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TEPEE (Teignbridge Play Network)

Would you like to borrow …………………. ●Play equipment for clubs, groups, special events ●Play reference books ●Training resources ●Sports equipment ●Inclusive play equipment ●Percussion instruments

September 2008

TO PLACE AN ORDER AND ARRANGE COLLECTION CALL 01364 644470 This service is open to all TEPEE members. See back for how to join. There is a minimal weekly hire charge of: • £5.00 per item for Tepee members (except for toolbox - £10, • £7.50 for associate members £15 associate members) Items may be borrowed for one week, with the exception of the tipi and tents, which is a daily charge of £5 per day, & £25 deposit. PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE OR ON COLLECTION DATE. TEPEE EQUIPMENT IS HIRED OUT TO THE PERSONS / ORGANISATION UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: 1. The equipment will only be used for the purpose for which it was designed. Any accident or injury resulting from misuse of this equipment is strictly at the Hirer’s own risk. 2. The Hirer undertakes to take care of the equipment and return all the pieces in the condition they were when collected, and by the date specified 3. The Hirer undertakes to replace or refund TEPEE the cost of replacing any lost or broken pieces. 4. The Hirer will not under any circumstances lend, or allow any other person or organisation to use this equipment without the express and prior permission of TEPEE.

Equipment needs to be collected and returned to our store in Buckfastleigh by arrangement. Occasionally it can be delivered for a small fee.

How to use this catalogue The first few pages show pictures of all items for hire. For a description of the item look on the description list on pages 6-9. Items are put into categories: •

Active Play

Early Years Play

Outdoor Play

Musical Instruments



Please call us if you need to find out more about a specific item. You can get more catalogues on our website by downloading the PDF file. 2

TEPEE (Teignbridge Play Network) Pictures of items for hire Active Play

1. Space hoppers

5. Skateboards

9. The Woggler

13. Kwik Cricket

2. Parachutes

3. Parachute games pack

6. Co-operative blanket

10. Sports Bag

7. Frisbees

17. Giant Snakes & Ladders & Ludo

8. Hoops

11. Top Sportsability bag

14. New Age Kurling

15. Table cricket

18. Jumping Balls


4. Megascoots

12. Primary athletic pak

16. Skittles Slalom

19. Active Club Resource Pack


1. Big Toy box

2. Pop-up tents

3. Foam puzzle mats

5. Dough modelling tools

6. Large lego

7. Little Toy Box

4. Wooden arc

Outdoor Play

1. Tipi

5. Real tool kit

9. Kelly Kettle

2. Bell tents

6. Minibeast set

10. Fire bowl

3. Gazebos & tarpaulins

7. Pond dipping set

11. Large Cooking pot & tripod


4. Banners

8. Sky eyes

12. Sit-mats

TEPEE (Teignbridge Play Network) Musical Instruments

1. Inclusive percussion 1

2. Rainsticks

5. Inclusive Percussion 2

6. Xylophones

10. Cajonga

11. Drums x 3

3. Multicultural percussion

7. Washboard

12. Drum machine

4. Mixed instrument box

8. Steel drum

9.Big drum

13. Karaoke

14. CD’S


Badge machine

Cookery box

Spiro gears

Pebble Poetry


1. Flip Chart

5. TV/video player

2. Digital Camera

3. Over head projector

6. TV/DVD player


4. Reference books

7. Laminator


Space hoppers-5 red inflatable bouncers, ideal for games or free play in a large space.


Parachute-Multicoloured parachutes available. 3.7 metres, 6 metres or 9 metres in diameter.


Parachute games pack-Rainbow parachute 6m, parachute pack, parachute games book, making waves book.


5 Megascoots-Scooter boards are solidly constructed from plastic with heavy duty wheels, each board is 45cm wide and 71cm long.


Skate boards- 3 skateboards, helmets and safety pads.


Co-operative blanket-Creates an environment for exploring space, testing children's limitations, stretching and exercising. The resistance in the 8-way, 227g heavy duty lycra acts as a support for up to 13 children.


