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EDITOR’S NOTE As we chug along towards the last official month of summer, we’ve taken some time to get outside of our normal SL routine and dig around a bit to ask some difficult questions and explore areas new to us. This month’s cover story, penned by staff contributor Raul Crimson asks the question, “Where do an artist’s IP rights begin and end in a virtual world?” Come along with me on a road trip down Route 8 – part one in what will be a continuing series of short articles exploring life along the Linden Public Works’ roadways. Fashion-minded individuals will love the latest fashion spreads by staff stylists Keeley Huet and Stacie Pryor, suggestions for male fashion by Ana Lutetia and Express Zenkova, and direction for those who love to mix and match pieces and wear the latest releases by Tomoyo Breitman and Cayce Newell. Paypabak Writer takes us on an explorative journey through the Firefly roleplay sims. Salvatore Otoro finds out what it takes to be a Hero. Horacios Allen’s musical stylings from Latin America are discussed in-depth by music writer Jura Shepherd. Writer Bibi Ballinger introduces readers to the lyrical sounds of JueL Resistance. Summer always seems to slip away quickly. This summer was no exception -- we hope that you had a chance to enjoy it! Thank you for your continued support of our magazine. Article suggestions are always welcomed at

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Second Life® is about a lot of things - experiences, fantasy, emotions, fun, even drama. SL is also about creativity, marketing, sales and L$. Virtual money makes the metaverse go ‘round. Almost everything can be bought and sold. Creativity is for sale, but don’t get me wrong, I think that’s fair most of the time. Buying and selling is part of the experience of SL, sometimes one can feel it is even the basis of it. By Raul Crimson

You can find clothing, shapes, objects, big buildings, even virtual land. An impressive variety of almost anything, including artworks, of course! Around the grid there are a lot of art galleries, some small, some big, showing sculptures, photography, installations or photographs of real paintings artists made in the “First Life”. Some galleries are really big, perhaps using 4 sims for a show. The multi-sim galleries are normally big installations or shows promoted by universities or big companies because they are the ones who can afford the expenses of using 4 sims for an art show. You might think the “art gallery market” is only for people trying to promote art for the simple reason that they like it ... but that is not always true.

idea was to sell copies of the works. The artist had to partially release their Intellectual Property (IP) rights to Rezzable. After some time, and some controversy, Rezzable decided to change the The Cannery’s business model to a “free gallery” where the artists were able to retain full rights on their works. Rezzable was, probably, one of the first known attempts to make a big business venture with SL photography and art. In my point of view, the project didn’t work out as well as they expected because there was no intensive marketing, or at least the marketing initiatives were not as intense as the project needed them to be. After some broken promises and controversies with the Rezzable and their artists about contracts and IP rights, The Cannery was affected in a really negative way. As is often the case, when a business fails some may learn from the mistakes. Not long after, another important gallery opened, the Avatrait.

Most of the art galleries in SL are owned by art lovers, or artists who want to show their work and the work of other artists to residents. Sometimes the owners are content creators or landlords who use part of the earnings of their business to keep the gallery open and some galleries are supported by donations. Anyway, a couple of years ago a new “business model” appeared with “The Cannery” by Rezzable. The Cannery was Rezzable’s first sim - it doesn’t exist anymore since Rezzable has reduced their presence in SL. They contacted some good photographers, organized a contest and tried to create earnings in one of two ways: the first idea was to ask voters in the contest for some donated L$ with every vote and the second

Avatrait’s business model is different from that of Rezzable. Avatrait puts forth intense work in marketing and public relations. Also, they include some of the artists in their structure, as counselors or as part of the Board. Avatrait has more contact with the community of SL photographers, either directly or through the artist integrated in their Board. Avatrait boasts a good understanding of their audiences’ taste and offers cross-reality actions such as the support of exhi9

bitions in “real life” of SL artists, and a group web-page where the artists may show their images. But, with that said, what is their business model? The works in the shows are sold in limited or unique copies for quite high prices (SL copies average L$5,000. RL copy prices are unclear but seem to run about $50 USD). In addition, Avatrait edited a “real” book with some of the best images of “their” artists. The artists who show work in Avatrait are under contract for their IP rights stating the images sold can’t be sold again or given to anyone else because the buyer is paying for an exclusive work of art. Avatrait keeps 50% of the sales profit and the artist receives the other 50% for works sold through the gallery. I am unsure of the profit split for works sold through the Avatrait book or RL.

sold an artist’s photograph of one AM Radio’s beloved landscape works - I think the photograph was of The Far Away wheat field. Even though AM Radio is the sole owner of the IP rights to his work The Far Away, someone took a photograph of it, edited it in PhotoShop or GIMP, and sold the photograph in the Avatrait gallery for L$5,000. AM Radio was never credited, asked for permission or reimbursed. In a world like SL, where absolutely everything is protected by IP rights, even the skies, there seem to be a lot of “gray areas” about how IP rights affect photography. Of course I don’t have a solution for this, and offering a solution was not the intent of this article, but one can see how difficult it is to be fair about honoring the rights of others when you sell SL photography.

So, these are the facts, or at least the facts as I understand them. Now I’d like to change course and express my opinion on this issue.

As in other articles, this is just an opinion; only my thoughts and reflections about one part of this issue. One of the main reasons I am moved to write is to express my thoughts and ideas and to invite others to share their own.

Let’s talk first about money. I prefer to not sell my SL photography. This is my choice and I can understand others wanting to sell their creations and that it is not so different from selling clothing, or furniture, or whatever. That said, I have on occasion sold some of my SL pics -- usually for charity such as Relay for Life or for last year’s Second Pride Festival to support the organization. Anyway, if an artist decides to sell their art work, why give 50% of the earnings to a gallery? For me that’s the biggest question about money here. Most of the content creators, fashion designers, builders and scripters have their own stores or sell in XStreetSL. Why create content and sell the rights to a reseller? Why limit the possibility of showing your own creations? Is it because you are selling something that is a “single item”/exclusive? Of course the artists working for Avatrait have their reasons for making this choice but they are quite hard for me to understand.

Arthole Radio

The other big question I have is about IP rights. Personally, I prefer to have control over my IP rights. To me, selling art work under a contract, and where the possibility of showing your work is SO limited, is something I don’t want to do. As for IP rights and Avatrait – there have been some controversies. AM Radio, one of the most important landscape artists in SL, discussed an incident with Avatrait during an interview with Arthole Radio (a monthly show of a group of artists working in SL). The Avatrait displayed and 10


In the creative and lively neighbourhood of Creators Pavillion, there’s a recently born store: it’s called “NINIKO” and treasures a good mix of cute, sporty and street-style. Whether you’re up to a rock concert or a fancy walk in the city center looking for the summer sales, Niniko has something for you to wear. Our favorite pieces are the versatile skirts and the short denim pants and we couldn’t resist picking some items also from the NINIKOBOY collection, the male collection by the talented Japanese designer Kae Sahara. Styled and Written by Cayce Newell and Tomoyo Breitman Niniko Photoblog Niniko Mainstore creators pavillion (166/34/27)

Skin: Claudia in nougat by Laqroki Hair: Milk in Kit Kat by !lamb Shirt: Niniko chiffon cutsew red*red Pants: Niniko rollupjeans in red Leggings: Niniko leggings 3 type flower grey Shoes: Egg flats by 50 flats Pose: [LAP] - C-Little love

Hair: Halo in black by Glitter Skin: Claudia in nougat by Laqroki Sunglasses: Olivia in pink by ROLE Optic Shirt: Niniko used sweat in blue Pants: Niniko denim pants in blue Bangles: neon stacked bangles - Armidi Limited Shoes: Athlete heels in cyan/pink by Redgrave Nails: nailE[pink] by Bijou Pose: [LAP] - C-Hot Damn


Skin: Belina in cinna berry by Bebae Hair: Natsumi in black by Diversity Hair Hair accessory: June*purple/head dress by Wild O Jacket: Niniko retro blouse-basic type (black) Skirt: Niniko A lot of patterns (grey) Socks: tiny dot socks in black by Aoharu Shoes: Paige heels by Atomic Pose: [LAP] - Not Listening

