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It was one of my first days in Second Life™ and I was tired of shopping (It happens on rare occasions - but yes, it really does happen). So I decided to just move off to the side and let SL pass me by for awhile. At that moment I received a teleport invite from a friend of mine. I clicked it and found I had jumped straight into a model of our solar system. Amazing! I could jump from the sun, to the planets, to the moon and then back to the sun. It was so exciting! I found there was a lot of educational lessons to pick up while I was flying about several constellations. Playing with models of the moon, the planets and the stars, helped me comprehend some points of astronomy that I previously hadn’t fully understood. By Leeza Catteneo

This experience taught me what a great educational instrument SL can be. Big concepts can be realized on the grid, to provide a visual 3-D example, which helps visitors understand the basic idea - even if you’re a natural blonde like me.

garbage can, mailbox, gasoline containers, etc. If you click on the objects you are given information about their toxicological relevance. Okay, the toxicological relevance of a garbage can or car might not be such a big surprise but what about the High School? Well, I went there to explore the classrooms and here is the good news: I learned of at least three scientifically proven reasons to play hooky!

Today there is a wide-range of projects and builds in SL where the virtual experience is used to offer an educational opportunity to residents. It surprised me to discover that there are a lot of projects dedicated to health care in SL, since an avatar has a constant health level. So I put on my explorer heels and went off to visit some current inworld projects. Here are my experiences with two of them.

After this exploration I felt greatly inspired. I walked into several homes and stores, through the streets, visited the beach and had a Chromium-flavored ice cream from the Magical Ice Cream stand in Tox Town. Yes! Funnily enough I haven’t heard of that flavor before but I’m sure the information picture of the ice cream waffle will tell me more! But, since I found some new reason to stay away from school, I decided that I was educated enough, at least for today! Even though I’m sure I will go back to Tox Town to learn more.

Tox Town Tox Town is a beautifully designed sim with several every day locations like homes, a school, a park, offices, stores, a beach and even stinky places! These spots represent the every day hazzards located in such places real world. In this virtual experience you can explore and learn and there is no chance of you getting sick or absorbing toxic levels of chemicals.

Polyclinic Next to Tox Town I found other sims dedicated to health. This project, run by the Imperial College London, started in August 2007. What I found was a nice 3-D environment explaining the future concepts of hospitals and how they might treat me after I had my extra portion of Chromium-flavored ice cream. I walked around and explored several buildings, each

I found it really interesting to walk around and read the notecards and see the pictures handed out by several items at different locations on the sim. There are a lot of clickable signs and items like a 80

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