “Not having a job description or updated job as high as $11 billion lost annually from employee description isn’t helping anyone,” Nesbitt asserts. turnover. She says the value of a good job description “First of all, it’s okay if someone is not a fit,” extends well past the hiring process. “We are says Kim Nesbitt, HR/administrative manager starting to include our job descriptions with for United Skates of America, Inc. “It’s happened offer letters so our new employees understand to the best of us: great interview, but not a great expectations.” employee.” A thorough job description also serves as a She advises a 90-day probationary period guide when doing employee reviews, providing to allow the employee to adjust and allow the a checklist to determine what duties are being employer to determine if it’s a good fit. If it’s not, performed, which aren’t and those that need the 90-day introductory period – which should improvement. “This may also be used if you were be included in the offer letter and in the employee to receive litigation from an employee or a state handbook, she adds – permits an easier “parting government,” Nesbitt says. “For example, for of the ways.” insurance, if employees are working more than 30 hours a week, they should be offered benefits. Hiring the right person for the job requires a We want to show clearly on our job descriptions multi-faceted approach that includes writing a the expected hours, so if we were ever asked why detailed job description, developing a consistent someone was not offered health insurance, we interview process and evaluating whether each could show he/she was a variable-hour employee candidate is a good cultural fit. and is not scheduled more than 25 hours, based According to Entrepreneur, many employers on the job description.” overlook cultural fit, but it’s important to ensure that a new employee will be a good addition to Laws and regulations the company culture. In fact, it can be equally as important as having the necessary job skills – Failure to follow state and federal laws is one particularly for a small business. of the biggest HR mistakes a business can make. “Cutting corners will not get you ahead,” Nesbitt The best way to do that is to start by observes. “Look at BP. They tried to cut a corner identifying what you’re looking for in an and it cost them even more with terrible oil spills.” employee – the traits, characteristics, tendencies 44 /

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

As Nesbitt explained, employees have to be properly classified: contractor or employee; non-exempt or exempt. The employer must comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, a law that establishes minimum wage, overtime requirements, record keeping and youth employment standards. The rules vary, relevant to each classification. In addition, there are special rules for employees under the age of 18. They can’t be scheduled to work during school sessions, per federal law. Some states have laws about the number of hours minors can work, or how late in the day they can work. It’s up to the employer to be informed and schedule appropriately. Overtime can be complicated. In some states, if an employee works more than 40 hours per week, the employer is required to pay time-and-ahalf. In some regions, time-and-a-half is required compensation for employees who work more than 8 hours a day, and double time for those working more than 12 hours in a day. This particular labor law applies to salaried employees, non-exempt employees and independent contractors as well as hourly employees. The rink owner needs to be well-versed in all labor laws, including child labor laws, nonresident labor regulations and equal rights legislation. To help HR staff navigate the complicated legal requirements, which can vary from one state to another, websites like HR360 are beneficial because they allow easy access for RSA members and provide information on each state’s laws and any changes in statutes. “HR360 is wonderful!” Nesbitt enthuses. “I use this tool, often daily. If a location has the ability to use this tool but isn’t, they are doing themselves a disservice.” She says it’s especially beneficial for an owner who has rinks in more than one state because alerts can be set to notify the rink by email when state or federal changes occur. It’s also a great reference for “minor laws, break laws or laws that we know are very important, but need to make sure we are following everything to the extent of the law,” Nesbitt continues. Each state has its own “sick law,” she adds, and “each jurisdiction and state [are] very different. I can log on to HR360 and click on the state and the topic I want and see all the details.” She says the site usually links to the state’s website for further information that is invaluable in verifying that a rink’s policies are up to date. The Department of Labor website also serves as a reference for policies, but Nesbitt says that information is captured by HR360, which she considers easier to navigate. Similarly, she says SHRM, an HR management site, has “great

Volume 28 / Issue 3

RINK LIFE information, but many of the articles contain opinions.” She also says it’s not as specific about laws as HR360 is.

The employee handbook There are rules for employees, too, and they should all be plainly spelled out in the employee handbook. Unfortunately, not all businesses have a complete or up-to-date handbook. According to, businesses of all sizes need to have some form of an employee handbook that explains work-related policies and the consequences for violating them. “The policies outlined in the handbook need to be updated on a regular basis and communicated often.” Employees should sign some sort of acknowledgement stating that they have been given a manual, understand what is expected of them and agree to abide by company policies. Every time policies are updated, employees must be made aware of changes in written form. Failure to keep a copy of this signed form can put a business at risk if legal issues arise.

Social media One rule that needs to be unambiguously explained is how the rink will handle employee social media accounts. “You need a clear and updated social media policy,” Nesbitt insists. “It should tie into your employee code of ethics.” Essentially, she says, a worker is representing your business. “We have to let them know [that] if they share anything inside of our facility that violates our policies, they are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.” Posting while in uniform is a no-no if the post is negative. “We will terminate employees if they are violating our policies in uniform and post on social media, as well. It’s important to be consistent,” Nesbitt states. Some rinks offer a safe to store employees’ phones during a shift; some use a shoe rack with employees’ names for personal items. Most have a rule against using phones on the floor. If they don’t, it can lead to inattention and an array of problems.

Paperwork A copy of the signed receipt for the employee handbook is just one of many forms that should be kept in every employee’s file. Other forms to keep on file include: • W-4 • Copy of social security card and other forms of government-issued identification • Mailing address Many employers place I-9s in the employees’ files, but Nesbitt says they should all be placed

in a separate file because it could leave a rink vulnerable to additional audits if they’re found in employee files. If the business is ever audited and required to produce I-9s, opening up an employee’s file to produce them allows investigators to look at everything else in that file. “You wouldn’t want someone looking at your private information.” Additional forms that should be included in an employee’s file include performance reviews. These could be routine, periodic reviews for raises and/ or promotions, but they could also be reviews of performance problems or policy violations. “Document all disciplinary actions,” Nesbitt advises. Addressing and documenting performance-related issues can alleviate legal issues if a termination is challenged. Having thorough documentation of performance issues can serve as valuable evidence to avoid wrongful termination claims. “Documentation allows you to fight unemployment claims and other litigation. It’s evidence.”

Benefits One way to create unhappy employees is to make mistakes with their pay or benefits. United Skates of America uses their broker’s website, GIS, to help HR remain current on employee benefits. “If you use a broker, they will have a system to help you with your benefits process,” Nesbitt indicates, adding that she also uses the payroll system to keep track of benefits.

Security Some rinks are lackadaisical about data security. “It’s important to lock your computer when you step away,” Nesbitt urges. “Keep your passwords private.” She also emphasizes the importance of keeping employee information in a locked cabinet.

Training An employee handbook will spell out company policies, but it takes training to teach a new hire how to do the job the way you want it done. Too many business owners fail to provide sufficient training, which leads to poor performance and turnover.

Training should never stop, a fact some rink owners forget. Methods may change, necessitating additional training to complement procedural updates. Longtime employees may want to advance or take on additional duties and need instruction to accompany their development.