Hair: Zina in gold by Mirai Style Skin: Claudia in nougat by Laqroki Hat: Jeep cap1 Kittay by Akeyo Tank: Niniko loose tank black Undershirt: Niniko bareTop-border Pants: Niniko Dot pants Shoes: Slip-on girls3 by .::Mother Gooseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ::. Pose: [LAP] - Guns Blazin


Hair: Maitreya Bo - Kala Jeera Skin: (vive9) Summer Crisp Pre-Release Jacket: Niniko Retro Blouse- Open Type (White) Shirt: Niniko Yuru-T (white) Inner Shirt: [Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse - white Skirt: Niniko A lot of patterns (grey) Bangle: ~*FBG*~ Bright Sprinkle Donut Bangle - Gold Glasses: HOC - Rectangle Framed Glasses #001 Sock: Picnic lace socks - ribbon Shoes: Maitreya ChiChi Pumps - Black Velvet Pose: Leafy – Lazing 10

Hair: (Miriel) Gibson Girl Hair - Coffee Skin: (vive9) Summer Toffee Pre-Release Shirt: Niniko Loose Tank (black) Jacket: Niniko open jacket Skirt: Niniko Simple skirt (crack) Bag: +plus *Rock Clutch* in Black Necklace: PIDIDDLE - Pearls and Broken Glass Necklace Shoes: AOHARU – EnamelBuckleGladiator – Black Pose: [LAP] – Timid Girl


Hair: *TORAYA*hair_COSMOS_ashbrown Skin: (vive9) Summer Toffee Pre-Release Top: (Part of ) Niniko Shirts&vest&skirt (red) Skirt: (Part of ) Niniko 3 way skirt & pants (black) Socks: AOHARU - MultiColorSocks019 Bag: =IZUMIYA=Casual Ruck[[Car]] Mouth Accessory: =EkoEko=fountain pen Shoes: ..::A.Y.Y::.. Strawberry Yums! Sneakers Pose: [LAP] – Pinup Shuuz

Hair: AOHARU_HAIR_Rinna01b(Espresso) Skin: :GP: Sundust FREX [Dark] April-Jonquil 1 Top: “NINIKO”baretop(Blackborder)1 Jeans: Niniko RollupJeanes (Blue) Tattos: Isle’s Ink - Asian Tattoo Bangles: [VG Republic] Double African Bangle Bracelets & ZC : Nizam Choodiya (bangles) gold *white* Necklace: Cursed ~ Long Journey Cross Necklace Mouth Accessory: HANAUTA - Orange jam toast Shoes: *GF* Wedge Tong Sandal “Sunny” -redPose: *VAGO* - It’s Summer! 5


MIX & MATCH By Tomoyo Breitman & Cayce Newell




1 +

Hair: >TRUTH< Twiggy - mocha Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Jin01 Plain Gloves: *Beauty Avatar Couture* Cleo Dress Gift –Gloves Necklace: < Yabusaka > Anchor Long Necklace (Gold) Cigar: FNKY! Cigarette II (long ash) Glasses: K_gs -optino- 04 Flieger Shoes: R2 “Mahie” – Orange Pose: [LAP]3- Barbie 10 LOOK


D + F


Hair: W&Y HAIR FAIR 2 PACK A Skin: (vive9) Miranda Glow Juice NB Skin Gloves: .: Naive :. Keys to the VIP Net Gloves Necklace: (fd) Tiny Cross Necklaces Bird: YIPs (hat-01) bird whisper left (modded) Shoes: .:Periquita Beda Sandals Black:. Pose: ks2cool pose 59_60

A .:MALT:. Stitched Suede Jacket Manatee



+ C Hair: [Aden] Carrie (Black) Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -tone C- 5.1 Graphite 1 Scarf: Maitreya Long Scarf * Sepia Bangle: ::: B@R ::: Nokko Bangle Necklace: *::UM::* Locket_Pendant [LOVE] Mouth Accessory: BP*sprig 3/iwaki/2009-6 Glases: HOC - Rectangle Framed Glasses #001 Bag: DemiDemi basket with greenonions + baguettes Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Freedom Flops - Gold

B [SC] Surf Couture Colleen – Navy

C [SC] Surf Couture La Plage Tee – Gray


D Maitreya BF jeans - #07

Hair: *FUEL* Coco/chocolate brown Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] April-Jonquil 1 Jacket: Ibizarre Jumpsuit BOLERO (black) Socks: anuenue.HiENaiSocKs Food: Chabinns!!-[Duck beak-chips-No,002] Bag: Aitui - Bag - Night Messenger - Freedom Wanted Shoes: HOC Apparel - Chucks Pose: Coverture - for PrimSkirt stand 6

Hair: AOHARU - Rinna01b(Espresso) Skin: (vive9) Summer Toffee Pre-Release Inner Shirt: Modd.G Maya Halter {Blue} Bangle: *Fishy Strawberry* Istanbul Bangles2 Shoes: AOHARU – EthnicBijouSandals Turquoise



B + F

LOOK 6 B + G


OOK A + 4 C + E + D Hair: *ARGRACE* ~ Fedora Hat “Glamorous wavy” ~ (Black) 250L Skin: :GP: Sundust [Light] April-Rainbow 1 Bag: *sUmi* homemade bag “when pigs fly!” Mouth Accessory: ~Scribble~ Bubble Pipe (Rainbow) Necklace: {glow] Studio Cherryflow Necklace (pink) Bangle: E! 80’s Bangles (Pink Spots) Shoes: Kalnins Shoes - Coquette Pose: Juicy Maxim Model 4

E MichaMi Anouk Jumpsuit in Rose



Model/Stylist: Tomoyo Breitman


:: Exodi :: Nadia Shorts (Faded)

Hair: Dog roses in kit kat by !lamb Skin: Claudia in nougat by Laqroki Belt: Twin skinny belt in brown by Aoharu Flip flops: Freedom flops in dark brown by Surf Couture Marshmellow: Caribe - Pacoloco Marshmallow Souvenier by Emma Gilmour (old Caribe freebie) Pose: Torrid - Geometry 10 AO

LOOK 2 C + E








Hair: Dylan in charcoal by Maitreya Hair accessory: Juliet pink/brown by Wild O! Skin: Claudia in nougat by Laqroki Gloves: pizzotintablegloves-pink by BiancaF. Bag: Shopping bag (denim&popy) by *garden* Shoes: Chichi in cerise by Maitreya Pose: Torrid - Drama 06

A .:MALT:. Stitched Suede Jacket Manatee

B [SC] Surf Couture Colleen â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Navy

LOOK 3 A + F Hair: Elle loves bows in dirty blonde by Posh Skin: Claudia in nougat by Laqroki Leggings: Long legging olive by M*a*ii*k*i Bangles: Thin metal bangles by VG Shoes: Angelina in black by Tesla Pose: [LAP] Miss Pretty

C [SC] Surf Couture La Plage Tee â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Gray


D Maitreya BF jeans - #07

Hair: Gattina in dragees by Tiny Bird Skin: Sakura in peacock by Redgrave Necklace: Button necklace by *garden* Nails: Nail*dark Color*(Red) by Love Soul Belt: Gardening set belt by Kurotsubaki Socks: Jane socks - flor light - olive by Miel Shoes: Starley pumps in cerulean by ETD Pose: IE_Fame_05

Hair: Vanilla hair with small hat by Creamshop Skin: Claudia in nougat by Laqroki Bangle: Lily bangle in white by Creamshop Scarf: Winter flower stole in white 4 K by Creamshop (CSR gift) O E Pose: Leafy - Kawaii 2 LO + B






6 +



5 E Hair: Lauren in espresso by Aoharu + G Skin: Sakura in peacock by Redgrave Socks: Loc socks in pink by Amerie’s Naughty Shoes: PornStar Xtra Hi-tops MultiColor by UBU Pose: [Snook] Uma B Model/Stylist: Cayce Newell

E MichaMi Anouk Jumpsuit in Rose




:: Exodi :: Nadia Shorts (Faded)


