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EDUCATIONAL MANUAL Lappeenranta and Imatra region


Table of contents

The place to study—Finland


Welcome to Lake Saimaa area


The 4 seasons of Lake Saimaa


Where we are and how to get there


Operators and camp centers


Educational products






Who to contact


PICTURES: goSaimaa Oy, City of Imatra, City of Lappeenranta, Companies LAYOUT: City of Lappeenranta


The place to study - Finland

According to many studies, Finland’s education system is ranked as one of the best in the world. Equality is the basic principle. Finnish pupils do not pay for their education or daily lunch. Also higher education students enjoy state subsidized meals and free education. Teachers in Finland are highly educated and most of them hold a Master’s degree. They practice continuing education themselves and have pedagogical autonomy in their teaching practices. Profession is highly pursued and respected in Finland. Life-long learning is one key factor in Finland’s success. Special needs support is in the curriculum. Quality of education is based on steering, support and funding. (Ministry of Education and Culture 2017) Finland is not only the happiest and safest country in the World but also the most literate nation. Finnish people are the heaviest coffee drinkers in the world and owns a title of being the capital of heavy metal music. (Statistics Finland 2019) Lemi, small town near Lappeenranta, is the Capital of Metal in Finland. This manual is inspired by Educational manual published by Visit Finland. The aim is to help you plan educational visits in southeastern Finland. You can find products related to educational products as well as activities and accommodation possibilities. Welcome to Lappeenranta – Imatra region!

SOURCES Ministry of Education and Culture, 2017. Finnish Education in a nutshell. Grano Oy Statistics Finland, 2019. Suomi maailman kärjessä. https://www.stat.fi/tup/ satavuotias-suomi/suomi-maailman-karjessa.html (Acc. 8.4.2019)


WELCOME TO LAKE SAIMAA AREA Lappeenranta and Imatra region is located near the Russian border only two hours away from the Finnish capital Helsinki. From Helsinki you can easily get here by train, bus or car within just a couple of hours. Public transport is easy and affordable way of travelling in Finland. You can travel visa-free to Russia from Lappeenranta and combine the beautiful lakeland nature with the cultural metropol of St. Petersburg.



If you take an express train from Helsinki, you will be in Lappeenranta or Imatra in a couple of hours. The well-maintained railway network also enables travelling to other parts of Finland.

Main roads 6 and 13 will take you towards Lappeenranta and Imatra. From the Helsinki metropolitan area, the drive to the Saimaa region takes only about 2.5 hours, so the distance is also convenient for weekend trips. A car is also the best option for touring around in the Lakeland area.

Did you know that you can also travel to St. Petersburg in 1.5 hours? The fast Allegro train departs daily from Lappeenranta’s Vainikkala railway station. With the Tolstoi train you can also travel to Moscow.

BY PLANE You can reach Lappeenranta and Imatra region in a couple of hours when flying to Helsinki. Lappeenranta International Airport is located only two kilometres from the city centre: check the latest flight connections on lppairport.fi.


Distances (km)

Surface area 4,460 km2

From Helsinki to Lappeenranta 220 km

Maximum length 194 km

From Helsinki to Imatra 255 km

Maximum width 138 km

From St. Petersburg to Lappeenranta 190 km

Shore length 14,850 km

From St. Petersburg to Imatra 202 km

Number of islands 13,710

By train (time) From Helsinki to Lappeenranta 2 h 2 mins From Helsinki to Imatra 2 h 33 mins

FINLAND IS AWESOME 1. Lake Saimaa was listed to be in top 5 most beautiful lakes in the world (Wallstreet Journal 2014) 2. Lonely Planet selected Finland as the 3rd best destination in 2017 3. The safest country on Earth according to the World Economic Forum (2016) 4. The Legatum Institute 2016 ranked Finland 3rd on global prosperity index 5. The most saunas per capita in the world: 5 million inhabitants, over 3 million saunas The nine municipalities of South Karelia

Saimaa ringed seal

The region of South Karelia includes a total of nine municipali- The Saimaa ringed seal (Pusa hispida saimensis) is one of the ties: Imatra, Lappeenranta, Lemi, Luumäki, Parikkala, Rautjär- world's rarest seals, appearing only in the Saimaa waterway in vi, Ruokolahti, Savitaipale and Taipalsaari. Finland. The Saimaa ringed seal is highly endangered and was given protected status by the WWF in 1979.


