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A NEW TAKE on Birthday Parties


The Price Increase Conundrum Rolling Back into Sydney, Australia

Summer Camp

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at the Rink

in Family Entertainment Dive into the 21st Century


Tina Robertson President, Topeka, KS

Bob Housholder Vice President, Savoy, IL

Michael Jacques Treasurer, Granite Bay, CA

Board of Directors

Keith Brainard, Warren, OH John Capelli, New Munster, WI Chris Finley, London, KY Chris Griffith, Sumter, SC Jimbo Hafner, Brenham, TX William Hoefler, Hadley, MA Ed Hughes, Liberty, MO Michael Jacques, Granite Bay, CA Brian Molony, Kalamazoo, MI Randall Ray, Centralia, WA Billy Thompson, Gastonia, NC Stephen Turner, Glen Ellyn, IL Cort Wahlig, Newark, DE

Publications Committee Alan Bacon, Richland, WA Bobby Braun, Helotes, TX Brian Molony, Kalamazoo, MI, Chairman Cort Wahlig, Newark, DE

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James McMahon

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Lynette Rowland

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Contributing writers: Tina Robertson, Lynette Rowland, Ronald Miner, James Ball, Peg Smith, Charles Reese, Alan Bacon, Lary Zucker, Kurt Anselmi, Cornelius Fortune, Meghan Molony, James Vannurden, Susan Clary, Diane Norlander, Thomas Hill, Jim Chapman Cover provided by: Jeff Platt of Sky Zone

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4 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

TABLE OF CONTENTS | association news


26 Trends in Family Entertainment Dive into the 21st Century



Winning the Race For Time: Why You Should Work ON Your Business, Not Just IN It

Rolling Back into Sydney, Australia


A New Take on Birthday Parties


COLUMNS Association News

Letter from the President.................................................. 6 Letter from the Editor........................................................ 7 Making the Super Skater Program Work for Your Rink.... 8 Promotional Flyers............................................................. 10 Roller Skating Foundation Scholarship Application........ 12 2014 Keynote Speaker....................................................... 15 Free RSA Webinars for Members....................................... 16 Welcome New Members.................................................... 29 RSA Renewal Form Requirements..................................... 29 HR 360: New Member Benefit for 2014............................ 38

Weathering the Storm: Picking Up the Pieces After Tragedy Strikes


Introducing IALDA.............................................................. 25 Vending, Novelty & Coin-Op Highlight.............................. 54 Affiliate (RSM) Member Directory..................................... 58 Classified Advertisements................................................. 62

Roller Skating News

Roller Skating Buzz............................................................ 30 It’s All in the Advertising.................................................... 34 Decades Behind the Wheels: Walt Frazier........................ 50

Business Matters

Internet Marketing............................................................. 17 Summer Camp at the Rink................................................. 19 The Importance of Customer Loyalty................................ 21 Is Your Game Income All it Can Be? .................................. 44 The Price Increase Conundrum......................................... 52 Promotional Calendars...................................................... 56

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November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 5

association news | LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT

Welcoming the Holiday Season Hello my Fellow Rink Operators, I am excited to say that the Fall Section Meetings and Tradeshows were a great enjoyment and learning experience for me. As your President, this is a time of the year that allows me the privilege to spend time with so many members: This opportunity recharges and educates me. The RSA office staff has been busy assisting the sections with their meetings and updating the RSA and its benefits for each and every member. I am pleased to announce that a new website and database are now on the horizon ensuring greater functionality and resources for our members. The staff ’s continued efforts are truly appreciated. The 2013 holiday season is officially upon each of us. This is a great time of the year to reflect on the lives we have touched throughout the year, in addition to expressing to all of the important people in our lives, how much they are cared for and appreciated. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of the RSA for sharing your time, knowledge and kindness with me throughout 2013 - I care and appreciate each of you. On another personal note, I would like to express my love and thanks to the man of my dreams, “Pappy.” He opened the door for me to walk through to the world of owning and operating my own roller skating rink, but beyond that he always encourages and supports me to reach for my dreams. He is one of the reasons that today I am living the dream. 2014 is quickly approaching and my wish for the RSA and its members is happiness and prosperity. Warm Regards,

Tina Robertson RSA President

Sale on Holiday Cards!

The Roller Skating Association has marked down all 2013 holiday cards to just $10 for a box of 50 with 50 envelopes. Cover includes the above roller skate with a fun skating fact on the back and are blank inside for your own printing needs.

To purchase, simply call 317-347-2626 Ext. 112 or email today! 6 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

September/October 2012


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR | association news

The RSA Information Highway As you’ve noticed lately, Roller Skating Business Magazine has expanded the amount of editorial offerings and the November/December issue is set to deliver! This month, we’d like to welcome IALDA attorneys, Kurt Anselmi and Lary Zucker who will be providing the RSA with ongoing editorial that relates to the roller skating industry. We feel that it’s important to continue to educate member rinks on the issues of risk management and Kurt and Lary will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in this new monthly column. We would also like to welcome the AAMA which will be providing informative content on how rink operators can make the most of their games and redemption areas. Each issue will consist of an article written by a member of the AAMA to give a wide range of perspective and experience to share with our members. We’re also sharing a variety of articles that we think you’ll be thrilled to learn more about. RSA member and Publications Committee member, Alan Bacon, recently

made a trip to Australia and visited several roller skating rinks to learn how the Aussies run their rinks. We think you’ll be excited to see what he learned. Freelance writer, Meghan Molony, covers a member rink’s rise from disaster in “Weathering the Storm” where she chronicles how the Joplin, MO rink made its comeback. Freelance writer, Thomas Hill, covers a variety of new topics this month, including the importance of working on your business rather than just working in it, and the price increase conundrum and how to go about making a change. We’re also covering new trends in the family entertainment center industry that some member rinks may look into to expand their rink offerings, as enthusiastically explained by freelance writer, Cornelius Fortune. We’re also going to explain to readers about the new partnership between the American Camp Association, as well as another new benefit from HR360 that will have RSA members thrilled to learn that they now have a brand new HR resource to utilize - a $395 value for each member!

1800+ MEMBERS SIGN ON FOR WEEKLY RSA TODAY ENEWSLETTERS As of October 21, 2013, the RSA is pleased to announce that we have more than 1800 subscribers to our new weekly RSA Today newsletter. This informative newsletter includes information from committees on happenings throughout the year, important legal or industry updates, contests, new member benefits, roller skating news and much, much more. If you haven’t yet subscribed, scan the QR code below with your smartphone QR Reader app, text ROLLERSKATING to 22828 and follow the prompts, or visit rsanewsletters and enter your email address.

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We hope that you enjoy this issue of Roller Skating Business Magazine. We work incredibly hard to ensure that you’re getting the benefits you deserve, the educational resources that you trust and the communication you need to help you better operate your businesses and reach your customers. I’d love to share your feedback next month! Send me a letter to the editor to consider sharing with readers next month! Warm Regards,

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November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 7


Making the Super Skater Program Work for Your Rink By Ronald Miner, RSA Life Member


ot everyone can play football, basketball, baseball, soccer or run track, but nearly ALL of those people can roller skate at any age. The Super Skater program is geared to be a “feeder program” that can generate revenue for your rink. The focus of a successful Super Skater program is the skater who wants to learn how to roller skate – not the competitive skater. What you don’t need: • A competitive skate club • A competition teacher What you do need: • Identify an adult who attends your sessions regularly, is a decent skater and enjoys working with people. I have found over the years that it isn’t difficult to identify the adult who will make your program viable. • Because most Super Skaters are children, complete a background check on the individual unless you personally know her or him to be of good character. • Train the adult to run the Super Skater program. The national RSA office has information and resources available to help you get started. • A program that makes people eager to participate because they are having fun and enjoying themselves. Your bottom line:


scout troops, PAL Leagues, Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers & Big Sisters organizations and day care centers book private parties. Private parties mean you make money not only on rink and skate rental fees, but on your concessions, games, lockers and future party bookings. Consider offering a Super Skater program in conjunction with your private party booking. • As Super Skaters become more proficient, you sell them skates and your “bottom line” increases. Super Skaters create the opportunity to establish a skate “trade-in” program. I recommend offering up to a 50% trade-in value when skates are traded in for a new pair. Because kids and parents shop prices, sell the used skates for no more than the price you allowed for the trade in. If you incur some expense when getting the skates ready for resale, include a list of the work you did to justify the price variance. I recommend keeping the price variance slight to avoid people feeling “ripped off.” • Promote your Super Skater program. The Super Skater “wall chart” lets everyone who skates at your facility see what’s happening.


“Not everyone can play football, basketball, baseball, soccer or run track, but nearly ALL of those people can roller skate at any age.”

• Super Skater students will want to skate at your rink and bring their friends. Your students can take part in your rink programs with a better degree of ability. Their repeated patronage serves as the building block to impact many facets of your business to increase the “bottom line.” • You create new customers and repeat customers. Super Skaters have birthday parties at your facility. Their schools, churches, 8 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Upon completion of Super Skater I or II, have a graduation celebration—make it a big deal! Present their Super Skater pins and certificates during a public session to give the skaters and program the exposure they deserve. • Offer Super Skaters discounted or free admission to sessions when they wear their Super Skater pins. If you offer Super Skater classes on Saturday mornings, invite students to stay for your matinee session as your guests. • Super Skater Saturday. One Saturday a month, throw a Super Skater party during your public matinee—invite Super Skaters to wear their Super Skater pins and present a demonstration of

MAKING THE SUPER SKATER PROGRAM WORK | association news Super Skater skills learned in a fiveweek course. Provide the opportunity for public session skaters to sign up for the next class.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ronald R. Miner is an RSA Life Member. He was affiliated with Melody Skateland (IN008) Indianapolis, IN, 1958-2001.


• Personally attend your private parties and matinees to observe potential Super Skater students. Go to an appropriate adult or parent and invite them to enroll their potential Super Skaters in a five-week Super Skater class. If an adult, you can make a personal invitation to participate in an adult Super Skater class. Perhaps you link it to your “Adults Only” sessions. • The Super Skater program is flexible. It can be run on Saturdays, Sundays, after school weekdays, early evenings, during summer day camps, in conjunction with day care schedules and adapted to your local schools’ physical education programs. • Promotion, promotion, promotion! Just as you promote with discount coupons, give anyone who attends birthday parties, private parties, or public skate sessions an invitation to come to your next Super Skater class. This complements your cross promotions with schools, civic organizations, libraries, bowling alleys, school bus drivers, good report card grades, and fast food restaurants. Your imagination and effort set the limits. You know your community best and what appeals to the “locals.” While kids are your biggest audience, you can tailor the Super Skater program for any age group. I encourage you to work with the national RSA office to get your Super Skater program rolling. Please feel free to contact Deanna Daly Miner, Achievement Program Coordinator, at: 317.347.2626 or dminer@ These are simply suggestions. This program should be tailored to your own needs. Be creative and the smiles are only one of your rewards!


The RSA Achievement Awards Program helps students...

+ Achieve Goals + Build Confidence + Continue the Challenge

The RSA Achievement Awards Program was created to provide incentives for skaters to increase their skating skills without the pressure of competition. These tests offer attainable goals and encourage skaters to advance in developing their roller skating skills. Achievement Test Centers are conducted by SRSTA and SCA coaches. Many skaters start with the Super Skater program then advance through the bronze, silver and gold medal tests in succeeding order. Test categories are:


Artistic American Dance International Dance Figures Freestyle (quad & inline)

Speed 66.6 meter 80.0 meter 90.0 meter 100.0 meter Quad & Inline Tests run by age and sex

Give your skaters the edge through active participation in the RSA Achievement Program! Roller Skating Association International 6905 Corporate Drive Indianapolis, IN 46278 P: 317-347-2626 • F: 317-347-2636

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 9

association news | PROMOTIONS

Free Promotional Flyers for Members! Use these promotional flyers found on in the members-only section to increase profits and fun!

FOOD • Cut pizza into jigsaw puzzle pieces and serve • Pick your “puzzle pieces” from the Snack Bar menu • Turn certain food items into “puzzle pieces” and they can “put 3 items together” for a low price!

circle on the skating floor. Have skaters skate around the pieces while music is played. When the music stops, the skaters scramble to sit down on a puzzle piece! Remove puzzle pieces after each round and start the music again. Keep going until you’re down to the last man standing. They are the winner. (This is a variation of Musical Chairs) • Have contest to see who can put jigsaw puzzles together the fastest. PRIZES • Puzzles • Gift Cards • Board Games • Rink Branded T-shirts with QR codes on them (directing people to your website!)


GAMES • Display a roller skating themed jigsaw puzzle with only one piece missing. Place one puzzle piece on the bottom of select fountain drink cups in Snack Bar. The first person to “find” the missing piece wins! (Note: ONLY one puzzle piece found will match) • Place QR codes around your facility that leads teams to hidden puzzle pieces. The first team to complete their puzzle wins. • Place 12” puzzle pieces in a large


January: National Puzzle Day

February: Roller Skating Music Awards Have skaters vote for their favorite songs of the year in several different categories such as “Male Vocalist”, “Female Vocalist,” “Best Song to Couples Skate To,” “Rock,” “Country,” “Rap,” etc. Skaters may cast votes in the rink, on your FB page, website or by text. Have a “red carpet” leading into rink and have paparazzi taking pictures as skaters arrive. Take photos of skaters using a backdrop covered with logos (give away or sell). FOOD • Combo meal deals • Get creative with drinks using Torani syrups i.e. strawberry/Sierra Mist for Pink’s Drink

GAMES • Name That Tune • Music Trivia • Air band contest • Karaoke • Announce songs nominated in each category – play top 3 or 4 making a big deal out of the top song. PRIZES • Have a drawing for a set of Beats (or similar) headphones • Inexpensive Mp3 players • ITunes or other music download gift cards • Sunglasses

Did You Know...

You can download each of these flyers and instructions on our website under your members only account. Just login to your account and go to to download each of the flyers and instructions! 10 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine


November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 11

t u o b a g n i k n i Th r o f y a p o t how ? e g e l l co Enter to win a $4000 tuition scholarship from the Roller Skating Foundation! SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS A $4,000 Academic Scholarship will be awarded to the high school senior who: • Completes and timely submits the scholarship application form in its entirety. • Must have at least a 3.4 grade-point average on a 4.0 scale and have a composite score on the SAT/ACT, which places the applicant in the 85th percentile or higher. • Who most exceeds the performance measurement criteria established by the Roller Skating Foundation Board of Directors. • Can be certified by an RSA or Affiliate member to be a Child or Employee of said Member or a Child of an Employee of the Member. Complete application must be received at the Foundation by April 1, 2014.


