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Pros and Cons of Manual vs. Automatic Directory Submission at Blurbpoint Providing directory submission service is a tricky business. Though many SEO based companies tend to offer the services, they fail to educate their customers on the advantages and disadvantages of using the two main modes of submission which are the automated mode and the manual mode. We try to enumerate the pros and cons of both the modes of submissions. Automated submissions Automated directory submission service surely has some benefits over the manual submission method. The advantage is of speed. For example, if you have to submit close to 100 - 200 web content or articles to a directory, imagine how much time would manual submission take? The same result can be achieved within a few hours using the automated mode of directory submission. We at Blurbpoint do not advise this method as the top notch directories sometimes do not accept automated submission. We advise you to stick to manual mode of submission and in fact have a team of professional who do so. We can handle bulk submissions too as we do it dedicatedly and have been doing so over a period of time. Manual submission The biggest advantage of the manual method of directory submission is that the data is that it is immediately accepted by the directories. This is of course if one has followed all the norms, rules and regulations appropriately. You can either do manual submission yourself or hire marketing professions of good SEO companies to do it for you. In case, you follow all the norms, there is no way that the data can get rejected at any stage of submission. Another benefit in point is that there are fewer chances of your data being declared as spam data. Manual submission ensures that the data that you input is considered genuine and not generated through an automated means. Search engines often have dedicated professionals doing the task for you. In fact, a few quality directories reject attempts of automated submission and persistent attempt to do so may lead to a permanent ban on your site. At Blurbpoint, we understand these differences and have a dedicated staff to do manual directory submissions on your behalf. One must understand that the choice of using an automated or manual directory submission service lies with the owner of the website. One must fully comprehend the pros and cons of using both the methods before agreeing upon to use the services. Being informed is the key to your success.

Pros and Cons of Manual vs. Automatic Directory Submission at Blurbpoint