THE 4 SEASONS OF LAKE SAIMAA – 4 distinctly different travel experiences DEC – JAN – FEB


Winter –35°C...10°C

Summer 17°C...35°C

Contrary to the popular belief, the temperature isn’t always freezing here in Finland. But it does get quite cold in here during winter – which is great! During winter the snow and frost create amazing opportunities for skating, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and winter fishing. Also, remember to listen to the silence of the wintertime nature, gaze at the pure white snow, build a snowman – or if you’re feeling especially courageous, try ice swimming.

What you first may notice is that the quoted temperatures might be slightly exaggerated. While we certainly sometimes may have even 35°C, it is a safe bet that on most days it’s closer to the lower end of aforementioned scale… or even lower. It is always a great weather. Summertime in Saimaa is full of steamy activities to keep you warm: golfing, fishing expeditions, canoeing, hiking, horse riding and tennis, just to name a few.



Autumn –15°C...20°C

Spring –20°C...20°C

Oh Autumn, the season which many claim to love, but only like it because the spectacular colors make for an awesome background for selfies. Well we’re about to tell you that Autumn in Finland is so much more than just finding the perfect spot to snap a new picture on your Instagram. While the Fall colours, or Ruska as we say in here, are truly a delight, why not try berry and mushroom picking.

Alright, don’t think that us Finns treat Spring like an afterthought, just some empty space between the icy winter and steamy summer. No, no, no my friend, Spring is the season we appreciate the most. Why? – well the retreating ice, sparkling waves and budding nature are all reasons to be extra cheerful. Also while we’re being boastful, Lake Saimaa is at it’s best during this time of the year, especially if you’re looking to do some hiking, camping or fishing trips.



EASY ACCESS WITH THE SHORTEST ROUTE BETWEEN EUROPE AND ASIA The main hub is Helsinki International Airport, also known as the Gateway to Asia. Lappeenranta International Airport offers direct flights to destinations in Europe. FAST ACCESS FROM RUSSIA BY TRAIN

Interesting route to take is the train from St. Petersburg, Russia. The fastest train takes only 1.5 hours to reach Lappeenranta. TIMETABLES ONLINE www.vr.fi (trains, also Allegro to Russia) www.matkahuolto.fi (buses) www.saimaatravel.fi (visa-free cruises from Lappeenranta to Russia) www.lppairport.fi (Lappeenranta International Airport)



There are few operators in the Lappeenranta – Imatra region, who can organize allinclusive school camp programs. They include program services, training services, accommodation, dining and transport.

Picture: City of Lappeenranta 7


Contact: tuhannentarinantalo@tuhannentarinantalo.com +358505303471 Contact person: Niina Sydänmaanlakka-Wallis More information: www.tuhannentarinantalo.com

The cost of the programmes is 105 €/programme/ group (max. 30 persons). The prices for the following programmes are defined separately: snowshoe hiking, night-time excursion in forest, rappelling down a cliff, canoeing, archery, handicrafts using natural materials and excursion to Repovesi Na-

Location: Kannuskoski Luumäki Duration: 2-7 days

tional park. We can tailor the Camp School program to suit your group and also help to organize a visit to a local school.

Availability: All year Suitability: 7-15 years Group size: 10-30 persons

Language: Finnish, English Price: 69 €/day/person Included in the price: Bed and board. Program services with extra fee starting from 105 €/group/2 hours

The House of a Thousand Tales is a farmhouse built in 1914 in the village of Kannuskoski in South Karelia, Finland. The house and its facilities serve tourism. School groups have made trips there for 20 years. These school trips give the children a taste of rural life and Finnish nature with the help of fun activities. The House of a Thousand Tales is an audited rural-based environmental education destination. (Operations model for rural -based environmental education).

