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Ben Rolfe

Metamorphic Ligthing Project

The Brief

Metamorphosis Metamorphosis

Metamorphoric - a striking alteration in appearance, character or circumstance.


1. Research of exsiting metamorphic products. 2. Research of Maquette models. 3. Maquette testing/ development 4. Product testing 5. Final Idea

Inital Stage

The inital box which has the dimensions: 65mm X 65mm X 110mm From this we have to transfer this standard box to a light through metamorphis - a change from packaging to product. By constructing the net we looked at tabs and the creation of 3D shapes from 2D planes. Then we created our own net to test tabs and 3D creation.


To design, develop and produce metamorphoric packaging. The design must not require extra foot print on the commercial shelves but must transform into the shade for the light bulb housed inside. The final product will be tested for functionality both as packaging and product.

Net Creation From Example

Net Creation

In creating my net I tried to limit the amount of materials I used. As I only used 1 strip of double sided tape to hold the main body together the end sides didnt have any support so sank into the box. I found by scoring the fold lines with a craft knife the folds were sharp and accurate, unlike my first box. This task got us thinking about the importance of nets as they transform the 2D into the 3D.


Multi Functionality Adjustable Lounger

The chair is composed of 2 pieces which don’t come into contact as they rotate around the centre point, allowing them to slide past each other. The product can change into very different shapes so the chair has many functions. Metamorphosis is strong in this product due to its adaptability to situations. I really like this design as it allows for 4 very different sitting styles in 1 product - making it very versatile.

BunkBed Sofa

This product has a clear metamorphosis as it smoothly flips from a sofa to bunk bed. As well as space saving this multi-functional product is slick in metamorphosis because of the flipping motion seen in the picture. The transition is very slick and easy which I like as the metamorphosis is seamless and easily reversed.

Shelving to Bed

I don’t think the metamorphosis of this is as clear or effective as the other furniture I found in research. The big problem is the contents of the shelves. The product is ok for infrequent use but if you wanted to construct the bed everything would have to be removed from the shelves in a time consuming process.

Carry-able Fold Out Chair

This chair changes from a carry-able bag like product into a sleek chair. The metamorphosis is the transition from the chairs portable packaging into the product. The chair folds out and slots into a stable position. I really like the design as its very convenient, however, I don’t like the colourful variations as I think their colour detract from the metamorphosis

Blow Chair

This chair is very versatile due to its main material, air. Metamorphosis is shown as it transitions from deflated to inflated. The product could be sent in the post and posted through a letter box, which shows the versatility. I like the metamorphosis as it means a chair can easily be taken anywhere as its light and small, when not inflated.


Metamorphosing the Environment Microsoft Holo Lens

The Microsoft HoloLens has the ability to change the environment around a person to help them in daily life or for enjoyment purposes. This product has a clear link to the metaphoric style as it can completely change the working environment with 3D or 2D forms. This mixed reality is layered above normal life and uses physical surfaces as bases. Metamorphosis is shown as the user can manipulate and interact with the surrounding area in ways that are above normal reality. This is my favourite metamorphic product as it ads virtual layers to reality - using technology to change our perspective of the world.

LG 18 Inch Rollable Display

LG’s Rollale display is versatile and can be the start point of many metamorphic products because of its adaptability and core strength. For example, this could be put into products that need to be made smaller for storage because of its flexibility. It could be used in products that need to change shape drastically for different purposes? Whilst the product itself has limited metamorphic changes, it creates opportunities for other products to be metamorphic. I think this product has the biggest range for development as it can be implemented in to so many different parts of our daily lives.

Cicret Projector Bracelet

Using 8 proximity sensors the Circret bracelet allows a user to take their phone and put it onto their arm. The Cicret bracelet projects a user’s phone onto their arm meaning it can be easily and quickly accessed in a vast range of places, even in water. Like the HoloLens it changes the environment around it to become your phone screen which is its metamorphic function. even though this still needs a lot of development to work effectivly, I think this will change the world as it takes a bulky phone and converts it into a convenient and wearable product.

Extreme Sports Making Sports Easier


A parachute has a clear change as it expands from a small bag to help decelerate a sky diver. It needs to be able to metamorphosis from small to big so it is wearable during flight.

Oru Kayak

This product metamorphosis is from packaging to product as like my light this wastes no material as the product is composed of all the packaging. The kayak is made of a strong plastic so can fold up into a portable bag, meaning it can be taken to a wider range of places. For example, on the train. I think this product has solved a big problem as I know from expirence that transporting kayaks is inconvenient. This is a simple concept but metamorphosis allows users easily travel to wherever they want.

BackPack Bike

A backpack version of the foldable bike, making the bike less awkward when not riding it. By transforming into a backpack, the product is easier for the user in moving. The metamorphosis here is a development of folding as the product can be carried. Like the Kayak this makes trvelling to the location easier as will be easier to take the train or bus. I do like this because it makes using the product outside of the sport easier.