FASHION SPREAD SUMMER BBQ Styling by Stacie Pryor Photos by Zoe Demar

Leah McCullough Skin: LAQ - Jennie 08 [Fair] Glow skin (blonde brows) Eyes: pc eyes by LL - ocean - sea wood 2 (l) Hair: ((JUNWAVE)) Popâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;nGirl*BROWN* Cardigan: [Decoy] Izzie Cardigan - Lemon Tank: (Elate!) Cupcake Tank Top (Yellow) Shorts: NoaR Check short pants *yellow Shoes: HOC Apparel - Sneaker Wedges (Plain Colors) - Grey Necklace: +SPICA+ Long VolcanicGlass Necklace Cuff: :: Exodi :: Aubrey Bangle (rust) Pose: Custom by Zoe Demar 30

Cash Mureaux Skin: TheAbyss “Scorpio” - 3[A] Smooth The Good Llife “Broder” - Black Gracile “Mystery” - Gray Shorts w/ Belt: :sey 7B-CargoPants-Khaki Shirt: Zaara : Nalin summer shirts *red* Tank: Zaara : Wifebeater *beige* Necklace and Bracelet: :: Exodi :: Morski Pas (Male) Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] Rifts - Olive/Brown - I Pose: Custom by Zoe Demar

Magen Jigsaw Skin: REDGRAVE Leticia Tan Eyes: :: Emjay :: Shamrock Eyes Hair: >TRUTH< Twiggy - cocoa Tunic: *::UM::* Tilolio Tunic [Blue] Skirt: Adam n Eve - Denim Skirt Stone Bracelet: LaGyo Crystallized Bangle Sandals: [SC] Surf Couture - Freedom Flops - White Bandaid: Reek - Ouch! Bandaids - Hallie Stripes Pose: MaitreyaFModel31 31

Bronson Twine Skin: Belleza Johan Medium 2 Eyes: Poetic Colour - Grey Sea Hat and Hair: [ hoorenbeek ] Cap - D - PC - Ash Brown 1 Shorts: [W&B] Harris Tartan Shorts FALLOW Shirt: Alphamale - Polo Shirt - Green Striped Undershirt: Aitui - Freedom Wanted /Orange/ Bag: Aitui - Bag - Rustic Messenger - Deer Sandals: <kalrau> Flip Flop Collection - Brown Pose: Custom by Zoe Demar


Stacie Pryor Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: FoResT :: PalePeach *Rust* Eyes: Burroughs Eyes - Tribute to Claude Monet - Palazzo da Mula Hair: >TRUTH< Giselle - sangria Top: [SC] Surf Couture - Colleen - Red Pants: /artilleri/ 1st mate capris *white* Hair Flower: /artilleri/ rose hair flower - yellow Necklace: TS* Sophisticated necklace/white Bracelet: +plus *Red Bangles* Sandals: Jâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s flip-flap & Barefoot (Yellow) Pose: Custom by Zoe Demar


MASCULINO By Ana Lutetia

Steampunk is a sub-culture of fiction that arose in the 1980s and early 1990s where the world or civilization used steam power as an alternative to electricity and that you can find in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne. It is a world or civilization where we can image the path not taken if steam power had been widely explored instead of electricity. The most common historical steampunk settings are the Victorian and Edwardian eras but recently steampunk has stretched out to fantasy worlds in an imaginary future where steampunk technology was the rule. There’s also steampunk fashion and what better place to look for it than within Second Life®? Even thought steampunk fashion has no main guidelines it is quite often associated with petticoats and bustles; gentlemen’s suits with vests, coats and spats; or even military-inspired garments. As for accessories, it is not uncommon to see timepieces, parasols, goggles and ray guns. Arcavism is one of the places in SL to acquire perfectly crafted steampunk pieces. for this steampunk look, I gathered pieces of the Noble Traveler Collection from top to bottom. Further Reading

STEAMPUNK Shape: [M] m.Mauro - Shape 2 | Mauro by Manifest Shapes (modified) Skin: (IS) Ander - Este - Jacob (Bald/BodyHair) Hair: Philotic Energy - Jet Wine Eyes: :: Exodi :: Vetro Eyes (Grey)(Lg)(NoVeins) Shirt: Arcavim Nobles Shirt Black Vest: Arcavim Nobles Vest Slate Jacket: Arcavim Nobles Jacket Black Trousers: Arcavim Travelers Trousers Black Boots: Arcavim Half_Chaps_Black Poses: PERSONA Male Shooting Poses PACK 01 36



Goth is another subculture that fascinates me and gothic fashion is usually described as a dark, sometimes morbid, eroticized fashion. The most common look includes dark clothes, dark hair, dark eyeliner and dark fingernails. itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s common to find black velvets, lace, fishnets, lace, gloves accessorized with religious, magical or macabre jewellery. Some gothic styles are similar to punk and Goth fashion is often mistaken for heavy metal fashion. Further Reading:

For the gothic look, Blue Blood SL fashion immediately popped into my mind and you can see me wearing Beckoning (for males) in black. The richest of textures are frequently found in gothic fashion and even though is a black outfit you can still see the details in the textures and in all the sculpted attachments in the garment.

GOTHIC Shape: [M] m.Mauro - Shape 2 | Mauro by Manifest Shapes (modified) Skin: (IS) Ander - Este - Abe (Bald/Smooth) Hair: Philotic Energy - Saxon Plum Black Tipped Eyes: :: Exodi :: Vetro Eyes (Grey)(Lg)(NoVeins) Attire: +++BLUE BLOOD+++ SL Fashion - Beckoning (male - Black) Shoes: (Shiny Things) Flare Oxfords men - black Poses: PERSONA Male Shooting Poses PACK 01 39


Takeshi’s style is an indicator of his mood. Cheerful and playful, it’s no surprise that Takeshi’s outfit is a bright summer white. Forward-looking and ever-fashionable, he also favors practicality and ease-of-fit while dressing himself. He chose this particular vest from a.C Designs because it is fresh and modern but also easy to fit and adjust. To further emphasize the lighthearted spirit of summer, he pulls his outfit together with trendy accessories and a youthful pony tail. Sylar’s fun-loving nature is hard to miss with his unique insurance adjuster outfit. While laid back and almost silly, all of his prims are carefully adjusted and he even blends two styles of hair. Sylar always manages to find a unique way to mix and match his inventory that makes him stand out in a crowd. How does he do it? “Add a good pair of weathered, lace-up loafers coupled with high-water pants, and boomboomboom, I’m so 1958, you so 2000 and late!” Takeshi Kiama Hair: =EkoEko= Stan Dark Brown Necklace: a.C. STD CYBERline Accessories USB Black Vest: a.C STD Madame includes gloves Pants: LeLutka MICK pants white Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops Multicolor v2 Skin: !SIGZ: OCEAN (SUNSET) Shaved Pose: [LAP]-M-Blogger2

Sylar Boyd Hair: (epoque hair) Simply Overthought - Black Tones (modded) and +BM+ Ruby Black mohawk Toothpick: * [CALYPSO GIANO] Toothpick Jacket: ::: B@R ::: Summer Time Grey Folded Jacket Shirt & Vest : [SG*] OK GO - White + Charcoal (man) Tattoo: Dermagraphcis - Bonn Scott (AC/DC) Glasses: (VW) Browline Shades - Neutral Pants: *COCO*_AnklePants_Sage Watch: ~Muse~ Classic Tank Watch in Black/Silver Shoes: Casual Loafer -Creme- *REDGRAVE* Skin: -Belleza- Jonas SK 8 Pose: [LAP] - M - Crouch1 40



Young or old summer romances loved and lost are something everyone has in common. They evoke memories of happiness, sadness, fun times and laughter. As the summer months wind down and the nights become cooler letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s take a look at summer love fashions perfect for you and your cyber connection. By Keeley Huet