There is a wide range of program services that can be booked. Programmes are based on farm life and Finnish nature and local history. We take care of animals, get acquainted with nature and local life; baking traditional Karelian pies, picking blueberry and mushroom, horseback riding, an excursion into

the nearby woods, nature trail, snow shoe hike, canoeing, fishing trip, smoke sauna etc.



and school days in real environment with local students. Our team also includes official teachers, who can teach during

Contact: tomi.varis@taigasaimaa.fi, +358458636024 Contact person: Tomi Varis More information: www.saimaacamps.com

school holidays. In addition to studying, we offer a wide range of activities as example: Fishing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Day at farm, karting, paintball, sport with local youth etc. See more on our website www.saimaacamps.com.

Location: Lappeenranta-Imatra region Suitability: 10-18 years Group size: 10-30 persons Language: Finnish, English, Chinese Price: Starting from 80 â‚Ź/day/person Included in the price: Meals, guiding, accommodation, program

Nature School Duration: 6 days Availability: From May to end of September Finland's pure nature offers a great opportunity to learn many

different things in a fun way. The importance of nature to the earth and to human well-being will be learned through different themes. As example the ways of preparing food or build-

Learn like a Finn Duration: 1-14 days Availability: All year SaimaaCamps are fun, creative, authentic and safe. School camps are a balanced combination of fun and learning for children of all over the world. All our programs have a strong

ing homes in the past give a perspective on how much the world has developed in a short period of time and how easy life is today. The camp consists of six theme days: Fishing, wildfood, survival, moving on nature, handcrafts and hunt&battle. Accommodation is taking place at the Imatra Spa and Muukonsaari Camp Center on lake Saimaa Island.

educational perspective and we also organize school visits



Contact: Tommi.Naakka@savitaipale.fi +358400557879 Contact person: Tommi Naakka More information: www.visitsavitaipale.com

School camps

Location: Savitaipale Duration: From 7 hours to 2 weeks

Availability: All year round Suitability: 7-16 years Group size: 10-40 persons Language: Finnish, English Price: Starting from 95 â‚Ź Included in the price: For longer school camps: accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, transport and selected program

Savitaipale municipality is a great location to have a school

camp. All main services are located in short distance from another, right next to sporting centre. Savitaipale is located only 2,5 hours from Helsinki, in the heart of Finnish nature. Wide range of nature related programs are available through local companies. Savitaipale is also known for its vast selection of sport venues. Accommodation is available in local hotels, hostels or in cabins. If you are interested in nature or sport orientated school camp in Finland please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Contact: yilei.pan@go-nordic.fi +358400137588 Contact person: Yilei Pan

DMC / All in one package

Location: Lappeenranta Duration: 10-14 days Availability: Jan-May, Aug-Dec

Suitability: 5-20 years Group size: 1-200 persons Language: English, Finnish, Chinese Price: Starting from 70 â‚Ź/day/person Included in the price: In-classroom learning, meals, guiding, excursions, activities

Go Nordic can make whole package for a 10-21 days Nordic countries visit. Product can be combined with for example Helsinki tour, Santa claus village visit or city visit in Sweden,

Denmark, Norway or Estonia.


SAIMAAN PALJU JA LAUTTA OY Saimaa Naturally is a Lakeland based DMC that has also own Contact: teemu@saimaanaturally.com

production. We offer nature related school camps with possi-


bility for home visits and school visits. Accommodation op-

Contact person: Teemu Virtanen

tions vary from group rooms to hotels to Finnish cabins. Our

More information: www.saimaanaturally.com

nature related product line includes for example: kayaking, bicycling, foraging and preparing food outdoors. Our main

Saimaa Naturally - DMC Services

operation area is located only 2,5 hours from Helsinki by bus.