Application should be submitted for the fall semester of 2014. Scholarship applies to tuition only. Applicants must meet the criteria to be considered for this scholarship. Completed applications must be received at the Roller Skating Foundation by April 1, 2014. Award will be announced in April 2014. Winner will be posted on

• Questions? Call 317-347-2626 Ext. 108.

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION Visit to download the form.

DEADLINE Completed application with essay, transcript, and letter of references from RSA member/affiliate member, guidance counselor, teacher and a credible person must be received at the Foundation by April 1, 2014.


Roller Skating Foundation, Attn: Scholarship Application, 6905 Corporate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278. P: 317-347-2626 Ext. 108 F: 317-347-2636 E: 12 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine


Scholarship Application SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS A $4,000 Academic Scholarship will be awarded to the high school senior who: • •

• •

Completes and timely submits the scholarship application form in its entirety. Must have at least a 3.4 grade-point average on a 4.0 scale and have a composite score on the SAT/ACT, which places the applicant in the 85th percentile or higher. Who most exceeds the performance measurement criteria established by the Roller Skating Foundation Board of Directors. Can be certified by an RSA or Affiliate member to be a Child or Employee of said Member or a Child of an Employee of the Member.

Complete application must be received at the Foundation by April 1, 2014.

OTHER INFORMATION • Application should be submitted for the fall semester of 2014. Scholarship applies to tuition only. • Applicants must meet the criteria to be considered for this scholarship. • Completed applications must be received at the Roller Skating Foundation by April 1, 2014. • Award will be announced in April 2014. Winner will be posted on DEADLINE Deadline for submissions is April 1, 2014. RETURN TO Mail application with essay, transcript, and letter of references from RSA member/affiliate member, guidance counselor, teacher and a credible person to: Roller Skating Foundation, Attn: Scholarship, 6905 Corporate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278. Questions? Call 317-347-2626 Ext. 108.

PERSONAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________________________________ (Last Name) (First Name) (Middle Name) Home Address: __________________________________________________________________________________ (Street) (City) (State) (Zip) E-mail Address: ______________________________________Telephone Number: ____________________________ Name of PERSON who is an RSA member or affiliate member: ____________________ Membership ID: ___________ EDUCATION BACKGROUND School now attending: _____________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________ (Street) (City) (State) (Zip) 1. GPA: __________ Out of: __________ 2. ACT Composite Score: __________ SAT Verbal Score: __________ SAT Math Score: __________ 3. College you plan to attend: _______________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________ (Street) (City) (State) (Zip)

Has application been made?






4. What do you intend to major in? ___________________________________________________________________

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 13

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES List volunteer positions, employment, honors, memberships, leadership positions, skills, accomplishments and community service. Activity or Organization Position and/or Responsibilities _________________________________________________________________________________________________







_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Essay Write and attach a 500-word, personal essay explaining your goals for the future and how this scholarship would help you achieve those goals. References Submit a letter of reference from: 1. Your Roller Skating Association (RSA) member rink owner/operator or affiliate member 2. Your Guidance Counselor 3. One Teacher 4. Credible Person (employer, teacher, family friend, etc.) Transcript You must include a current high school /college transcript to complete your application. Note: Please black out your social security number.

The information on this application is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.

______________________________________________________________________________________________ (Applicant’s Signature) (Date)

Questions? 6905 Corporate Drive • Indianapolis, IN 46278 Phone: 317-347-2626 Ext. 108 • 14 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Call the Foundation at 317-347-2626 Ext. 108 or e-mail

Join the National Museum of Roller Skating and Learn the History of your Business! With your $35 one-year membership to the museum, you will receive a copy of the History of Roller Skating, a subscription to the museum’s newsletter, Historical Roller Skating Overview, 10% off museum store items and a membership card.

Name:________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ City, State Zip: _________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________ Thank you for joining! Gift Membership Form (Makes a great gift!) Name:________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ City, State Zip: _________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________ International members, please add $10.

Clip and mail to: National Museum of Roller Skating 4730 South Street Suite 2 Lincoln, NE 68506 or call 402-483-7551 ext. 16 for Visa and MasterCard orders.

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 15

“Rollin’ Entertainment” The RSA Education Committee is working hard to ensure that members receive a variety of educational events throughout the year that help increase revenue and keep the party going at your rink! These new webinars will focus on entertainment ideas to help increase profits and entertain guests. Mark your calendar for this absolutely free educational series presented by experts in the industry. To participate, simply email to register. Participation is free of charge!

November 18: Topic: DJs Speaker: Steve Early, SureGrip International March 31: Topic: Entertainment Speaker: To Be Announced June 30: Topic: Audio & Lighting Speaker: Cody Maxfield, Audio Lite

Questions? Call Stacy Thomas at 317-347-2626 Ext. 108

INTERNET MARKETING | business matters

Internet Marketing

Why Most Small Businesses Just Can’t Seem To Get It Right While many small business owners are doing great with their Internet marketing campaign on their own, it has been my experience that the majority of them are wasting time and money in an effort to “get it right.” So, here are a few of the main factors responsible for this frustrating state of affairs.

only effective at getting that higher Google placement. His website probably doesn’t convert searchers into customers. Or, it’s old, dated and just looks thrown together. Since that guy is like you and probably as lost as you might be…you certainly don’t want to match his efforts and spending.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

What about all of those big services, like Kudzu, that call and email you on a daily basis with their pitches and promises? Being big and well known doesn’t mean they necessarily deliver any value whatsoever. Ask yourself if their service will reach and engage your desired demographic. Ask for local references and check them out thoroughly before signing on.

Undoubtedly, the majority of small business owners have been robbed or taken advantage of by companies offering Internet marketing services. As a result, they feel like they must fend for themselves. The natural instinct is to learn as much as possible about search engine optimization (SEO), link building, content creation, and social media marketing - to ensure that you can handle it all on your own. Now, you’ve added yet another hat to wear and it’s your responsibility to make Internet marketing a success. Here’s the rub: You can’t stay plugged in enough to stay current and on top of all the changes taking place on the Internet. In order to acquire the proper wisdom and intuition to become proficient, you must dedicate many hours a day towards becoming a professional digital marketing guru. So, your profession, the one thing you do that you are passionate about, begins to suffer from lack of attention. Or, you start to become lazy and complacent about your digital marketing efforts and it suffers. Keeping Up With the Joneses It is very normal to look in on your competitors, and I do hope that everyone is keeping an eye on the competition. However, the problems start when you feel compelled to emulate what someone else is doing. Are the people that show up ahead of you in a Google search really making more money? Maybe, but in most cases, probably not. In fact, that guy might be spending a bit more than you on something that’s

Knowing Just Enough To Be Dangerous Just enough knowledge paired with great intent often makes for a very convoluted and frustrating state of affairs. This type of person is very similar to those who are spreading themselves too thin, but there is a fundamental difference that makes this type of business owner one of the most damaging to himself: stubbornness. Some of the more noticeable characteristics in these individuals: • Usually a quick study and loves to learn • Makes decisions quickly, impatient • Has enjoyed some level of success from their efforts • Thinking one has found the Holy Grail and going “all-in” with a specific tool or tactic…for a time. Then reverting back to an older tool or tactic, abandoning all else. Rinse. Repeat. There are two main problems here: not having a strategy prior to jumping into things and a failure to follow through due to lack of patience. Pairing this person with a knowledgeable mentor can usually straighten some of this out.

Believing In Unicorns There are those who believe in the more “traditional ways” of getting your message out there. Many people see all of these “new” marketing channels and tools as merely a different way to broadcast the same old tired message. They view these new tools and tactics as an opportunity to push out and broadcast a one way and one sided message with no thought for the new and dynamic ways that one might truly connect with their audience. You can’t just pretend it’s not happening; adopt a new attitude of acceptance and a resolve towards learning more about how Internet marketing works. Scatterbrained And Confronted With Shiny Objects If you don’t fall into another category you’ll most assuredly fall into this one. You see it, you get the phone calls, and you are confronted relentlessly with all of the endless options and promises made by every company offering a product or a service. You also know that it’s unwise to refuse to embrace all of this “new” marketing in some way, somehow. It’s not a bad thing to have options, and it’s normal to want to try them. It’s also not uncommon to have limited patience with it all. But remember, clarity and focus are golden in a successful Internet marketing

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 17

business matters | INTERNET MARKETING • Set clear objectives and goals, both long and short term. • Understand the online behaviors and chosen channels of your target audience. • Use only the best and most relevant tools. • Stay the course, while some results can be realized quickly, overall strength and stability require consistency and patience. campaign. Before you go “all in” with your marketing plan, look at the big picture. Think about and formulate a strategy first, then drill down and become as proficient as possible with the tools and tactics that you settle on. A few parting tips and reminders: • Slow down, have a plan…actually plot out and map a strategy based on accepted best practices as you understand them. • Pick your battles…based on what you discern that your competitors and peers are doing.

• Set benchmarks early; know which key performance indicators matter and how to measure them.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR James Ball is the Founder / Chief Marketing Officer at TrustWorkz®. James is known for his expertise and success with Hyper-Local Marketing tactics and his skill with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing. He has achieved widespread respect and notoriety among his peers and clients as a skilled, if not countercultural marketing practitioner and consultant. The TrustWorkz® WebOp® Program has been embraced by the Roller Skating / Family Fun Industry as a competent and reliable solution for comprehensive Web Presence Management. Empathetically working together with both individual clients and the industry as a whole, TrustWorkz® has built a solid reputation for delivering tangible results. Learn more about TrustWorkz® at

• Don’t be headstrong and committed to things that are clearly not working, go back to the beginning and reevaluate everything…often. • Measure, assess, and adjust should become your new mantra. • If you need help, do your homework and find the right people to work with. Stick with those who look more like “partners,” exude empathy and have a proven track record.

Member RSA 1 16

18 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

SUMMER CAMP AT THE RINK | business matters

Summer Camp at the Rink

New RSA Partnership Encourages Summer Camp Development The camp business is booming. Roller Skating Association International has teamed up with the American Camp Association (ACA) to get more children and youth on wheels! ACA’s mission is to enrich the lives of children, youth, and adults through the camp experience. In continuing with this mission, RSA and ACA are encouraging rinks to start their own summer camp programs and reach out to local camp programs to host skating events. Why a Partnership with the ACA? With over 11 million children, youth, and adults attending camp experiences each year, and an estimated 12,000+ camps nationwide, the opportunity to partner with camps (or create your own camp experience!) is a winwin, bringing more prospective customers to your rink and giving campers an experience they’ll remember for years to come. The Growing Need for Active Lifestyles Families have become acutely aware of the need for active lifestyles. According to the CDC, approximately 17 percent of children and adolescents are obese. Like RSA, ACA has always been at the forefront of encouraging active lifestyles for kids, and in 2013, one in five ACA camps added specific programming for health, wellness, and fitness (ACA 2013 Emerging Issues Survey). Says Peg Smith, ACA’s chief executive officer, “Camps look for fun, communitycentered activities that get kids moving. Roller skating could fit this ideal. Inviting camp groups to spend time at your rink or creating your own quality camp programming could give campers an active, shared experience with their peers and role models.” An added bonus of hosting camp activities? You can help inspire a lifelong love of skating in campers; perhaps even some repeat customers. According to ACA’s research report Directions, 63% of parents

report: “My child continues to participate in activities learned at camp.” How Do I Partner with Camps? Camps come in many shapes and sizes” to help accommodate family schedules. Seek out all the different types of camp experiences available near you and consider how you might best serve their camp audience. The following are literally just a few of the camp options available today: •

Day camps

Residential camps

Agency camps (YMCA, JCC, etc.)

Camp for special health/medical needs

Family camps

Make sure you put safety first! All ACAaccredited® camps have safety requirements, including areas such as staff-to-camper ratios and staff with First Aid / CPR training. Camps that host children with special medical needs will have other requirements. If you are hosting a camp outing or field trip in your rink, coordinating safety details with each camp will help both the rink and the camp achieve the other main goal of a roller skating outing: fun! Work with camps to provide fun games, activities, and music. Many of the program details will need to be assessed based on campers’ ages and the number of campers that will be attending. Does your program offer any packages that allow kids to skate, play games, and visit the snack bar? Having the right staff should be a main consideration, as well. According to Cat Sutton at Camp Sonshine, an ACAaccredited camp located in Maryland that partners with a local skating rink for outings each year, “Our camp really focuses on hiring quality staff and counselors that are great with

kids. For us, it is really important that the staff at the rink is great at interacting with the kids, as well.” So when should you start building relationships with local camps? “As soon as possible,” says Sutton. For camps that offer summer sessions, program planning for the next summer begins in the fall (or even earlier). Also consider that many camps now offer programming year round — not just in the summer. How Do I Start My Own Camp? When it comes to developing your own summer program, there are some key points to consider. Safety is the number one priority at ACA camps. Ensuring equipment and environment are safely operational, staff are well trained, and campers feel physically and emotionally safe are a few priorities for camp leaders. Consider your clientele (age group, skill level, intended outcomes of camp) and tailor programming to their needs. For audiences that are looking for general fun, are there other organizations you can partner with to combine programming such as recreation centers, parks departments, etc.? For audiences that are looking to improve skating skills, are there experts, speakers, and

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business matters | SUMMER CAMP AT THE RINK — including online courses, webinars, and certificate programs. Camp has been a part of families’ lives for over 150 years. ACA is proud to partner with the RSA to continue to reach more and more children with quality camp experiences and lifelong memories. advanced activity resources you can tap? ACA’s “Start a Camp” Web page (www. offers resources on essential decisions and considerations when it comes to starting your own camp program. You’ll find everything from risk management to marketing on this page. ACA’s Professional Development Center ( can also connect you to the best resources and support when it comes to in-person and online trainings

About ACA

ABOUT THE AUTHOR As chief executive officer of the American Camp Association (ACA), located in Martinsville, Indiana, Smith is the champion of ACA’s mission: enriching the lives of children, youth, and adults through the camp experience. In order to reach more children through critical, developmental camp experiences, Smith has set forth ACA’s 20/20 Vision — to directly impact 20 million children through the camp experience by the year 2020. The official spokesperson of ACA, Smith has appeared in publications such as USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, and on programs such as NBC’s Today Show, Fox News, and CNN radio. She is a favorite presenter at both state and national conferences for varied professional associations and youth-serving groups. Peg can be reached at