Additional advice Other mistakes to avoid include: • Failing to communicate clearly or frequently. Employees want – and need – to know what’s going on. Be sure you fill them in on what’s happening in the rink or with the schedule and what you expect of them. • Being friends with your employees. Just because rinks are fun and relaxed doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still be professional. Maintain some professional distance or your employees won’t respect you. • Create a human resources management strategy. “Most employees know their rights and the law,” Nesbitt says, “and they will use it against their employer, especially if they were terminated. It’s important to have knowledgeable HR staff to protect the company.” This is a difficult time to find the right hire, Nesbitt believes, which is why she recommends promoting from within. “If you do find an external hire you want on your team, remember: it’s an applicant’s world, so follow up multiple times.” An abundance of strong candidates means they can pick and choose where they want to work. Nesbitt says it requires more follow-up and follow-through to hire someone today. She contacts desirable candidates multiple times and finds that they’re more responsive if she is more personal and specific in her communications. Nevertheless, she still battles no-shows and her interview and job offers have been ghosted. Nesbitt says employers have to change to adapt to millennials, who work to live and want more time off. Shorter applications appeal to them.

Turnover is costly. According to a study referenced in Entrepreneur, replacing an employee who earns $10/hour costs 16% of their annual wages. Training not only reduces turnover, but it also improves morale and engenders loyalty. Training begins with orientation, even for employees with experience in the industry. Every rink does things differently. Failure to properly instruct employees in your rink’s procedures leads to inability to meet expectations, unhappy employees and turnover. Pairing a trainee with a mentor to shadow ensures that new hires learn how to perform the duties of their position. Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 45


46 /

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3


Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 47



ustomer service is make-orbreak for your business. No matter how great your rink is or how little competition there is in your area, it’s important to provide courteous, informed, top-notch customer service to potential customers, new customers and loyal customers. Every time. Good customer service leads to customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers become loyal customers, as well as your best advertisers through word-of-mouth. Happy customers are more tolerant and understanding when things go wrong. They also spend more. According to HubSpot, increasing customer retention by 5 percent equates to a profit of 25 percent, in part because repeat customers typically spend 67

48 /

percent more at your business. In fact, 50 percent increase their spending if they have a positive customer service experience and 86 percent say they would pay as much as 35 percent more in order to get a good customer service experience. Clearly, there is value in providing optimum customer service. Elements of customer service to instill in your employees include:

1. Employee training It all begins with your employees – the representatives of your brand, of your business. In order to answer customer questions and properly serve your customers, they need to know your business, from hours of operation to directions to basic policies to products and services offered. It

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

all starts with training.

2. Dependability There’s an old saying that goes, “Just showing up is 80 percent of success.” Maybe the percentage isn’t accurate, but being on the job when the customer needs assistance is one of the first steps of customer service. Reliability wins favors with the boss, as well, and helps employees earn raises and promotions.

3. Teachability The ability to learn new skills is what can turn a new hire into an effective employee. If the employee has a willingness to learn, a good memory and a better attitude, signs are favorable.

Volume 28 / Issue 3

4. Adaptability Similarly, an employee must be able to adapt to new ways of doing things, whether they come from another rink or your rink’s policies and methods change and evolve – or, perhaps, they are taking on new duties in a different role. Whatever the situation, adaptability is an extension of teachability and is an essential quality for providing good customer service.

5. Two-way communication Employees need to clearly and succinctly convey information to your customers, but it’s also important that they listen to your customers to truly comprehend what the customer wants. Good grammar, clear enunciation and a pleasant tone are important aspects of good customer service.

6. Empathy Listening and understanding are the precursors for empathy. Putting themselves in the customer’s place help employees engage. The feeling of concern is conveyed to the customer, making them feel valued.

7. Professionalism While it’s important to sympathize with and cater to the customer, all business should be handled in a dignified, professional manner. Employees shouldn’t be overly friendly or too casual. That includes remaining calm if a customer becomes angry or upset.

8. Respectful Similarly, employees should behave with respect toward customers, using courteous language and titles when appropriate. Basic manners should suffice in most situations.

9. Ability to read a customer and a situation It helps if your employees can get a feel for the amount and type of interaction a customer seeks. While some are satisfied with minimal contact, others want a more relaxed conversation. Being able to evaluate the situation is equally important. It’s important to get a manager involved before a bad situation escalates.

10. Conflict resolution Before the situation escalates or requires the intervention of a manager, it may be solve-able. Knowing how to peacefully, quietly and quickly resolve issues will satisfy the customer and get

business back on track. It requires tact, creativity and quick thinking.

11. Attitude Customers don’t want to hear about an employee’s problems, whether they’re overdue for a break, didn’t get the schedule they wanted or have personal problems. Customers don’t want a grumpy or surly employee either. Maintaining a cheerful, pleasant attitude goes a long way toward pleasing customers.

12. Patience

they should turn it over to a manager. Customers don’t like to be kept waiting and bosses don’t like employees to waste time.

18. Acting Fake it ‘til you make it. Sometimes an employee has to force him- or herself to put a smile on their face and be courteous. At times, they may have to pretend to care about the customer’s problem. To keep from letting what calls “barnacle” customers (perpetual complainers who are never satisfied) from dragging them down, they may have put on a little act.

It may be an off-shoot of attitude, but being patient with customers will enable employees to solve issues that arise and appease an unhappy customer. If a customer is confused about rules or frustrated by something, taking time to listen to them and explain or help them can turn things around.

19. Authenticity

13. Ability to think on your feet

20. The ability to let it go

Customers will ask questions you’re not prepared for. Situations may arise that aren’t covered in the employee handbook. It’s important to know how to handle surprises with grace and calmness. An employee should know if it’s something that can be addressed immediately or if it needs input from a manager.

14. Creativity Of course there are rules, boundaries, guidelines and limits, but an employee who can come up with a creative, unique solution may just make both the customer and the rink owner happy.

15. Tenacity Don’t give up if an issue is difficult. Sticking with it and following through until a solution is found will win over customers.

16. Willingness to go the extra mile Like being tenacious with a dash of creativity, being willing to go the extra mile demonstrates to the customer that the employee really cares about them and are determined to make them happy. It wins over customers.

Acting in the face of adversity doesn’t mean they are or should be a complete fake. Customers ultimately see through a façade, so it’s important to be real. Employees should let their personalities shine through when dealing with the public.

If a customer takes out their frustrations on the staff, they need to shrug it off. It isn’t personal. Employees must keep their emotions in check and concentrate on resolving the issue. If the employee is focused on helping them, customers usually calm down.

21. Teamwork Employees should never forget that they are part of a team. Being a team player goes both ways, and an employee’s reputation for stepping up when others need help will serve them well when they need a rescue.

22. Personal responsibility Accepting fault rather than passing the blame means the customer isn’t going to be left in the wasteland of “not my fault.” If an employee makes a mistake, they should own it. Customers are much more likely to be forgiving if they fess up and try to right their wrong than if they try to cover up the error of their ways.

