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Video marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies that every internet marketer should be engaging in. The benefits of video marketing are huge;

Over 50% of all online traffic is now video related If a video goes viral it could drive potentially millions of visitors to your website over a short period of time for FREE Video Marketing provides a vast quantity of valuable back links to boost your search engine position. Video Marketing is very easy to engage in. Communicating with your customers through video gives you greater credibility and helps you build a relationship Video Marketing is in essence a 3 step process Step 1. Create the video The first step is creating the video. In order to achieve this process you could simply create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and convert it to video using a FREE online service at You could also use a free screen capture software such as Cam Studio and record what ever you are doing on your computer screen. Step 2. Distribute the video Once you have the video created the goal is to distribute that video far and wide on as many sites as possible. There are virtually hundreds of video sharing sites online and you should aim to upload the video to as many of these sites as possible. Unlike article marketing with video marketing there is no such thing as duplicate content penalty. So every video you post to a different site is the equivalent of opening a new stream of quality traffic. This is a very powerful concept because you are able to leverage your time for maximum traffic. There are several services that exist online that enable you to distribute your video to multiple sites automatically. Some of the more popular services include and These services eliminate one of the biggest barriers to effective video marketing TIME. It takes approximately 15 minutes to distribute a video manually to a video sharing site. So to manually distribute a video to 20 video sharing site would take approximately 5 hours. When this

process is fully automated it leads to a significant time saving. Step 3. Receive FREE Web Traffic The beauty of 'video marketing' is that it is simply a 'set and forget' strategy. You create and distribute a video one time, and that video will continue to drive FREE, targeted traffic to your website forever more. This is extremely powerful because literally you just continue to 'rinse and repeat'. Create 1 video per week and that equates to 52 powerful streams of traffic that will flow to your site perpetually. On top of that Google loves video. Ever since it launched 'Google Universal Search', videos have been getting #1 ranking across virtually every niche. This is very powerful because it means that the video marketer can leap frog their competition and dominate the number one spot. You really need to take note that video marketing is not at least as important as article marketing, and as time progresses it will become obvious that is the single greatest source of FREE targeted traffic online. Can you afford to ignore that FACT?

Download your FREE Link Building Software and Video Marketing E-Course entitled "6 KILLER Tactics to Profit with Online Video" at Called "Link Whiz" the software enables you to view all the back links pointing back to your website, and to competitor websites. Better still you have full resale rights so you can sell the software and keep 100% of the profit, or give the software away for FREE and build your mailing list. MAO FLYNN wrote the book on Video Marketing. Called "Video Marketing Devastation", It outlines principles and strategies used by the top video marketers to drive a tsunami of web traffic to their internet sites.

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