Frisbees-12 soft foam Frisbees, can be used inside a hall.


Hoops- plastic hoops of different sizes in blue, red, green and yellow.


The Woggler-A fun exciting balance tool that kids wont want to stop using.

10. Sports bag — choose from our vast selection of balls, bats, rackets, hockey sticks, skipping ropes, quoits, kites, streamers, beanbags, stomp rockets, big feet stilts - plus pumps, markers, tees and games ideas. 11. Top sportsability bags (3 purple)- a selection of active games for children with disabilities. Boccia, table top cricket, hockey. Skittles slalom. 12. Primary athletic pak (special needs) - Long jump, vertical jump, hurdles, foam javelins, foam discus, orienteering pak, activity sheets and instructions. 13. Kwik Cricket—2 bats, 2 wickets, 2 balls, instruction booklet. 14. New age kurling-Kurling target, kurling stones, kurling plastic pushers. To be played on a smooth flooring surface. 15. Table top cricket-Includes 12 side rebound boards, 9 sliding fielder units, a ball launcher, 1 mini cricket bat, 2 mini cricket balls, table clips and a rule booklet. 16. Skittles slalom set-A set of unique foam skittles that are slightly weighted thus increasing their stability. 17. Giant Snakes & Ladders & Ludo-Two favourite games on one giant board, laminated on both sides, includes large inflatable dice. 18. Jumping balls. 19. The Active Club- Resource Pack for out of school clubs. A set of activity cards with games and activities with little equipment including 5 minute fillers to health related activities.


TEPEE (Teignbridge Play Network) Early Years Play 1.

Big Toy box- homecare set, 1 electronic cash register, 1 farm play set, 1 threading cotton reels, I threading shapes, my body puzzle, stickle bricks, flexi road and rail, large kitchen play set, farm hand puppets, shape & number puzzles, baby dolls girl and boy


Pop up tent and tunnel-For young children (2-7 years), can be used indoors or outdoors in dry weather.


Foam puzzle mats-Large amount of colourful alphabet floor tiles that join together like a jigsaw.


Wooden arc- Beautifully made out of sturdy wood. Comes apart into 3 pieces, 12 wooden animals and Mr and Mrs Noah.


Dough modelling set-rollers and cutters for dough, cooking or playing.


Large Lego-Large sized Lego ideal for young children.


Little Toy Box—Electric till, Fisher price till, Postman Pat van, steam train, plastic racing cars, telephone, jack in a box, pop up toy, jingle bird toy, plastic stacking rings, small train, puzzles; farm x2, wild animals, first, living world, Christmas, clock, Games; rhyming lotto, snap, Xmas card games, letter match game, flash cards, French word cards.

Outdoor Play Hirers are recommended to have experience/training (e.g. forest school) in the safe use of tools/fire with children & young people, if hiring tools/cooking items. 1.

Tipi– Full size Native American Indian Tipi. Poles 18ft long, diameter 18 ft. Full instructions provided. Can be transported on an estate car roof rack or trailer. Fantastic play space and a good focal point for outdoor events.


Bell tents - 2 tents, 3m and 4m diameters. Creates a beautiful indoor space in the outdoors - whether for shade or shelter, camping, or just fun. Full instructions supplied.


Gazebos & tarpaulins - Pop up gazebos, 3m square in green, white or blue. Go up in seconds. Or hexagonal style with separate poles - for all sorts of occasions. Tarpaulins up to 3m square also available.


Banners - a selection of beautiful handmade and colourfully decorated banners in a variety of shapes, sure to brighten up your playdays and children's events.


Box of real tools for environmental activities– secateurs, pen knives, loppers, bow saws, pruning saws, peelers and hand drills. 7


Mini beast set-10 bug hunter pots & 12 bug jars with magnifying lids.


Pond dipping set-10 long handled nets, 15 short handled nets. Plus informative books.


Sky-eyes - a set of polystyrene backed plastic mirror tiles; an ‘eyeopening’ resource for children to explore nature and wonder at the beauty of our natural environment.


