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Urban design is something that has always caught my eye, be it in fashion or in interior design. I know most people may think urban means “dirty” and “street” but really that’s not the case at all. The urban way of life can be something rather beautiful. I love the way urban design has all these elements thrown in from sleek and modern, grunge, retro to trashy and dark. You can experiment with different textures to get something pretty amazing. Second Life® has no shortage of furniture stores that offer items which can help you achieve the perfect urban city look for your home. By Keeley Huet

The Loft is a store that has been on the grid as long as I can remember. They offer an extensive range of furniture and prefabs. The textures are shaded perfectly and the selection is extensive. One of the best things about The Loft is that they understand that you need little accessories to complete a look. As I have written in previous articles, little items dotted around your home can really pull a room together and The Loft is a leader in those special items. One of the items that screamed urban living to me was the beautifully crafted Tenny Fireplace. The white and black detailing, the cement mantlepiece with the black brick backing would be a prefect edition to anyone’s urban crib. It’s sleek, it’s simple and with the animated roaring fire it’s incredibly realistic. Another versatile item that The Loft offers is the Pusa crate. It can double up as a side table or just stack a few together and put it in the corner as a shelf unit. I love idea of using things that would just be sitting around your house for another purpose and I also feel that ties in with the urban theme as it has an arty element to it. Haven’t we all fantasized about being an artist in an amazing loft in the city? I know I have. I stumbled across the tiny shop ::OBF:: one night when I was randomly looking for a bed and I was so

surprised that this little virtually unknown shop had so much to offer. It has a varied selection of couches, beds, chairs and even full living room sets. When I saw the :OBF::: Couch - TYPE A I knew I needed it. It’s lovely and puffy looking like you want to just kick off your shoes and just relax after a hard day at work. The couch has lovely pillow detailing and built in poses. One of the poses is a really cute laying-on-yourtummy-while-reading-a-book pose. It’s only 13 prims and, to top it off, the cushions are texture changing to suit everyone’s room colors. Oh yeah, and did I mention this couch itself is also color changing? It has tons of colors to choose from. I really can’t stress enough how much of a bargain this couch is. Also if you are looking for a dining table take a look at the amazing Dining table set that ::OBF:: offers. It has a table cloth that is color changing, 4 chairs that are color changing and a complimentary cup of coffee that’s copiable so everyone can have one. It also has a cute candle for the middle. I love this set because not only is it affordable, you don’t have to pay extra for the chairs, which you have to do in a lot of stores. It’s all included. If you are after a funky urban couch or dining area then head on over to ::OBF:: you will not be disappointed! I can’t wait to see how this little store grows. 53

ROLE Magazine May 2009  

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