Keeley Huet: Shirt :(milk motion) my vintage fringe dress: horses Shoes: (Armidi) - dhali bow platforms Skin: (Rockberry) character skin (lily) Hair: (Clawtooth) Kitten with a whip(Pinkeye) Hair bow: (EPOQUE) Hair Bow( pink) Necklace: (+*AA*+).ball necklace *(white) Bracelet: (+*AA*+).ball bracelet *(white) Tights: (Ivalde) tights(hot pink) Gloves: (Emery) Part of El rayo: Plum gloves Poses: HPMD: Bubble chairs Location Drill factory (185/117/355)

Finn Mode aka Robot boy: Undershirt: (*ARAI*) ragalan shirt_yellow1 Necktie: (Fishy strawberry): protection Shoes: (Ordinary designs)-monkey-low WHxBK Shirt: (Thimbles*) I <3 plaid-Henry Hybrid Helmet: ([pharenDigital]) Daft Punk Discovery helmet Gold Smile Backpack and gloves: part of daft punk helmet set Trousers: (Meriken Co): Momoge( peach skin)NAVY 44

Keeley Huet: Socks: (*sUmi*) purple Hair: (red queen) lazy platinum (blonde) Dress: (Surf Couture) Colleen (red) Bag: (Gritty Kitty)hoot bag multi color Glasses: (Gritty Kitty) Ducklips Shoes: (UBU) Drunks Skin (Rockberry) character skin( lily) Shirt: ( NO) east love coast tee Arm warmers: (x)Alpaca knit teal POSE: ! MEYA ! ~ Intimita Location Drill factory (185/117/355)

Finn Mode: Trousers: (NINIKOBOY) chino pants:belt( dark) Shoes: (Ordinary designs)-Monkey low Helmet ([pharenDigital])Daft Punk Discovery helmet Gold heart Shirt: (Meriken co.) drops pink 3 piece Backpack& gloves: part of daft punk helmet set


POSE: ! MEYA ! ~ <3 x Infinity Location INSILICO WEST (196/135/3602)

Finn Mode: Sweater: (fishy strawberry) brown letterman sweater Jeans: (Curiosity) darkblue Shirt: (Thimbles) daddyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s car broke down Helmet: ([pharenDigital])Daft Punk Discovery helmet Gold heart Backpack and gloves: part of daft punk helmet set

Keeley Huet: Shorts: (Pixeldolls) Part of hero outfit Hair:(fd)o- Onyx Jacket:(Milk Motion) My belted jacket Shoes: (Armidi) Oxford leather ankle boots( black) Skin: (Rockberry) character skin Mia Gloves: Made by model. Earrings: (Little girl ) 010: cyber angel Necklace: (shampoo) chain necklace black Tights: (Ivalde) lime Ring: ( Minajunk) pigpearl 46

Keeley Huet: Shrug: (eLDee:Atoll) silver sequin cover up Dress: (*id*)A-02 pink Glasses: (Glow studio) Diva sunglasses Necklace: (Glow studio)Baked steel Hair: (Head Mistress) foxy- (starlet) Armwarmers: (Runoruno) Undress dinner black Tights: (Ivalde) tights (yellow)

Finn Mode: Shirt: (*Arai*) broder shirt Sweater: (*Curiosity) Royality jumper badge Pants: (Meriken-co) check pants Necktie: (Fishy Strawberry) ghost Helmet: ([pharenDigital])Daft Punk Discovery helmet Gold Smile Backpack and gloves: part of daft punk helmet set

POSE: Dzarm : Together

Location: Swamp Hotel - Orange Island 2 (224/174/40) 47


Now, as much as I shun away from concerning myself too much with what to wear I was very concerned with what to ride. Fortunately, I already owned what I believe to be the coolest set of wheels on the grid = the Big Wheel by Catnip. For reals. I mean, it comes with a texture changing flag that includes an image of David Hasselhoff’s face. I needed to look no further. Leeza and I began our road trip at the Route 8 start point on the Bagheera sim. As we pedaled off down the highway we were surprised to see the realistic touches - road signs, bus stops, maps of the multi-sim road structure with a “where you are now” marker. We were excited about the journey and had absolutely no idea what we’d find or what to expect. Part of my agenda was to try to talk to people who live or have a business near the route to ask of their experiences. 50

Off we went! Relatively quickly we came upon a bunch of caution signs warning us of a bridge outage. Pressing forward we found that yes, in fact, the road was broken and missing a large chunk of pavement. Not to be easily thwarted (and thanks to the fly feature) we persevered and continued on our way. Our first encounter was with a security guard sitting at a booth for an online learning center along the side of the road. A first opportunity to speak with someone about Route 8! Leeza and I left the road and hurried over to the security guard. His tag said his name was Buster and we both tried to chat him up but Buster was having none of it. In IM I sent him a “hello” and he suddenly sprang to life. After a brief back and forth it was pretty obvious Buster was a bot. Next! We pedaled through sim after sim. Past houses, business, clubs, small towns, wide open spaces and up and down hills. Moving was relatively easy and the sides of the road were surprisingly underdeveloped. Often we’d hop off the road to explore, such as in Gyaltsen where we stopped for a light snack and a rest on the guardrails at the intersection of Route 8 and Route 8B.

It’s hard not to have expectations when embarking on a new journey. I suppose one of mine were that we’d encounter a lot more people on the roadway. To be honest, Route 8 was a bit sleepy every time we ventured onto it. At one point I heard a low humming and was startled to find a large military blimp floating overhead. Fellow travelers! Attempts to communicate were quickly thwarted by an impenetrable language barrier but it was good to see others out for a Sunday drive. 51

Every few hundred meters or so there are rez areas where one can rez an object - presumably for transportation. Unfortunately, transportation you cannot wear will not make it as you cross from one sim to the next but this was no obstacle for our wearable Big Wheels! While I prefer to think most of the residents in SL are good people we did see a few instances of abuse of the system. A few businesses had littered the roadways with advertisements for their stores. Even worse, copybotted prim racecars were available for sale along the road in a few separate locations. Further down the road we happened upon people neighboring the route who were home and seemingly engaged in innocent activities! I sent an IM to Jimc Jiminy and asked if we could have a moment of his time. He quickly welcomed us in and introduced us to his partner CarrieAnne Petrov. CarrieAnne and Jimc were disappointed for us that we happened by just after they wiped their village build from the sim and were planning their next design. CarrieAnne and Jimc lived along Route 8 before it was formally transformed from a mere ‘wagon trail’ within the last year. They currently have a few rentals and CarrieAnne is a home builder. Jimc mentioned that he applied to Linden Lab to be a mole but was turned down. While Leeza and I thought this an odd comment which made no sense we just let it drop so as to not offend our hosts. As we researched more about the Linden Lab Department of Public Works (LDPW) we learned that “mole” is the designee given to residents chosen by Linden Lab to build, develop and maintain the roadways. Moles are paid an hourly wage and, in exchange, Linden Lab will own all content moles create in their “mole” capacity. Check back next month to see what else we discover on our road trip along route 8!

To learn more about the LDPW: Philip Linden Picture used in the stamp by Marianne McCann

House build by CarrieAnne Petrov




Second Life® for many is the realization of a world where the borders of terrestrial geography simply do not matter. We share our unique cultures with each other without pretense much like real life neighbors in diverse communities. Even so, just as in any reality, language draws us together and sometimes it’s hard to break out of that bond. When combining their countries of origin, Spanish speaking SL residents enjoy a strong community in SL and have a lot of culture to share. For Argentinean Horacios Allen, SL is an opportunity to share both his love of music and Latin American culture. By Jura Shepherd Horacios first fell into SL from the virtual sky in June of 2007. For many of us, that awkward and clumsy initiation into the world of SL is the beginning of a love affair but Horacios found it difficult to understand and uninteresting. It would be five months later before Horacios would decide to give our world another try.

Jazz. Horacios’ knack for networking and help from SL music insiders like Broom and Jeanette Janus would spread the word about Shamanes quickly. The live act became quite popular but with all Spanish lyrics, Horacios felt like Shamanes might be less accessible for non-Spanish speakers and wanted to offer more.