The American Camp Association® (ACA) works to preserve, promote, and enhance the camp experience for children and adults. ACA-Accredited® camp programs ensure that children are provided with a diversity of educational and developmentally challenging learning opportunities. There are over 2,400 ACA-accredited camps that meet up to 280 health and safety standards. For more information, visit

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The Importance of Customer Loyalty “The function of business is to attract and maintain customers.” – Peter Drucker Studies have shown that for every 5% increase in customer retention, there is a resulting 25 - 100% increase in profit. Often, for new businesses, building a group of loyal customers is the difference between success and failure. If I may paraphrase Peter Drucker’s quote above, we want customers to buy product and then come back and buy some more. Customer satisfaction is usually measured by asking customers how satisfied they are on a five-point scale (five being the best and 1 being the worst.) If they respond with a “3,” they are satisfied. The problem with satisfied customers is that they are receptive to letting any competitor’s merchandising promotion sway future purchase decisions. The survey respondents that score their satisfaction level at a “5” have a strong possibility of becoming loyal. Loyal customers will stick with you even in the face of competitors’ lower prices and marketing gimmicks. Customer loyalty begins with a clear, well-reasoned strategy. The strategy will guide how you market your business, how you perform tasks for the customer, and train and develop employees. Small-business owners are often pragmatic and like to focus on how things should be done. The skilled owner will communicate strategies throughout the business and address why it should be done that way. Developing Loyalty Strategies The most important element of customer loyalty is the business owner’s vision for what the business should be. How will it be fun? Will it be predictable? What types of customers will most enjoy the business? The passion that business owners have for their business is contagious and both employees and customers will pick up on it. The second question is, who are your customers, what are their preferences, and why did they come to your business in the

first place? In the case of a skating rink, age, gender, and athleticism can guide you toward differing customer loyalty strategies. The clarity with which you understand your customers’ buying decisions, the more likely you will be successful. The last element for creating a strategy is an understanding your perceived value by the customer. A perceived value is an aspect of your offering that your customers determine to be superior to your competitors and is valued by customers. Although a business owner’s intuition is important for identifying these values, intuition always needs to be tested and validated with direct customer feedback. After deciding to pursue a customer loyalty strategy, many business owners will find themselves unsure of their customers’ preferences. This is common. A good first step is to design a survey to identify those preferences. Always remember to keep surveys short and to the point. Defining Customer-Friendly Practices Customers establish loyalty based on the total experience of your business. In the case of a skating rink, a family can have a wonderful skating experience. But, if they return to their car only to find that their side-view mirror has been broken off, their experience will be, at best, marginal. Developing customer loyalty requires the business owner to identify and manage all the points of contact that their business has with their customers. Below is a list of possible points of contact: • Signage • Admission • Concessions

to engage them in the vision and strategy. For example, using the points of contact list, have your employees brainstorm ideas to make the contacts more fun, easy, and safe. The benefits of engaging employees are numerous. You will begin to observe a fun, easy, and safe culture, better employee retention, and hopefully the start of customer loyalty. As you make changes to your business practices, actively solicit customers for feedback. Be careful not to lead customers with the wording of questions and be accepting that not every idea will be as appreciated as you anticipate. Use your customers’ feedback to further improve your practices. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Charles Reese is President of Accelerated Achievements, a growth and performance firm specializing in accelerating sales and operational results by aligning strategy, people, and process. Charles is a 30-year veteran of the High Technology industry and “master of vision fulfillment” with demonstrated expertise in strategy creation, market positioning, sales, process improvement, communication, and interpersonal skills for all levels of management and leadership. Charles’ career spans marketing, sales, and engineering assignments at Ultra Electronics, Hewlett Packard, Netrix Corporation, and GTE Communications. Prior to Accelerated Achievements, Charles was Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies, Inc. Charles earned a Master of Science degree in Industrial Administration from the Tepper School at Carnegie-Mellon University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

• Parking • Skate Rental • Skate Return

As stated earlier, the vision for the business is the best guide for developing practices. From your vision, extract the words or values that best describe the vision. For example, fun, easy, and safe might be values you obtain from the vision. Using your employees to develop and refine practices is a great way November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 21

Rolling Back into Hard work and love of roller skating and community unites two Australian families’ experiences


wo families whose histories are steeped in roller skating are attempting to revitalize the sport in this corner of Australia. The Fanning family of Oak Flats roller rink just south of Sydney, and the MacKenzie family of Maximum Skating, southwest of Sydney, have both opened their new rinks in the past year.

Lee Fanning, who grew up in the ‘80s doing everything at her father’s Sydney rink before it closed, was in a conversation about her past skating achievement when, “I realized how much this area needed to have a roller skating rink. The building was up for lease, so it made the decision easy. Let’s skate again, I said, and we reopened the rink.”

Lee and Danny Fanning met at her parent’s rink. Danny was a speed skater who competed at Australian nationals. The rink is a partnership for the couple, though Danny has another job while Lee works full time at the rink. The building had been used a decade ago as a roller rink, but it was not a turn-key operation. It took weeks to get the building ready, and they did most of the work themselves. In addition, they were running another business, which made for some exhausting days. Continuing to upgrade the facility is planned. The main thing, though, “is that families in this area have this facility and are having fun,” said Lee. The parents of the community remembered how to skate, said Lee, but it was mostly new to the kids. Sydney is a city of about five million people. The only other rink in the greater Sydney area that had survived was west of Sydney, a long way from Oak Flats Roller Rink. Also, few kids have learned to skate outdoors in her community, so they began a learn-to-skate program on Saturdays with the help of a lot of local volunteers who were eager to have a

rink return. Oak Flats also has artistic, inline speed and hockey programs. “ C u s t o m e r satisfaction and fun for everyone” is their philosophy in running their rink, said Lee. In fact, she answered more than one question by emphasizing the importance of families having fun.

A party room overlooks an international-sized rink (52 meters x 25 meters)

Roller skating is at Maximum Skating. back in the lllawarra headlines and Oak Flats’ website, and so are the Fannings, who hope to make it to their first stateside RSA convention in May 2014.

Over at Maximum Skating, the MacKenzie family has had the same challenges in introducing roller skating to a new generation that has never experienced it. Sisters, Lyndsay and Teagan, and mother Karen were involved in roller skating for

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many years before helping launch the family’s new rink. Among many accomplishments, Lyndsay and Teagan took fourth at the 2007 World Championships in World Class Precision in the Skate Australia Team. Karen was club president for 18 years. Their brother, Alex, is involved along with their father, James, despite the fact that he is a full time dentist. They divided responsibilities up between family members to make management of the facility run smoothly.

o Sydney Maximum Skating uses modern furniture and unique branding throughout the rink to give it an up-to-date feel. When the rink the sisters were training in shut down in the early 2000s (along with seven other Sydney rinks), they had nowhere to skate. So, they continued their 50-member club in a sports center for 10 years. After a few years, they began to offer public skating at the sports center, and worked for over three years planning their new rink. Though Maximum Skating is housed in a brand new building, the interior had to be designed and finished by the MacKenzies. Lyndsay described the challenges to get it all done on time. She was on scaffolding painting a nine meter tall wall in the late hours of the night before opening day. Maximum Skating is one of the largest rinks in Australia, three stories and three and a half thousand square meters; that meant a lot of square meters to paint, carpet tiles to lay, and a skating barrier to build. The Mackenzie’s are still planning future additions that include converting an upstairs room into a sports bar and viewing area. Their website reads: We are seriously HUGE and seriously fun. The challenges in opening were equally as huge, Karen recalls. Their local council

had never dealt with a roller rink before. “There were heaps of surprises to meet the local council code.” Such things as an environmental statement and oxygen reports were required. Both their first aid room with required bed, and their canteen, had to be redone because of two inches. We were “pulling things up and putting things down,” said Karen. “Plans we had made for two and a half years had to be changed because of new regulations. Every time I walked in the door, there was another challenge with not much time to solve the problem. We had to drop everything for the paperwork.” “If you had asked me three months ago, I probably would have said I would never do it again,” said Karen. But she feels differently today. She puts the past challenges into perspective, “We are a lot stronger for it now. Now we can get on with the skating. I feel a 100% better today.” “We have all been pushed out of our comfort zones to achieve where we are now,” said Lyndsay. “I think I have learned that, as a team, we can achieve anything, as long as you are willing to learn and put in the hard work no matter how daunting. . .” Getting on with the skating is what

motivates the MacKenzie family. When the rink first opened, 80% of the kids could not skate. The kids didn’t have the concept to skate in the same direction, said Karen. Parents hadn’t forgotten how to skate, though. “The kids jaws hang out to see their parents being so good,” said Karen. “There was a skating culture here just waiting for it to come back.” Besides their numerous learn-to-skate programs, 60 skate mates help, she added. In addition, they have artistic, inline hockey, speed, and women’s, men and youth roller derby teams. They also put on a skating show with a dedicated theme. Total, they have around 250 participants in these programs. Lyndsay began teaching when she was eleven years old. Her competitive experience shows in her enthusiasm to teach skating as dozens of new skaters came and went who were attending classes. On this weekday afternoon, I sat and watched as the rink bustled with energy more akin to a Saturday afternoon as parents bombarded Lyndsay about the various lesson options available to their kids. She was eager to answer, as she skated here and there to engage customers. It seemed so new and exciting for everyone.

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“I really love watching little kids skate,” said Karen. “This is what has kept me going. If our family didn’t love skating so much, we would never have done it.” Note from the author As I was driving up to the rink, driving on the other side of the road, from the other side of the car, I was wondering Oak Flats Roller Skating Rink’s bright and open rink is transformed into a if and how roller rinks space odyssey when the lights go down. were different in Australia from the U.S. “You can just see parents wanting their Would Aussies be skating kids to do something active instead of being in a different direction or something? Sure on the computer,” said Karen. “They want enough, when I walked into Oak Flats, all that balance. Parents want their kids to the mates in the school party were going in socialize.” the reverse (clockwise) direction. But after one “Roller skating is on the uptick; derby has song, Lee announced the return to the normal helped,” said Karen. “Retirements and lost direction and the YMCA began playing. Yes, leases contributed to many of the previous one “hires skates,” not “rents” them, but it didn’t Sydney closures, not a lack of interest in take long to realize that the similarities were skating,” she added. far greater than the differences. If there is

one difference in particular, it’s the incredible friendliness of the Aussie people. Never have I walked into two rinks as a total stranger and had such long and engaging conversations about roller skating as I did with Lee and Lyndsay. Seeing these ladies running their new rinks with such energy and enthusiasm was inspiring, and I wanted to tell their story. The growth of roller skating will not happen by waiting for a new roller skating fad to come around again, but by the hard work and dedication of families like the Fannings and MacKenzies who love roller skating and want to bring it back for the kids and their communities. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Alan Bacon is an RSA Member and owner of Rollarena in Richland, Washington. Alan serves on the Publications Committee of the Roller Skating Association and recently made a trip to Australia to visit family. During his trip, he visited several roller skating rinks and kindly brought back his experience to share with readers.

Support the Roller Skating Foundation and help grow the sport of roller skating! Promote healthy lifestyles through roller skating! Support college scholarships for roller skating industry students! When you make a tax-deductible donation to the Roller Skating Foundation you are helping educate the public on skating safety and fitness, as well as providing college scholarships for roller skating industry students. The Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non profit organization. You may complete the form at to send a donation online by using a credit card or you may mail your donation to Roller Skating Foundation, 6905 Corporate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278. Please include the name of donor, mailing address, phone number and email address. Your unrestricted tax-deductible gift will help the Roller Skating Foundation meet our national objectives of educational programs, self-esteem and safety programs, and general promotion of fitness through roller skating. If you would like more information on donating to the Foundation, please contact the Foundation Liasion at (317) 347-2626 or by email at

To learn more about your dollars at work, visit

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INTRODUCING IALDA | business matters

Introducing IALDA It may seem odd to be introducing a group like IALDA, which has a long and significant association with the roller skating industry dating back to 1975. Times change, however, and so does the membership of the RSA, and we want every member to be aware of the contribution that IALDA has made to the roller skating industry and the RSA. For those of you who only know about IALDA by attending one of our risk management seminars, please consider this “IALDA 101.” IALDA stands for the International Association of Leisure Defense Attorneys, Inc. IALDA was formed in 1991 by a group of seven defense attorneys and insurance claims professionals who had a common interest in promoting the legal defense of the amusement industry by developing safety and risk management programs. One of our first associations was with the roller skating industry. Lary Zucker and Kurt Anselmi were defense attorneys with active practices in defending roller skating rinks. They both attended the RSA Convention in 1975 where they presented the industry’s first legal risk management seminar. As a result of their efforts, the RSA became the first trade association to regularly feature regular risk management seminars at their national and regional meetings. Thirty five years later, IALDA is still going strong and is more involved than ever with the Roller Skating Association. Each year, IALDA members from all over the United States volunteer their time and expertise at RSA trade shows, seminars and local and regional seminars. However, our involvement with the RSA is much broader than presenting risk management seminars. Here is a brief summary of IALDA’s achievements over the years: • IALDA members are the official legal defense team for handling liability lawsuits against RSA members. IALDA was endorsed by the RSA Board in 2001 and this endorsement was renewed by the RSA Board in 2013.

• IALDA member Kurt Anselmi drafted the first roller skating Assumption of Risk Statute which went into effect in Michigan in 1988. New Jersey followed in 1991 and a total of 11 states have these valuable Statutes. As a result, IALDA members have been responsible for many favorable legal precedents in favor of roller skating rinks. • IALDA drafted the RSA Risk Management Guidelines which became the centerpiece of the Endorsed Insurance Program. The first version of the RSA Guidelines was endorsed in 2003. The updated version of the RSA Guidelines was endorsed by the RSA Board in 2008. IALDA members continue to update the guidelines as new technologies evolve in roller skating centers. • IALDA members have written dozens of articles for the RSA Magazine on important issues of the day including the ADA and discrimination lawsuits based on harassment claims. • IALDA members helped to create the first endorsed liability insurance program with AIG and members of IALDA served as claims counsel for the endorsed insurance program. As the insurance carriers for the endorsed program changed, IALDA members presented workshops and seminars to familiarize the new adjusters with defending roller skating claims. • IALDA members have created unique litigation documents that are readily available to RSA members. These documents and memos include subjects such as how to give deposition testimony, how to take statements and investigate claims and how to testify in trial. • IALDA members Lary Zucker and Kurt Anselmi have official positions as IALDA liaisons to the RSA safety/risk management/ legislative affairs committee chaired by Chris Griffith.