The general theme of customer service is attitude and attention. Basic manners go a long way toward keeping customers happy … and keeping customers coming back.

17. Time management skills There’s a lot going on in a skating rink that needs attention. It’s important to realize when an employee isn’t able to resolve an issue and if Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 49



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Fitness Facts

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Infographics are visual diagrams of information, statistics and facts that are wildly popular. These brochures offer a variety of facts about health, fitness, safety and history of roller skating and are great to hand out at local events, schools or in your rink to inform the public about why roller skating is a healthy, safe and fun activity for the whole family. 100 brochures per package.

Fluorescent “Why Walk When You Can Roll” Pencils (#PENC19) These pencils each say “Why Walk When You Can Roll” and come in fluorescent colors. Each box contains 100 pencils and are great for school trips, trade shows, or just getting the word out about roller skating.

Cost: $18 per 100

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ing a

e hav



day P at


Invite Your Friends Say Thanks Thank You Cards (#THANKYOU2019) These thank you cards are adorned with a watercolor background and roller skate with the words Thanks across the front of the card. Great for use for everyday business thank yous. Cost: $7.50 for 25 cards with envelopes

50 /

Birthday Party Invites (#INVITES) These invitations are customized for you by the RSA to include your logo and rink address. Great product to hand out to your customers who purchase birthday party packages! Choose from 2 options: Purple or Rainbow. Each invitation is 4.25” x 5.5”, full color, glossy on both sides and include your logo and address. 5000 custom invitations, shipping included in the cost. Ships from manufacturer. This is an invitation, not a mailable postcard. Cost: $175 for 5000

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 51



Imagination: The Ultimate Instrument of Change


he Three Amigos set the bar high for themselves going into their fifth annual Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC). With their past four unique In the Room® experiences lighting the path, Rick Iceberg, Ben Jones and George Smith set themselves up for a challenge to exceed even their own expectations. The 2019 Imagine conference at Colorado Spring’s Broadmoor Resort was a true testament to their promise to provide a collaborative and engaging environment where all attendees are asked to be open to outcome, form relationships and are inspired to share their wisdom and insights in an effort to make all FECs relevant, sustainable, more profitable and memorable. Yet this was only what happened in the physical realm of Imagine. Once again, this three-day journey designed with intention and detail built a sensory environment that was set into motion far before the event began (some would even say years before!). Inspirational soundtracks served as thoughtful sensory cues, soul-driven videos captivated attendees’ hearts and minds, and an undeniable anticipatory momentum kept the attention of all in attendance who were eager to consume an unparalleled takeaway. This year, Imagine took attendees far beyond the importance of sharing knowledge. The Three Amigos, a trio of fierce, thoughtful entrepreneurs, asked attendees to tap into their boundless imagination and set their rational, “been there, done that” minds on hold. Building on the past F2FEC events (Change or Die, 10X Better, Differentiate and Soul), the 2019 Imagine conference ignited the need for the community to look further out into the future, to re-imagine their place in the industry in order to grow with purpose, and to act with intent.

The Stepping Stones to Imagine Whether it was someone’s first visit to an F2, or they were with The Amigos from day one, Imagine revisited all of the stepping stones they 52 /

laid on their path to creating Imagine. The 2019 experience was created to focus on what’s next for every business in the FEC industry. To do so, attendees took part in conversations that led them to re-flect, re-think and re-imagine not only their business, but the industry as a whole.

creators of the event is a person from whom we glean knowledge in school books as well as in how things work in the real world. This person, Albert Einstein, best known for his work with relativity, seems to have had it all figured out decades before the first FEC opened its doors. Einstein has been famously quoted time and time again from a 1929 Saturday Evening Post interview: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

The journey for F2FEC was unveiled in 2015 with Change or Die which introduced the industry to the Amigos and a unique bestin-class conference experience with topics that circled around making changes to remain relevant. 2016 brought in 10X Better to help business owners with methods and action tools to get them steps above, while Differentiate in 2017 helped businesses set themselves apart. Seamlessly leading up to Imagine, attendees In the Room® in 2018 were privileged to take their business to the next level with three days of life-altering conversations highlighting soul as the humanity of every organization. This was the perfect cue for Imagination to enter the room.

Imagination and Knowledge There’s no question that the lynchpin of the family entertainment industry is to create spaces and attractions that hold the attention and interest of their consumers. These physical places aim to intrigue customers, to delight them and to provide them with an enjoyable escape from the status quo of life. It only makes sense that to transform these buildings into ultimately happy places, it begins with one person, imagining one idea, that gains an almost fantastical momentum as it unfolds in the form of an FEC. One of the greatest scientific minds in all of history brought forth as an example by the

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Coming from one of the best scientific minds in all of time, his outlook on life and imagination was all Imagine needed to spark more than a little bit of interest when it comes to innovation and entertainment. And Einstein wasn’t the only one who had it all figured out; all the best scientific minds, past and present, and the most innovative tech giants did not change the world with knowledge. A key component of the F2 conferences is forming relationships to share knowledge, but to first imagine is where every idea is born. Speakers throughout the conference shared how imagination was the spark of their successful business. When Jeff Benson from Cinergy Entertainment took the stage to share, his story began with imagination, and grew from there. “Cinergy began because we wanted to imagine a new way of life for ourselves. We started with grandiose ideas and reimagined the entire movie theatre business! If we hadn’t taken the time to imagine a different way to give a better customer experience, we wouldn’t be a here today,” said Benson.

Strategy vs Vision The bar is indeed already set high when attending an F2 event. The Imagine conference carefully laid layer after layer of topics that allowed for thought-provoking conversations from conference tables into casual moments throughout the three days. A trusted promise of The Amigos is to provide a collaborative, engaging environment where everyone’s voice matters. And with 2019 Imagine, they met, and then exceeded, their promise. As knowledge and numbers and bottom lines were transparently shared, the underlying theme that imagination is what propels a business forward began to bubble. And

Volume 28 / Issue 3

RINK LIFE it began with the first speaker, Paul Saginaw from Zingerman’s.

