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“For the Spiritual Explorer in all of us.” December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

Hello my fellow Spiritual Explorers!!! Our world has changed. It looks nothing like it did months ago. We all have been summoned to return to our “inner” home. To explore our innermost thoughts and to reunite with the energy within. There is a place within where peace, harmony, and clarity exist. By exploring your options, you can reconnect to the light. There are all kinds of opportunities for you to begin your new journey.

We are all on an exploration: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. We are learning to understand our role in the world in which we live. As a spiritual explorer, I am delighted to invite you to journey through the pages of my new magazine…the Spiritual Explorer. I hope that you find within its pages, helpful articles, resources, and hints that will support your travels and enlighten your heart. During this challenging time, we can explore when, what, where, who we are, and the entire universe simultaneously.

It is my intention that the information in my Spiritual Explorer magazine will assist you in your travels. In the months ahead, I hope to fill the Spiritual Explorer with all kinds of interesting things to guide you inward and beyond, and most importantly to expand your spiritual awareness. For today, find your groove and journey forward. With loving kindness,

In this Edition: The Pandemic Prison The World is Changing by Roland Comtois How to Choose a Medium by Roland Comtois Signs and Messages Features: Connecting to Nature Indoors by Linda Hogan We are All Evolving by Barbara Bourgette Did you know you have a Worry Angel? By Kate Large

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

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The World is Changing Gratefully the world is changing, and I am glad that it is. What does the change mean to you? What do you intend for the new journey ahead? How have you grown?

As change comes, will you be ready? Take a few minutes to reconnect to your intentions. Write them out. Feel the energy of your intentions. This will increase your manifestations. Change, as challenging as it may be, opens a doorway to something else. (cont. page 12)

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T h e P a n d e Roland m i c Comtois’ P r i s o13n Days of Giving in One Spectacular ight!!!

By Roland Comtois

If the walls of my house could talk, I think they would speak my grief and a few choice words about our current situation. The pandemic has immobilized much of our lives and has caused all of us to look at the world much differently than we did one year ago. This pandemic has caused many, if not all, to rethink their place in this world and their life plan. Long ago, I worked at a prison in the state of Rhode Island. During that employment experience as a nurse, I often felt uncomfortable when the metal doors behind me locked as I entered the prison's infirmary area. It was a weird, unsettling, and odd feeling knowing that I was in a place that was so secure that merely entering or exiting required the effort of many things, many people, and many sounds. At the end of my shift, I was able to leave. Because there were huge gates maintained by staff, steel doors locked to prevent prisoners' escapes, barbed wire fenced-in areas to protect the outside world from the inside world, all would be alerted upon my departure. A loud bell would ring, and all who needed to know knew I was heading out. Whether or not this image sounds fatiguing to you, it was. It was an exhausting job. In comparison, our present world is experiencing a similar situation as I did while working at the prison infirmary. I was locked away from the real world. And we are locked away from the world we knew. Today, we are forced to stay indoors. We are encouraged to limit our gatherings. We are told that if we do anything without a mask or do not maintain social distance, we could risk the danger of illness or harm from the invisible enemy. An enemy that only knows how do one thing; to infiltrate and replicate itself. This is an exhausting time. I have discovered, day after day, that this pandemic is very similar to my prison nurse job. Fatigue and exhaustion 10 months after the start of a pandemic is a real and concerning situation. Maybe you have felt out of sorts, disconnected and alone or even at a loss. Everything seems to overwhelm your thoughts. You are not alone. Millions feel as you do.

These have been difficult and overbearing days; every day since March 10 or so has challenged every aspect of our humanity and our existence. Because I search for the light in all circumstances and believe that things happen for a reason (things that are challenging, and things I do not understand) I still must believe that something good will come out of this. That knowing ‌ that deep knowing that something good will come from this does not always alleviate my pandemic exhaustion and fatigue. I have had to stay actively invested in my life during this chaotic period. Staying connected to my friends and honoring my faith have been of great assistance to me during this time of great change. We are birthing a new time, a new era, and maybe even a new humanity. But we do not want to be exhausted, and therefore, not be part of the potential changes that will come. I thought I would share a few things that I have done during this time of critical change. Call a friend. If you feel down and out, call someone. Talk to someone who you trust will protect your innermost feelings. Share your loneliness and grief. There is no reason to go it alone. You are not, nor do you have to be alone, in this situation. If you feel depressed, then seek out support from your medical team. Go outside. Nature, Mother Earth, is your partner in the experience of change. When I say go outside, I am walking mindfully. I am totally aware of the walk. Prepare to do the following: smell the pine trees, look at the blue sky, feel the coldness against your face. Do whatever it takes to be part of the walk. Walking in awareness will help you step beyond any tension you may feel, body, mind, and spirit. Connect with like-minded friends. Like-minded friends who support your belief systems will help you to navigate the loneliness and the grief. Talk shop with your friends. Share your insights, spirituality, and strengths. Ask questions and seek answers that will help you to grow and expand your awareness. Drink water, eat well, and sleep. These three things are critical when change is upon us. Staying hydrated (of course, following your doctor's orders), eating a healthy diet, and getting the recommended amount of sleep will keep you strong. Keep a notebook nearby. When a moment of genius comes or inspiration from spirit, jotting it down will allow you to go back to that feeling again. The pandemic carries on. But we will carry on, too. Look for more suggestions and helpful hints in upcoming issues of Spiritual Explorer Magazine.

