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Annual Report 2013 No. 2 / June 2014 / Volume 34

Thank you To our contributors

To our volunteers

We thank our donors and all the foundations, parishes and state institutions that supported us during 2013.

It is one of ROKPA’s principles to keep administrative structures as streamlined as possible. We can then ensure the effective use of any donated funds.

We have received 3,706,100 Swiss francs in total (US $ 4,130,000). It is your generous donations that

This is only possible thanks to the many ROKPA volun-

enable us to annually educate over ten thousand persons

teers around the world. Our volunteers have provided

per year, mainly children and young people, and to help

27,533 hours of work in 2013. Calculated at an hourly

thousands more in other ways. Even the smallest

wage of 30 francs (US $ 33), this is equivalent to an

donation makes a difference and has a positive effect on

impressive total of 825,990 francs (US $ 908,590). So a

people’s lives. So thank you on behalf of the school

big thank you at this point to our volunteers for their

children, students, homeless and sick people who have

committed work.

all been helped by your kindness through ROKPA.

Hours of voluntary work in 2013 4,182 hours

voluntary work at head office

3,980 hours

unpaid work on management board

13,315 hours

unpaid work in ROKPA country offices

356 hours

unpaid overtime by permanent and part-time employees

5,700 hours

voluntary work in the soup kitchen in Nepal

TOTAL 27,533 volunteer hours in 2013


2013: Financial year figures Donated income

Donations spent

ROKPA received donations of 3,706,100 Swiss francs

1,529,496 francs (US $ 1,703,850) of donated money

(US $ 4,130,000) for the different projects in 2013.

were used for project work, including projects in India and

This corresponds to an increase of 7.5% compared to the

travel costs. In the Tibetan regions of China the project

previous year (2012: 3,448,314 francs /

situation has been postponed for the time being owing to

US $ 3,841,400).

the passing away of Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche, the Presi­dent of ROKPA INTERNATIONAL. Project expenditure has therefore fallen somewhat in 2013.

Origin of donations, ROKPA Switzerland

Use of donated funds

58,4 % Private Sponsors

1,8 % Churches

80 % Project Expenses

27,9 % Foundations

0,8 % Public Sector

11 % Administration

10,9 % Companies

0,2 % Legacies

9 % Fundraising

Number of donors 2013: 2,001 (ROKPA Switzerland)

Number of projects 2013: 120

Total donated income 2013: CHF 3,706,100

Total project expenditure 2013: CHF 1,529,496

The full annual statement can be found at


Tibetan areas of China ROKPA supports people in need in the Tibetan areas of China, in particular in the remote areas of the Tibetan plateau, where living conditions are extremely hard. ROKPA focuses on education, basic medical care and the conservation of Tibetan culture.

the treatment of the nuns there and in surrounding nunneries and monasteries, as well as for many patients in the local population. She cares for and treats patients in over 7,000 consultations per year. The sparseness of the region‘s population means very long and arduous journeys to the nearest doctor. The procurement of a car suitable for off-road driving is therefore planned for 2014, in order to be able to react with shorter delays.

Education – for example the Dechen Primary School Project

Conservation of Culture – for example the Palyul

114 pupils attend the Khünpen School in Dechen.

Woodblock Printing Shop Project

ROKPA supports 54 of these pupils and 3 teachers. The

The traditional art of woodblock printing does not need

decision about which pupils to support is made together

electricity or modern machines. It is included on

with the headteacher; children who have lost one or both

UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Huma­

parents and those from the poorest backgrounds are

nity. In cooperation with the few traditional printing shops

given priority. The youngest are 4 or 5 years of age and

still active, ROKPA collects woodblocks and uses them

attend preschool. Most of the children stay in the school

for printing again, where demand exists. Young people

during the week and go home at the weekends. One of

are also trained in cutting the woodblocks, in order to

the teachers supported by ROKPA, Tamdin Tashi, was

conserve this unique printing art for future generations.

himself a pupil at this school in the late 1990s and now

This project therefore not only helps to safeguard

he is teaching there.

valuable knowledge and a part of Tibetan culture, but also creates jobs at the same time. ROKPA makes the

Medicine – for example the Kepcha Gön

prints available to students and universities free of

Medical Practice Project


Dr. Ani Yeshe is a nun and the chief and only doctor in the Kepcha Gön Clinic in Nangchen, which is attached to the nunnery that bears the same name. She provides for


Expenditure in the Tibetan areas of China 2013 The three central points of education, medical care and conservation of culture form the largest items of expenditure. ROKPA has in particular promoted the initiation and long-term support of several urgently needed Medical Centres in sparsely populated regions in the past year.

9,6 % Conservation of culture CHF 109,335

20,6 % Medical Care CHF 233,578

8,4 % Other CHF 95,034

60,6 % Education CHF 685,681

0,8 % Orphans and Street Children CHF 8,690

Number of projects 2013: 98 Total project expenditure 2013: CHF 1,132,318


Nepal In Nepal, ROKPA mainly supports children from the poorest backgrounds and single mothers. Former street children find a new home in the Children’s Home, mothers learn a craft in the Women’s Workshop, to enable them to earn a living. Never again will these children or women resort to return to begging in the street again.