manifests into structure, The Amigos began to challenge attendees to REimagine their business. Directly building on Change or Die with an “If you start out imagining what you can do equally powerful corollary, invest to live, to with your business, just with your mind and not reimagine means to establish a course for the with your heart, it isn’t going to be as robust as it future, to continue growing with purpose through can. When you start out thinking about imagining planning and investment. Reinvest can mean your business in 5 or 10 years from now, you have many things, including taking a profit and putting to let it be as expansive as possible and not ask it back into your business. As an FEC, we reinvest how you’re going to get there,” said Saginaw. in attractions, games, staff, square footage. Yet attendees were reminded that to reinvest also So how do we balance knowledge with means to revive and renew by looking inward understanding? Strategy with vision? Rational at one’s self for professional development and thinking with dreaming? The list could go on personal growth. As business owners, it is a hard and on, and it was a thought that occupied the fact that without investing and reinvesting in all minds of every F2 attendee. This phenomenal event has been revered as one of the most premier forms, with an understanding of “different times, conferences moving from best-in-class to best-in- different results,” a business will not grow. the-industry. The reputation has held its own as With this in mind, energetic speakers took the a unique and dynamic annual event that allows stage to introduce a variety of topics that all led leading people and businesses both within and back to imagination and investing. Every topic complimenting the industry to share information from Chloe Divita’s social media message on being that can help FEC businesses evolve. social to Melissa Hughes’ insights on human bias’ strengthened the big picture for the audience. Imagine did more. It broke boundaries by Simon Mainwaring from We First Branding introducing a topic that businesses owners motivated the room to develop a brand anchored across all sectors of the world put on the back by first imagining who they wanted to be. burner: Imagination. Yet somehow, The Amigos introduced the topic perfectly, like a puzzle piece The final speakers of the 2019 F2FEC Imagine that was waiting to be placed. conference were the Three Amigos themselves. Interviewed by journalist Robert Sax, Rick Reimagining is Reinvesting Iceberg, Ben Jones and George Smith revealed their relationship with reimagining their own While all businesses begin from an idea that

brand. “The seed of all great things is to first imagine something. For us, to pause represents the true spirit of imagine and takes the three of us all the way back to our beginning and the beginning of the F2F journey, Change or Die. We are hitting pause because we are at that point where we too must re-flect, re-think and re-imagine what the next F2 experience looks like, feels like, and could be. Just as we said that Soul is the humanity of your organization, Imagine is the lens that we all must use to remain relevant,” said Amigo Ben Jones.

RE-Imagine Imagination has been a part of producing and presenting every F2F experience. Taking to heart the idea behind Imagine, The Amigos presented the biggest takeaway which came in the form of a five-year growing challenge beyond the room to build better relationships, embrace change, invest for the long term, get better holistically, differentiate to stand out, and embrace the whole of humanity. Imagine asked every person In the Room® to take inventory from their soul and to move forward with purpose and be the stewards of the magical, brilliant, and inspiring industry of family entertainment.

a roller skating association international program

free for rsa members! did you know that being a member of the RSA means that you’ll now be able to utilize the kids skate free program for free for your skating center? visit to join today!

All participating KSF skating centers will receive .50 back per registration with the $4 administrative fee that is applied to all new registering KSF children. Some rinks have received nearly $1000 back per year just by participating. If you have any questions on how to make the program work for you, please email today!

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Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 53

st be ire m t fro e en SON e on in th DER g N s t ha bes TE A C to NET FE F2 lass . AN c in ustry ind

You guys have done a great service to the hundreds of people that attended, and the thousands they will affect. LOGAN CHECKETTS

What an incredible, inspiring, thought provoking, selfreflective, fun few days! HOLLY HAMPTON

nding. a t s t u o Simply L GETLAN AE MICH

Thanks fo r bringin g such an incredibly us in the room w ith special c RYAN JA ommunit COBS y.

Every attendee brings so much spirit to the event. BRADFORD DOOLITTLE

Together WE will continue to make a difference in our businesses, our communities and our industry; and for this, there is no pause. Thank you for helping us to create the best room in the industry. THREE AMIGOS

54 /

Anyone not coming back with a wealth of information had to be asleep at the switch. PETER OLESEN

You had to IMAG IN other se minars/e E F2FEC with SO vents to UL to DIF DIE was be F needed for this in 10X BETTER be ERENTIATE from cause a dustry. S CH EBASTIA N MOCH ANGE or KOVSKY

Thank you so much for the most meaningful conference I have ever attended in my life. I took 25 pages of notes. GLENN GABLE

Your event this y have ea seen. The s r was the and th p bes ea e DEBB takeaway kers were t we s IE GO e NZAL were truly xcellent EZ amaz ing.


take There was so much to l of your away. I appreciate al d all of shared knowledge an on this the hard work to put OCKET T conference. BRET T CR

It was truly inspirational and humbling to be in the room.


We feel truly blessed to have been part of such an amazing event with such incredible people. ELIZABETH KRAMER

What I really liked is the holistic view that was t grea y. a h c str presented, the business side, personal, as well as g su r indu n i r u o ffe F2 o ay with motivational. RANDY CHILTON y b l p d The curation of the event was the best I’ve ever experienced and the attention to detail extraterrestrial. JEFF SPENCER

The network oppo rtunities afforded to the partners is w orth its weight in go ld. MARSHA JONES

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

d ile spo nect an n e t ot o con t ve g We’ rtunity GRESS o opp SNOD THANK YOU for hosting E K Y the best conference I have attended during my career in the industry. MARISA GARRIS

F2CONFERENCE.COM Volume 28 / Issue 3

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Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 55



The Importance of Customer Personalization


our customers crave personalization. What does that mean exactly? It means the old way of mass communication “spray and pray” marketing isn’t going to work anymore, or least won’t be as effective as it used to be - meaning a waste of time and money. However, the prospect of competing in the space of personalized marketing may seem daunting as a small business owner living in the shadow of tech giants like Amazon and Netflix that have mastered the art of personalization. Here, I’ll explore what it may be like for a small business owner to begin utilizing personalization to make tangible changes in their marketing efforts and effectiveness. First, it’s important to take a moment to clarify what we mean when we say “personalization.” Personalization is really the shift from “one to many” marketing to “one to one” marketing. Think of a billboard; when you rent space on a billboard you’re renting visibility in hopes that your target customer will travel by that billboard and be moved to take action. One message, suiting to fit as many consumers as possible. Newsletters are another example. In the past, when the mass emailing of newsletters hit the scene business owners started collecting emails from their customers, creating a newsletter or marketing message, and then sending that out to their entire customer database. Again, this is one too many messaging. It’s important to note that even this was one of the first shifts toward personalization. This isn’t a radio ad to the masses or a billboard to catch the eye, but a message sent to a group of people who have all made a buying decision in the past. This is much more targeted marketing. However, as we continue to move down this road, customers’ expectations of relevant ads continues to climb. I love this quote from Seth Godin who really illustrates this point: “Personalization wasn’t supposed to be a cleverly veiled way to chase prospects around the

56 /

web, showing them the same spammy ad for the same lame stuff as everyone else sees. No, it is a chance to differentiate at a human scale, to use behavior as the most important clue about what people want and more importantly, what they need.” It’s important to consider that when customers provide you with their personal data, they are expecting an exchange of value. This means that if they don’t feel they’re getting the value they deserve, they’ll pull their data and unsubscribe. Consider what you’re sending, and ask yourself if it checks the following three boxes: right person, right place, right time. If you’re not intentional about hitting these requirements then your messaging efforts will be wasted and your

customers will unsubscribe. To illustrate this point, I want you to think about your Amazon home page. It’s tailored specifically for you. It’s not a mixed bag of everything that Amazon has to sell, but rather a list of personally curated offers based on what they know about you. For instance, I’m a father of four and a Technology Evangelist by trade. My Amazon homepage is a mix of sippy cups and computer equipment. If something else outside of that popped in to my feed it would feel strange. As a result, I’m much more likely to make additional purchases because the messaging is relevant to me.