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

Roland Comtois’ 13 Days of Giving in One Spectacular Night!!!

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December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

Signs & Messages By now, you know that I believe that “signs and messages” exists because our loved ones exist in the spiritual realm. We exist after we depart from this place. The real question is, why are“ signs and messages” there? I have spent many years understanding the “why” of it all. There is a simple answer to that question; the messages exist because our loved ones live on. Seeing, feeling, and hearing the signs and messages reminds us that our loved ones are still a part of us, and we are still a part of them. Have you received any special signs or messages? If so, share them on my FB page www.facebook.com/ blessingsbyroland or send me a note at rcomtois.admin@gmail.com. Maybe I will share your story with my listening audience.

Are you looking for a sign or a message that your loved one is okay? Are you looking for a sign or a message that your loved one is okay? Are you searching for acceptance in the loss of a loved one? As a medium, Roland’s life has been one which has delivered thousands of comforting messages to the heartbroken. Roland believes that our departed loved ones are nearby and continue in their love for us. Receiving these messages can assuredly bring peace and support. Knowing that they are with us helps us to live our best lives.

Continued … The evidence is in the story, not in the guessing of someone’s name; not guessing what your loved favorite food was. As the medium delivers the messages, you should listen to the words, read between the lines, and expand your mind. Your loved ones, the universe, and all the entities of love have so much to say to you. This is an invitation to deepen your connection to your departed loved one and live your best life.

During any private session, you need to be open, ready to receive, and be free from skepticism. Your heart knows that there is more after this life. Let the medium guide you to that reservoir of knowing through a message. A session is designed to create inspiration. “It is not a guessing game.” Roland says, “it is a life-changing, eye-opening, heart-moving experience knowing that your loved ones are always present within your heart and with you each day.”

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Reiki Reiki

is a Japanese form of stress relief and reduction that promotes healing. Through the

practitioner’s effort and your willingness to go on a relaxation journey, you will quiet down the restlessness and enter your peaceful sanctuary. In this state of awareness, body, mind, and spirit, tensions begin to dissipate. The results are a quiet mind, a body that feels peace, and emotions that are nurtured. The tradition of Reiki goes back many years. Dr. Mikao Usui made a wonderful rediscovery about the power of this energy. He learned that the energy harnessed through his hands and his awareness became a tool to support the seeker of peace and clarity.

Reiki helps on many levels. In my own self-care practice, with the continued use of Reiki, I can withstand the peaks and valleys of tension with a bit more grace. I use Reiki as a tool to support my intentions and transitions. Meditation, affirmations, mantras, and a whole lot of other stuff can be implemented in your spiritual exploration of growth. Are you wondering what Reiki is all about? Join me for an Introduction to Reiki at an exceptional price for “Spiritual Explorer Magazine” Subscribers. I will discuss the benefits of Reiki, as well as offer long distance Reiki support on January 18, 2021. Click here https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/ WN_A3ZyxhMfRJKDaQlMnfqsag to register. Adding Reiki to your daily self-care activities can open your mind and heart to a new energetic awareness. If you want to book a virtual Reiki session with Roland or learn more about the Reiki Mastership Program, contact Carrie at rcomtois.admin@gmail.com.

American Academy of Reiki was founded on the belief that everything has and is energy, and that we have an innate ability to consciously connect and receive that energy. Look for more exciting information about the launch of the academy in the next edition of the Spiritual Explorer. December 2020 - SpiritualInspiration. Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com Education. Community is our moto!