• IALDA has won many awards from the RSA including the Al Kish Attaway Award in 2012. In addition, IALDA created its own award for outstanding contributions to risk management in the roller skating industry. This special recognition award is named in honor of the late Edmund Young, a New Jersey rink operator who inspired members of IALDA to contribute their time and expertise to the RSA. IALDA has a website,, where you can learn more information about individual IALDA members in the states where our members are located. Every member of the RSA International should also be aware that IALDA lawyers have never asked for or received compensation for any of their many contributions to the industry. IALDA members have a passion for the roller skating industry and it is an honor to work with the RSA International. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Lary I. Zucker is a Shareholder in Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin, a regional defense litigation firm with offices in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio and Florida. Mr. Zucker is a founding member of IALDA and served as President of the Association from 1997 to 1999. He is a member of the Risk Management and Insurance Committee of the Roller Skating Association International and was co-author of the Rink Management Guidelines adopted by the Roller Skating Association. Kurt A. Anselmi specializes in the defense of claims against the amusement industry and has been recognized as a premier defense trial attorney by the Roller Skating Association (R.S.A.). The Roller Skating Safety Act of 1988, currently known as Michigan Compiled Laws 445.1121, et seq, effective February 1, 1989, was drafted by Mr. Anselmi in 1986 on behalf of the Michigan Chapter of the R.S.A. This Act was the first state law to recognize assumption of risk as a defense for claims filed against roller skating centers.

• IALDA members are a legal resource for the RSA. Legal and liability questions sent to the RSA are referred to IALDA members for a response. November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 25

s d n e r T

Slipping and sliding through the Fun Slides Carpet Skate Park & Party Center.

in Family Entertainment

Dive into the 21st Century

Tracing new trends in the family entertainment center industry allows roller skating rink owners a fresh view into what’s hot and spurs new ideas to incorporate into already existing facilities. By Cornelius Fortune

Call it white noise of a different sort, but the many diversions children can engage in are increasing, and most of them have very little to do with physical activity. The Family Entertainment Center (FEC) industry would like to change that. By creating new and engaging ways for children and families to interact, FECs are making in-roads to competing against – and providing an alternative to – video games, TV, and mobile devices. An IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks) 2011 FEC State of the Industry survey (245 respondents) showed the average annual attendance at an FEC in U.S./Canada in 2011 was 170,170. Approximately 54 percent of U.S. and Canada respondents indicated both profits and revenues were better in 2011 than 2010, and 43 percent indicated an increase in attendance over 2010. Leslie Hutcheson, IAAPA FEC program manager, believes that FECs provide a unique, funfilled physical space where friends and families can enjoy each other’s company and create lifelong memories. “Family entertainment centers get kids, moms, and dads up, mobile, and active as they skate, play laser tag, jump on a trampoline, try out a climbing wall, or enjoy a water attraction,” Hutcheson

26 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

says. “There’s no better place for a family to have fun and participate in healthy activity at the same time than at an FEC.” One of the jobs of IAAPA is to advocate for the FEC industry and some key strategies have been geared towards Pointof-Sale Systems (embracing digital over paper payments), social media marketing, and diversification of the guest experience. “There is no such thing as a one-sizefits-all approach when it comes to FECs,” Hutcheson says. “From the beginning of their existence, FECs have offered a variety of activities (miniature golf, go-karts, batting cages, redemption arcades, birthday parties, water park attractions, and amusement rides etc.). In the last 10 years, we have seen a growth in the more physical attractions at FECs … inflatables, climbing walls, trampolines, bowling, and skating (ice and roller). One of the new trends in attractions today is the growth and evolution of zip line experiences.”

year by 70 percent. It’s been a crazy two years.” For Lucas’ company, the advertising burden lies mostly with the truck, which can usually be found in Central Park; it’s a mobile billboard that’s served them well. “People actually know who we are now,” Lucas says. A newsletter reaching about 1,000 people each week helps, so she’s taking a nontraditional route to get the word out. “This year, we considered our time in the park as advertising. Central Park itself has 100,000 people come through it every day,” Lucas says. “Where we park is a welltrafficked area. We get Instagrammed and Facebooked a lot. It’s really good word of

I would like to see the entertainment dollar get more respect again. I think overall, family entertainment is going back to the simplicity of things, as well as technology.” Jeff Platt, CEO, Sky Zone, a company that specializes in providing indoor trampoline parks, notes that the consumer demand has increased over the years. “What we’re doing as a company and as an industry, we’re reinventing the idea of entertainment to incorporate this fitness component,” Platt says. “I think most people think of entertainment as video games, bumper cars, and bowling, but we’re looking at it as, yeah, we want to provide you fun, but we want to provide you a venue where you can exercise. We’re not a gym, we’re not a fitness center. An hour of jumping

The family entertainment center (FEC) industry is constantly evolving to take advantage of new technologies and to entertain guests in new and exciting ways, Hutcheson adds. Today, a variety of companies such as the Skate Truck NYC, Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, and Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark & Party Center are among the leaders pushing the boundaries of what an FEC can be. Gypsy Lucas, co-owner of the Skate Truck NYC, always had a love of skating (she’s a third generation roller skater). A child of the ‘80s, she realized that there just wasn’t enough roller skating opportunities in New York City. A native Texan, Lucas eventually made New York her home. It became clear that the concept of a mobile skating truck was exactly what the city needed. Renting roller skates in the park – Central Park especially – was a new concept, but it’s caught on. “We do a lot of school events, after school programs, birthday parties, corporate events, and it’s just really blossomed,” Lucas says. “We probably increased our business in one

Just another day in Central Park with skates rented from the Skate Truck NYC. mouth, and then the private events are done from school events mostly. It’s been very low budget. The billboard is the truck. We try to make it look as cool as possible.” If the FEC industry needs fixing, Lucas points specifically to the entertainment dollar. “In my particular case, I would love to see more centers, more locations in New York City that families can roller skate in general. The closest skating rink is in Staten Island, and it’s difficult to get there if you don’t have a car. For inner city kids who don’t have cars, it’s hard to get to a skating rink.

around in a Sky Zone or trampoline park is a tremendous workout, and kids love doing it. We’ve got what we consider to be a special venue and product.” From a marketing perspective, Platt says, Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park is positioning itself as an awesome, healthy, fun place to hang out. “Like any business in the world of entertainment, you’re already striving to provide a better guest experience than the competitor next to you,” Platt says. “And we focus a lot on team training and using

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Just the Facts... Here are a few other interesting statistics from a 2011 IAAPA benchmark survey and RSA Member Survey: •

Guests spend an average of 2.6 hours at an FEC

Birthday parties are the number one reason guests visit a facility

Primary demographic is families with children 18 years and under

Facility sizes range from 5,000 square feet to 20 acres: The average indoor facility is 23,174 square feet and the average outdoor facility is 7.9 acres.

37 percent of U.S. and Canada facilities operate as a pay-as-you-go; 9 percent – one price; 54 percent – combination of both

Additionally, the average spent per person was up $14.

Average number of full-time employees at FECs in the U.S. and Canada is 8; average number of part-time/hourly workers is 26.

There are over 105 million skating sessions per year.

The median age of skaters: 11 years old

Most common age of birthday party attendees: 10-12 years

15.9 million to 23 million visits by kids from 5th grade through 7th grade

26% of operators host on average between 21 – 40 each month

Members annually employ between 8,121 and 15,393 part time employees

Kids enjoying time in the Sky Zone. our team to provide wow guest experiences. We offer open jump space, dodge ball, and something we call Sky Slam (putting the basketball hoop under the trampoline). We’re keeping things fresh.” Candy Holsing, operations manager/ director of licensing, Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark & Party Center, has seen plenty of growth. The company was started two years ago by her father, Donald J. Edwards, and her brother, Don V. Edwards. Together, they invented EZ Moves Furniture Slides, which eventually found national distribution. “We sold Fun Slides in retail (Target, Toys “R” Us and toy/sporting goods stores) for many years, and about two and a half years ago, we opened our first Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark & Party Center as a test facility in our warehouse,” Holsing says. “The concept became an immediate success, so we moved to a retail location and will be opening other company owned stores. Because of many requests for Fun Slides Parks all over the country. We are now offering opportunities for other FECs to operate Fun Slides Parks by license agreement.”

other associations like IAAPA help to push innovation along. “Our mission at the Roller Skating Association is to promote the success of our members through education and advancing the roller skating business.” says Jim McMahon, executive director of the Roller Skating Association. “We are always working to share best practices and new ideas within the FEC industry,” Hutcheson says. ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Cornelius Fortune is an award-winning journalist, whose work has appeared in NewsCred, Citizen Brooklyn, In the Fray, iPhone Life Magazine, The Advocate, Metro Times, Yahoo News, and others. He has written extensively on popular culture, comic books, and 21st century trends for more than a decade. He is also a Rhysling-nominated poet, and the author of the book Stories from Arlington. His most recent short stories can be found in the anthologies Brief Grislys and Writings on the Wall. In addition to journalism, he mostly writes poetry and less-than-interesting grocery lists, devoid of imagery or clever alliteration. Visit his website at, or follow him on Twitter@Arlingtonscribe.

With Fun Slides, you strap on a special slider under your shoes, allowing you to slide across the carpet play area. “Our facility is popular for both birthday parties for ages 4-13, and also family fun,” Holsing says. “Parents skate with their kids, and we even have some grandparents skate. Learning to Fun Slide is easy and can become very challenging by learning tricks and stunts.” While the FEC industry continues to evolve, the Roller Skating Association, and 28 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Source: IAAPA, Roller Skating Association Survey


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roller skating news | ROLLER SKATING BUZZ

Roller Skating


news, videos, celebrities & more


New Single and Video Pay Tribute to the Golden Age of Disco The Saturday’s recently became Britain’s new pop sensation, releasing huge international hits and scoring a television show on The E! Network. Their newest video for the single “Disco Love” is a nostalgic twist that brings the group back to a 1989 roller disco, highlighting the fashion of the ‘70s and some impressive roller dancing moves.

Retro Skating is the Name of the Game in Avicii’s New Video Superstar dance DJ Avicii did not disappoint fans with his newest video for the single “You Make Me.” The video, keeping with trend, features a video game style battle on the skating floor, reminiscent of Mortal Kombat. Two main skaters break out some crazy skate moves, battling it out on wheels for true love. In the end, the rink breaks out into an all-out skate party, and the lovebirds skate off into the sunrise, behind the wheel of a beautiful classic car.

Air Force Pilot Stays in Shape with Derby! Picture a troop of soldiers trying to stay in shape; this might conjure imagines of a drill running, wall climbing, and a fatigue clad bunch, but one Air Force pilot is doing things a little differently this year. Hillary Middleton, a Staff Sargent for the 355th Support Squadron out of Tucson, AZ has been skating since she was two, and recently joined up with two derby teams - the Saddletramps and The Copper Queens. She did have to get permission from her commander because of safety concerns, but eventually she was convinced and Middleton has been skating around 16 hours per week with her local derby teams and staying in great shape. Roller Skating Ghosts Grace Moby’s New Video “Eight Roller Skating Ghosts Needed,” read the casting call for techno artist Moby’s video for the single “Perfect Life.” Moby and Wayne Coyne, lead singer of The Flaming Lips, strolled around the LA streets in full mariachi gear in this delightfully absurd take. The video lives up to this crazy casting call and all eight roller skating ghosts are there in full ghostly garb, skating around the two singers. There are other interesting interlopers in the video, such as a ribbon dancing ninja – all adding up to Moby’s version of a perfect life. New Primetime Special - “Dora’s Great Roller Skate Adventure” A new standard in children’s programming, Dora the Explorer, is a show that teaches important lessons using a cast of fun characters surrounding an emphasis on teaching Spanish words and phrases. The new primetime special teaches important lessons about bullying, and shows how strength in numbers can be important. The new special, called “Dora’s Great Roller Skate Adventure,” is fun and informative, and teaches significant life lessons all while taking place on roller skates.

30 |

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

ROLLER SKATING BUZZ | roller skating news

Bryan Cranston Spoofs ‘Breaking Bad’ - on Roller Skates “Breaking Bad” is one of AMC’s breakout hits, captivating viewers with a look at how modern drug culture can corrupt absolutely. Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, became a drug kingpin, hiding his secret life from his family, including his Drug Enforcement Agent brother-in-law. A new spoof video recently released takes footage of Cranston doing a silly roller skating dance from his previous show “Malcolm in the Middle” and splices it with the dramatic reveal of his secret life on “Breaking Bad.” The result is a hilarious mash up of old and new, a topical parody that highlights both shows in the best way.

13-year-old Boy Skates 900 Miles for School Peng Quhang, a 13 year old from the Hangzhou province in China, had a dream to attend a football school. Chinese football has recently gone through some scrutiny and critique, but Peng has always believed in the sport. His father, Peng Shuiming, has often been referred to as a ‘Tiger Father’ and agreed to let his son attend school - but he had to work for it. This included skating over 900 miles to reach Evergrand Real Madrid Football School by the start of term on August 21, 2013. It was very hot, and he only managed to skate around 62 miles a day with taking frequent breaks, but the tenacious teenager eventually made it and we’re proud to say he is attending his new school and loving it.

Azerbaijan Makes Room for Roller Skate Park Roller skating is becoming more popular all over the globe, including the far flung province of Baku in Azerbaijan. There is little room for recreational activity in Baku and almost nothing for the young people to do, so the city council is hoping that this new outdoor roller skate park will be a fun, new place for people to congregate and exercise together. The park will open later this year, and will hopefully skate on the tail of the larger roller skating movement, including the hopeful inclusion of roller skating into the 2014 Olympic canon.

100 Year Old Woman Gets on Skates for Her Birthday After years of coming to Silver City Sports Complex in Taunton, Massachusetts to watch her granddaughters skate, Alma Oliveira is finally back on skates. All it took was her to celebrate her 100th birthday. Oliveira achieved this incredible feat with the help of skating coach, Anthony DaPonte, who coached three of her great-granddaughters to compete nationally. They made a bet ten years ago that she would get on skates when she reached her centennial, and she’s proud to say she made it and followed through with her bet.

18 Year Old Captures National Roller Skating Title Katelyn Rogers is skating her way into the record books. The 18 year old from Taunton, Massachusetts recently won the first place title for the Junior World Class team dance competition. Rodgers performed her artistic piece to Egyptian-themed music from the movie The Mummy and emphasized that hard work and dedication were central to her win. She plans on attending Boston College next year, and as always, will continue skating.

