Page 1 Help Us Feed a Child Volunteering your services has the ability to change the world. For many it is a way to create a more fulfilling life, one that has meaning and some direction. Others may not have such a philosophical approach, and simply volunteer because it is a way to connect with others and it is fun. No matter what your reason is for volunteering, the fact is, as Nike puts it, “Just Do It.” There are different organizations out there that one can use to fulfill this desire, but I would like to concentrate more on starving children. There are thousands of children dying every day, simply because they do not get enough to eat. There is a simple solution to reducing this number. The company Xango has created a way to get the children the nutrition they need through what they term “meal packs.” These meal packs consist of a nutritious powder that is created for those kids who are too sick to digest whole foods. These essential vitamins and minerals are crucial in the survival of a child who is undernourished. Xango’s program is unique because it uses the philosophy behind social entrepreneurship to help generate income while helping feed children. This philosophy has been around for years; in fact, many major universities are now creating schools directly related to teaching social entrepreneurship. Stanford University is specifically leading the way in this new type of business. There is a shoe company who has mastered this philosophy and one many people are beginning to try to duplicate. Tom’s shoes have grasped this idea and have now begun to build a fortune. Tom’s shoes are made from all natural materials and every shoe sold, Tom gives a pair away to someone in need. Toms is now the fastest growing shoe business in the world and they have done it without advertising. They have resourced the power of network marketing and have provided a million pair of shoes to those in need. This process is duplicable; through Xango’s “meal pack program,” a person can make a difference in the world. Therefore, if you are looking to find a way to make a difference watch this short video, which will give a better understanding to how social entrepreneurship works.

Help Us Feed A Child  

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