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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. -Michael Jordan

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DEAR READER! The CoffeeRides started in 2012 with the purpose of getting on our bikes early in the morning, before work so that we could get over the daily training together (that is what gave origin to our name as we used these rides instead of coffee to wake us up‌ but of course we are all passionate coffee lovers). Then it evolved into a movement. Last year we reached a point where we separated the Team (made up mostly of the original members) and the Movement from each other. Now we have a base of around 1000 members, all ethusiastic sports fans who participate in our morning rides, and a company of some 20 riders who would like to take the next step and work as an amateur cycling team. We prepared this document as a means to find sponsors for the team. Please take some time to read our presentation.


coffeeride team

A determined sports team of 10-20 members with competitive attitude

We are based in Budapest, but race all over the country

Uniform with an attractive design, to which we can add the visual design elements of our sponsors

We can organise company specific sports events, CSR

Media coverage guaranteed by our results

Strong online presence, communication

coffeeride movement

A community of cycling and sports enthusiasts held together by the Movement

Events, training rides, races organised for the members of the movement

Establishing and building of the COFFEERIDE brand A base of more than 900 fans

Strong online presence, communication


THE COFFEERIDE BRAND As the movement was growing, so grew the need for a unique appearance. First we had made water bottles and socks marked with our “brand�. Then in the last season the team raced in our own kit which we made available to everybody with some small modifications. In the autumn we had our own cycling cap and our biggest project to date: the CoffeRide winter kit. We plan to add a neck warmer and shoe covers to the collection. We have no intention to stop there of course, by the summer we plan to have other accessories made.

ABOUT COFFEERIDE MOVEMENT The purpose of the Coffee Ride movement is to provide opportunity for everyone who is interested to participate in group rides. Rides are organised twice a week in the early mornings, before work with 20-40 participants. The various routes, the distance and the pace are quite challenging even for an experienced cyclist. Hence the participants of the Coffee Ride group rides are mostly young, ambitioned hobby sportsmen. At the same time, if needed, we split into several groups based on

the skills of the riders so that even those who are new to our rides can find what they are looking for. The advertisement of the events is managed through our Social Media page which is directly connected to an online community where our several hundred members can share their experiences, pictures, concerns and ask cycling related questions. Our aim is that the magic of our morning rides, the “CoffeeRide lifestyle� would reach as many people as possible.


…and now, let’s talk about the team


THE STORY The members of the CR Team met each other at the social group rides and their common attitude and love towards cycling brought them together as a team. Some have years of racing experience which they would like to develop further. The goal is to not only to focus on “hobby” level cycling but also to participate in races in Hungary and abroad while achieving good results. While training systematically according to training plans and periodisation, the CR Team actively participates in the organisation and hosting of the groups rides. A clear proof of their dedication is that they do all this alongside their regular jobs without sparing their time and energy, as “amateur sportsmen” – in the best sense of the word. In the spring of 2013 the best of the team (in the colours of the TriGranit corporation) participated in the Budapest-Krakow 533 km long V4 Visegrad bicycle race and finished in 5th place.


WHAT WE CAN OFFER: • A sports team with unified and unique appearance • The sponsor’s logo, text and visual layout can appear on every piece of clothing • Based on common agreement, the team could adopt entirely to the sponsor’s visual concept (colours, logos or even the team’s name e.g. SPONSORING COMPANY – Cycling team) • Continuous, online presence aligned with the team’s image on our well established channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Home Page, Strava • CSR, organisation of company events and sports days • Promoting products to the entire CoffeeRide community, arranging “branded” events, promotions • Design, production of all merchandise products related to the team and the CoffeeRide ensuring presence of our sponsors on the products. • Cooperation in the development and production of cycling related products (i.e. Bagaboo bags) • Being dynamic: we are open to all requests and ideas!


thank you for your attention! contacts:

+36 30 507 5366 +36 20 318 1177 facebook/coffeerideteam

Photo sources: Nagy Zsolt - Szรกsz Norbert - the CoffeeRide own archive

made by all rights reserved February 2014

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