how you can start small this week. Start with thinking through the right place to reach your customers. What do you know about your customer? Is email the best channel? Where are they spending their time now? Social media, social influencers, email, text, direct mail, print ads, may or may not be the best avenue to get in front of your ideal customer. Find out where they are and go to them. I would posit that we live in what’s arguably the best time in history to get your message in front of the right person at the right time. There are more mediums, more channels, and more ways to get directly in front of your target market than ever before. Your customers are there and waiting for your messaging. They will even request it if you can make it strong enough. Find a few ancillary businesses to yours whose customers you share and find out how to strategically get your message in front of their customers. What Facebook groups do your customers live in and how can you get involved an add value? Give the people what they want, when and where they want it, and watch your marketing take off! BRANDON WILLEY Brandon Willey is the CEO of FetchRev and has broad knowledge of the local digital marketing ecosystem with extensive experience in email and search marketing, social media, retargeting, geotargeting, segmentation, automation, machine learning and more. He can be reached at or by calling 855-979-7833.

Now, I know what you’re thinking right about now: You’re not Amazon and you don’t have a data scientist on staff to synthesize millions of lines of purchase data spanning several decades. For this month, let’s start with the right place. What DO you have to work with? Think about

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Volume 28 / Issue 3



Shift Lock Technology Prevents floor from shifting

Patented Surface Profile Layered for speed and grip


Keep Your Edge CONTACT US



Surface Diffuser Stars Dampen rolling noise and allows fluid evaporation

Precision Locking System Tightest fit = seamless appearance and precision performance

Custom Designs Fun colors including glow in the dark

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The Future is Bright with New POS System


hat a great 2019 RSA Convention! It’s always nice to see our customers and we wish a big thank you to those who brought their friends over to our table to sign on with us.

can bring. From inventory control in your stuff shop, skate shops and snack bar to time clock management to accounting reports that can sync so easily to your accounting software, these systems make the running of your business much more efficient.

Special congratulations to Marisa Gallo and to SV, the winners of our two Apple AirPod sets!

Since CSA was selected as the Preferred Merchant Account provider for the RSA, we have saved rink owners over $270,000.00. With the price point of this new POS system at only $1,295.00, many rink owners will recoup the cost in just 3-4 months. Some actually will recover enough money in one month to pay for the system by using our Cash Discount Program,

This year, the big topic was Cash Discount and affordable POS systems. Those of you who stopped by our table were the first ones to see the newest POS system endorsed by the RSA. We are so excited to tell you that now you can have a POS that has a built-in on-line birthday party booking component, as well as is integrated with the Kids Skate Free program, and much more! This system will give you all of the same features as other systems that cost 6 times more. When you add the optional hand-held device, or what we refer to as a line-buster, you can get your skaters in twice as fast. This is a game changer. At a cost of only $1,295.00, you will not believe the power and punch this system will bring to your rink. Rink owners who have operated for 50-plus years are hearing and learning about the many benefits of the reporting that POS systems

Cash Discount was also the very hot topic this year at convention. Our table was flooded at times with people asking about this exciting new program. Rink owners who have been paying several hundred or even thousands of dollars each month in processing fees are now paying virtually nothing. That is correct, ZERO dollars to process your credit cards. This program allows the fees to be paid for by your customers who want to pay with their credit cards. The concern about “how will my customers react” is a non-issue. People are seeing convenience fees and credit card usage fees more and more, so for them to pay a few cents more to skate with you is not a big deal at all.

The U.S. Roller Speed Skating (USRSS) and the Inline Hockey Associations (IHA) membership is affordable, covers both sports, and are 501(c)3 organizations offering both quad and inline competitions.

and road course. This will allow skaters, coaches, and officials to have one set of rules that will be followed whether it’s a Rookie Series, Point Series, Invitational or International competition.

How much does it cost?

How do I participate in local competitions?

• Team charter: 100% FREE • Athlete competitive membership card: $35 • Sanction to hold as many competitions as you would like for one (1) full year: $100

Cash Discount is another game changer. You owe it to yourself to at least call us or email us for more information. If you can’t tell by my words, this is the most exciting news that I have ever had for rink owners. 1) An affordable POS system that is built from the ground up for skating rinks and having the tools that skating rink owners need and want. 2) A cash discount program that can eliminate virtually all of your processing costs. This is a great time to be part of the Roller Skating Association. The future is bright and we are all “skating forward!”

DAVID BREWER David R. Brewer is the CEO of CSA Business Solutions, a merchant services and payment solutions provider based in Smyrna, Georgia. David has been working in the merchant services industry for more than 20 years and is dedicated to helping his customers improve their bottom line by reducing their costs. He can be reached at dbrewer@ or 866-400-0272. For more information, visit

Who can I talk to about starting my own speed skating team? Call 317-347-2626 Ext. 105 to speak with Lisa Dunham, or email

Visit and search for participating clubs near you. If there are none, contact the rinks in your area to start their own clubs to then develop a league so that athletes can compete.

How many sets of rules are there? One rule set for both indoor and outdoor based on FIRS International Rules.

What kind of track is used? U.S. Roller Speed Skating utilizes the oval track. This allows more lanes for racing and angles for passing, which makes U.S. Roller Speed Skating more exciting. USRSS rules work for both indoor and outdoor competitions. Indoor will compete on a 100 meter oval track. Outdoor will compete on a 200 meter oval

58 /

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317-347-2626 Ext. 105

Volume 28 / Issue 3

Promo Only Top 20 for June 2019

1. Jonas Brothers - Sucker

11. Halsey - Nightmare

2. Sam Smith & Normani - Dancing With A Stranger 12. Billie Eilish - When The Party’s Over 3. Lil Nas X - Old Town Road

13. Ed Sheeran f./Chance & PnB Rock - Cross Me

4. Khalid - Talk

14. Daddy Yankee & Katy Perry f./Snow - Con Calma

5. Ava Max - Sweet But Psycho

15. 5 Seconds Of Summer - Easier

6. Taylor Swift - ME!

16. Katy Perry - Never Really Over

7. Shawn Mendes - If I Can’t Have You

17. Bryce Vine f./YG - La La Land

8. Ariana Grande - Break Up With Your Girlfriend,

18. Aj Mitchell - All My Friends

I’m Bored

19. Lizzo - Truth Hurts

9. Panic! At The Disco - Hey Look Ma, I Made It

20. P!Nk - Walk Me Home

10. Jonas Brothers - Cool Chart compiled from national airplay charts and Promo Only feedback Promo Only

257 S. Lake Destiny Drive Orlando, FL 32810

The Industry’s #1 Source for Music and Music Videos

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n o y l l a u n i t n e o g c d E g n i t t u C e th Written by: Molly Allen


aser tag is not a new phenomenon in the entertainment industry by any means. But over time, the laser tag industry has continued to introduce new products to keep up with the latest technology, all while making the investment in laser tag more approachable for rink and entertainment center owners alike.

