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You must be conscious of the phenomenal rise in popularity of the mobile phone as they say in the United Kingdom or cell phone in the United States. Twenty years ago, having a mobile phone meant carrying a very costly item the size of a house brick around with you and very few individuals owned one. Ten years ago, they were still fairly expensive yet a lot of people had one but now they are quite cheap and even young children carry them about. In fact, cell phones have become so ubiquitous in lots of countries, that landline telephone firms have begun removing public telephones because no one uses them any more and they are too expensive to maintain due to repeated vandalism. It is very unusual to be seated in a public place like a train or a pub and not have someone close to you talking into a mobile phone. In fact, many people become fairly angry about people with mobile phones not becoming mobile when their phone rings. Why do they not get up and go away to a quiet corner to take the call? No, most people merely sit there talking into their phone annoying everybody near them. This then is my first cell phone tip: if you cell phone rings in a public location, get up and move away to answer the call. Everyone near you will be very grateful. We do not want to hear your private conversations and we do not want to feel that we have to keep our voices down because you are on the telephone. After learning this piece of cell phone etiquette, here are some tips for getting the most out of your cell phone. This first thing to do when you acquire your mobile phone is to read the instruction booklet. If you always purchase the same marque, say, Nokia, you will be aware of the way that the phone works without reading the manual, but if they have added new functions you may miss them. Manufacturers are constantly attempting to stay one step ahead of their competition and they do this by adding functions rather than lowering the price. By actually reading the manual, you will become aware of these new features. Visit the manufacturer's website. There might be errors or omissions in the manual or they may have upgraded the phone very recently. There will also be a help email address there for if you get stuck and an emergency phone number. The phone line will be either jammed or costly, so send your question by email instead. Lots of cell phones allow you to assign different ring tones to different people. This is handy if used

in the correct manner. For instance, you could set one ring tone for your immediate family and the baby sitter, so that you know to pull over and take the call without even having to look at the screen. Similarly, you could assign your boss a personal ring tone so that you can decide not to answer it if you are enjoying yourself.

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==== ==== 100 I phone tips, check it out. ==== ====

I-Phone tips, check this out.  

100 I-Phone tips, check this out.