What are the Purple Papers? Roland Comtois has created a visual platform where poignant messages from spirit are conveyed. He spends considerable time, almost daily, recording the messages he hears, feels, sees on sheets of blank 11x17 purple paper. The Purple Papers are held under Roland’s care until the rightful recipient is found. Each purple paper is photographed and showcased on Roland’s website and social media sites before he meets the one for whom it was intended. The original is always given to that person. Here’s how the Purple Paper communicates … the Purple Papers are presented at many of Roland’s events. Roland does not have knowledge of the intended Purple Paper recipient nor the members of an event’s audience. In fact, many of the papers are written days and months before they reach the intended loved one. As Roland speaks to a person at an event, a name, object or situation reminds Roland of a prewritten message and this opens the door to an incredible story. It’s not just their amazing accuracy that leaves entire audiences in wonderment when they hear a Purple Paper story. It’s also their ability to bring a loved one’s life full circle; to honor their memories, to reaffirm their relationships with those they left behind and to renew their love for one another. Uniquely healing to the recipients, the Purple Papers resonate with everyone who receive them. They turn grief into hope, despair into promise and comfort hearts and souls like few things can. And while the messages on the Purple Papers are powerful by themselves, the stories behind them serve as lasting testimony and validation to the existence of eternal love. Every month some of the Purple Papers will be listed here. To see more of Roland’s Signature Purple Papers, go to www.BlessingsbyRoland.com, or www.facebook.com/blessingsbyroland. Each new issue will feature one Purple Paper only presented here in the Spiritual Explorer Magazine. If you see a Purple Paper that touches your heart or resonates with you, contact Carrie at rcomtois.admin@gmail.com.

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

Purple Papers

Featured Purple Paper This Purple Paper has not been seen by the public until now. It reads “Gloria was overwhelmed with her cancer diagnosis. We tried every kind of treatment possible. My kids were so wonderful for me—to me—everything. I never would’ve made it as far as it did. Thank you for all your love (and the prayers too). I love you. One more “Hail Mary”.

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

End-of-Life Spiritual Care What can you do when someone you love is dying? How can you be an instrument of love while your heart is hurting? End-of-Life Spiritual Care is an important aspect of the dying process. Playing soft music, holding your loved one's hands, singing special songs in their ear or the room, bringing in a favorite pet, if allowed, rubbing their hands with lotion, or sitting there resting your head on their shoulder is something you can do. Often, we feel helpless and lost. It is okay to feel overwhelmed, emotional, and lost. You are human and you have love.

Did you know you have a Worry Angel? By Kate Large “Love, is the most powerful magnetic force in the universe.” ~Florence Scovel Shinn I’ve provided Angel Readings to thousands of clients for years. The saddest, most heartbreaking reading

I’ve ever been a part of was when an unemployed Worry Angel joined us. I had never seen one before and this one… he was… overwhelmed with distress. The woman I was reading for was holding onto her worries with both hands – eating, working and sleeplessly lying in bed… worrying. He told her, “It’s not your job to worry. Your job is to live your life vibrating and being love energy, no matter what’s going on around you.” He shared with us how worry doesn’t make you a good parent – after all, would you wrap your child in a worry blanket? No, you’d wrap your child in a love blanket! He told us, “It’s my job to take your worries. Please give them to me.” Then he explained in precise detail just how to do that. Love is real… Love is the essence of who we are, yet we live in a world of love/fear duality and we’re taught to worry – that it’s the responsible thing to do, but it isn’t. What would your life be like if the vibration of worry stopped throwing stones at your glass of happiness? Stopped jumping on you in the middle of a deep sleep? And STOPPED pulling your Peace Rug out from under you? It’s time to release the need to worry and get your Worry Angel out of the unemployment line! Right now, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask your Worry Angel his name. What pops in your head? Don’t be surprised if it’s a short, simple name. If you want to learn more about how to give your worries to your Worry Angel, go to katelarge.com/roland and download the info as my gift to you.

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My Favorite Books Here is one of my favorite books of all time. “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho teaches you how to see the totems and signs along the way.

How to Choose the Right Medium? Mediums have a fine-tuned connection to the spirit world, including loved ones that have passed on. This is especially true for mediums who communicate love. These individuals are channelers of God. I believe that a good Medium serves as an intermediary between the physical and spirit world, bringing messages of hope and love. What makes a good medium? How should you choose someone to guide you through such a difficult experience? Here is one tip to help you choose the right person: Referrals – Get a few referrals from other like-minded, trusted believers. Ask your friend how did you feel during and after the session? This is a tell -tale sign about their experience and what you can look forward to. Once you have a couple of names, call the medium. Here is where your intuitive side kicks in. Assess how you feel. Do you connect with that person? And more than anything else, did you feel trust? BONUS TIP: Do not hand over any money to anyone who says they can lift a curse for hundreds or thousands of dollars. It could be a scam. Look for more tips in future editions of the Spiritual Explorer Magazine.