Location: Savitaipale Duration: From 2 hours to 2 weeks

Availability: All year round Suitability: Suitable for age 10 and over Group size: 10-60 persons Language: Finnish, English Price: 150-250â‚Ź /person/day Included in the price: Meal, transfers, accommodation


EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS Lappeenranta – Imatra region offers wide range of educational services. It is possible to specialize in languages, such as Russian or complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma. City of Lappeenranta and LUT University launched a Junior University programme that unites all levels of education, from preschool to the academic level. LUT University is a science university focusing on clean energy and water, circular economy and sustainable business. The largest wooden school centre in Finland will open in the City of Imatra in August 2020.



sustainable future. Themes may vary: how to reduce your energy and water consumption, how to influence quality of

Contact: leena.ikonen@lut.fi

waste water and how to clean it, how to reduce your water

+358 46 923 4523

and/or carbon footprint, how to produce clean energy, how

Contact person: Leena Ikonen

different kind of waste materials are recycled in Finland and how to innovate new solutions and build up sustainable busi-

Let’s make more sustainable future - together!

ness. You will learn how to make more sustainable choices in

Location: Lappeenranta

your everyday life. Every small change adds up to making a

Duration: 3-4 hours

big difference! You will also get an idea of what it is like to

Availability: All year round by agreement

study at a technological university and how amazing career

Suitability: 10-17 years

opportunities become available if you do.

Group size: 15-25 persons Language: English

Modern technologies for a better future

Price: 1000 €/group + 20€/person

Location: Lappeenranta Duration: 3-4 hours

Learn more about clean energy, clean water, circular econo-

Availability: All year round by agreement

my and/or sustainable business at LUT’s Sustainable Campus.

Suitability: 10-17 years

Your half day at the university consists of different kind of

Group size: 12-23 persons

activities (depending on the age group of the visitors): small

Language: English

scale researches, measurements, games, innovation sessions, Price: 1000 €/group + 20€/person calculations and/or demonstrations. We focus on your own

possibilities to influence and take actions to develop a more


Learn about technologies that affect our everyday lives. In

How to get new ideas and create innovations? Let’s learn

modern society almost everything contains program code –

from the Nature!

not only the obvious computers and phones but most appli-

Location: Lappeenranta

ances from washing machines to cars and traffic lights. Every

Duration: 3-4 hours

application, game or web page you come across on line is

Availability: May-October, by agreement

implemented by somebody who once learned programming

Suitability: 10-17 years

from scratch! Everybody benefits from knowing a little bit of

Group size: 10-25 persons

coding, and this activity at LUT offers a glimpse of what you

Language: English

can accomplish when you learn more. Themes may vary from Price: 1000 €/group + 20€/person electronics or robotics to music programming or artificial intelligence – all of which can lead to products that make our

How to get new ideas and create innovations? Let’s learn

lives easier or more enjoyable. An introduction to program-

from the Nature! The BIOTRAIL is a forest nature walk along

ming can be taught in various ways, depending on the age

the Saimaa lake shore near the LUT University. You will dis-

group of the visitors (e.g. Scratch for the younger ones). You

cover secret know-hows of the Nature and find out how sci-

will also get an idea of what it is like to study at a technologi-

entists and engineers have used them to solve real-world

cal university and how amazing career opportunities become

problems or come up with inventions. You will get inspired by

available if you do.

leaves, pine cones, spider webs and many more.