ROKPA Women’s Workshop The ROKPA women’s workshop is a social business project. Its aim is to give poor and homeless mothers and their children a better future. ROKPA has been offering vocational training to women since 1996. Practice-oriented training enables the women to use their skills in an effective and productive way. The project is so successful that ROKPA is currently looking for partners to finance a new building and to assist with marketing. This will enable ROKPA to offer even more women a secure job.

ROKPA Children’s Home During 2013, 52 children were living in ROKPA’s

ROKPA Guest House

Children’s Home, most of them between 6 and 16

The ROKPA Guest House is situated only a few meters

years old. Girls and boys each account for about 50%

from the Children’s Home and the Women’s Workshop, in

(at the last status update at the end of 2013 there were

a central location close to the famous Stupa in Boud-

28 boys and 24 girls). Five children were admitted

hanath. In 2013, it was partially renovated and the

during 2013, while six children left the Home. The

rooms were newly refurbished. It is well worth a stay

number of solar panels on the roof has been increased

– particularly as the Children‘s Home benefits directly

this year. They are now providing the house with

from any profit made by the Guest House. You can find

electricity in addition to hot water, enabling the children

more information on the ROKPA Guest House on the

to study, read and play at the beginning and end of


each day, something that has not always been possible before because interruptions to the power supply are frequent in Nepal. These so-called blackouts are now bridged with stored energy from the solar panels.


2013 Project Expenditures in Nepal ROKPA’s Children’s Home – established for former street children – remains ROKPA’s flagship project in Nepal. For years, the Soup Kitchen has provided poor people with two hot meals per day. The Women’s Workshop offers mothers a job and therefore a secure income. New projects, such as the cultivation of organic vegetables, are being developed.

3,3 % Women’s Workshop CHF 10,000

5,2 % Soup Kitchen / Medical Tent

21,5 % Other CHF 65,679

14,7 % Guest House CHF 45,000

CHF 16,000

1,5 % Orphans and Street Children

53,8 % Children’s Home CHF 164,339

CHF 4,649

Number of projects 2013: 7 Total project expenditure 2013: CHF 305,667


South Africa/Zimbabwe ROKPA’s African projects all stem from initiatives by former pupils of ROKPA’s President Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche, who died in 2013. They plan and implement projects in cooperation with the local ROKPA organisations. The high prevalence of HIV/AIDS presents a major challenge both in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Soup Kitchen in South Africa The soup kitchen is organised all year round in two different locations in the centre of Johannesburg, and is open every Tuesday. All logistics, such as the procurement of ingredients, the preparation, loading and transport of food to the site and the recruitment of soup kitchen volunteers is handled by volunteers. A tasty vegetable soup with rice is prepared and served with peanut butter sandwiches. Hundreds of poor people form long queues at both sites; frequently, there is not enough

Nursery in Zimbabwe

food to cater for all the hungry people.

AIDS orphans and children from the poorest social conditions attend the Chikukwa nursery in a slum of

HIV Self-help Groups in Zimbabwe

Harare, the capital city. The three to seven-year olds

The Tara ROKPA therapy enables people with HIV to

receive breakfast and lunch in addition to being given the

improve their living conditions by offering a range of

opportunity to learn and to play. Every day, around 50

workshops and self-help groups. In addition, drugs are

children are cared for in this way. In many cases, the

dispensed to people infected with HIV, helping them to

food they receive in the nursery is the only food they can

contain the consequences of their disease. Activities have


included the organisation of 30 therapy training workshops over a period of 3 years, with each workshop having around 25 participants.

Number of projects 2013: 14 Total project expenditure 2013: CHF 38,373


ROKPA Donation matrix 2013 1





















169 Francs (190 US $) are required to enable an orphan to go to primary school for one year and to provide accommodation and board.


A field worker in ROKPA’s organic garden is paid 157 Francs (177 US $) for three months.





568 Francs (639 US $) enable a Tibetan youth to study at university for one year.

A former street child can go to school for one year for 545 Francs (613 US $).

Offering food for 100 people in the Johannesburg Soup Kitchen costs 153 Francs (172 US $) per day.

The school fees for a disabled child in Zimbabwe is 310 Francs (349 US $) for one term.





77 Francs (87 US $) gives a nun in a nunnery enough to eat for one year.


For 131 Francs (147 US $), 10 people can receive traditional Tibetan medical treatment for one month.

11 A one-year literacy course for 10 adult women costs 530 Francs (596 US $).


The monthly health care costs for all the children in the Children’s Home run to 219 Francs (246 US $).

10 Medical treatment for 10 people in Zimbabwe costs 356 Francs (400 US $).

12 A trained seamstress in the 13 The salary of a teacher in Women‘s Workshop receives a the nursery is 475 Francs salary of 260 Francs (534 US $) for three months. (292 US $) for three months.


