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Finding a date online is not hard. In fact, internet dating can be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling ways to find a mate. Whether you want to get more dates or just getting started, following these internet dating tips can put you on the fast road to success: 1. Know what you want. You see, dating sites though basically the same differ in the categories or interests they cater to. If seeking fun, one-night stands and intimate encounters, fetishes, fantasies and the like, adult dating sites are your best bet. When seeking marriage or long-term relationships, matchmaking sites may be the way to go. If seeking just a date that may or may not get serious down the road, you might need a popular dating site. There are also niche dating sites for virtually every interest, passion or fantasy you can imagine. 2. Find the right dating site. The best dating site may not necessarily be the one your friend recommends. Nor the one whose commercial you've seen on TV. The best dating site is the one that best fits who you are and your interests. But you do need a reputable dating site all the same, for your safety and peace of mind. Practically every reputable dating site offers a free trial period. Take advantage of this. Sign up for a free trial with at least two (or more) site. Then keep one membership or more if your budget allows. Unless your budget is really tight, avoid free sites - as the adage goes "you get what you pay for". 3. Post a photo. A personal ad with a picture gets many more responses than one without. And please don't lie by posting an old picture. Nor should you borrow your younger sibling's or cute cousin's. And keep exes out of the picture completely. Do not post a picture with your ex cut off (surprisingly, this happens a lot). There are services that specialize in dating photos: use them if in doubt. 4. Create a winning profile. How? List your must haves, good to have, and no-no's. Then put them down in sentences. Make them specific. Being really specific helps your profile come alive. For example, instead of just stating "I like James Bond movies" say which one was your most favorite and why. This not only helps give a glimpse of who you really are, but also gives your potential date "fodder" to respond on. 5. Initiate contact. This goes for you too ladies, as you tend to post personal ads and then wait to be contacted. Granted, women get way too many responses. But that handsome dude whose ad caught your eye may never be the one to contact you. And he might be looking for someone just like you. Internet dating is a two-way traffic. 6. Pace yourself. Avoid the kid-in-candy-store mentality. One mistake you can make is trying to

contact every single whose profile catches your eye in one day. Soon you run out of options or get overwhelmed. Between three and five a day is a good number. And please be patient. If you don't get an immediate response, try not to get upset. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to get the right person, but it may be well worth it. 7. Safety tips: Do not give out your real name, address, place of work, or other sensitive private information until you are fairly comfortable with the person. Even so, give these in stages. The last thing you should reveal is your address. Stalking situations have been reported. If you call the person, use an untraceable or blocked number. Good dating sites provide private calling services. Also, protect your computer by having a good anti-virus and possibly anti-spyware.

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Dating Tips for Success and Safety  

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