Kelly Kettle 1.25lt - very simple and very effective. The base unit holds a small fire and the flames are channelled up a central chimney.

10. Fire bowl - 65cm dia x 30cm high with 55cm dia bowl. Wrought iron base complete with guard rail around the outside, a black enamelled steel bowl, one piece fire guard, plus poker/hook. 11. Large cooking pot & tripod - a great piece of kit for outdoor cooking. 12. Sit mats - lightweight and easily transportable, a set of ? 8mm thick foam mats. Very useful for seated activities outdoors.

Musical Instruments 1.

Inclusive percussion box 1 - 1 jingle, 1 K shaker, 1 K rattles, 1 K tone guiro with beater, 1 K clapper, 1 K tik tok


Set of 6 wooden rain sticks


Multi-cultural percussion– in a light canvas bag. Ideal for older children. 4 seed pod shackers, 2 whistles, 2 seed pod rattles, 2 shakers, 4 monkey drums, frog, large seed shaker, guinea pig guiro.


Mixed percussion box - choose from a selection of tambourines, shakers, rattles, maracas, cymbals, bells, whistles, claves, clackers, drums, blocks and beaters, and more...


Inclusive Percussion box 2 - A box of colourful percussion instruments, ideal for young children, or children with special needs– 3 sets maracas, 2 sets wrist bells, 3 hand clackers, 1 triangle, 2 bird callers, 1 ocarina, 1 egg shaker, 1 piano, 1 rainstick, 3 rain drums with beaters.


Xylophones- Large wooden with wooden beater and 4 spare blocks. 6 Note Xylophone with soft beater.


Washboard- with 6 finger thimbles.


Steel drum— with stand and 2 beaters.


Big Drum- Gathering drum, Remo, North American. Sits on floor. 8

TEPEE (Teignbridge Play Network) 10.

Cajonga– 3 boom box drums that join together to make three tones.


3 Drums- 1 Nino bongos and 2 Remo drums.


Drum machine - electric, mains or battery, batteries not provided.


Karaoke machine-

Connects to TV to show the words on the screen.

Comes with 2 microphones and a double CD of popular tunes. 14.

Music CD’s- 4 x British Isles, 4 x Afro-Caribbean, 4 x Asian, 5 x World music.

Miscellaneous Badge machine– comes with all you need to create pin on badges. Badge machine, silver backs, plastic covers, pins, plastic back, paper circle cutter, cutting board and instructions. You will need thin paper and pens, glitter or collage to decorate. A charge of £8 per 100 badges (8p per badge) will be charged on top of hire fee. Cookery box– multi-cultural cookery box. Files of reciepes from France, China, India and Mexico, plus multicultural cook books and some utensils. Easy to cook and well presented resource. Spiro gears— small set of geared wheels that fit together on a board. When you turn one, they all turn to give a spiral effect. For children over 5. Pebble Poetry - 2 boxes of smooth pebbles, each stone has a word written on it. Ideal for children to create their own poetry, story, song or even a pattern.

Training 1.

Flip chart-Ideal for training


Digital camera-Can be borrowed for a specific project or event. Contact Tepee to discuss.


Overhead projector-Ideal if you are doing any training, giving a talk, or even designing a wall mural.


Books-A large box of books, leaflets and handouts related to PLAY and child related issues.


TV/video player-comes ready to use. A useful resource for archive material.


TV/dvd player-ideal for training sessions and talks.


Laminator-great for professional displays and weather-proofing posters, or signs. 9

TEPEE (Teignbridge Play Network) If you are not already a member of Tepee and would like to become one, please contact us on the details below and we will send you an application form. Alternatively, you can join online - just visit our website. Other benefits are: subsidised training and insurance for groups; free bi-monthly newsletter; funding advice; TEPEE visits with Freewheeling play sessions to support your club; and there will always be a friendly voice on the end of a phone! Group membership ÂŁ20 Individual membership ÂŁ10


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here is a selection of are great resorces.


here is a selection of are great resorces.