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 31

roller skating news | IT’S ALL IN THE ADVERTISING

It’s All in the Advertising section titled “What Parents Should Know about Roller Skating,” Chicago reiterates their stance on healthy living through the following: Roller skating is one of the most healthful of sports. It gives proper physical poise to growing children; offers an incentive to spend more time in the fresh air; induces deeper breathing; and affords just the right amount of exercise to every muscle of the body. Roller skating particularly strengthens the important muscles of the back, shoulders, upper and lower leg, and the ankles. It stimulates and benefits all the organs of the body.

One interesting aspect of our collections has always been product advertisements. How a company chooses to advertise says a lot about the era, values of the company, and what is most important to them. Our example today focuses on an advertising pamphlet from the Chicago Roller Skating Company. First look at the cover. With a copyright of 1936, the pamphlet emphasizes skating as an activity for children by the use of seven different kids pictured; this says that children are a target group for the company. The cover also quotes the slogan “For health’s sake, roller skate.” Physical well-being is also important to Chicago. The title of the entire pamphlet is How to Roller Skate which markets to those less experienced as an attempt to gain more skaters through educational means. The Chicago Roller Skating Company distributed this pamphlet with the subtitle, “The proper method of roller skating and the selection and care of roller skates.” This educational statement reinforces ideas of preparedness for skating. Under a

34 |

Educating continues to be a value themed throughout the booklet. “Selecting Skates” advocates the use of rubber wheels because of low noise and longer wear. “Body Position” emphasizes balance through forward inclination. “How to Hold the Feet” recommends keeping all four wheels grounded. The following section deals with more instruction through the physical act of skating and its steps. “The Start” deviates between ordinary skating and racing; each way the start differs. “The Stroke” maintains speed through a right and left rhythmic motion. “Acquiring Speed” gradually lengthens each stroke to gather momentum. “How to Stop” recommends dragging the back skate at a 45 degree angle with all wheels on the floor. “Care of Skates” advises oiling bearings and clamp screws, while keeping skates moisture free and nuts tightened. “Games Played on Roller Skates” gives the examples of racing, tag, sting goal, prisoner’s base, dog catching its tail, hide and seek, and crack the whip. Educating the public on the use of Chicago Skates was an obvious sales highlight.

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Chicago emphasizes the importance of its skaters’ safety throughout the pamphlet. One example revolves around a particular model. “Now that we have perfected a practical Rubber Tire, roller skating is absolutely SAFE for the smallest child, as well as grown-ups” states Chicago about a certain skate advertisement.

By studying this pamphlet from the Chicago Roller Skating Company, we can assess a few ideas: Chicago configured this booklet for children and beginner skates. It emphasized safety and basic skating skills. A healthful overlay converged with this central targeted area. By looking at skating advertisements such as these, we not only learn about the company, but also about how the company portrays itself. ABOUT THE AUTHOR James Vannurden is the Director and Curator of the National Museum of Roller Skating in Lincoln, Nebraska and contributing writer for the Roller Skating Association. If you would like to contact James to make a donation or to add to the collection of historical items at the museum, please call 402-483-7551 or email directorcurator@

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s e i t r a P y a d h t on bir


cott Cernik is from one of those grand families of roller skating who has been in the business for longer than most people can remember.

In the mid-1940s, his father drove from town to town with a portable rink, fold-up skating floor and tent he threw over the top, in the mid 1940s. At one time, the family had 8 skating rinks. The owner of SkateDaze in Omaha, Nebraska is proud the family has always been able to change with the times – from the height of roller skating popularity in the 1970s and 1980s to the current gadget generation in 2013 of smartphones and video games. “We have a lot of competition, but we have been around for a long time,” Cernik said. “We’ve always focused on doing things progressively, working to advance the sport and doing good in the community.” Dominic Cangelosi, whose rink is near the glamour of Hollywood, California, finds his success in memories of more innocent times when girls wore poodle skirts and boys donned black leather jackets and slicked back hair.

36 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Cangelosi’s Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale is proud to play the music of Motown on Sundays and 1970s disco on Wednesday and Thursdays. Live organ music pumps through the speakers at the rink on Tuesdays. He and his rink are in the business of nostalgia. “I have never been concerned my rink was going to close because of lack of customers,” Cangelosi said. “People have always been interested in skating.” Though both owners are in different parts of the country with very different approaches to the business, they say that birthday parties and celebrations play a large part in introducing new customers to the roller rink.

Utilizing Social Media to Market a Skating Rink Skating rinks that want to draw youngsters into their businesses are making the most of social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. The latter allows guests to “check in” at the rink and even earn discounts or free items after a certain number of visits. Yelp, the online urban city guide, can help people who don’t know about the rink find it and read online reviews and details. An easy-to-find website that’s simple to navigate helps parents to find information on all the options for parties and is shareable with other parents by email, chat or social media. Many rinks have an email club, routinely sending out email blasts to customers to announce special events. At Rollerhaven, in Owosso, Michigan, direct links on the site allow parents to book parties and pay the deposit through Paypal online. Scheduling is quick and pain free.

Just a Few More Hours, Mom! While some rinks, like Moonlight Rollerway, opt for pepperoni pizzas, ice cream cups and simple decorations (allowing parents to bring the birthday cake and balloons), for others the sky is the limit. Parties at Roller Cave, in Indianapolis, Indiana, include a birthday button and T-shirt, photo with Roller Roo, goodie

bags, cotton candy and glow sticks. Batting cages and pool tables help draw in boys. The New Rink Sports Roller Complex in Shelby Township, MI recently added a Toy Story Bounce House for children under 12. In 1994, SkateDaze added an entertainment center with 80 arcade games, mini-golf, roller coaster and, in 1999, began offering laser tag. A crowd favorite is the money machine, a booth with air that blows around money and coupons. The birthday guest wears goggles and grabs items during a timed spree. At Rollerhaven Skating Center, guests can pay extra to visit the Glo Lounge. Every partygoer receives a flashing cup, glowing necklace and stick. Each table has a glo balloon bouquet and button for the birthday child. Themed parties are always popular. One new rink being built in California will feature a stage for live music and an Internet cafe with seats overlooking the rink.

At What Cost? Parties range from a per person charge to starting packages inclusive with food, beverage, set-up of plates, napkins and cups and some decorations. Parents can rent a party room for the official birthday celebration of food and cake aside from skating and other entertainment. Facilities that have multiple entertainment opportunities can typically charge more for packages. Add-ons are popular to allow parents to create the party that matches a child’s interests. A deposit is common to reserve a table or room and ensure a certain date. Kids love game tokens and coupons. Many places require a fee and a liability waiver that each child must sign upon entering the rink. Moonlight Rollerway, which has played host to Prince and Katy Perry, closes down the rink for cast parties for companies like Warner Bros. or Disney for a flat fee. They allow an outside caterer along with beer and wine to be served for the 21 and older crowd. An after-hours party can run from 11:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. In fact, they do so well with this option that they are booked

months in advance. For children’s parties, allowing adults to watch for free and giving return passes to kids is key for repeat business.

Keeping up with the competition Sammie Carrature, who handles group reservations for the Fun Spot in Orlando, Florida, is grateful she doesn’t have to contend with the competition from a skating rink. The area near the theme parks and the popular International Drive already boasts an after-hours water park, comedy club, bowling alley, trampoline park, outdoor skate park and multiplex movie theater. Fun Spot, known for its go-carts since it opened 15 years ago, has recently expanded with a two-story arcade, two roller coasters, bumper boats, bumper cars and even a Ferris wheel. She takes reservations three days in advance for birthday parties and kids pay a one-time fee for an armband that allows them unlimited use of the facility for one day. The family-owned business offers free parking, free admission for parents and free wifi.

Serving the community Scott Cernik, with SkateDaze, said a big secret to his success is involvement in the community. He routinely holds charitable events to help Special Olympics and other organizations, highlighting the good work of others and introducing new people to his business. That participation goes a long way to make people feel good about celebrating with a local business that gives back. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Susan Clary is a freelance writer living in Winter Park, Fla. She worked for the St. Petersburg Times and Orlando Sentinel as an award-winning journalist and holds a bachelor’s degree from Rollins College in English. She runs a small breed dog rescue called Compassionate Canines. She grew up in St. Petersburg and spent many years roller-skating at Gay Blades and Southland Roller Palace. She has many fond memories of skating in the 1970s and 80s. She still has her size 7 blue dusters with the black boots and pulls them out on occasion for a throwback night. She always wanted blazers.

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• Time-saving interactive tools including a job description builder, salary benchmarking tool and HR self-assessment modules • More than 500 downloadable forms and posters • Customizable sample employee handbook At HR360, we understand that success doesn’t come easily and it doesn’t come alone. Your employees are critical to your mission. But the bigger you grow, the more time it takes to manage and maintain your staff - time that could be better spent growing your business and attracting new clients. HR360 puts HR and benefits compliance at your fingertips. We’re the one-stop solution that streamlines your HR function and gets you back to doing what you do best - building your business. This new member benefit will be available to all members starting January 2014. To participate, members should email to obtain personalized login information and details. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Diane Norlander is the Digital Marketing Manager for HR360.

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e c a R e th

e m i for T r u o Y ON

k r g o n W i d l n u n o i h S W u o Y y t IN It s u Wh J t o N , s s e Busin



ay Goltz, author of The Street-Smart Entrepreneur, said for any small business owner to have more time to work on their business and to expand it is by “making sure that every position is filled with someone who is very good at it.” Otherwise, “if you [business owners] are constantly putting out fires, you have problems” growing your

A poor hiring decision can cost an employer 30% of the hire’s first year salary, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Taking steps to ensure current and future employees are the right fit can save money and time that can be re-invested into your company’s future. How can small business owners, including roller skating rink owners accomplish this? Alvaro Peralta, principal of Transitions Coaching, recommended a three-part process to put the perfect staff in place.

40 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Step 1: Determine roles within your organization The first step is to figure out what roles are necessary for the organization. This is accomplished with “an organizational chart.” Only then can the positions be filled with the right staff. Bill Carlson, of U-Profit Business Success, lays out his “Organization Chart” to help roller skating rinks. Along with a full-time general manager and operations and program managers, Carlson emphasized the critical role Trainers/Supervisors play in ensuring the quality of the front-line staff.

Organization Chart Owner/General Manager Office F & B Programs Manager Trainer Supervisor

He recommends having three to four Trainers/Supervisors to supervise necessary front line staff, operate games, concession stands, rink help, etc., per rink as a key to running a roller skating rink as smoothly as possible.

Step 2: Assess Employees The next step, according to Peralta, is to assess your current and future employees with a “personality and skills assessment.” For each new hire, Tom Olajos, Co-Owner of Monster Mobile Arcade in North Haven, Conn., puts them on a 30 to 60 day probationary period. New hires work with and are observed by a senior employee. The senior employee is there to answer a new hire’s questions, but more importantly determines if the new employee is right for the job. “Do they have the connection with the kids?” Explained Olajos, “because that’s what parents are looking for.” Olajos explained that employees who

Trainer Supervisor

Focusing on individuals, who can easily establish rapport and cater to customer needs without much direction, is far more important that having an employee who knows video games inside and out, but can’t connect with parents and their children. Glenn Couey, owner of Sparkles of Smyrna, uses a two week trial period for new employees. New Hires are evaluated on the rink by experienced floor guards on three criteria: • How well can the candidate skate? • How patient is the individual? (Especially with children)

Understanding an individual’s strengths and weaknesses helps small business owners implement Peralta’s final step. “See how the assessment results match the role’s necessities. For example Peralta recommends to, “get someone with a sales capacity at the front desk.” Using a people person with an ability to increase sales at the front desk seems obvious. Peralta’s point is that without knowing the personality and capabilities of each individual, accomplished through an assessment, it could take multiple candidates before the right fit is found. After you have evaluated current employees and have a system to

Trainer Supervisor

Hourly Employees

know the games kids play is important, however, his assessments focus “on the person’s personality.”

Step 3: Place the right employee(s) in the right role

Facility Operations Manager

• How polite is the candidate with the customers? Couey puts the most weight on how seamless and personable individuals are with the children. Hiring candidates that connect with children seamless is how he ensures the perfect candidate. According to Peralta, small business owners should ask themselves the following questions: • Should I dismiss the employee because there is no clear way to match their skills and abilities? • Where can my productive employees be most effective? • Is a current candidate worth investing in?

screen new staff, “Fine tuning your staff,” according to Goltz, is job number one. “You need to have the right people in place and train them properly.” Rink-based assessment helped Couey identify a star employee. “Ms. Denise, as the children and staff call her,” explained Couey, “was a natural with the children.” She works with many of the rink’s children, helping them up when they fall, giving them encouragement to enjoy the sport, working in sessions. Ms. Denise works with the rink’s tiny-tot and matinee session. Parents like how Ms. Denise is easy to approach. Couey said he enjoys getting increased compliments with her natural ability to help and encourage. He cited a 15 percent increase in business in part to her customer service. November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 41

How can business owners train their floor and customer service staff? Carlson recommends training staff in three gradual sessions. The first training session is a new hire observing an experienced employee perform their job correctly. The second training session has the new employee shadow the senior employee, even working their assigned tasks. The third training session has the employee perform their job.

Carlson also recommends evaluating employees on a letter grading scale for each shift.

working 24-7 on the small details,” and recommended to, “think creatively about what you can delegate.”

At the end of the month or quarter, employees will have a work grade point average. It helps businesses evaluate employees on a daily basis. High school and college workers understand their performance better with this grading system.

Clark said that while hiring an assistant is initially laborious and long-term, it frees up priceless time to invest in planning your business’s future.

How can small business owners optimize their management and office staff?

Each session is supervised by a Trainer/ Supervisor who is always available for questions so employees can learn their job effectively.

Professional development, according to Peralta, helps employees perform their job more effectively and “is proven for employee retention.”

“Train the trainers,” Carlson explained, and “they will train the [frontline] staff.” They can see bad habits of front line employees and correct them as soon as possible.

According to CBS News, replacing an employee making less than $30,000 costs 16 percent of their salary -- as much as $4,800. It can cost 20 percent or up to $10,000 to replace an employee making $50,000 annually.

Employee/Supervisor Feedback Carlson also recommends attentive feedback on employee behavior. A Trainer/ Supervisor that gives immediate positive or correcting feedback helps continually shape employees’ behavior. If an employee prevents a child skating from completely falling or helping them up after a fall and is positively reinforced by a Trainer/Supervisor immediately, similar behavior will follow. Other employees in hearing range are likely to model this behavior for similar feedback. Poor performance can likewise be discouraged with firm, but professional, feedback informing employees of their unprofessional behavior. Carlson cites a Trainer/Supervisor reminding an employee they are too late and to be on time next time.

