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ave you ever bought a new vehicle and realized after you’ve made the purchase you start seeing the same model everywhere? I feel this is an accurate analogy to my current acclimation to the Rinksider


Having spent nearly every weekend of my adolescence annoying the poor owners of my local skating rink, taking this editor’s assignment has caused me to realize just how many skating enthusiasts are in my personal circle. It has caused me to reconnect with those individuals from my past who were on speed skating teams and also heavily invested in the upkeep of our local skating rink in Princeton, IN. I also have come to realize how many activities are being offered in connection with my son’s school. Just this month there was a school outreach event at our local skating rink organized through his school. So to say I am excited to be becoming re-acclimated to the world of roller skating is an understatement. Besides the prominence of the convention coverage in this issue, we have some exciting and interesting features: •

David Brewer offers us insights on the pros and cons of a cash discount programs for rinks.

Brandon Willey discusses the value and methods for collecting valuable customer data to drive recurring business.

Lori Lovely has done an excellent job covering topics of Hidden Secrets of Arcade Game Maintenance, Claw Machine Highlights, and the Preventative Tips to Avoid Costly Insurance Claims.

Sara Hodon’s article on Mental Health and Skating Competition is truly insightful and a wonderful view into the psychological aspects relating to competition. Keith Loria covers some exiting new lighting techniques as well as valuable lessons learned relating to opening a new rink.

I’d like to express my appreciation for being so welcoming. I look forward to meeting and working with you. Please enjoy this issue and feel free to reach out to me at rinksider@ with any suggestions or ideas.

FEATURE AUTHORS LORI LOVELY Lori is an award-winning syndicated writer, editor and photographer whose byline has appeared in a wide range of local, national international publications. A recipient of the 1999 AIDServe Superstar Award, Lovely is a long-standing PETA member and was a 25-year member of CARA Charities. In addition, she runs Montrose Farms where she raises alpacas and chickens. Lori can be reached at

KEITH LORIA Keith is a freelance writer with more than 15 years experience writing for everything from the Bowling Center Management Magazine to Billiards Association of America. He’s met and interviewed celebrities from William Shatner and Kristen Chenowith to heart surgeon pioneer Marc Dedomenico and Pez Candy CEO Joe Vittoria. He can be reached at

SARA HODON Sara Hodon is a freelance writer based in northeast Pennsylvania, where she lives with her family, including two very spoiled Labrador retrievers. Her work has appeared in G.I. Jobs, Pet Business, History, Souvenirs, Gifts, and Novelties, and Tourist Attractions & Parks, among others. She received her English degree from Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pennsylvania. Besides writing, she is an avid reader, music lover/concert goer, and traveler. Growing up, she spent many Saturday afternoons at the roller rink.

BRANDON WILLEY Brandon Willey is the CEO of FetchRev and has broad knowledge of the local digital marketing ecosystem with extensive experience in email and search marketing, social media, retargeting, geotargeting, segmentation, automation, machine learning and more. He can be reached at or by calling 855979-7833.

DAVID BREWER David R. Brewer is the CEO of CSA Business Solutions, a merchant services and payment solutions provider based in Smyrna, Georgia. David has been working in the merchant services industry for more than 20 years and is dedicated to helping his customers improve their bottom line by reducing their costs. He can be reached at Website:

Keep rolling!

Joe Rayes

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Rinksider - The Roller Skating Business Magazine | Volume 28 / Issue 1 / 7

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Volume 28 / Issue 1 Rinksider  

In this first issue of Rinksider Magazine for 2019, readers will learn everything from the hidden secrets of arcade game maintenance to how...

Volume 28 / Issue 1 Rinksider  

In this first issue of Rinksider Magazine for 2019, readers will learn everything from the hidden secrets of arcade game maintenance to how...