Special Event Dates to be announced soon!!!!!

St. Francis of Assisi Though he is the patron Saint of Italy, he is mine, too. I have had an affinity for St. Francis for years. His willingness to live in his divine truth teaches me how to see and live in mine. To be announced in January 2021 an extraordinary virtual retreat is coming to celebrate the man who exemplified simplicity and service. More details to follow.

Here is what Rachel, from Rhode Island had to say about Roland’s work:

“Thank you from the bottom of heart. I’m so glad John chose you to come through with messages for me. I know he has been getting me through stuff because I almost gave up fighting at one point... but your message was wonderful for me. Thank you so much for the reassurance from him. You truly are gifted.”

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com






1. St. Francis’ Hermitage in Narni, Italy. The cave of St. Francis is 2. 3. 4. 5.

located here. A beautiful statue of St. Francis is located at LaVerna Mountain. This is the place where St. Francis received his stigmata. A spectacular ancient church/structure in the piazza of Assisi, Italy which the facade faces Roma. The birth house of St. Francis. So many interesting things have happened here. Assisi, Italy. One of the many incredible architectural delights. Stairways and walkways lead from one street to another throughout the walled cities of Italy.

Continued … In the next edition of the Spiritual Explorer, Roland shares his beautiful and beloved Italy. The images are from many of the places I visited on my yearly tour “Roland Comtois’ Journey to Italy: St. Francis Pilgrimage & More: St. Francis, Food, Wine, Art & Culture. We will return for another tour soon after the Pandemic ends.


Shine Your Light These authors have found Roland’s work so profound and moving that they have captured his work in their books.

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Meet Hazel. She is a Godsend. When my heart was broken over the passing of Mabel and Lilli, this little Cockapoo smiled her way into my heart, and the rest is history. In this photo she is enjoying one of her favorite snacks. Would you like to share your beloved pet with the world? Send me a digital picture of yours, and I will pick one of the photos to include in the next issue. Email Carrie at rcomtois.admin@gmail.com subject line “Pet Photo.”

Reiki for Pets Are you dealing with a pet that has a terminal illness or a health related condition? Would you like for your beloved pet to receive a free energy/Reiki/support. Contact Carrie with subject line “Reiki for Pets” and one of our Reiki Volunteer Specialist will offer energy support to your beloved.

ATTENTION FRONTLINE WORKERS: If you are working on the frontlines during the pandemic and would benefit from a FREE long-distance Reiki session, let us know. We are here to help. Volunteers are ready to serve you. Contact Carrie at rcomtois.admin@gmail.com with subject line “Frontline Worker”, for more information.

3 Things to Get You Through Grief https://youtu.be/aHiJjeWpa8

Another box of exciting stuff ...

What is love? In an up coming issue of the Spiritual Explorer Magazine, Roland discusses love and the afterlife.

What kind of messages do your loved ones send you? ___________________________________________ What lesson (s) have you learned from someone who has passed? _________________________________ December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

The World is Changing (continued from page 3) I have learned that I am strong…that I can get through anything. I have learned that I really do have an inner power, and through my self-care work, meditations, and insights, I can navigate the new world with ease. It was not easy at first but now I am in the rhythm and flow of my new life. Simply following the pulse of change, I allow myself to be part of it. Do I get stressed? Yes, I do. But I find my way out of that painful, stressful space by being proactive in my self-care and by acts of compassion in serving others. What have you learned about yourself? Have you come to a place within where the peace is brighter than the pain? Have you found the rhythm of your life? Here are some helpful hints. Create a plan for self-care. Walk in the woods, listen to music that inspires your soul, sit quietly. All these things and much more will help you gain traction on the journey. Do not be so hard on yourself. It is easy to get down on ourselves. Doing that does not support the overall positive energy that you are trying to achieve. Also, I would not brush your emotions under the carpet. Address what you feel. Talk it out with a friend. There is no need to do all this alone. Be of service. Find a place where you can support, even virtually, those in need. The pandemic is not going anywhere, anytime soon. There are things you can do to help others. “It is in giving that we receive.” St. Francis. In the months ahead, more tips and helpful hints to help you navigate the changing world in my the “Spiritual Explorer” magazine. Photo from Bing

Something to ponder: Could there be more out there? Is that why change is upon us?