Carlson recommends sending managers to small business courses and seminars, and paying for them. This helps managers better understand profit margins and cost of sales. Couey has a once a week meeting with management to emphasize customer service. A powerful tool he recommended was, as a last resort, authorizing managers to let unsatisfied customers speak with Couey or his wife, over the phone or in person, if necessary, to find a resolution.

How can roller skating rink operators maximize their time at work? Dorie Clark, adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future, said that “You can’t focus on [business] strategy if you’re

Couey utilizes a full-time office assistant at his rink. Working from 9 to 6 a.m., primary tasks include working on social media management and assisting patrons in setting up birthday parties. Couey explained his office assistant, “helps [him and his wife] focus on customer service,” and helps increase his customer base. If a child’s first experience is traumatic because they fall down or simply don’t enjoy roller skating, Couey said you could lose them forever to baseball or basketball or another recreation. Investing in the right staff with the right identification and training protocols takes time, but over the long-run, reduces time needed for day to day management. This provides roller skating rink owners with more time to focus on strategies to optimize their business further and decide if expansion is right. Below is a list of recommended websites, magazines and books to give you more ideas to help you take your business to the next level. ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Thomas Hill is a full-time professional freelance writer. He attended Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT majoring in U.S. history and minoring in social sciences. He is passionate about all things writing,

including issues that impact roller skating facilities.




Clark said, “A great way to “think big” is to read general business magazines (above and beyond your reading focused on the roller skating industry) and think about how you can apply the ideas you come across.” (Inc. Magazine) (TED Conferences) (Wired Magazine) (Harvard Business Review) (Fast Company)

The Street Smart Entrepreneur: 133 Tough Lessons I Learned the Hard Way By Jay Goltz Small Giants: Companies That Choose to be Great Instead of Big By Jay Goltz Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future By Dorie Clark

The following is a list of some of the publications that she recommended. New ideas can be generalized and applied to the roller skating industry in regards to virtually any topic including technology, customer service and marketing:

42 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

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1-800-925-RINK 100 Matawan Road Matawan, NJ 07747 Phone: 732-888-5000 Fax: 732-888-4646

business matters |


Is Your Game Income All It Can Be? New AAMA Column Answers Your Pressing Amusement Machine Questions The American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA) would like to thank the Roller Skating Association International for the opportunity to provide its readers and members with editorials on the amusement industry. The AAMA is a notfor-profit trade association that represents the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, locations and FEC operators of the amusement industry. We are excited to join the Roller Skating Association in working to assist and educate your industry on ways to better your business and your bottom line.

bundles, and team jerseys. Remember to use the back of the crane as a billboard to highlight the product. Merchandisers continue to lead the way in producing income. From anything Apple to bricks of tickets, there are a whole host of products these games can use.


In each edition, we will provide expert advice and tips from one of our amusement industry leaders. In this, our first edition, we have asked AAMA Board member, industry veteran and RSA speaker, Jim Chapman, of Coast to Coast Entertainment, to offer his insight into this question.

Q. How Can I Increase Game Revenue? A. Over the years, I have been fortunate

enough to have visited many roller rinks around our country. It is amazing to see all of the hard work each of you put into your rinks. From your great looking floors and snack bars to your laser tag arenas, the entertainment packages you offer your customers is first rate. It is refreshing to see rinks continue to offer real family entertainment. Over these same years and visits I have found that your game revenue has not matched your other revenue accordingly. In most cases, it seems your game partner is not pulling their weight. In some cases the rink owner has focused on the other parts of the business and has not done much with their own games. This is unfortunate as

“Your game income can be up to 30% of your revenue.”

your game income can be up to 30% of your revenue! With some consistent effort on both our parts, I can help you increase your game revenue. During the coming months we are going to be offering each of you many ways to help increase your game revenue, as well as increase your entertainment value. This month, I would like to share some ways to help you with your cranes, merchandisers and redemption counters. Tips on Cranes, Merchandisers & Redemption Counters Let’s start with cranes - they are simply retail stores. The better the product you put into them, the more you will make - it is that simple. Hot items continue to be knobby balls (Smiley faced ones or football. Go with a $1.00 per play and a winner every time.), R/C helicopters, licensed plush, Mine Craft products, electronics (I would suggest making friends with the employees at Best Buy and your new RSAdvantage discount with the RSA will help with that), ticket

44 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Much like a crane, look for what the kids want but their parents will not buy for them. The latest in tablets, cameras (Go Pro), home video games, gift cards and even snowboards will work. A simple thing to do is ask your customers what they want to play for - you will be surprised how well this works.


Lastly, let’s discuss redemption counters. I learned many years ago that my redemption counter drove my game income. The better my prizes, the more money my games made. If you are using just one or two suppliers, you are not maximizing your income. No one company has all you need to make the most you can. Also, you need to have higher end prizes for your customers to save for. This will give them a reason to save and come back more often. Use a 10 point card system. This will make it easier for your customers to save and more fun for your employees to work the redemption counter. ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Jim Chapman of Coast to Coast Entertainment is an AAMA Board Member, industry veteran, and RSM Member of the Roller Skating Association. For questions or comments regarding this article, please feel free to contact Jim Chapman at 800.224.1717 ext. 726 or email If you have questions regarding the Amusement Industry, please feel free to visit our website, call our office at 847.290.9088 or email

It’s time your rink got

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WEATHERING STORM Picking Up the Pieces After Tragedy Strikes


enora and Rick Carson were driving through Joplin, Missouri after a trade show in Kansas City when they saw it: Keeley’s Silver Wheels, Joplin’s sole roller skating rink. It was shuttered, closed, and abandoned; half of the roof missing, and untold amounts of damage inside. Longtime friends of the owner and rink owners themselves, the Carson’s were shocked at the state of the facility. They had no idea that the rink was even damaged at all, now here it stood - all alone, a demolition order slapped on the door. The Carson’s, however, had other plans...

By Meghan Molony

46 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Almost Demolished: Acquiring the Property “The City of Joplin…was devastated… if only you could have seen it,” says Lenora Carson about the extensive damage she saw in Joplin following the tornado. Members of the RSA for 30 years, the Carson’s have owned several rinks close to Joplin, including Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. They decided to add one more by purchasing the abandoned Joplin property. First, they needed to contact the owner, who, like many business owners in Joplin, had no other option than to close the doors due to a lack of storm insurance. A labor of love, through the process of acquiring the facility the Carson’s sold their other rinks for this one and have poured all of their attention into bringing this beloved rink back to life. The second step in their journey was facing down the city; the building was on a demolition list and slated for the wrecking ball. The Carson’s contacted the city and said that they would love to bring this rink back to the community, a much needed morale booster, but that they would not be interested if the building was demolished. Responding quickly, the city agreed to keep the building intact provided they produce a plan, buy the land and building, and prove that they had the means to undertake such an enormous project. Together, these steps alone took over a year. With strong community support, the Carson’s were handed the keys to the building in April 2013 - only to find a whole new set of problems inside. The Damage “Our biggest problem with the Joplin rink was the damage,” said Lenora. The one mile wide tornado struck the town of 50,000 in the early afternoon on May 22, 2011 ripping a six mile path through Joplin. In all, it was the deadliest tornado on record since 1947, claiming the lives of 161 people.. It was also the costliest tornado in U.S. history. Over sixty feet of roofing on the back portion of Keeley’s Silver Wheels had been peeled back, exposing everything to the elements – for two years. That’s a lot of rain, wind and snow whipping through a building, and on top of that, vandals had broken in and

defaced several walls with graffiti and other debris, “almost nothing could be salvaged,” she continued. Additionally the back walls were unstable due to the tornado rotating the beams, the gorgeous wood floor was warped and useless, and the lighting, skates, and electronic equipment were all ruined. The Remodel Taking the rink down to a basic shell was the next step in the exhaustive five month long remodeling process. The Carson’s had to replace the roof to keep out the elements, as well as replace the clear span beams and purlins in the back half, and that was just the beginning. Since the Carson’s have had their fair share of experience owning rinks, they had a good idea of what needed to be done, and what they wanted in a rink. They took 30 more feet in the back of the facility that had originally been used for storage of video games and turned it into a playground area. They also added snazzy columns to the front, as well as an eye-catching layer of red paint, complete with their new logo. A new hardwood floor was put down; a process that took quite a while due to the several coats that had to be laid.

especially since they’ve added several LED fixtures and fun laser displays. Several safety precautions have been made since the tornado. The old rink had doors that only opened inward, a dangerous thing to have during an emergency; this has been fixed, as well as the addition of remote emergency lights and exit signs. The previous rink was very basic and the Carsons have definitely punched it up a bit! They’ve added glow in the dark carpeting from Flagship Carpeting, murals, light up Sure Grip rentals, and a fluorescent glow room for birthday parties!

What’s New! Upgrades were made to the facility, especially in terms of energy efficiency. Since the tornado, the city of Joplin upgraded codes and offered several energy incentive plans to upgrade lighting, and the Carson’s took full advantage of this opportunity. They installed energy efficient T-5 lighting, with six lamp light fixtures and replaced two of the bulbs in each with black lights. Lenora Carson said that people have really commented about how much of a difference the lighting makes - and how bright it is -

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 47

Additionally, there will be a bounce play area, Jupiter Jump, slides and a ball pit in a separate area – made possible by the 30 foot addition. Carson loves the addition of this area, as it makes birthday party planning much easier, and they can now double their availability by allowing one party to be in the birthday room and another in the play area. Community Support Tragedy brings communities together, and the Carson’s have found this to be very true. “We were really tickled; before we opened we had over 1200 friends on Facebook,” said Lenora. The community has definitely rallied around this much-loved rink, and the hope that a new business can bring. Lenora said that this is true all over, “The community is working together to bring the town back piece by piece […] storefront by storefront.” A huge help to the rink has been the MoKanzGirlz, their local roller derby team. Lenora said, “One of their ladies was here in less than 24 hours of us getting into the building, we had no electricity and the place looked like a haunted house, yet she wanted to know what they could do to help.” Re-Opening Roller City of Joplin had their soft opening on Friday, September 13, 2013 and is planning to have a huge grand opening, complete with TV crews in the later part of November or December. The Carson’s have been working hard in the 50,000 person community to get the word out about their new additions: a Christian Music Night and Adult Night, as well as working with the school districts to get school parties. Several new staff members have been hired to help with the new rink, and a few of the Carson’s staff from their old rinks have come over to help. Their son Zac, who attends the University of Arkansas, has helped a lot, and as Lenora says, “he will definitely be a second generation rink owner.” From Keeley’s Silver Wheels to the new Roller City of Joplin – this rink has undergone some huge changes. It took experience and hard work to get everything up and ready, but it took the joy of a community, and the hope and love that arises after a tragedy to make this rink a home. ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Meghan Molony grew up in a skating family that instilled in her a deep love of skating and the skating business. She loves seeing how the community grows and changes around a rink, and gets on her skates whenever possible. A recent graduate of Aquinas College, she now manages a rink in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

48 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

roller skating news | DECADES BEHIND THE WHEELS

Decades Behind the Wheels Walter Frazier of Roller Derby/Pacer to Retire “I cannot speak highly enough of him as a human being - he is a super individual.” – Jim Ball Roller skating as an industry has come a long way since skate keys and metal wheels ruled the scene. Innovators are constantly experimenting and striving to make the best product possible and by doing so, expanding the skating lexicon. Walter Frazier is one of these amazing innovators who set his watch by the skating world, and poured love into the products he created and marketed. With over 40 years in the industry, Walter has been involved with every part of both the Roller Derby family and sister company Tour Hockey Skates. His peers cannot help but sing his praises, and everyone who met and worked with him had one version of this to say about him, “He is one of kind.” The Innovator Those who work in the skating industry have certainly seen Frazier’s work or felt his influence in some way or another. Be it with the Heartthrob Skate outfit, which he helped design with David Hurt early last year, or his marketing campaigns that were carefully orchestrated to the last detail. “We’ve always followed what Walter sees, it’s his vision, and if he sees something that is missing that he feels would be a valuable addition to what the public is looking for, he comes up with an idea to fill that need,” said Hurt about Frazier’s continuous drive to invent and reinvent products that will be useful and appealing in the skating industry. Chad Seibel of Tour said that Walt has the ability to think on so many different levels, he sees the finished product while the sketches are still being drawn. “Inline skates, and the Tour Company have always been close to Walt’s heart,” said David Hurt.

50 |

Walt Frazier accepting an award at the 2010 RSA Trade Show with President, Tina Robertson; Vice President, Bob Housholder; and former Executive Director, Susan Melenchuk.

