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How to add new private channels to your Roku Channel store Recently setup your new Roku streaming player?

Need help in adding new channels? Then you are at the right place. Here we will provide your complete guidance on how to add new private channels to your Roku channel store. Moreover, we will also provide you the list of most recommended channels for you.

Technically, private channels are not displayed publicly but they are part of the Roku channel store.

A channel can be private for many reasons: maybe it has adult content, maybe it’s just an unofficial third-party channel for a service without any official app. You won’t see them when you browse the channel store with your remote. To install them you’ll need a secret code or link.

The Best Private Channels recommended for you: There are hundreds of private channels, but here is our compiled list for you:      

BBC, and CNN International TED Talks Adult Swim shows Bloomberg News Live Live local news for most major areas NBC Nightly News and CBS News archives

 Universal Sports Network  International news from Al Jazeera  Government-focused channels like C-SPAN, The Pentagon    

Channel, and White House Press Briefings PBS NASA TV and Hubblecast HD Khan Academy learning videos John Green’s Crash Course

Bear in mind, these channels are either in beta form or developed by third parties,

so bugs are a problem you may have to deal with every once in a while. You can locate more private channels at sites like,,, and

How to Install Private Roku Channels Once you’ve selected the channels, adding them is quick and easy. There are two ways to get it done:  Go to the My Account page.  Visit website, sign into your account you used when you

set it up.  Then click "Add a Channel" under Manage Account.  Once there, insert the channel’s code.  And click Add Channel.

Or, you can find a link that automatically sends you to the Add Channel page and inserts the code for you. It will have the similar URL as the Add Channel page. Either way, works just fine as long as the code is correct. Once you’ve installed the channel, you’ll need to update your Roku so it will actually appear. They will show up usually within 24 hours, but you can expedite the process by going to Settings > System > System Update. In a short while, your new channels will appear on the Home screen. Know of any entertaining, non-adult private channels? Let us know in the comments below.

In case, you encounter any issues while adding these channels. You can always opt for online help services. For more information Visit on Thanks

How to add new private channels to your roku channel store  

Complete Guide for How to add new private channels to your Roku Channel store from the experts.

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