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

Coming January 2021!!!

The ILB Files What one medium sees may tell the whole story? Are we the only ones here?

Intelligent Light/Life Beings Many often investigate the night sky wondering what is out there. Have you? There is so much talk these days about intelligent life. Next month, we will begin a new and exciting voyage to somewhere out there.

Survey time!! Are we the only ones that inhabit the universe? Yes _____ No _____ Maybe _____

Earth is surrounded by planets, galaxies, and the universe. How much access do we have to the universe and it to us? What can we learn from the interconnectedness?

For Your Contemplative Enjoyment

These are exciting times. Get ready to travel beyond!! More to come…more to discover… more to be revealed.

“ The Tibetan Book of the Dead” W.Y. Evans-Wentz… “Beyond one such universe there lies another, and another, and so on to infinity.”

What one medium sees may tell the whole story? Are we the only ones here? Roland Comtois shares his intimate understanding of the Intelligent Light/Life Beings on a new podcast series called “The ILB Files” with co-host Steve Lupo.

What is the author trying to say?

Listen to Roland LIVE every Wednesday at 11:11 AM at www.facebook.com/blessingsbyroland December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

Read an excerpt from Linda Hogan’s book, “Walking Gently Upon the Earth.”

Connecting to Nature Indoors By Linda Hogan

Find a comfortable spot near a window with a view of the outdoors, or an altar you've created from natural objects including a picture of a special place in nature that you feel connected to. Gaze out at nature or your altar, paying particular attention to anything that catches your eye. Close your eyes and imagine that you are growing roots that will go down through the floor, through the foundation and deep into the center of Mother Earth. Imagine this energy being drawn up through the root to where you sit and into your belly. You are now connected to the Earth. See your chosen sacred place in your mind. Use your imagination and experience it as if you are there now. Can you feel the air? Is it cool or warm? Damp or dry? Is it still or with a breeze? What does it smell like? Take in all the different smells. Feel the Earth under your feet? Are you barefoot? Is it wet on your feet or dry? Sandy or moist? Are you standing on stones or grass or sand or moss? Feel the texture on your skin. Do you hear birds or animals? Do you hear trees or leaves or grass rustling? Do you hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth? Stay there and just be. Experience it and relax and breathe it all in and enjoy the experience as if you are outside in nature. This is your sacred spot to connect with Mother Earth. She will connect to you even inside if you have the intent. Let her send you healing energy and messages. Thank her for giving you this sacred place and any messages she may have given you. You may or may not recognize them, but they have entered your heart.

Especially for you!!!! First 10 orders receive FREE Shipping. Get your book at www.sacrednewearth.com

Come back to the present moment slowly and keep the peaceful, loving feeling. The next time you feel stressed, take a moment to breathe, close your eyes and go to your sacred place. For a moment you can leave stress behind and rest in the arms of Mother Earth. Linda J Hogan, healer, intuitive and author has deep appreciation and love for the Earth.

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

Roland Comtois’ Annual Christmas Service* (from the comfort of your home) December 21, 2020 7:00 PM EST Click here to register https://us02web.zoom.us/ meeting/register/tZ0tdeihqzsrGtZ2ba_RLA-C9KywXXaZ86xw

The “Star of Bethlehem” shines for all to see for the first time in 800 years. Planets will align to give us all a rare glimpse of this miraculous moment. Join Roland for his Annual Christmas Service as we honor the Three Wise Men.

Navigating the Holiday Season Not only are we in Pandemic mode, soon we will be in the “hustle and bustle” of the holiday season. Here are a few tips to get through the craziness of it all. Pace Yourself. Organize Your Time. Schedule YOU time. Celebrate Safely.


“The Three Wise Men”

Grief & The Holidays

Caring for One Another

Grief is grief; no matter what, as we near the holiday's grief seems to cause more pain and suffering. A question surfaces for most grieved people, "how can I enjoy myself, my loved one is not here?" You are right. It is hard. Honoring your loved one by doing something they loved in their name or creating a special new memory can help you walk through this season. I think they would want you to find peace.

It seems to me that when the holidays approach and we are in full gear, the idea of giving and caring for others seems simple. What if every day was a holiday? In this current world situation, we need each other. We need each other to lean on and learn from. So, what do you say, let us carry on long after the sound of bells of Christmas?