“Inline was once just a fad,” he said. When Walt stepped in and wanted to see if they could come up with something new and creative, “He took the whole inline industry to the next level.” The Salesman Many know Walt from trade shows and conventions, his soft spoken humor made him a favorite behind the Roller Derby and Pacer booths. He involved himself in the top to bottom production of his products, including designing the displays for the company and making sure he manned them himself. “He’s always been there for the distributors,” said Jim Ball. Nobody knew the product better than the person who was in it from inception, and Walter was the person who designed the skate, finalized the ads, picked the photography, headed the promotion, and then stood at the booth during the trade show to tell people about a product he loved. The Friend Jim Ball of SureGrip remembers when

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

he first met Walt back in 1975, “It was a very unusual situation. I was a young guy coming into the industry and Walt was a competitor, but he included me in everything. He was the first one to call me if I needed help with a vendor or product and we would work together to solve the problem.” David Hurt made sure to mention that Walt’s humor made him the success that he is today. “We were in Nevada for a show and people were wondering where Walt was. Somebody called him, I don’t remember who, and Walt said ‘Sure I’m here, I’m just down the hall’ they went all the way down the hall way searching for a long time… and Walt was actually still in Illinois.” Walter’s steadfast friendship and dedication came through in all aspects of his professional life, and it came with a healthy dose of silliness, as this story from Chad Seibel highlights. “One time, Walt told Robert (another salesman) that we were trying to get the Tommy Vahama (an intentional letter slip)

DECADES BEHIND THE WHEELS | roller skating news license for something or other, and Robert went to the owner saying that Walt was trying to get the Tommy Bahama label, there were numerous phone calls back and forth and a lot of confusion, but when the prank came out, everybody ended up laughing.” The Integrity Walter worked with vendors, distributors, rink owners and the RSA for a long time, continuously adhering to his own personal code of ethics, and never once overstepping that boundary in order to get ahead. Chad Seibel remembered a story that highlights this personal honor. “We were in a hockey summit meeting; all the big shots were there, like Reebok.” The group of companies were being wined and dined by the hockey industry for sponsorship deals and Tour was up there with the best of them. At the end of the week, they were presented with the sponsorship contracts and all of the big companies were jumping over each other to sign, but since Tour was

fairly small, Walt stood his ground and refused to sign just because everybody else was. He stuck to his guns and later was able to work out a much better deal – just for holding out and negotiating a deal he thought was fair. Seibel said,“We came out on top later on, and I respect him so much for that.” Seibel also credits Walt for helping save his career, “I always knew that Walt cares about his employees and he worked as hard as he did not only for himself and for his family, but so that the people under him could make a living - and not only just a living but a good one.” What’s Next “His retirement came as a huge surprise,” said Jim Ball, “all of us are going to miss him a lot.” Walt announced his retirement early in 2013, but as Ball continued, “he’s never going to truly leave; he’ll probably stay on

the board of directors, and will still be just a phone call away.” Currently, Walt is still working at Roller Derby, making sure the transition is seamless and handing the reins over to another 20 plus year veteran of the industry, Will Marian. Walter recently purchased some property down in Florida and is looking forward to spending more time with his family. The roller skating industry is one big family, and Walter Frazier’s enduring humor, charm, creative spirit and integrity will continue on in the best way – through the people he knew and influenced throughout his many years at Roller Derby. ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Meghan Molony grew up in a skating family that instilled in her a deep love of skating and the skating business. She loves seeing how the community grows and changes around a rink, and gets on her skates whenever possible. A recent graduate of Aquinas College, she now manages a rink in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 51


The Price Increase Conundrum According to Forbes, the economic downturn and tepid recovery has altered consumers’ spending habits to scour discounts at grocery stores and other retail outlets. The study found that 61 percent of customers always looked for bargains, regardless of the economy. Another 17 percent modified their shopping habits to look for bargains and don’t expect to modify this behavior when the economy fully recovers. Only 22 percent of respondents never look for bargains or will revert to not seeking discounts when the economy recovers. According to this study, nearly four out of five customers will look out for bargains. Americans spend about $12,800 or 28% of their discretionary income for entertainment, according to Experian. Another 51.5 percent and 34.8 percent of families have no more than $10,000 and $7,000 respectively to spend on all forms of entertainment. Whether or not to raise prices at a roller skating rink must be factored into this study. Understanding how to effectively target and obtain some of consumers’ discretionary income is essential to balance a business’ needs and ensure consumers do not go elsewhere for their entertainment needs. What factors do roller skating rink operators take into account when raising their prices? Economic factors influence rink owners’ rate increase decisions. Glenn A. Couey of Sparkles of Smyrna, GA said we are “very slow to make a price change,” because “we want to compete with the movie theaters.” Couey reported his last price increase was approximately 10 years ago. Keeping a high volume of customers, accomplished through top-notch customer service, explains his rink’s ability to maintain profitability and customer satisfaction. According to a rink owner in North Dakota, operating expenses, such as the increased price of natural gas used for heating his rink, influenced his decision to raise his prices.


Perspective on Price Increases: “You can’t be afraid to raise prices,” explained Ingles, “if they are warranted.” He explained that costs can increase without notice. Ensuring air conditioning and heating needs can vary due to unannounced labor costs, increased electricity costs or the price of fuel to heat a facility can change daily, sometimes twice a day. Varied and immediate increased food costs can reduce snack bar profitability. Having a market perspective enables rink owners the ability to factor in how soon to raise prices because costs such as food and fuel vary every day with domestic and international markets.

Douglas Ingles, owner of Stadium Roller Rink in Hillsdale, MI noted that short and long-term price planning is necessary for a roller skating rink’s financial viability. Ingles recommended thinking about weighing necessary price increases against the needs of a roller skating rink both short- and long-term. Expenditures for short-term upgrades, such as new flooring, a sound system update, or new televisions need to be factored into prices. Longterm improvements, such as parking lot maintenance and repair over the long-term should be factored in when setting prices. What research is necessary to maintain or increase prices? Be aware of “spending and expenses” explained Ingles, who recommended owners need “to be hands on with daily receipts.” Looking at weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, according to Ingles, is highly recommended. Ingles recommended looking at between four and five major profit areas of a roller skating rink to see what areas are performing well and what revenue sources need improvement. Looking at admission, rental (skates, etc.), snack bar and novelty sales is essential to assess what is profitable and what might need adjustment. The rink owner in North Dakota suggested looking at “income and expenses” from your financial documents. He suggested analyzing balance sheets and cash flow statements. How much have prices increased?

52 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine


While price increases can’t be reported by individual rink owners due to anti-trust laws, price increases range from $0.50 to $1 or between three and five percent of an admission cost. How are customers notified of price increases?

Giving customers ample notice has been reported for great customer service. However, the notification time-frame must be balanced if costs, such as food, labor or heating fuel (natural gas and oil) depends on “marketing forces.” The cost of commodities changes on a daily basis. Gasoline, explained Ingles, can change as much as twice a day – if too much notice is given, profitability may be impacted. Couey gave customers a 30-day notice on his rink’s website and posted flyers on his front door. Three weeks before the price increase, a rink owner in North Dakota notified customers of increased admission prices through notes on the front desk, on the front door and during birthday parties. Birthday parties were used because it reached many customers at the party and outside his rink. What can rink owners do to offset customer perception of increased prices? According to the North Dakota rink owner, providing customers a clean, wellkept facility, along with attentive customer is always recommended. Couey recommended highlighting a recent improvement to a facility or a product upgrade in conjunction with a price

THE PRICE INCREASE CONUNDRUM | business matters increase. Advertising a new or upgraded laser tag venue or upgraded skates for rental is the perfect idea to advertise concurrently with a price increase. It adds value in the eyes of a customer, especially for parents. Offering “Economy Days,” according to Couey, can offset price increases. When school-age children have time off from school, discounting sessions by a few dollars provides an option to offer lower prices at opportune times for children and their families. Ingles pointed out that reducing admission price can increase the number of visitors. This strategy may increase a roller skating rink’s profits by generating revenues from increased rentals and concession sales (food and novelties). Others ways roller skating rink operators can counter a price increase is to offer complimentary roller rink amenities. “Bundle activities,” suggested Ingles, who recommends offering, “a free soda or include a skate rental with the price of admission.” Other suggestions

include free game play and use of the bounce house. Ultimately the choice of whether or not to raise prices and how to notify and implement it is up to the business owner. Along with this article, there are ample online resources including: • • The National Federation of Independent Businesses • The U. S. Small Business Administration Regardless of your decision to increase prices or how, the resounding theme is communication with your customers so they understand your decision. ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Thomas Hill is a full-time professional freelance writer. He attended Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT majoring in U.S. history and minoring in social sciences. He is passionate about all things writing, including issues that impact roller skating facilities.

RECOMMENDED READING The Psychology of Price: How to use price to increase demand, profit and customer satisfaction Author: Leigh Caldwell Innovation in Pricing: Contemporary Theories and Best Practices Author: Andreas Hinterhuber & Stephan Liozu Value-Based Pricing: Drive Sales and Boost Your Bottom Line by Creating, Communicating and Capturing Customer Value Author: Harry Macdivitt The Product Manager’s Guide to Pricing Author: W. Brian Wanless Priced to Sell: The Complete Guide to More Profitable Pricing Author: Herman Holtz

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roller skating news | RSM PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT

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54 |

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National Disc Jockey Day

National 19 Popcorn Day

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Croissant Day y, Buttery, Crispy, Crunch oissants... Cr s iou lic De

January is also: National Skating Month, National Blood Donor Month, National Soup Month, National Hobby Month, National Hot Tea Month, National Poverty in America Awareness Month, Oatmeal Month, Teen Driving Awareness Month, Shape Up US Month, International Creativity Month, Get Organized Month. To get these ideas and more visit:,,,,,, or purchase a copy of Chase’s Calendar of Events.

56 | November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

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Roller Skating Association’s

PROMOTIONAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS | business matters Roller Skating Association’s

February 2014 sun






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Chopsticks Day




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Make a Friend

Women’s Heart Health Week 11 On this day in 12 Choose a 13 1809, Abraham Different Name Day Lincoln was Day born.

2014 Winter Olympics Begin




Celebration of Love Week




What’s your favorite minty treat?

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Introduce a Girl to Engineering is a national movement that shows girls how creative and collaborative engineering is and how engineers are changing our world. Visit EngineersWeek/Introduce.aspx for events near you!

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Winter Olympics 2014 Comes to a Close

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Random Acts of Kindness Week is Feb 1016. Do something nice for someone!




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Almond Day


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Promotional Calendar of Events

Floral Design Day

February is also: International Boost Self-Esteem Month, Black History Month, Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month, American Heart Month, Bake for Family Fun Month, Grapefruit Month, National Black History Month, National Cherry Month, National Parent Leadership Month, National Weddings Month, Sweet Potato Month, and Youth Leadership Month. To get these ideas and more visit:,,,,,, or purchase a copy of Chase’s Calendar of Events.

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 57


RSM Member Listing The companies listed below—manufacturers and suppliers—are members of the Roller Skating Association International. Company information is updated in each issue of RSB for your reference. If your firm services the roller skating industry and you would like information about becoming a member, or you are a current member needing to update your information, call the association headquarters at 317-347-2626. If you would like an additional listing under another RSM category, there is a charge of $125 per additional category. Please email

Computer Technology Agile Software and Marketing Scott Drummond 3075 Alhambra Dr #207 Cameron Park, CA 95682 Phone: 888-804-1166 Fax: 888-804-1166 Pathfinder Software LLC. Marcus Mayer PO Box 1359, 5050 Durham Road Roxboro, NC 27573 Phone: 336-598-5934 Fax: 336-598-7562 Times Two Technology Richard Dale 5809 Howard Avenue LaGrange, IL 60525 Phone: 708-497-9896 Trustworkz James Ball 2449 Townelake Parkway Woodstock, GA 30189 Phone: 770-615-3275

Consulting and Rink Planning WRC & Associates LLC Bill Carlson 916 Hornbeak Ct Las Vegas, NV 89123 Phone: 714-504-7742 Fax: 702-405-9589

58 |

Costumes Mask US Inc David Bragg 3121 Main Street, Suite F Chula Vista, CA 91911 Phone: 800-835-5767 Fax: 619-476-7346

Financing/Financial Planning CFG Wealth Management Services Michael Puckett 9840 Westpoint Drive, Suite 150 Indianapolis, IN 46256 Phone: 317-841-7959 Fax: 317-579-2440

Floor, Materials and Installations Astro Carpet Mills Ed Hurney PO Box 1483 Chatsworth, GA 30705 Phone: 800-542-4189 Fax: 706-259-9684 Floor Systems Inc Kim D Wall 4517 Industrial Road Fort Wayne, IN 46825 Phone: 260-484-7746 Fax: 260-484-7799 Rink-Cote Gerald Klinger/Roy Spencer 1250 9th Street Muskegon, MI 49440 Phone: 231-726-5911 Fax: 231-722-4081

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Roll-On Floor Products Joe Nazzaro 1001 South Main Street Euless, TX 76040 Phone: 800-243-3900 Fax: 817-354-6393

Heartland Agency Inc Becky Thurman 6808 Barr Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73132 Phone: 405-789-2733 Fax: 405-495-0426

Tite Coat International Scott Gray 5421 Dorsey Evergreen Road Fulton, MS 38843 Phone: 800-442-8483 Fax: 662-862-6100

JBL Trinity Group Ltd Anthony Profaci 100 Matawan Road Matawan, NJ 07747 Phone: 732-888-5000 Fax: 732-888-4646

Classic International/Skate Court John Matejec PO Box 1043 Isle of Palms, SC 29451 Phone: 918-488-1955

K.L. Owens & Associates Karen Owens 309 Bouldercrest Way Woodstock, GA 30188 Phone: 770-855-4723

Insurance Allied Specialty Insurance Rick D’Aprile 10457 Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, FL 33706 Phone: 800-235-8774 American Insurance Administrators Darrell Diodato 4550 Lena Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Phone: 717-591-8280 Fax: 717-591-8193 Hanasab Insurance Services Robert Ferrer 625 S Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036 Phone: 310-980-9492 Fax: 909-581-6276

Meadowbrook Insurance Group Nancy Clay 11880 College Blvd, Ste 500 Overland Park, KS 66210 Phone: 913-266-5325 Fax: 877-892-4574 Tilton, Thomas & Morgan Tyler Morgan PO Box 729 St Joseph, MO 64502 Phone: 816-233-0266 Fax: 816-233-9582

Legal Services Anselmi & Mierzejewski PC Kurt Anselmi 1750 South Telegraph Rd. Ste. 306 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 Phone: 248-338-2290 Fax: 248-338-4451

AFFILIATE MEMBERS | connections Cruser, Mitchell & Novitz Rondiene E. Novitz 341 Conklin Street 2nd Floor Farmingdale, NY 11735 Phone: 516-586-8513 Fax: 516-586-8517

Marketing Don Perkins 2409 Bayshore Road Nokomis, FL 34275 United States Phone: 941-966-3550 Simply Profitable Marketing Jenny Nash 1205 Somerset Lane Fort Wayne, IN 46805 Phone: 260-704-4360

Sk8 Access Meredith Fernandez RDMS, RVT 121 Starlight Rd Howell, NJ 07731 United States Phone: 732-707-7586

Music BMI Josh Lagersen 10 Music Square East Nashville, TN 37203 Phone: 615-401-2832 Fax: 615-401-2647 Promo Only Networks Jim Robinson 257 South Lake Destiny Drive Orlando, FL 32810 Phone: 407-331-3600 Fax: 407-331-6400 SESAC Inc Bill Lee 55 Music Square East Nashville, TN 37203 Phone: 615-320-0055 Fax: 615-321-6292

Novelty Items/ Redemption Products Coast To Coast Entertainment John Maurer 4000 Bordentown Ave, Ste 16 Sayreville, NJ 08872 Phone: 732-238-0096 Fax: 732-238-4404 Fun Express Lae Phonephakdy 4206 S 108th St Omaha, NE 68137 Phone: 402-935-5529 Fax: 800-228-1002 Funtastic Novelties Kris Wall Friesner 4515 Industrial Road Fort Wayne, IN 46825 Phone: 260-482-1566 Fax: 260-482-1568 Gloworks Joe Iacona 126 North Groesbeck Hwy Mt. Clemens, MI 48043 Phone: 586-294-4569 Fax: 800-809-4569 Redemption Plus Courtney German 9829 Commerce Parkway Lenexa, KS 66219 Phone: 913-563-4300 Fax: 913-563-4301 Rhode Island Novelty Alaina Bart 5 Industrial Road Cumberland, RI 02864 Phone: 401-274-1818 Fax: 800-448-1775