The popularity of laser tag continues to grow today, especially as it appeals to an incredibly large demographic. Most laser tag arenas offer games for a wide range of age groups, allowing almost anybody to enjoy a game of tag. But while laser tag is open to most anyone, 47 percent of players are ages 6 to 12. And those ages are millennial kids with higher electronic standards than when laser tag was first gaining popularity in the 80s and 90s.

to escape the mundane. The pairing of laser tag, especially with skating, captures the nostalgia and history of roller skating, while still being current and modern with special effects, offering something everyone can enjoy.”

As trends continue to grow toward a more modern approach with incredible special effects and impressive experiences, the laser tag industry The laser tag industry commercially launched is keeping up with the most cutting-edge in 1984 when the story of the Star Wars movies trends. “When laser tag was first introduced, was brought to life by a company named Photon. “One of the things we’re seeing with all of the people thought it would just be a fad,” said Van Popularity grew for the game and by 1987 the entertainment verticals is that everyone is trying Natta. “But it has kept evolving to enhance the company had grown to 45 locations and over 2 to diversify their attraction portfolio. They’re experience.” And whether a rink owner is looking million satisfied customers had enjoyed the new thinking about things that will keep people to diversify their income by introducing laser tag, game. As the laser tag industry continued to grow, interested and keep them there longer,” said Russ or they’re simply looking to upgrade an existing it was no longer limited to stand-alone facilities Van Natta, Vice President of Sales for Creative system, there are a number of advancements being family fun centers, skating rinks, trampoline parks Works. “Powerful memories make people happier made in laser tag right now to make it one of the and more began to adopt the new craze. and cause them to come back again and again, most cutting-edge industry experiences available 60 / Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3 whether they’re there to celebrate something or for families today.

Make it Educational For those looking to appeal to a wider demographic, incorporating laser tag for corporate parties or school trips, Trivia Laser Tag is a gamechanger. According to Mike Ewald, Sales Director for LaserBlast, their new Trivia Laser Tag has been popular among a variety of groups. The game offers teachers or group leaders the option to preload questions before their group arrives for the game. Once in the arena, players can tag a station and answer a question on the screen. The right answer receives a power up award, while the wrong answer causes the player to lose points. “It’s a great activity to do throughout the game,” said Ewald. “Teachers have used it for school lesson plans or for kids to prepare for a test coming up, while corporate parties may use it to test company knowledge for a new product about to be released.” The new add-on not only now justifies laser tag as an educational trip, but it has also been popular for general trivia amongst friends on a Friday night or for birthday parties, creating appeal for a large group demographic.

Charge It Up One of the most useful items recently introduced into the laser tag market is magnetic charging. For decades, charging of phasers has been accomplished using a jack and a port, much the same as plugging in a cell phone to charge. Magnetic charging now allows a simple click-on pack to avoid all of the plugging in and potential breakage. “Owners no longer have to worry about breaking the jack off the port, which happens often, and fixing broken jacks or ports is costly,” said Erik Guthrie of Zone Lazer Tag Inc. Magnetic charging is much more efficient than port charging, producing a full charge much faster. “This has been a gamechanger for a number of rinks or fun centers, as it reduces the downtime waiting for something to charge and eliminates the potential for costly repairs.” With magnetic charging, operators are now able to get recharged faster, with less issues, ultimately offering more game time for their customers.

start until the video on the phaser has played. “It reinforces the safety rules for the player on the screen, and it mitigates liability,” Guthrie added.

Consider a Smaller Scale While some newer rink owners are building a brand new entertainment center incorporating skating, laser tag and more, those with a rink that has been in the family for decades may not have that same luxury. For those owners who have been hoping to add laser tag to their rink to diversify profits, the investment may not be possible based on the build-out requirements, or, space may be a limitation. According to Guthrie, laser tag arenas need, at the very minimum, 1,500-square-feet to operate. However, most arenas feature 2,400-3,000-square feet. That is due to the safety requirements, maintaining that there is 125 to 150 square feet of space per player. Most owners want the ability to have two games going, with multiple players each to maximize profitability, meaning they need more space. “A lot of rink owners are landlocked and limited on space,” said Guthrie. “So even if the owner is interested in adding laser tag, and they are ready to make that investment, the space requirements stop the project from moving forward.”

“Laser tag needs to be continuously capturing and holding attention,” said Van Natta. “Whether it’s the world of Indian Jones, diving into the world of Avatar or into a deep space exploration, we’re focusing on more movement, more visual stimulation and an increase in special effects.” With those special effects comes the introduction of projection mapping, allowing more opportunities for story telling in the entrance or throughout the arena itself. “Projection mapping is really one of the more cutting-edge things now,” said Van Natta. “It’s enhancing the overall environment and interactive capabilities, and we may soon be seeing fully projected arenas, allowing for constant customization.”

Maximize Your Game Formats

For years, only a handful of game formats have been used at centers with laser tag because of the inability to effectively tell the story. “We were finding that most of our customers weren’t using many of the 30 formats our systems come Zone Laser Tag Inc. took that consideration with,” said Ewald. “Previously, operators would of limitations and is introducing the first micro have to rely on text or speech to describe the arena to allow rink owners who have been hoping game format to customers, not allowing them to to add laser tag to finally implement that addition. get the full picture.” A new auto-briefing system, The micro arena, 800-1,000 square feet, would coming out summer 2019, will allow for a specific allow for an 8-player system, offering a modular briefing video for each game format to be played arena that may encourage more rink owners to in the briefing room with the touch of a button, invest. making for more options for customers and more opportunities for an immersive, visual experience.

Tell a Story

“Laser tag is in an unusual position right now,” said Guthrie. “It’s poised to make a really big break, but it’s not quite there yet.” With virtual reality growing in popularity by the minute, laser tag has the ability to combine that experience concept and turn into an augmented reality attraction. As Pokémon Go took youth by storm Safety First during the summer of 2017, the entertainment industry began to realize that people are looking Safety is always at play when a game of tag for immersive, interactive experiences. “My belief launches. Before players vest up, staff should be is that one of the exciting features coming to laser giving a safety briefing, addressing rules such as tag in the future is the concept of augmented no running or no physical contact. According to Guthrie, safety in laser tag is being revolutionized, reality, using the LED screens on the phasers,” said Guthrie. “We’re moving toward a model that with a product that will appeal to not only the would incorporate mines or health packs into the rink operator, but also the owner’s insurance arena that can be seen on the screen as if they’re agent. really there, and all the player would have to do is “We’re introducing a fail-proof way to ensure walk through and pull the trigger to grab it.” that the player has been introduced to the But before the industry gets to that point, safety rules before going into the arena for a there are still products emerging to create the game of tag,” he said. Phasers will soon have the most immersive experience a customer can capability to show a 50 second safety clip when find. “We’re creating more story driven, social, the attendant starts the game. The pack will not

immersive experiences,” said Van Natta. “Overall it’s enhancing the escapism guests are looking for.” Arenas are no longer featuring the typical capture the flag type game. New updates in the industry are allowing for ways to incorporate more LED lighting, sound effects and movement more than ever.