Allen would find his return to SL to be a far less alienating experience. With a better sense of purpose, he made his way to an Argentinean sim where he was able to speak with more experienced users in his first language of Spanish. On that very day, Horacios met fellow Argentinean and musician, Joaquin Gustav. With so much in common between them, Horacios and Joaquin became instant friends and immediately began talking about streaming their music into Second Life. “So I meet Joaquin and we become at [sic] great friends” explains Horacios and by that evening, Horacios had configured his gear and was able stream in-world.

In January of 2008 a new Latin performer would emerge on the SL music circuit. A tall dark avatar with a sultry and deep speaking voice was playing beautiful romance music on piano. The pianist was Winters Kanto and his Tangos, Bossa Jazz and Boleros were an instant sensation for the SL’s huge gown and tuxedo crowd. Horacios Allen knew of Winters and the success he was having but in no way felt competitive. Horacios says ”The people love Winters”. In fact, Horacios was thrilled with Winters’ success because as he says: “I am Winters Kanto”. Kanto was, and still, is a character created by Allen. Winters’ style of music and his look, as well as his background were created by Horacios to differentiate him as a character in the SL music scene. Even Kanto’s signature deep voice is a result of Horacios digitally altering his own voice pitch to be -2.30Hz below normal.

At the time, Horacios was the keyboardist for real-life Argentinean Latin Pop band Shamanes. Shamanes is high energy and very dance-worthy so for Horacios it only seemed natural to introduce SL them. Bolstering live singing and keyboard with real world Shamanes backing tracks proved to be great way to perform live in SL. Horacios sought out venues for his act and landed his first gig where many SL musicians started, the Merry Prankster. Shamanes was well received in SL and the ambitious musician would soon perform at more venues including Circe Broom’s Alexandria

The have been bumps in the road for Horacios. In July of 2008 a scathing notecard was distributed among SL music insiders claiming that Winters Kanto was giving fraudulent performances. How “live” music is and how it’s defined is, and probably always will be, a red-hot issue in SL music. Some would have been drawn into the mire of defensiveness but Hora54

cios coolly responded by simply posting a real-life YouTube video of himself performing as Winters on piano on. “I play piano live. Everyone can hear it and watch it” says Horacios. The video even begins with Horacios using the deep Winters voice to say “Hello friends”, which anyone who had attended a Winters concert would recognize immediately.

is also completing construction of a beautiful new venue and has hinted to ROLE about a new character that he will introduce to the SL music scene. When asked if there was anything he wanted ROLE readers to know about him, he replied: “I love music. I love the Cars and Bikes. I love the soccer. I love the Family time, and I love the work. I work really hard in SL. 10 or 12 hours per day. I am a family man”.

Horacios Allen has made a name for himself in SL music to the point that he says “SL is my only job; all of my family eats from SL”. His success is likely due to more than just having played more than 2500 gigs. Horacios has utilized his smarts, work ethic and charm to offer a bi-lingual bridge for other Latin performers. He has extended help to perfomers like Joaquin Gustav, Seba Sideways, Cacho Nootan, and Chullain McMahon to create a Latin scene within SL music. Horacios’ other ambitions include founding “Linden Ya!” a virtual currency exchange for his Argentinean countrymen. At the time of writing this article, he

Shamanes on MySpace Winters Kanto on YouTube 55


Remember when you were a child and would sit in the attic for hours, looking through boxes for that magic jewel that would spring to life in blinding colors and transform your world, or the book that when opened, fairies would fly out and transport you to a fantasy land? By Bibi Ballinger

JueL Resistance was one of those children that found her magic jewel, a small handmade guitar. It would be the key to the path her life would take. JueL is a songwriter and musician who can carry you to faraway places but they will be inside her heart, soul and psyche. Once you are in her world, you might remember that you long ago abandoned your own childhood fantasies and wonder if you could return to exploring your own as well. The question may arise of whether you dare. Perhaps you’d be disappointed or discover that along with the magic, there is pain better left in the past. JueL would tell you to go there anyway and open yourself to the possibilities, you might be surprised. If by chance there is pain, perhaps it can be the beginning of healing. She knows, as she has faced her own on occasion and through art and music, found healing.

told were more important than how they sounded or what the listener wanted. You either liked it or you didn’t, and she did! She liked how they wrote, that not all you heard was what it seemed to be, and she liked the raw, honest voices that told the stories. JueL has been compared to many of those same artists. So who is this remarkable musician who has built a full life and music career in Second Life? Suzen JueL is the real life songwriter, artist, and musician behind JueL Resistance. Coming from a long line of French artists, violin makers, writers and musicians, there wasn’t much chance of not being any one or all of those things. Suzen, and JueL have not disappointed! Suzen always had music in her life; it was all around her in one form or another. She was introduced to music by her mother who taught her to play the Hammond organ. Her greatest joy as a child was finding a small guitar in the attic made by her grandfather. Knowing it was made just for her, this was a momentous discovery, one that would put her on the path to where she is today. She desperately wanted to take lessons but they were short lived because the teacher wanted her to sing but she was too shy. She packed up her little guitar on the first day and went home, never to return. Shyness is a trait which she still carries although you would never know it from her live shows both in real and second life. Suzen occasionally gets stage nerves and sometimes plays with her eyes closed, but settles down after the first few songs.

I ain’t trying to impress you I ain’t buying what you got I ain’t selling my insanity I ain’t watchin’ you look back at me I ain’t talkin’ just to talk I ain’t walkin’ just to walk I ain’t waitin’ for your OK, just to do my thing

JueL wrote those words as part of a song “Do My Thing” she says expresses who she is, and what she wants. Her songwriting has a foundation from what she grew up listening to once she discovered FM radio: John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and others who wrote from their life experiences, both good and bad. The stories they

Suzen grew up in as a free spirited young woman in the Midwest of America. Following her creative bent, she learned to put her thoughts and feelings to music 56

and began playing in clubs, cafes and coffeehouses. For ten years she played and in that time made her first CD. Eventually, she met and married her soul mate. Suzen’s life would take a drastic turn as a wife and mother to her new husband’s four young boys. Focus changed to hearth and home and it would be several years before she would pick up the guitar again and express herself and her life through music.

the hat. Always with her, wherever she goes across the grid is that big blue guitar. That guitar is identical to the one she plays in real life and big it is! Suzen is a bright, intelligent woman, with childlike exuberance, who delights with wonder at the simplest behavior of the birds she photographs out her window, the colors of a sunset or the texture of bark on a tree, yet she is wise from the world weary years living from sofa to sofa as she chased her dream of building a music career. Attending one of JueL’s Naked Acoustic shows at her Livingroom #13, you sit in one of the comfy chairs in a room full of people, but you feel as if it’s just you and she in a deep, intensely personal conversation.. Naked Acoustic is what JueL calls the shows at her venue. No, people aren’t performing without their clothes! She only invites performers who write and sing as she does, ruthlessly honest, emotional, and down to earth. In an untrained voice, somewhat raspy and sultry with a quality of innocence, JueL will sing to you of her experiences and feelings about life and dreams, but

In 2005 Suzen came into Second Life as JueL Resistance, one of the very first indie musicians. Bringing her art, music and creativity, she has since become one of the powerhouses in the music community. Suzen created an avatar very much like herself, a wildly creative nonconformist with a youthful effervescence—a hippie chick. With an engulfing presence, you might see JueL dressed in a goth g-string with dark, frightening wings or simple jeans, t-shirt and boots, but always the boots. She sometimes wears a wonderful top hat with an ashtray sitting on the brim, holding a smoldering cigarette, and a fish swimming around the top of 57

always avoiding bathos and self pity. An hour show seems over in a heartbeat and you aren’t ready to leave.. You’ve only just begun the conversation and curious to know more but you’ll have to wait till next time or perhaps open a dialogue with yourself.

her hands. Whether she is making over an old guitar, writing a short story or poem, or painting, she is playing with materials, both physical and metaphysical, getting in touch with her soul, taking risks, and exploring the universe. Her work is much sought after both in real life and SecondLife. You can find her works at Artropolis, Blue Fusion and at Livingroom #13 as well as other galleries around the grid.

