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Blurbpoint’s Benefits of Web Directory Submission Service The web directory submission service is primarily an online activity wherein the users of the internet mark or tag their favorite website or content while browsing. This information is online and can be shared with others as well. One can find many ways to do so as Blurbpoint offers cost-effective directory submission services. Providing back links for your site has become very crucial nowadays. In fact, web directory submission service is considered to be a major option for increasing the traffic on your website and is touted as the most in-demand service in the SEO industry. The back links provided are not only important to the consumers but also to the businesses as well. These services often use manual submission method because of its benefits. These include less chances of getting the data marked as spam and the data reaches correct directories. Owing to this, most search engines do not use automated means to input the required data or any kind of software to do so. The other benefits of having services related to directory submission at Blurbpoint are: •

Better page ranking by search engines

Building of website links of permanent nature

This has become a very popular marketing tool and is used by almost all the search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and even Google. So much so that today all the top most search engines have started submitting their own list of relevant website to web directories. One condition is there of course, which is dedicated submission. This is very important as the submissions done at timely and regular intervals can be of some use to you. A few benefits of dedicated submission which we do at Blurbpoint for your website to the web directory submission services are as follows. •

Improves and better page rankings by the search engines

Increase in the amount of daily traffic to the site

Increase in web page crawling and indexing

Better sales number

In fact, the submission of web directory is one of the latest marketing strategies which are rapidly being adopted by the SEO providers. This is because it is the most cost-effective method to build a base for branding your website and the safest way to guarantee page rankings. As an entrepreneur or a website owner, one should be aware of the positive as well as negative aspect of using such services to enhance your search engine based page ranking and thus, increase your chances to get more site traffic.

Blurbpoint’s Benefits of Web Directory Submission Service