Administrative Office ROKPA The ROKPA INTERNATIONAL umbrella organisation consists of 18 ROKPA inter­ national representatives worldwide and is responsible for the organisation and actuali­ sation of all ROKPA projects. The ROKPA Switzerland Association is engaged in fundraising in Switzerland. These two organisations are both situated in Zürich and the staff members of the administrative offices are employed by ROKPA INTERNATIONAL and ROKPA Switzerland share the cost by contributing 50% each.


Main Secretary


Corinna Biasiutti (since October 2013)

Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche (President)

Pia Schneider

Lea Wyler (Vice-President)

Harald Ammeter, Manuel Bassi, Anna-Katharina Bosshard, Robert Diener, Piroska Gajdon, Maya Helbling, Monika Imfeld, Lotti Kobler, Tereza Konate, Ivo Loretz, Marlis Lüscher, Georgios Mazarkis, Laura Munzel, Ciro Parlato, Amrita Prasad, Romano Renner, Bea Schmutz, Janusz Skonieczny, Margrit Stahel, Gisela Weisner, Elisabeth Weiss Translations: Sian Edwards, Bettina Grieser Johns, Anne Jungi, Yael Katz, Katrin Klein, Elaine Knoerich, Chris Michalski, Susanne Reiche, Karin Stutz, David Tonge

Gerry Leumann

Fundraising Gabriele Lenk

Employees Jeannette Alison Brigitte Böhle (until October 2013) Romano Renner (since October 2013) Thomas Stettler

Catherine Brown Andrea Widmer Pim Willems

Executive Board ROKPA Switzerland Gerry Leumann (President) Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche Lea Wyler Andreas Vollenweider Gelong Thubten


This is how you can help In order to help people in need in the most remote regions of the world, ROKPA depends on your support. Whether you make a single donation, collect money for ROKPA at your workplace, become a regular donor for a particular project or include our international charity in your will would help us to continue our work. We thank you from our hearts. Being a registered charity, ROKPA is exempt of tax, this enables you to deduct your dona­ tion from your income before calculating your tax.

Legacies Many donors who support people in need want to continue their support even after their death. The easiest way to do this is through a legacy, which means a fixed sum specified in a will. Here ROKPA’s tax exemption is also applicable so that legacies will go towards our projects without any tax loss. Please feel free to contact us for further information about this.

Donations for Specific Occasions You are about to celebrate your birthday or an anniver­ sary and do not know what to ask for as a present? Then

What ROKPA needs most urgently Most of all you are helping ROKPA and the people we support by making a ‘free donation’. What is a ‘free donation’? It is one where we can place the contribution exactly where the greatest need happens to be at that moment. If a particular project is very close to your heart, you can also make a commitment for that specific project.

take up the example of many of our donors and ask your family and friends to donate to ROKPA in your name. Losing a loved one is very painful and means an enormous loss for all relatives and friends. In their memory to continue his or her social engagement in a sustainable way, make a donation on their behalf to ROKPA’s charitable projects. If you wish, our ROKPA children will write the name of the deceased on our memory wall at the entrance of the ROKPA Children’s Home in Nepal.

Project Sponsorship Project Sponsorships have the advantage that your donation goes specifically towards an issue that is important to you. At the same time we remain flexible enough to use your donation within the project exactly where it is most urgently needed. At the moment we offer 4 different Project Sponsorships:

We are very happy to answer any further questions about how to make your donation by phone +41 44 262 68 88 or E-Mail For Switzerland you may order payment slips with one click here:

Education of Disadvantaged Children Medical Basic Care and Emergency care Women’s Fund Preservation of Tibetan Culture

Application and more info



Helping where help is needed: sustainably, for over 30 years.

Giving a better chance for life Thanks to ROKPA, many children and young people in Tibet and Nepal – at present nearly

tion SMS dona HF 99.– of up to C

X ROKPA X only) rs e b m u n t, (amoun . 8 to 48

10,000 – receive an education every year. This is only possible with your help. Thanks to your donations, we can exert a positive influence on countless lives. Over 55 children

r donation Example fo 0.–: F of CH 2 to 488 O R KPA 20

currently live at the ROKPA Children’s Home in Kathmandu. We provide vocational training at our workshop for mothers who have fallen on hard times and help them to stand on their own two feet. With your financial support we can provide effective support to the poorest of the poor. Please help us to give them a better chance of leading a dignified life.

You can make a donation to this account: 455090-11-1, Credit Suisse, CH-8070 Zurich, Switzerland IBAN CH73 0483 5045 5090 1100 1, clearing number 4835, BIC CRESCHZZ80A Thank you!



Phone +41 44 262 68 88 |


Böcklinstrasse 27



In Switzerland, donations to ROKPA are exempt from tax. ROKPA has been ZEWO certified since 2004.

8032 Zurich




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