Split Board

A very simple yet metamorphic product as you can change it to be able to do a different sport. The board has the ability to split with the right clips for snowboarding and skiing. The product has a simply change to allow for both sports to be done with one product. This is a product I would use as it allows for users to do 2 different sports easily via 1 piece of equiptment.

Outdoor Products Packaging to Product

Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ Pocket Knife

A very well-known product which has an obvious metamorphic ability. The Swiss penknife can have tens of different uses and functions. It can store lots of different tools and you can easily get them out when needed. It’s most known for its versatility because it compacts several tools into 1 small gadget. Like many I love these products as they combine tens of different products in to one, as the metamorphosis saves costs and materials.

Sleeping Bag

Usually made of synthetic fibres, sleeping bags can go from body length into a small bag in seconds. Like a lot of products their metamorphosis is shown through a transition in size from packaging to product. This is simple solution which is why I really like it.


Like sleeping bags tents metamorphosis is from packaging to product as it expands to give a carry able sleeping area. However, in recent times some tents are using air as a means of support which makes tents lighter and less harmful to the environment, in production as there are no metal parts. I really like this style of tents as they are lighter and better for the environment because of the reduction in metal.

Fold Out Pliers

Like the pen knife this product in cases many different tools inside. The metamorphosis is from packaging to product as the casing folds out to show the pliers and other tools inside. This small product is simple and easy to use as the different tools easily fold out.

Maquette Models What are they? Maquette Models “A Maquette is a fine art term and refers to a small mock-up of a fully realized three-dimensional sculpture or architectural project. The word is French for “scale model”.” – The white paper maquette models will help gain an understanding for styles, shape and movements. They will allow us to test out our themes and concepts we have explored. Researching different styles will help us make our product transform from the regular packaging to the irregular design.

Maquette Models Expandable

The Theme Epandable

These designs show a potential expansion from the initial packaging to the final piece. The different designs show structure, and 3D curving shapes to make the model stand out in more than just 2 dimensions. These designs have a clear 3D feel, as they are lifted from the 2D plane. The designs appear to have been projected forward off the flat surface.

Maquette Models Projected

The Theme Projected These designs have a clear 3D feel, as they are lifted from the 2D plane. The designs appear to have been projected forward off the flat surface.

Maquette Models Foldout

The Theme Foldout These designs foldout from the flat to the 3D. They are attached to the initial shape or form and foldout to create a new shape or style. For example, (Right) folding from a flat shape into a dome shape because of the intricate folds.

Maquette Modelling

Using a McDonalds ketchup pot

To save money and materials McDonalds use folded dry wax paper. The simple pot shape folds together from a flat 60mm circle because of the material, strong shape and rigid edge created. If the top edge is unrolled the shape folds out to the flat circular shape.


In this modelling process I will show how the simple pot shape can be metamorphasised into a completely different shape, exploring the keywords identified (Expandable, foldout, projected).


In the first development, I explored creating a 3D shape, which folded out from the flat shape. The design sat on a curved base and the front face curved round to the side. The concept of these shapes comes from circular design as I want a flowing product. I like the form but functionally it is quite weak.

Development For the second development, I was again exploring different methods to create shapes and looked at folding rather than cutting. I created a bold shape and from here I would want to look at using shapes with strength as this development lacked it. Again like the previous design it lacks the strength so I will have to find a way to increase this in curving forms.


Now I was trying to incorporate the solid curving shapes whilst keeping strength. This made me look at a layered cone which showed me that tight layers provide strength to the curves – keeping a solid shape. I thike this style as it uses no adhesives whilst being a really strong shape as the slot holds it all together.

Maquette Modelling Development

In the 4th development I looked into a method of holding the curved shapes once given strength. This design had a range of slots making the size of the shape adjustable but scoring the paper made cuts and folds easier. Also by doing this I found cylindrical shapes have good strength compared to square shapes which I like as it will be more durable.


For the final development I combined my findings in development 3 / 4 using a cylindrical shape which was held by small slots. The shape represents the expandable, projected and folding themes as the shape moves from a 2D shape to the 3D shape by folding into slots to hold the 3D shape. This is my favourite design so far as it cobines the curving shapes with the strength as the slots hold the form in place.

Final Model Final Model The difference between this shape and my final model is that the far edge has been curved more as the cylindrical shape is more aesthetically pleasing and a stronger shape. I prefer this slight variation as it adds to the strength because of the curved shape. belwo you can see the comparision between the start and end of the metamorposis.

Final Model

Using the McDonalds Ketchup pot I transformed it into my final development. You can see the transformation from assembled pot to the 3D Maquette model.

Product Analysis Product Analysis

In this product analysis I have looked into how and why this exsisitng product undergoes metamorphosis.