Incremental Upgrades For those owners who have an existing arena, there are small upgrades that can be introduced and made over time. “You don’t want your customers to feel like the game is the same old same old,” said Van Natta. “Even if an owner invested and added laser tag say, eight years ago, there are ways to make small enhancements without a major overhaul.” According to Van Natta, improvements such as additional entrance streaming, small mural additions or small props with more targets can go a long way to offer a much more current experience in the environment without a huge investment. “Last year, we did an upgrade and expanded the arena, introducing Aliens versus Zombies,” said Bob Switalski, General Manager of Fun ‘N’ Stuff, Macedonia, Ohio. “There are people who just like skating, and there are others who like different attractions and they want a one stop shop to buy a pass and participate in all of it. We’re always trying to do something new.”

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2019 RSA Affiliate Member Listings

The companies listed below are “RSM” members of the Roller Skating Association International who provide goods and services to the roller skating industry. Company information is updated in each issue of Rinksider for your reference. If your firm services the roller skating industry and you would like information about becoming a member, or you are a current member needing to update your information, call the Association headquarters at 317-347-2626 Ext. 108. If you would like an additional listing under another RSM category, there is a charge of $125 per additional category. Information below is as provided on 2018 RSM renewals. Changes and category updates must be made with Sharon McMahon at


Greg McGuire 855-979-7833 1232 E. Baseline Rd. Floor 2, Tempe, AZ 85283


Rhonda Stevens 314-275-8066 1884 Lackland Hill Parkway Suite 1, St. Louis, MO 63146


Scott Drummond 888-804-1166 1010 Camerado Drive #206, Cameron Park, CA 95682

SACOA PLAYCARD SYSTEM Hiara Elias 214-256-3965 PO Box 5258, New York, NY 10163


Kendall Cabe 708-497-9896 113 McHenry Rd., #380, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Daniel Wortman 480-748-4191 3098 E. Bellflower Dr., Gilbert, AZ 85928


Brian Worth 877-385-0531 530-B Harkle Road. Suite 100 Santa Fe, NM 87505

CFG WEALTH MANAGEMENT SERVICES Michael Puckett 317-841-7959 9840 Westpoint Drive, Suite 150, Indianapolis, IN 46256


David Brewer 866-400-0272 791 Park Manor Drive, Smyrna, GA 30082



Christina Calhoun 844-873-8729 7135 E. Camelback Rd. Suite 360 Scottsdale , AZ 85251

CONSULTING AND RINK PLANNING BEDROCK CONTRACTING Jessica VanOsdell 1-800-957-7663 3775 N. Beach St., Ft. Worth, TX 76137


Ronald Creten 913-894-5177 14501 W. 98th, Pillar 18-51A, Lenexa, KS 66219

62 /


Edward Hurney 800-542-4189 PO Box 1059, Calhoun, GA 30701


Larry Finchum 865-453-3995 2812 Boyd’s Creek Highway, Sevierville, TN 37876


Marsha Long 800-778-5241 734 S. River St., PO Box 1779, Calhoun, GA 30701


Kim Wall 260-484-7746 4517 Industrial Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |


Jamie Noble 843-884-0603 205 Boring Drive, Dalton, GA 30721


Kristin Messick 800-241-4908 716 S. River Street, Calhoun, GA 30703


Roy Spencer 231-726-5911 1250 9th Ave, Muskegon, MI 49440

ROLL-ON FLOOR PRODUCTS Joseph Nazzaro Jr. 817-571-2938 233 W. Pipeline Rd., Hurst, TX 76053


800-241-8060 462 Veterans Memorial Hwy, SE, Mableton, GA 30126


Robert Ferrer 323-782-8454 625 South Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036


Anthony Profaci 800-925-7465 50 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 7716


Nancy Clay 913-266-5325 11880 College Blvd, Ste 500, Overland Park, KS 66210


Charles Krugel 312-804-3851 1001 S. State St. #1904, Chicago, IL 60605

TITE COAT INTERNATIONAL Scott Gray 800-442-8483 5365 Dorsey Evergreen Rd., Fulton, MS 38843


Barry Wides 317-704-8143 1389 W. 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260


Mallory Hulsey 317-387-9000 6800 Cintas Blvd, Mason, OH 45040


David Garber 817-886-4840 6829 Green Leave Dr. North Richland Hills, TX 76182

RINKSIDER MAGAZINE Lynette Rowland 317-347-2626 Ext. 107 6905 Corporate Drive Indianapolis, IN 46278

ROLLER SK8R MAGAZINE Susan Geary 540-339-9461 4712 Oak Rd. NW, Roanoke VA


John Bonaccorso 800-505-4052

Volume 28 / Issue 3

CONNECTIONS 2 Music Square West Nashville TN 37203


Jim Juniper 866-684-8324 787 Adelaide St North Suite 2, London, ON N5Y 2L8


Stacy Johnson 800-638-6000 17 Stenerson Lane, Cockeysville, MD 21030


Dave Schwartz 732-363-0212 1960 Rutgers University Blvd., Lakewood, NJ 8701


Gary Balaban 732-238-0096 2201 4th Avenue North Lake Worth Beach, FL 33461


Lae Phonephakdy 402-939-3020 4206 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68137


Kris Wall Friesner 260-482-1566 4515 Industrial Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825


Joe Iacona 800-809-4569 23133 Schoenherr Road, Warren, MI 48089


Dan Highcove 800-435-3456 350 Commerce Dr., Fall River, MA 2720


Mike Hill 800-860-8474 111 Triple Diamond Blvd, North Venice, FL 34275


Sondra Doyle 909-923-5700 1500 S. Hellman Ave, Ontario, CA 91761


Gordon Vong 847-806-0034 900 Lunt Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


Joseph Nazzaro Jr. 817-545-2745 233 W. Pipeline Rd., Hurst, TX 76053


Sondra Doyle 909-923-5700 1500 S. Hellman Ave, Ontario, CA 91761


Jeff Schilling 317-834-4770 350 Bridge St., Mooresville, IN 46158


Kathleen Kuryliw 604-607-1111 215-27353-58th Crescent, Langley, BC V4W 3W7



Josh Haagen 253-301-3460 2750 Williamson Place NW Suite 148, DuPont, WA 98327


Debbie Rice 941-722-2668 5004 US Highway 41 N Unit B, Palmetto, FL 34221


Joel Aranson 973-779-2323 376 Hollywood Ave., Fairfield, NJ 7004


Trent Carter 317-222-6105 5530 W Raymond St, Indianapolis, IN 46241

GOLDEN HORSE SKATE CO. LTD Helen Ou-Chang 509 W. Duarte Rd. Monrovia, CA 91016 213-375-2852


