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prims - well organised and lightly entertaining prims - but merely prims none the less (the artist needs to get over his cutesy sense of humour). What harms the show even more is that the presentation within the gallery is haphazard and is utterly lacking in focus and flow, rather like a child’s toy box tipped over and scattered. Overall, Randt’s work is fun. I encourage you to go and see it. And don’t forget to visit the garden outside the museum for more of his work. I hope some day he takes some time to spread his wings and take a few more serious chances with his art (the office building is really quite good). I really look forward to that effort.

makes the show little more than a series of meaningless ciphers. This woman appears to have lived her life in little more than a purple-pink haze of color washes. There is some, mostly obscured, poetry superimposed on the images but, again, the question becomes, why these words? What does this poetry say about this woman in this image, in this context, at this time of her life? That none of these questions is ever raised or challenged is very disappointing. Boa can, and has, done so much better. As for Fluno, his work is passably competent: Kandinsky light. He’s come up with the idea of offering to send you a real life print of his art if you buy a copy here in SL. But he doesn’t offer you the chance to buy just the SL version (for s significantly reduced price). The prices he’s asking range from L$10,000 to L$50,000 ($38.00 to $198.00 USD) which seems a lot for a sight-unseen color (laser? ink-jet? professionally printed?) print. And the opportunity to reveal your avatar’s real name and address? I’m not sure that’s worth any price.

And while you’re out in the garden, check out Taggart Alsop and Mencius Watts’ “Flickr Gettr.” Aside from the rather precious name, this is a piece that skirts the line between mere scripting fobbing itself off as art and actual art. The sculpture, at its core, is rather nice and well conceived. It consists of an array of floating purple squares surrounding a central core of light. Nice. Pretty. Not much more. What it does, through its core scripting, is to grab pictures, from Flickr, based on a word you type in chat. The floating squares then begin to display various relevant photos found on Flickr. To which my response was, “yeah, OK, So what? Nice programming.” This piece could have been a lot more boring. That it isn’t, and that it manages to be a pretty piece of minor art helps raise it above a mere programming trick. More than that, though, it’s not. Pity.

NMC Campus West - The Aho Museum NMC Campus West (221/148/41)

Among the other works in the museum proper are a show of very minor works by Feathers Boa, and a show of real world works ported into Second Life by Filthy Fluno. Both of these shows left me cold. Boa’s show consists of seven works in a gallery designed for many more. I really feel like she phoned this one in. None of the pieces display her usual finesse, style and sense of humor. The show appears intended to present a woman in various stages of her life, from infancy to old age. That it is clearly not the same woman in all the shots -one of them appears to be one of Boa’ signature 3D-rendered beauties - detracts significantly from the effect. That the work beyond the simple photos does nothing to convey anything about the stages of this woman’s life, make any kind of observation or draw any meaning from the base photos - why these photos? Why these moments? It 63

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