JueL’s venue is a joint or hole in the wall bar. She used to build them herself and has had a variety of simple, rustic builds as a background for her shows. Attim Hokkagai built the present Livingroom #13 and although it has a seedy quality, it is warm and inviting with rich textures and warm colors. Next to the venue is the skeleton of a building which is a simple gallery for JueL’s art. The welcoming sign outside the venue says “join the resistance”. Inside is a bar with stools on which to perch and a hanging evil eye. There is a simple stage for performances and in the corner is a brick fireplace. Some of JueL’s art hangs on the wall and a funny sign declaring “The Customer Is Always Wrong” hangs over the door. Funky tables, chairs and sofas that look as though they came from thrift shops are around the intimate room. This is a hangout for JueL’s Dirty Pirate Whores, her fan group. It’s a name some might find shocking but it isn’t meant to be - well, maybe a little. JueL likes things simple and raw, not prettied up just for show.

Life begins and life ends and in between there is a journey. It matters not which paths you take but how you travel. A journey should be about opening your eyes, ears and heart to all that’s around you. Experiences good and bad, happy or sad make up the memory pages of your book of life. Using them to create new experiences for others, whether they be stories, pictures or songs is what JueL would want you to do. This is what she does and she does it well. The following is a quote from Jerry Spinelli from “StarGirl”. It aptly describes JueL: “In our minds, we tried to pin her to a cork board, like a butterfly, but the pin went through and away she flew!”

JueL’s music online

Artropolis is another of JueL’s galleries showcasing her original art and photography. Her art is like her music, rich with colors and textures. You’ll also find energy, depth and emotion. When she isn’t making music, JueL is expressing herself in painting, drawing, photography, writing or creating things with

JueL’s Art online JueL at FaceBook




I was taking a look at old LMs, wondering what to write about next when I clicked on Washburne (Washtown), a fount of fond memories when I was involved with Firefly roleplay (RP) where the legend of Joss Whedon’s Firefly television series played out daily. That was my year as an exotic dancer at the Red Dawn, run by Mikki Zheng and Keira Swain in Weisshorn. Many of the Firefly RPers would come in to relax or continue to roleplay because the beauty of the Firefly roleplay, much like last month’s Alliance sims, is that it’s pretty much a way of life with SLers. Nack Barnes and Lauralai Toland ran the Firefly’s bar on another sim, while Genesis Barthelmess and her crew of rowdies would drop in and shed their clothes as easily as the pole dancers if the mood struck. Other ship captains walked in and things could get very quiet and people kept their hands near their pistol grips. Well, the Red Dawn is gone, and Reavers chased Nack and Lauralai off their first sim on Blackburne. Tirian Falls fell away, so I thought the Serenity players were fading off into the sunset. By Paypabak Writer

I’m very happy to discover I was wrong! Imagine my surprise and delight when I landed at Washtown to see the same old wonderful landscape: the hills, the spaceport, the residential area ... plus a multiteleporter to nearly a dozen sims. And I pret’near fainted when I saw Splintered Rock among the destinations! Home of the original Dune Project, Splintered Rock had been slammed by lawyers from the estate of Frank Herbert to desist from using place names, characters, and such copyright-covered details from the Dune books. Upon visiting the sim, I found it thriving, filled with shops and rented docks, and demonstrating spice mining at an SLB6 booth! With that, I contacted my ROLE editors and told them I had found my next Travel Guide location! Let’s just do an overview of the sims involved:

tier settlement on Burnet’s Moon. The terraforming left the moon rather dry. Mining had been attempted, but all the available ores have played out. The town now survives as port-of-call for small transports. A sundry store, a couple of bars and a brothel form the core of the business community. There has been some investigation on the use of local plants as pharmaceuticals. For those needing healing of different types, there is both a small clinic and a temple available.” Appropriately enough, a monument to Wash, a primary character of the series stands in for what amounts to the town square. Serenity Station (Serenity Valley, Revolution, Shadowdale, MacLarens Drift)

Working with the notecard I am piecing this together: Serenity Station was built far out in the rim world sector in high orbit above Shadow, which was effectively made uninhabitable by intense bombing during

Washburne (Washtown) Burnet (Lyonet, Burnet and Bagworm are adjacent) From an old notecard: “Washtown – A small fron62

the Unifications Wars (part of the pre-history to the Firefly story). Following the revelations of Parliamentary involvement in the creation of Reavers, after the heroic efforts of the crew of Firefly Serenity made their historic broadcast of the events that transpired on Miranda (this is from the movie, “Serenity”), the Alliance has made reparations and allowed settlers to land on Shadow’s surface. Although autonomous in government--the station houses a squad of Alliance Soldiers for defense. In the intervening years, a handful of settlers have set up a town near the primary river. Others have chosen to live on the station itself, watching to see what will happen on the surface. Expansion has added the sims of Revolution, Shadowdale, and MacLarens Drift to the territory below the station and accordingly to the realm of outer space. From ground to 1000m is a free flight zone. Physical ships that fit within the Firefly theme or that are general in nature may be flown freely in this area. Ships recognizable from Star Wars or Star Trek are discour-

aged. You can rent apartments on the station or dock and live on your ship, or dock below and live on your ship or rent/build a homestead or business enterprise. Hales’ Moon--Palmerston and Sailor From notecard, an example of how creative these Firefly fans are: “Almost every Pirate in the known ‘verse was at Hale’s Moon once, and if not he will learn of it. However, the Alliance was recently given confirmed information about the activities on Hale’s Moon... though they haven’t taken any actions yet. Many Inhabitants think that the huge bureaucratic machine of the Allied Forces just needs ages to react properly. The corporation still maintains the old duranium mine and has recently sent out replicants to do the work instead of hiring new workers. The old miners who are still working here for themselves came together and formed the Miners Guild. They are defending their jobs with a determined harshness. 63

The more or less newly arrived Replicants, reliable human-looking Androids, are brought to Hale’s Moon as the new working Class for the Mine. The rumor goes that their artificial brains have developed a new stage of individual intelligence on their own. As these are just simple rumors, but some locals are afraid of the idea that some day the replicants could begin to revolt and take over the colony, so they are watched carefully, with mistrust.” Obviously, they are sprinkling some spice from “Bladerunner” to their mix of RP.

goes along with other Dr. Who-related artifacts including a teleporting phone booth. Again, some blending of genres is apparent and a good way to invite other roleplayers to use their sim. Zenobia (Zenobia) A beautifully detailed space station with docks and apartment rentals, and a well-developed sim below that may not all be of a piece in terms of roleplay, but mostly follows the usual Western town motif. (I saw some rather modern building and beach areas that may not be part of the RP sim.) Hard to tell what is going on here because again I couldn’t get hold of a notecard explaining the overarching story behind the sim.

Londinium (includes the Skyplex and Trafalgar stations at Lyonet) I could not find a notecard to save my life for this obviously steampunk-inspired sim. There’s a great space station above and a rough-and-tumble town below, complete with chickens down the lane from a spaceport. The station vendors include several spaceship builders, Naismith’s Gestures, which packages sound bites from the main Firefly characters; and a Lucky Chair giving out some various items from the supporting stores. Also being sold are Tardis-inspired products, which

Shadowrim at Bagworm

All pictures by Paypabak Writer

Again the lack of a notecard makes it hard to understand what kind of angle they’re taking with this sim but it has everything from spaceport to Merrikat Designs, La Patisserie Bakery, and the Departure Lounge with art by Zanarra and Feathers Boa!


Paradiso (appears to be three islands/sims incl. Abbey Island and Deviant)

island-sized city. Vooper Werribee and company have worked hard to make any kind of sci-fi RP (not just Firefly-based RP) a cut above the rest with its water-and-spice-based economy, sandworms, and sand storms! Beautifully detailed city and space port, with vendors and outposts in the desert and plenty of outer space above for dogfights, it’s a very unique addition to the Firefly network.