Be the Light

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

Thanksgiving 2020 I found myself sitting this past Thanksgiving quietly reminiscing about my life, what I am grateful for, and so much more. After much inner deliberation, I realized that I celebrate Thanksgiving every day. I am grateful, plain, and simple. Gratitude is a necessary human life experience. Finding gratitude for the little things as well as the big things is important. Not every morsel of evolution is big. Sometimes the small things give us more insight and clarity about life itself. Take a minute for yourself. Make your gratitude list. Remember to include yourself. Be one with the list!!!

We All Are Evolving © by Barbara Bourgette As I consciously expand my awareness of myself, it is a never- ending process of discovery. 2020 in the Covid 19 era, is a particularly potent time of determining what is essential in our lives. Family and friends have been key considerations for me. Of course, so has my relationship to Spirit in all its manifestations. Lots of people have been significantly challenged in some way. I have been guided to re-read certain Spiritually themed books in my bookcase. These books were written at the dawn of the “New Age”. Most of the wisdom contained within these older books, is more relevant today than when they were written! Re-visiting them 20-30 years later has been eyeopening. I realize that I am a different person today and have deepened my Spiritual evolution. We all are evolving to a greater understanding of our place in the puzzle of the “New Earth”. It is an exciting but uncertain time for all of us. We are each taking our own individual paths along the journey of life, but all of us are headed to the same destination…that of transitioning to Spirit. Alignment of Soul, mind and body is a key element of Spiritual growth. This alignment will be a critical factor for all of us to adapt to the “New Earth” where pathways are being “constructed” for all humans on the planet. We are all being given gifts of awareness at this time in the era of Covid 19. Some of these gifts may include: 1. The preciousness of live itself 2. The awareness of who is essential in our lives 3. Your own personal relationship to Spirit—that is, “something greater than you are” 4. Your role in helping the evolution of human kind 5. New awareness that we (Nature and civilization) are all interconnected and interdependent May I lovingly suggest that you start your day with the attitude of gratitude, even if only that you were able to arise from your bed—that alone is a miracle. We are all facing many challenges. It is now critically important to be aware of all your blessings. Gratitude is the source of all good things on your path to evolving. Barbara Bourgette is a nature guided photographer and Reiki Master inspired by Spirit.

1. Smile

2. Listen.

Here are 5 things you can do right now: 3. Help someone in need. 4. Let go of stuff. 5. Become an instrument.

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

“The Blue Kataroo” by Diane Lupo “It doesn’t matter if you hop or you sail, if you pounce or you patter or have a short tail.: We all have our colors, our spots, and our parts. We’re different in some ways, but we all have a big hearts.” To purchase a signed copy from Diane, email her at dianelupo444@gmail.com or at www.amazon.com .

Manifest what you need. Step 1 … Believe

Step 2 … Ask

What is Step 3 ? _______ Send your answer to Roland at rcomtois.admin@gmail.com with subject line “answer”. All right answers will be entered in a contest to win one of Roland’s books. The winner will be announced in the next edition of the “Spiritual Explorer Magazine.” Good Luck!

Reiki Share for Reiki Professionals Are you in need of recharging your energetic battery? Get updated news and information about Reiki, plus spend some time reenergizing and sharing your Reiki experience. Join Roland January 29, 2021 at 8 PM for his first virtual Reiki Share event. All Reiki practitioners are invited to attend this Zoom event. Click here https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/ WN_OTeZW_1aRM-vjOUVNPul4A

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

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JoAnn Wolff Services include Spiritual Counseling, Reiki and Energy Healing Distant sessions also available. angelspirit1111@sbcglobal.net

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Volunteers Needed!!! Are you a Reiki professional or a prayer advocate, then I need you. Join my team of Reiki volunteers providing support to the terminally ill and their loved ones with Reiki or prayers. Contact Roland at rcomtois.admin@gmail.com with subject line “Volunteer.”

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

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Roland Comtois’ January 10, 2021 10 AM—3:30 PM EST

Are you ready to travel beyond? It all starts on January 21, 2021 at 8:00 PM EST

January 31, 2021 10 AM—3:30 PM

Coming Soon!!!!!


December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

Event Schedule

Music by Steve Lupo

St. Francis Retreat Date & Details coming soon!

December 2020 - Spiritual Explorer Magazine—www.BlessingsbyRoland.com

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Spiritual Explorer December 2020  

"For the Spiritual Explorer in all of us."

Spiritual Explorer December 2020  

"For the Spiritual Explorer in all of us."