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ROKPA NEWS News from ROKPA Projects In this interim report we want to inform you about current developments in our projects. The most up-to-date information can also be found at and on our Facebook page

Emergency medical aid for Mamta Mamta, one of the most gifted employees in the ROKPA Women’s Workshop, was told she urgently needs a new kidney (we reported this in the last ROKPA Times). Fortunately, India, in the University Hospital of Chandi-

Mamta must have dialysis for 4-5 hours twice a week.

garh, around 1000 kilometres north-west of

donating his kidney! In Nepal, kidney donation

a donor has been found. Mamta is now in

Kathmandu, where she is undergoing further tests.

is only legally allowed between family members. As Mamta is not related to the donor,

At the moment Mamta must still undergo

a transplant was only possible in India, which

dialysis twice a week. Her husband, who

is more expensive and entailed a difficult

travelled with her to India, is trying to over-


come the bureaucratic hurdles as quickly as

The costs for the operation alone will entail

possible, but everything takes a great deal of time and money here.

approximately 19,000 francs. Added to this are costs for care, the stay in India and

The donor is a man from Kathmandu who

the medicines that she will have to take for

fortunately decided to save Mamta’s life by

a long time.

Children rescued from the street The ROKPA children in the Children’s Home ©Bild Regula Knellessen

in Kathmandu received five new brothers and sisters at the start of the year! The parents of 8-year-old Abhisek are both blind and cannot pay the school fees for their son. They beg on the street to survive. Now that he has been accepted to the Children’s Home, Abhisek can go to school and does not have to be hungry any more.

Sharada and Jyoti (in the Children’s Home since 2011) are already inseparable. Dipika (8) and Dipesh (9) are also siblings. Their father often beat them and their

©Bild Regula Knellessen

mother when he came home drunk. When

The five new children: Abhisek (left), Dipesh (top), Dipika (centre), Sharada (bottom) and Sagar (right)

their mother became pregnant with her third child, he left the family. Alone with the children and heavily pregnant, she had no income and could not pay Dipesh and Dipika’s school fees any more. She is very happy to know that her children are now being well looked after and are safe from their father‘s abuse.

Sharada and Sagar, 7 and 9 years old, are

Take these children by the hand and

siblings. Their mother was abandoned by her

help them towards a new future.

husband three years ago. She cannot care for

With your donation you can help

her children with her small income that she

them continue their education.

earns as a cleaner. Sagar often sniffed glue

For 185 francs, a former street

to stop the hunger pangs and to escape from

child can be accommodated and fed


in the Children’s Home, go to school and receive medical care for one month.

New friends make separation from parents easier The primary school in Dechen in Yunnan Province is attended by 92 pupils, of which 54 are sponsored by ROKPA. School head and founder Achung accepts children who have previously had problems in other schools or have not been accepted into school at all owing to learning difficulties, as well as children whose parents need support themselves. The average journey to school takes around

The dormitories in Tibet are equipped with bunk beds.

half a day. Many children therefore stay at

them surprisingly little. Like in the ROKPA

school even on the weekends; some of them

Children’s Home in Kathmandu, the children

only see their parents twice a year. The sepa-

here are like a sworn community and help

ration from their families seems to affect

each other.

Organic vegetables for the ROKPA KIDS Organic farming is becoming increasingly popular even in Nepal and has boomed in recent years. ROKPA is now in the process of building a small organic farm on a piece of land outside Kathmandu. The harvested organic vegetables will be eaten mainly by the children in the Children’s Home. The excess will go to the ROKPA Guest House, the ROKPA Soup Kitchen and is sold at the local organic market, with the proceeds going to the children.

Building a greenhouse in Sundarijal. Tomatoes have been planted in the greenhouses. At the start of the rainy season in

The necessary infrastructure such as water

June, the open fields will also be cultivated.

and electricity was installed at the start of the

So we will already be able to bring in a first,

year, greenhouses have also been erected.

small harvest in 2013.

Extract from the 2012 ROKPA Annual Report Project expenditure

Voluntary work

In 2012 ROKPA managed a total of 150

In 2012 27,770 hours of voluntary work

projects in Tibet, Nepal, Zimbabwe and

were achieved. Calculated at an hourly

South Africa. Around 87% of the funds

rate of 40 francs, this corresponds to the

used went to Tibet and a further 8% went

impressive amount of 1,110,800 francs.

to projects in Nepal.

Donated income

47 % Private

1% Churches


1% Public sector

15 % Legacies

34 % Foundations

2% Companies

83 % Project expenditure

9% Fundraising

8% Administration

Thanks to our volunteers, but also thanks to our many loyal donors, it was again

For the different projects, ROKPA received

possible to reduce administrative

donations of CHF 3,448,314 in 2012.

expenses compared to the previous year;

Around half the donated money comes

they are now at 8%. ROKPA‘s development

from private sources. A further third is

therefore runs counter to the trend of many

contributed by foundations.

other aid organisations in Switzerland. We are confident that we can keep administrative expenses low this year too and continue to direct most of the donated

The annual report in its entirety can be found on our home page

funds straight to the projects.

ROKPA Newsflyer June 2013  

In this interim report we want to inform you about current developments in our projects.

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