Carla Ewald 877-338-7889 6118 Gotfredson Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170

Doug Glass 833-758-6682 6026 Kalamazoo Ave. SE Kentwood, MI 49508



Erik Guthrie 866-966-3797 419 Webbs Lane, Dover, DE 19904

Bob Riegelman 800-698-6893 122 Cannon River Ave N, Red Wing, MN 55066



Ann Kessler 716-836-0670 251 Meyer Road, Amherst, NY 14226


Gary Boots 217-221-4031 107 North Missouri, Sedalia, MO 65301


Tamara Dean 503-606-4438 PO Box 40, Independence, OR 97351

Will Marion 217-324-3961 311 West Edwards Street, Litchfield, IL 62056


Stephen Charrier 800-232-7655 19 Technology Drive, West Lebanon, NH 3784


800-344-3331 5519 Rawlings, Southgate, CA 90280

ROLLER SKATES & DISTRIBUTORS GOLDEN HORSE RENTALS/LW SKATES Walt Hedrick 817-781-1898 4004 Cedar Creek Ct, Arlington, TX 76016


Ronald Creten 913-894-5177 17501 W. 98th, Pillar 18-51A, Lenexa, KS 66219


Glenn Ramsey Jr 800-444-7528 2917 Nicholas Ave, Roanoke, VA 24012


David Ramsey 800-241-8060 462 Veterans Memorial Hwy, SE, Mableton, GA 30126


Eric Steele 402-483-7551 Ext. 210 4730 South Street, Lincoln, NE 68506


Robert Bentley 850-478-3994 2607 East Olive Rd., Pensacola, FL 32514


Abid Sheikh 919-799-7707 5448 Apex Peakway No. 115, Apex, NC 27502


David Ripp 765-935-7477 415 West Eaton Pike, Richmond, IN 47374

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 63



Meagan Gregoire 800-348-2976 10 Forbes Road, Northborough, MA 1532

FRAZIL/FREEZING POINT John Einsfeld 877.372.9455 3560 W. Niniget Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84104

GOLD MEDAL PRODUCTS COMPANY Stephanie Goodin 8009-543-0862 10700 Medallion Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45241-4807


Curt Ritzel 803-926-5657 23660 Research Drive Unit A, Farmington Hills, MI 48335


Tony Grimes (972) 334-2177 Attn: Ross Bower 7701 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024


Paul Artt 651-669-8993 12021 Plano Rd. Suite 160, Dallas, TX 75243


Monte Farrar 813-748-1167 9472 Hunters Pond Dr., Tampa, FL 33647


Elwood Bakken 800-248-0076 310 Ice Pond Rd., Bozeman, MT 59715


Terry Maxfield 800-255-1015 701 Graham St., Emporia, KS 66801


Christopher Markgraf 615-469-4906 302 Rutherford Ln, Columbia, TN 38401

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STAR WHOLESALE LIGHTING AND SOUND Michael Couey 678-570-7608 55 Thomas Grace Annex, Sharpsburg, GA 30277


JoB LeRay 800-257-3758 2117 Goliad Circle, Frisco, TX 75033


Natalia Perez 469-521-8000 2015 McKenzie Dr Suite 106, Carrollton, TX 75006


Scott Borowski 610-645-6940 1062 E. Lancaster Ave. Suite F/5, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Bailey Luke 515266-6422 1801 Guthrie Ave. Des Moines, IA 50316


Bill Freeman 386-747-0845 1920 Center Park Dr., Charlotte, NC 28208

SHAFFER DISTRIBUTING CO. Paul Jones 1-800-282-0194 1100 W. 3rd Ave, Columbus, OH 43212


Judi Heston-Donnell 877-213-0500 1716 West Broadway Road Suite 111, Mesa, AZ 85202

WHEEL AND BEARING MANUFACTURERS ANABOLIX SKATE COMPANY Mike Elsbury 317-903-6172 7304 Atmore Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46217


Wayne Snihur 954-917-3009 1400 NW 65th Place, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309


Holly Hampton 920-822-3951 1077 E. Glenbrook Drive, Pulaski, WI 54162


Paula Rinker 561-588-5200 51 Hypoluxo Rd, Hypoluxo, FL 33462


Bob Dipipi 201-438-1300 303 Paterson Plank Rd, Carlstadt, NJ 7072

Isaac Oltmans 805-683-4779 30 South La Patera Lane, Santa Barbara, CA 93117


Wayne Snihur 954-917-5451 1400 NW 65th Place, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

NATIONAL TICKET COMPANY - 1081 Patrick Carter 800-829-0829 PO Box 547, Shamokin, PA 17872


Danny Schutt 321-231-6411 91 Earl’s Lane, Apopka, FL 32712

Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3




CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR KIOSK NEED Full in-house design capabilities for video and touch screen software

Our monitors have the lowest warranty return rates in the industry

Goldfingers 49� ultra bright 4K portrait-10-point infrared touch display monitor features high impact screens that are interface ready with stereo sound and microphone availability. Our monitors continue to be designed with the best technology for the best interactive experience.

Internal engineering and manufacturing teams focus on design and quality control

Our touch screen monitors exceed the competition in durability and reliability

Contact Us to get the Latest Technology in Your Rink Today!

GET IN TOUCH: Email: | Visit: | Call: 800-828 2048 OR 201-438-5905 Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 3 / 65


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FOR SALE Magic Wheels Skating Center, Jackson TN 38305. Turn-Key Fully Equipped On-Going Business. Sale Includes 24,854 Sqft Building on 2.4 acre Lot & Skating Business. Parking 110 cars, Traffic Count 27,741 per day. Seller retiring after 35 years. Appraised Value $825,000. List Price $650K. Contact Tim Jones, Five Star Real Estate Services, 731-437-0489, jones2219@


Best cash prices in the county, guaranteed. Call us at Discount Arcade Distributors 682-587-8580


Fire Sale at Brookpark Skateland (Ohio) 300+ pairs of Riedell 7711 RENTAL SKATES various mens and ladies sizes between 3 and 9. $30/pair - discount for over 50 pairs. We have already sent some of these to California, Indiana and Illinois! Snack Bar Tables – FREE if you pick up. Contact David 440.476.5689


Aloha Roller Rink is seeking an experienced General Manager. Competitive pay 60k+, DOE, relocation bonus available. Location: San Jose, California. Send resume to: aloharollerrink@gmail. com.


Golden Horse Rental Skates for Sale Size 4-13. Call 512-300-8377 for more info.

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Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine |

Volume 28 / Issue 3

Profile for Roller Skating Association International

Rinksider Magazine: 2019 - Volume 28 / Issue 3  

In this issue you will learn about advancements in laser tag and technology updates to make for 2019, digital marketing and much more!

Rinksider Magazine: 2019 - Volume 28 / Issue 3  

In this issue you will learn about advancements in laser tag and technology updates to make for 2019, digital marketing and much more!