Paradiso is a very interesting build with space station and Western-motif town below. One structure sports transparent underwater tunnels connecting various rooms including a library. Steampunk airships designed by Ananke Tech and other creators were docked above and below. There’s a strong nautical vibe to this sim but again no obvious guidance for how RP is to proceed here. A vendor in town sells a great replica of Serenity w/Mule (and shuttle) for L$17,995, along with a spacesuit, the Mule separately, and of course, a browncoat outfit. A full-scale model is there for you to explore before buying. You can also get a free Cunning Payne hat, an absolute must-have item for fans.

Dart Lagoon .... (Western Geisha Heaven III) From notecard: “The planet of Paquin is contained in the universe of the Sci-fi TV series Firefly and is a gypsy planet of many diverse cultures. In SL, this Western planet hosts a diverse community of explorers, newcomers and roleplayers alike. It is also serves as a home to the Western Geishas and the Companions Guild of Firefly. ... Companions are a cross between the oriental-style Geisha and the classic courtesan of renaissance Italy. On Paquin, they are trained by the Companions Guild in RP, in the many creative activities in SL, and in general orientation and community. In many ways, they are the

Splintered Rock I’ve written up Splintered Rock in detail for slFIX. com, so I will just say this sim revels in its two island’s worth of desert setting in addition to the


highest ranking nobility of the Firefly ‘Verse--when it comes time for a show of power between a highranking member of a Core World’s administration and a single Companion... bet on the Companion.”

all motherless goats.” Offered for anyone who wants to make their RP more colorful as well as authentic to the Firefly canon. One of the most delightful observations I made when meeting the residents of the Firefly network was how many partners there are! To me, this reinforced the notion that the roleplaying has merged with lifestyle in Second Life. You participate in the stories and “game” but you also socialize, pay rent, and share a likemindedness that is the heart of the Firefly ‘verse. As mentioned Nack Barnes and Lauralai Toland are one such couple, Mikie Rhiadra and Quentin Foulsbane are another pair who shared their love of Shadow with me at a Firefly specialty, the Shindig. I actually attended two during my visits: one on the ground and one at Serenity Station, where other couples were also in attendance. Aforementioned, Tillhery Woodhen took to pole dancing at one point and evoked memories of shindigs I attended at Washtown years ago!

Paquin is a beautiful sim with many secret places, waterfalls and treehouses, pagodas and sanpans. My exquisitely attired guide, Houkou Ninetails took me up a sunbeam ramp onto Cloud Nine with a breathtaking view of the island. Near the portal area you can find a wish stone where upon touching you receive the following message: “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” If that isn’t a Firefly-esque statement, what is?

One of the long-time Firefly players I’ve known from the beginning, Tillhery Woodhen, continues to publish the Cortex News via email and inworld newspaper with branches for Washtown, Sihnon, and Hale’s Moon. Correspondents help him keep track of the various storylines that merge among these varied worlds. According to a recent Cortex, the Paquin planet I just mentioned “opened” in early July 2009. Another edition reported on Reaver activity on Hales Moon in a separate blog-based email. This could very well be the longest-running publication dedicated to RP in SL.

But it’s not all dancing! Mikie took me in her Mule and we flew over the fort where the Browncoats are again forming in response to unwarranted activities by the Alliance (not the same fantasy group I wrote about last month!). Shadow even has its Declaration of Independence posted in the public square. This war will affect all the worlds in some way. Even the serene world where the Companions live.

Besides the lack of readily available notecards on some of the sims, one really huge complaint I have is with the network teleporters that were housed in the mini Fireflys. Unless I was doing it wrong, you click on a destination from the board, a blue chair then appears and you sit on it. Then you need to click again to bring up the map in order to complete teleporting. But the size of the Firefly is such that when you sit your view of the chair/teleport beam is effectively blocked by the walls of the ship and I found no way to reposition my cam to get an angle on the beam on which to click. The network teleporters worked best when placed in a more open area. That’s my quibble, let’s move along! The wonderful sense of whimsy and humor that underlies this blending of Old West and Space Opera is exemplified by the Hale’s Moon notecard consisting of phrases taken from the Firefly Serenity Chinese Pinyinary ( For example: Gao yang jong duh goo yang = “Motherless goats of

I realize that the many pictures I took of the various landscapes and space stations will dominate this article. Hopefully we can include some Firefly interior shots in the ROLE blog later this month, because the creators have done a painstaking job of putting you in a Firefly any true blue fan can call home. To walk those corridors, through the cluttered mess area, medical station, engine room, and cockpit takes you to the hearth and heart of the short-lived but much-loved television series. That alone is worth a visit to any of these wonderful sims!


Firefly (TV series)

Londinium Lyonet (217/224/1002)

“Firefly” in the International Movie Database

Zenobia Zenobia (70/213/789)

Shadowrim at Bagworm Bagworm (234/12/34)

Washburne (Washtown) Burnet (Lyonet, Burnet and Bagworm are adjacent) Burnet (156/111/45)

Paradiso Paradiso (108/112/347) Splintered Rock Desert Basin East (108/243/55)

Serenity Station (Serenity Valley, Revolution, Shadowdale, MacLarens Drift)

Revolution (134/129/1023)

Dart Lagoon Dart Lagoon (140/65/23)

Hales’ Moon--Palmerston and Sailor Palmerston (216/217/49) 67

Supergirl by model Sakura23 Bleac


As I travel across the many role play sims of Second Life®, I stand in awe at the level of detail and how some places are so meticulously reproduced. I travel the sims in search of places that make role play not just possible but worthwhile as well. This month we look at superhero role play sims and their related material. It is one thing to watch the movies or read the comic books and another entirely to walk in the midst of these replicas on your own. By Salvatore Otoro

As I began my journey through the fascinating world of superheroes, it brought me to Broc Janus, creator of Hero Universe Headquarters. Approximately a year ago, Broc began investigating what was available in the superhero genre. He discovered role play sims, costume shops, and even related merchandise shops. However, he also discovered that they were hard to locate, many residents were not aware that the genre existed, and many sim and land owners were experiencing a reduction in visitor traffic.

he has added a lounge where fans are able to watch animated clips of their favorite superheroes. The best thing about the headquarters is being able to teleport directly to the different shops, sims, and related areas that he has compiled from one central place. Broc says his work is far from over. He explained “I’m still finding more groups, comic book enthusiasts, and costume designers. This gives people the opportunity to be seen and get credit for their hard work.” Part of this involves a group he created where fans are able to get the latest information and updates on newly found or created sims, shops and their latest releases, and even weekly freebies courtesy of Broc himself. The convenience of having everything centralized makes lots of sense when you consider how clut-

Because SL is so vast, getting traffic to a new sim takes time. Broc saw this as an opportunity to create a central place for fans to meet, congregate, and discover related shops, sims, and services that would be of interest to them. As an added attraction for fans, 68

tered and confusing the SL search browser can be at times. I took time to visit some of the places that were available for teleport from the headquarters -- I was amazed and got an appreciation for what the fans have created. Most of the sims have plenty of shopping areas at the landing points and throughout the sim giving players and fans alike the opportunity to purchase related material.

My trip to Dark City, shortly after it’s opening, really shocked me at first. They boast 25 different role play areas under one sim. That is a lot of room to work with when you consider the many types of role play that can be achieved. Even though they are still under construction, I was impressed with what was available as I traveled to every level. There are basically enough areas to support different superheroes, scenarios, and events simultaneously or individually. Among the areas of play there is the fortress of solitude for Superman, the batcave, Wayne Manor, a park, a waterfront, and even a nightclub.

Being an avid role player, I queried Broc on whether he actively participated in any role play to which he replied, “I don’t participate myself, but I do encourage and support those role play sims.” Some of the ways he supports them include helping vendors set up, having the vendors join his group so they can send notices about their new products and releases, and finding related shops and areas to be included at the headquarters. His work gives fans a choice to take part in whatever options appeal to them.

