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Video marketing is not the next best thing in Network Marketing. That is because it has already arrived. If you want success on the internet you have to implement video strategies. It is the real estate of the online age. Before I discuss how to do it, let's ask the question "Why do video marketing?". Or "Why is video marketing so effective?". It helps you to build a relationship with your prospect Many people have written on ways to relationship market. Face to face contact in person is ultimately the best way to build a relationship with a prospect. However if you have thousands of customers, how are you going to have this relationship in person with every one of them? You can't. Unless you get everybody together into a room full of 500 people at a time and speak to them from a stage. Video marketing enables you to at least have a one way in person contact with your prospect. You can get your message across and your prospect is becoming more familiar with you. This is a key benefit of marketing via video over using email. Videos help you to leverage your time Video marketing enables you to talk to people even while you are asleep. If I shoot a video and put it on YouTube or some other online video network, prospects can receive a link to this video in an email and hear my message. I could be doing anything while they are watching that video. Combined with an autoresponder, this is an extremely effective way to leverage your time in talking to your network of customers and members of your team. Video marketing is free advertising I don't know about you, but to me FREE works. Especially FREE advertising. Apart from your time it costs nothing to shoot a video (once you have bought your camera - which can be very cheap). It costs nothing to place a video on YouTube and then you get eyeballs all over your video. Some videos out there have been seen by over one million people. How much would it cost you to achieve that sort of exposure on television. Not only that. People search for videos on keywords, so those viewers are targeted prospects. Video marketing forms one part of your SEO strategy At the bottom of your video is a link. This link can be directed to your primary website. Links are good. More videos linking to your site means a better search engine ranking for your site. Video marketing is easy to do

You can buy a high definition video camera for under $300. Two great little cameras are known as "The Flip" or the "Sony Bloggie". If you buy yourself a cheap tripod (I got mine for under $50) then you can set these small cameras up and start blasting away. In minutes you can have a video shot and uploaded to YouTube. These small cameras have built in USB ports which just plug straight in to your computer. "The Flip" even has its own built in movie making facility, which allows you to combine two or three videos together into one continuous movie. It couldn't be easier. What are some of they key things to consider in video marketing? - Get a tripod and set your video camera on it. - Get a light which shines into your face. - Sit with darkness behind you and a light shining in your face. - Shoot short videos of between 2-3 minutes. - Read up on your topic just before you shoot the video. - State the key benefits of watching the video in the first sentence. - Provide educational content in your videos. - Tell a story with your video. - Smile. - Speak naturally. - Enjoy it and make lots of videos. Who should do video marketing? Anybody marketing a product or service should do video marketing. When is video marketing not a good strategy? I really can't think of an answer to this question? So go do some video marketing now!

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For More Information About Video Mrketing...We Highly Recommend that You Visit This Link Right Now: ==== ====

Leveraging Video Marketing  
Leveraging Video Marketing  

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