Pendant Lamp from Tiger

Using reinforced paper this design transforms from the 2D to the 3D by folding and using magnets to hold the shape. The shape of the folds allows the lamp to form a circular shape whilst being strong. The paper shell rotates around 2 metal rings and the bulb is held in the middle. To explore how the product involved metamorphosis we deconstructed the product. First we made it into the flat C shape the shade is in before it folds out; becuase of this the lamp has the theme of folding.

Pendant Lamp from Tiger

When deconstructed the lamp shade is made of 2 pieces of paper which are slightly bigger than A2. The folds for the shape have to be well done as the product has to be hold in that shape for a long time. As a product this goes under a clear metamorphesis as it transforms from the 2D packaging to the 3D product. This allows a reduction in packaging costs and space meaing more products can be made and stored. The environmental benefit is the reduction in materials used as well. The product even develops from pieces to packaing shape.

Product Testing Development

Keeping with the theme of cylindrical I tested a simple shape with a few cuts to give the shape 3D depth and to release more light. The metamorphosis would come from the removal of part of the packaging to allow more space for light and the transition from box to cylinder.


The thought behind this test was very experimental as I liked the shape which could be a mouse for a computer. The mouse would be lit up however as a light this would be inaffective. I looked at having rigid creases with curving shapes. This idea of a mix of rigid with curved is the one I want to take foward into my final design as it has a juxtoposition to it which helps it stand out.

Development of Final Product Development

Thinking about the ideas from the last development I created a shape by scoring diagonals across the 3 faces of the triangle. When the main sides are pushed in a new shape is created which has the contrast of the flowing and rigid shapes. The shape is metamorphic as it changes from a flat prism to this fluid shape. In the final product I will need to make the inital shape the regular box and transition it to a final form. Below you can see the shapes strength - the curves are aesthetically pleasing and help support the design.

Development of Final Product Final Development

Using a full net I created the shape of the product. The net doesn’t initally form the complete box shape and the tabs aren’t big enough, so I will have to change this. To the left is where the box holds a flat surfaced prism. By pushing in each of the 3 edges the shape is formed.

Metamorphic Transition 1. I re-ctreated the

inital box with card to make the product stronger and tougher. I scored all the creases before I folded to make sure I got a clean fold.

3. The card will be perforated so users can easily tear off the unnecessary face, as the triangular shape only needs 3 sides.

2. The box would be

easy for a user to open. It would be attached with either magnets or an adhesive like bluetack, which can easily be removed. The net has changed to replicate that used in the inital box. The tab sizes have increaed from my development.

4. As well as the extra side, the ends

will also be perforated so the ends are triangles, to match the 3 sides of the shape.

Metamorphic Transition 6. Using the strips of

doublesided tape along the tabs the user will have to stick together the shape by unpeeling the tape. It will be placed in the right place for them to use.

5.There will be etched laser cut

lines along the diagonals of the face which the user will need to bend inwards, to allow for the curve in the shape.

7.When constructed, the

user needs to push in the the 3 sides so the design is supported by the diagonals folded eariler. The shape is fully formed now but the user needs to make sure the sections that are pushed in are flat all the way up to the diagonals.

Final Product Final Product

The product has slightly smaller dimensions than the box as the sides are folded in and a face is lost.

Evaluation - Final Product

The final design fits the brief as it goes through a metamorphic process from packaging to product. Also, the product makes use of the ability of card as it has a combination of flowing faces and sharp edges. I really like the juxtoposition of the rigid and curved faces as it emphasises the metamorphosis the lamp has undertaken. However, I think the product could be improved if there was no wasted material. In my design I lose 1 face and segments of the ends to make them in to triangles. For this to be turned into a fully functioning product I would like to have a cableless light; meaning battery power would be best.

Evaluation - Inital Packaging

The intial packaging form is simple yet effective as its a stackable shape so no space is wasted in storage, transportation or display. Whilst not being eyecatching the inital form is secure meaning the contents (light) will be safe during transport and display.

Final Light Form

Testing it as a Light

After creating the light from the box shape I had to make it so the bulb can sit inside. To make things easier I am changing to a pendant lamp so it doesn’t require a stable base. I made a 30mm hole at one end; and had to make the other completely open so the bulb can be changed. I prefer this open ended version as it means there is a mixture of diffused and sharp light – which means the design is altered by perspective. The base also becomes more rounded as there isn’t the support of the face which I like as it adds to the juxtaposition of the rigid and curved lines. Next I will do a cleaner version of this form as my final lamp.

Evaluation of Final Lamp:

I really like my final design as it is very simple but shows the metamorphic theme well. The design has 2 main stages of change as it changes from the box to the triangular form and then to the unconventional final form. The mix of the rigid and curving movements are effective as the juxtaposition makes the product look slick which helps it to stand out. I also really like the use of martial as the card helps diffuse the light, giving another juxtaposition of the soft and harsh light. I have covered the initial design brief as I have created a light which develops from the initial bulb packaging to the main product. This metamorphosis will help reduce the footprint of the product, which in turn helping save the environment.

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Book pdf ben rolfe 2