I did find a place that I can say is my favorite of all the role play areas in Dark City. Situated beside the shopping area at the arrival point is New Themyscira, an area modeled after the island of Themyscira from the Wonder Woman mythology. It is a tranquil area inhabited by Amazon women led by a queen, a princess, and a royal council. The Amazons promote female empowerment through respect, honor, and equality. According to sim owner Razor Indigo, “It is an island primarily for women where they are all sisters working towards the goals of the Amazons, respect for women and the protection of those who need it.” She also added, “The Amazons of Themyscira are a combination of role players and just people. We all follow the theme and some of it will be fairly formal with the hierarchy, but we allow and encourage those who are not into role play to come to the island as a haven as well.”

Currently there are 13 sims listed with some of them being private sims. Some of the most notable sims are Oa which is home of the Green Lanterns, Aftermath II which hosts various role play including Superman and Justice League of America, Gotham City which is home to Batman and Batgirl among a few others, Dark City Roleplay which allows for all superhero role play under one sim, and Metrotopia the newest addition. In traveling to the different sims you get a feel for the innovation and imagination it takes to create these wonders. 69

I continued my tour with a visit of Gotham City. I met with some of the Game Moderators at their welcome center for the sim and spoke briefly with them about how role play was done there. They explained that the role play was freeform except for the introduction to the storylines. The welcome center, located on the sixth floor of the building behind the landing point, contains plenty of material and information on what characters have openings available to apply for. Though most of the main roles are already taken, there are still many more to be cast. A wanted list of available characters and roles is available and must be auditioned for in order to be approved.

League of America, with a full control room and meeting area. The city is also home to a skyscraper for Wayne Enterprises and one for Luthorcorp right beside it. There is even a highly detailed replica of Smallville High School, a space station, a moon base, a mars base, and the Fortress of Solitude where I met Supergirl. All places are accessible from any of the Aftermath 2 teleporters located around the sim. My last stop in the tour of superhero role play sims was Oa, home of the Green Lantern Core. According to the information provided on their sim, the core is dedicated to â&#x20AC;&#x153;volunteering their time assisting others and helping make the SL experience a positive one for all.â&#x20AC;? The group was formed four years ago and includes activities such as anti-griefing patrols, fundraising for SL Charities, building and scripting classes, working on Green Lantern related builds, role play, and fan fiction.

The sim itself is a replica of Gotham City. There is a monorail at the landing point that will give you a ride around the city, however walking around gives you a better view of what is available for role play. The city houses the Gotham City Police Department complete with the Bat-Signal spotlight on the roof, Wayne Manor atop a hill overlooking the city, City Hall, The Gotham Gazzette which puts out a newspaper that details all the different role plays going on in the city, Arkham Asylum, and the Wayne Enterprises building. It also houses a nightclub and a sewer system. The sim is definitely worth taking a look at.

The sim contains 16 areas to teleport to that are part of the Green Lantern role play. Some of the highlights are the command center which is a detailed recreation of the one in the comic book series. There is also a combat area built around a city complete with a navigable sewer system and a griefing simulation. The superhero franchise is not limited to shopping and role play. There are also themed dance clubs where your favorite superheroes are spinning tunes, hosting parties, or getting crazy on the dance floor. One is Heroes which has the look of a superhero lair within a cave and complete with a control center and hidden rooms, but also contains shops with merchandise and costumes. They host parties regularly

All pictures by Salvatore Otoro

My next stop was Aftermath II, a sim dedicated to the Superman franchise and other role play. As you make your way from the landing point, past a mall area full of shops dedicated to superhero items and costumes, you will see some familiar buildings dotting the landscape. Most notable is the Daily Planet building which houses a full newsroom in its lower level, and the Hall of Justice, home to the Justice


with different themes, contests, and events. They also have a shoutcast stream which can play your favorite tunes when the club is not manned by a DJ.

creation in Second Life’s hero sector.” He believes “it is possible, by building a continuous foundation within the sector, to generate revenue from the bottom up.” He also has plans to create a freebie store and a group donation station. We ended our interview with his praise for those in the hero sector, “I just want to say to all the heroes and friends to keep up the great work and continue to help one another.” If you enjoy what the superhero genre has to offer, I highly recommend you visit the headquarters and see these places for yourself.

The other is the Forbidden Ghost Bar. Buckaroo Benoir, who co-owns the club with his sister Lexa, spoke with me about his unique club. It is unique because every Saturday they host parties that require the club to be redone with a different theme. That is not something you see everyday much less from a dance club. He explained, “We do really elaborate events here; recreate the bat cave, fortress of solitude. We even did Mount Doom for the Lord of the Rings once.” The have created a haunted drive-in movie theater and the U.S.S. Enterprise. This whole new way to do themes for a club party is getting some attention. I asked him about the popularity of the club being that it is so unique to which he responded “I’m proud to say we have a pretty devoted following of folks from around the world. Australia, England, Spain. Even our ‘Come As You Are’ nights are pretty bizarre.”

Hero Universe Headquarters Defenstar (8/44/723) Oa Beta Quadrant (119/178/38) Aftermath II Unabated (133/27/22)

Buckaroo and his sister Lexa just began a new venture called Amazing Events, a service that offers complete event packages, which he elaborated “make it easy for the club and sim owners. We’ve done all the hard work. All they have to do is buy the package.” In addition to the parties they hold at their club, they hold some elaborate events at Club Tropican ( Future plans may include consulting for Aftermath’s new club, The House of El.

Gotham City Gotham City (55/183/43) Dark City Roleplay Xigola (204/236/96) Metrotopia Research Island Denmark (25/17/26) New Themyscira Xigola (110/85/104)

Buckaroo also told me about Krypton Radio, “They do real journalism in addition to SL and superhero features. They even had a story make the front page of CNN’s website.” The story was about President Obama’s healthcare reform plans. Krypton Radio is an online streaming radio station whose website is host to the Daily Planet newspaper which publishes the various news stories. The story, featured on CNN’s iReport page, can also be seen on the Krypton Radio Website.

Heroes RoBeck Land (198/219/23) Forbidden Ghost Bar GoldenBusinessArea 6 (243/96/22) Club Tropican Virtulistan (204/63/22)

As for Broc Janus, everywhere I went, everyone was very appreciative of the exposure he has given their sims, shops, and clubs. He elaborated on his mission and future plans “I like to help people. I also encourage innovation and hopefully soon, job

Krypton Radio Krypton Radio featured on CNN iReport 71



WASHBURNE (WASHTOWN) BURNET (Lyonet, Burnet and Bagworm are adjacent) Burnet (156/111/45) SERENITY STATION (Serenity Valley, Revolution, Shadowdale, MacLarens Drift)

Revolution (134/129/1023)

DRILL FACORY Drill factory (185/117/355)

HALES’ MOON--PALMERSTON & SAILOR Palmerston (216/217/49)

SWAMP HOTEL Orange Island 2 (224/174/40)

LONDINIUM Lyonet (217/224/1002)


ZENOBIA Zenobia (70/213/789)


SHADOWRIM AT BAGWORM Bagworm (234/12/34)


PARADISO Paradiso (108/112/347)


SPLINTERED ROCK Desert Basin East (108/243/55)


DART LAGOON Dart Lagoon (140/65/23)




OA Beta Quadrant (119/178/38)

“Firefly” - International Movie Database

AFTERMATH II Unabated (133/27/22)

GOTHAM CITY Gotham City (55/183/43)



METROTOPIA Research Island Denmark (25/17/26)

HAIR SOLUTIONS Elite Island (141/133/22)

NEW THEMYSCIRA Xigola (110/85/104)


HEROES RoBeck Land (198/219/23) php

ADDIXION addiXion (123/137/28)

FORBIDDEN GHOST BAR GoldenBusinessArea 6 (243/96/22) CLUB TROPICAN Virtulistan (204/63/22) KRYPTON RADIO Krypton Radio featured on CNN iReport

:: 2XTREME :: Pride Isles (163/227/22) RUMBLER BOA SECONDNIGHTS.COM SEMOTION SEmotion (51/56/33)

SHOOZ addiXion (129/237/29) FRI.DAY REZ MAGAZINE FUSION SIMS Fusion Crossing (128/128/22) GALERIA FASHION Skins (121/15/50) ADEO DIGITAL ROLE OPTIC Concetta (123/92/301)



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