Sureshot Redemption Sondra Doyle 568 Meadow Sweet Circle Osprey, FL 34229 Phone: 941-445-5073 Fax: 909-923-7909 The Stuff Shop Mike Hill 111 Triple Diamond Blvd. North Venice, FL 34275 Phone: 800-860-8474 Fax: 800-497-2976 Virginia Toy and Novelty Company Tom Weigl 2503 Squadron Ct. Virginia Beach, VA 23453 Phone: 757-313-7000 Fax: 757-313-7007

Party Supplies Party Direct Mike Kuepper PO Box 353 Peru, IN 46970 Phone: 800-548-7868 Fax: 800-363-0208 Rebeccaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Joe Nazzaro 1001 South Main Euless, TX 76040 Phone: 800-777-2235 Fax: 817-354-6393 Sureshot Redemption Sondra Doyle 568 Meadow Sweet Circle Osprey, FL 34229 Phone: 941-445-5073 Fax: 909-923-7909

Play Equipment and Laser Tag Creative Works Theme Factory Jeff Schilling 350 Bridge St Mooresville, IN 46158 Phone: 317-834-4770 Fax: 317-834-4771 International Play Company Inc. Kathleen Kuryliw 215-27353-58th Crescent Langley, BC V4W 3W7 CANADA Phone: 604-607-1111 Fax: 604-607-1107 Laser Blast Carla Ewald 6118 Gotfredson Rd Plymouth, MI 48170 Phone: 734-332-0256 Fax: 734-332-0256 Mason Corporation Dick Mason 8114 Isabella Lane Brentwood, TN 37027 Phone: 800-821-4141 Fax: 615-373-8796 PlaySmart Gary Boots 107 North Missouri Sedalia, MO 65301 Phone: 217-221-4031 Fax: 660-829-0526 Ride Development Company Tami Dean PO Box 40 Independence, OR 97351 Phone: 503-606-4438 Fax: 503-606-4436

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 59

connections | AFFILIATE MEMBERS Zone Laser Tag, Inc. Erik Guthrie 419 Webbs Lane Dover, DE 19904 Phone: 866-966-3797 Fax: 317-783-3711

Roller Skate Manufacturers Bont Skates Debbie Rice 4178 70th St Cir E Palmetto, FL 34221 Phone: 225-603-6588 Chicago Skates/National Sporting Goods Joel Aranson 376 Hollywood Avenue, Suite 202 Fairfield, NJ 07004 Phone: 973-779-2323 Fax: 973-779-0084 Classic International Sales John Matejec PO Box 700187 Tulsa, OK 74170 Phone: 918-488-1955 Crazy Skate Company Trent Carter PO Box 3330 Caloundra DC, QLD 4551 AUSTRALIA Phone: 130-078-8538 Fax: +61 7 5491 4277

60 |

Riedell Skates Inc Bob Riegelman 122 Cannon River Avenue Red Wing, MN 55066 Phone: 651-388-8251x113 Fax: 651-385-5500

Riedell Skates Inc Bob Riegelman 122 Cannon River Avenue Red Wing, MN 55066 Phone: 651-388-8251 x113 Fax: 651-385-5500

Roller Derby Skate Corp Walter Frazier PO Box 249 Litchfield, IL 62056 Phone: 217-324-3961 Fax: 217-324-2213

Southeastern Skate Supply #2 David Ramsey PO Box 336 Mableton, GA 30126 Phone: 770-944-1322 Fax: 770-944-2631

Skates US, Inc. David Ripp 415 West Eaton Pike Richmond, IN 47374 Phone: 765-935-7477 Fax: 765-935-7033 Sure Grip International Jim Ball 5519 Rawlings Southgate, CA 90280 Phone: 562-923-0724 Fax: 562-923-6965 Your Freight Guy Ronald Leugers 9170 W. 92nd Place Overland Park, KS 66212 Phone: 913-915-2901

Roller Skates & Distributors

LW Skates Luther Bernstein 4004 Cedar Creek Ct. Arlington, TX 76016 Phone: 817-781-1898

RC Sports Inc. Dale Hanson 9910 Lakeview Avenue Lenexa, KS 66219 Phone: 913-894-5177 Fax: 913-894-5179

Nistevo Sport Manufacturing Doug Glass 3306 E. Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85034 Phone: 360-456-8628 Fax: 360-438-7352

Reverse Sports Inc Joey Barbera 18531 Wessex St San Diego, CA 92128 Phone: 310-350-9701

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Southeastern Skate Supply Inc Glenn Ramsey Jr. PO Box 12448 Roanoke, VA 24025-2448 Phone: 540-342-7871 Fax: 540-342-7873

Roller Sports Derby Lite Barbara Dolan 37 South Boulevard Oak Park, IL 60302 Phone: 708-359-0159 Fax: 708-851-0445 USA Roller Sports Richard Hawkins 4730 South Street Lincoln, NE 68506 Phone: 402-483-7551 Fax: 402-483-1465

Skating Apparel Expert Hosiery, LLC Abid Sheikh 2953 Taylor Dr Asheboro, NC 27203 Phone: 336-495-9100 Fax: 336-495-9103

Snack Bar Equipment & Supplies Gold Medal Products Company John Evans 10700 Medallion Drive Cincinnati, OH 45241-4807 Phone: 800-543-0862 Fax: 800-542-1496 Integrity Furniture & Equipment Drew Coleman PO Box 6523 Longview, TX 75608 United States Phone: 888-600-8639 Fax: 903-663-2040 Pepsi-Cola Company Patrick Hunt 7701 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024 United States Phone: 972-312-0059 Fax: 502-479-1630 Quik nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Crispy Paul Artt 12021 Plano Road Suite 160 Dallas, TX 75243 Phone: 888-668-3687 Fax: 972-669-8990

Sound Systems & Lighting Audio Lite Terry Maxfield 701 Graham Emporia, KS 66801 Phone: 620-342-3345 Fax: 620-342-3338 Froggyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fog Chris Markgraf 302 Rutherford Ln Columbia, TN 38401 Phone: 615-469-4906


Special Products & Services Amusement Advantage Inc Scot Carson 12650 West 64th Avenue E-426 Arvada, CO 80004 United States Phone: 800-362-9946 Fax: 866-430-9750

Special Products & Services Rinksider Linda Katz 2470 E Main Street Columbus, OH 43209 Phone: 614-235-1022 Fax: 614-235-3584 Your Freight Guy Ronald Leugers 9170 W. 92nd Place Overland Park, KS 66212 Phone: 913-915-2901

Vending Machines & Coin-Operated Games Bay Tek Games, Inc. Holly Meidl 1077 East Glenbrook Drive Pulaski, WI 54162 Phone: 920-822-3951 Fax: 920-822-8936

Benchmark Games Richard Long 51 Hypoluxo Rd Hypoluxo, FL 33462 Phone: 561-588-5200 Fax: 561-493-2999 Betson Enterprises Brian Murphy 303 Paterson Plank Road Carlstadt, NJ 07072 Phone: 201-438-1300 x3345 Fax: 201-438-3628 Gold Standard Games Mark Robbins 333 Morton St Bay City, MI 48706 United States Phone: 989-893-1739 Team Play Inc Geno Giuntoli 201 Crossen Ave Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Phone: 847-952-7533 Fax: 847-952-7534 Theisen Vending Co Anita Bennett 2335 Nevada Ave. North Golden Valley, MN 55427 Phone: 800-633-3436 Fax: 612-827-7543

RSAdvantage In addition to the below discounts and services, Roller Skating Association members will continue to receive a bevy of member benefits worth thousands every year. In addition, we’re adding new benefits every single month, with even more on the horizon! Roller Skating Association benefits include: • Award-winning RSB magazine • Weekly RSA Today enewsletters • Roller skating products at low rates • RSA Mascot identity program • Voting rights • Rink/Business locator listing • RSA website access • Annual marketing/PR campaigns

• Educational materials • Networking and educational events • Member rates for convention • Member rates for trade show • Achievement test program • Professional staff • On-staff Pepsi representative • Mailing list available for purchase • Discount on booth space • Discount on advertising • Membership directory • Safety standards and guidelines • Monthly promotional flyers • Clip art and much more!

Wheel and Bearing Manufacturers Faster Skates Sarah Hipel 1314 Rosewood Avenue, Unit 102 Austin, TX 78702 Phone: 512-897-3271 Nistevo Sport Manufacturing Corp Doug Glass 3306 E. Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85034 Phone: 360-456-8628 Fax: 360-438-7352

National Ticket Company Patrick Carter PO Box 547 Shamokin, PA 17872 Phone: 570-672-2900 Fax: 800-829-0888 Price Chopper Inc Nicholas Harrell 6325 McCog Rd Orlando, FL 32822 United States Phone: 407-679-1600 Fax: 407-679-3383

Skate One Corp DBA Roll One Distribution Isaac Oltmans 30 South La Patera Lane Santa Barbara, CA 93117-3215 Phone: 805-683-4779 Fax: 805-964-0511

Wrist Bands, Tickets and Tokens MedTech Wristbands USA Jennifer Purdy 7380 Sand Lake Road, Suite 500 Orlando, FL 32819 Phone: 800-361-1259 Fax: 519-686-9369

Harnessing the Power of Membership Significant savings, rebates and discounts that more than cover your membership dues from: • Pepsi • Meadowbrook • JBL • National Ticket • BMI • USA Roller Sports • Center Edge Software • Simply Profitable Marketing • Froggy’s Fog • Party Center Software • Fun Express

• Promo Only • Promotion in Motion • Hertz Rental Car • Quik ‘N Crispy • SESAC • Party Direct • Theisen Vending • When to Work • Price Chopper • Amusement Advantage • Southwest Airlines • Best Buy • HR360 • Sam’s Club and much more!

Contact Us Today To Become a Member! 317.347.2626 Ext. 108 /

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 61

connections | CLASSIFIED ADS

Classified Advertisements SKATE CENTER FOR SALE 25,000 sq. ft. skate center for sale in southeast. Nice town. 80 x 180 maple floor. Newer rental skates. 10 party areas. Corner lot. Call John at 850-384-6945. LOOKING FOR SKATING CENTER TO LEASE/LEASE OPTION Current operator is looking for a rink to lease to lease option nationwide. All contact will be strictly confidential. Email or call 386-747-0535. PIZZA OVENS FOR SALE 2 ea. Lincoln Impinger 1132. 18” electric, 120/208, 4wire, 3phase, non-venting pizza ovens with stand. $4,700.00. Firm. Call for Pic. Steve at 630-759-1711 (Cell) 630-747-3682 (Rink) USA Skate Center Romeoville, IL. ANIMALAND FOR SALE Start your birthday party memories! Create your own collectible stuffed animal with ANIMALAND (like a Build-a-Bear). Ready to go! Dimensions: 5’ Long x 22” wide x 80” high. $4,500 Firm. ($10,000.00 New) Call for Pic. Steve at 630-759-1711 (Cell) 630-747-3682 (Rink) USA Skate Center Romeoville, IL. SKATING RINK BUSINESS FOR SALE Operating 9 years. Good lease. Sale includes everything. Turnkey. Take over tomorrow. Owner has health problems. IL near WI border. $164,900. Call for details. Wally at 847-322-5880. Serious inquiries only. YOUR FREIGHT GUY LLC Great freight rates, easy terms. Call Ron Leugers. 913-915-2901 or email for your free quotes.

ITEMS FOR SALE Concession Equipment, Holiday Decorations, Summer Camp Supplies, Hockey Equipment, Arcade games, Money Machine, office equipment, security system, dj lighting & equip, and more. Please call 636-3888085 or email for list of items. RINK FOR SALE IN DALLAS / FT. WORTH / METROPLEX TEXAS AREA 8,000 sq. ft. facility with additional approximately 6000 sq. ft. building on lot sitting on one acre of land. Second building may be used for laser tag, rental, storage, etc. Everything included including 15 arcade games, air hockey, pool tables, kitchen equipment, all lighting, tvs, skates, security system, 200 skates, 100+ speed skates, etc. $395,000 for both buildings, website, online booking, etc. Contact Sherry Perkins at 214-533-4587. FOR SALE For Sale: Razorback Roller Rink name; limited liability corporation for domain name and copyright to image and the murals. Razorback Roller Rink. Call Nancy Campbell at 479-366-5111. WANTED - USED RENTAL SKATES Used rental roller skates in good to excellent condition. Contact Jason McKenzie @ 612-978-3617 or RINK FOR SALE IN WEST BRANCH, MI For Sale: 14,500 Sq. Ft. Roller Rink on 2+ acres in West Branch, MI. No competition within 60 miles. Excellent maple floor, kiddie rink, concession area & games. $499,000 + equipment and inventory. Contact John at or call 989-345-1891

ADVERTISE IN RSB AND RSA TODAY WEEKLY! Did you know that placing a classified ad in the Roller Skating Association’s publications will net you exposure in RSB Magazine, RSA Today Weekly Enewsletter and all for only $1/word with a $25 minimum - FOR TWO FULL MONTHS? Call or email today to place your ad! Plus, if you want to place a display ad in RSB Magazine, RSM members receive 25% off every ad. NOW AVAILABLE: Enewsletter Advertising! $150-$250 for one month! PLUS, will be getting an overhaul by year end with brand new options for advertising available! Keep an eye out for a special sign-on offer in an upcoming issue of RSB Magazine!

Contact Us Today! / 317.347.2626 Ext. 107 62 |

November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine

Taking a simple product and making it better should seem easy, turns out it is. just add color.

Rebel November/December 2013 | Roller Skating Business Magazine | 63

Bearings 70 Years in the Making...


5519 Rawlings St. • South Gate, CA 90280 toll free phone: (800) 344-3331• phone: (562) 923-0724 • fax: (562) 923-0724 check out our website @

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Roller Skating Business - Nov/Dec 2013  

In this issue you'll find articles on new trends in family entertainment, how to win the race for time, price increases, summer camps in the...

Roller Skating Business - Nov/Dec 2013  

In this issue you'll find articles on new trends in family entertainment, how to win the race for time, price increases, summer camps in the...