MYLLYMÄKI PRIMARY SCHOOL During a 4-hour visit to a Finnish primary school You get to Contact: hanna-maria.toivanen@edu.lappeenranta.fi,

observe and experience a school day filled with the joy of


action-based learning. The well-being of pupils is one of the

Contact persons: Hanna-Maria Toivanen +358405765863,

main goals of the city of Lappeenranta´s strategy. In Myl-

Sari Torniainen

lymäki Primary school we emphasize emotional and interac-

More information: https://peda.net/lappeenranta/

tional skills. We use mindfulness and other exercises to im-


prove ability to focus and increase calm and serenity in learning environment. We work in a team-orientated, solution-

Introduction to Finnish well-being-centered basic education

focused and resource-orientated way. Our specialities are ECO school programme and co-operation with Experience

Location: Lappeenranta

Happiness, an American corporation. During the visit you will

Duration: 4 hours

participate in orientation and three lessons. A healthy snack is

Availability: Sept-Nov, Feb-Apr


Suitability: Children between ages 7-12, adults engaged in the field of education Group size: 5-30 persons Language: Finnish, English Price: 500€ plus 10€ per person Included in the price: Guided tour around school, orientation, visit in the classes, a healthy snack (lunch can be ordered sep-




Price: 550€ /3h /group Included in the price: A three hour visit including a short in-

Contact: heidi.tamminen@imatra.fi, +358 206 175 848

troduction to our pedagogy and the multipurpose building.

Contact persons: Heidi Tamminen

There is also a tour in the building.

More information: https://www.imatra.fi/ Welcome to Imatra schools. We receive a lot of visitors from Koulu3

all over the world so it is necessary to use an electronic book-

Location: Imatra: Vuoksenniskan koulukeskus

ing system (Webropol). Please let us know also your expecta-

(Vuoksenniskantie 96), Mansikkalan koulukeskus (Koulukatu

tions for the visit. A three hour visit including a short intro-

2), Kosken koulukeskus (Kanavakatu 4)

duction to our pedagogy and the multipurpose building.

Duration: 3 hours

There is also a tour in the building. The price for the visit is

Availability: August—May

550 €/3h/group (2-20 persons). If you wish to eat lunch, the

Suitability: All kind of groups

cost for the lunch is additional 8,20 euros/person. If you

Group size: 2-20 persons

choose to have the lunch, please write down your possible

Language: Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian, German




and on the collaboration that combines in a unique way the education and upbringing of children and youths with sports

Contact: lauri.ikavalko@kisakallio.fi, +358445628549

and exercise. The goals of the Finnish PopUp School comes

Contact persons: Lauri Ikävalko

from the new curriculum of the Finnish comprehensive

More information: www.kisakallio.fi

schools implemented in August 2016. The new curriculum emphasizes life-long learning instead of isolated subject

Location: Lake Saimaa area (Lappeenranta & Imatra) & Hel-

goals. The curriculum of the Finnish PopUp School encourages

sinki & Kisakallio Lohja

increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary time

Duration: 5+ days

during the school days based on the Schools on the Move

Availability: All year round

philosophy. During the PopUp School, physical activity can be

Suitability: Primary and high school students

increased by combining education and physical classroom

Group size: min 20, max 100

activities and outdoor activities, promoting active commuting

Language: Finnish, English, Chinese

and encouraging physically active breaks. On the other hand,

Price: 180â‚Ź per day

during PopUp Schools lessons, sedentary behavior can be

Included in the price: Accommodation, transportation, meals, decreased by implementing active learning methods involving schools day, sport activities

short active breaks, in order to support optimal learning and avoid long periods of continued sitting. The Finnish PopUp

Finnish PopUp School Saimaa Kisakallio

School can last from one week up to six weeks. The school is primarily designed for 10 to 17-year-old students with at least

Finnish PopUp School (trademark) is a new kind of temporary

a basic understanding of the English language. The PopUp

time school -concept which offers to foreign children original

School can also be done in the native language of the stu-

Finnish school experience together with Finnish students ac-

dents with the help of an interpreter. Our special thema in

cording to the new curriculum and phenomenon based learn- PopUp Schools in Lake Saimaa Area is "Me and my future". ing model by combining education and sport. Finnish PopUp

Welcome to Lake Saimaa Area and study in Finnish PopUp

School is developed by Kisakallio Sports Institute and is based School! on Finnish high-quality education and research know-how,




Contact: meeri.manninen@edu.lappeenranta.fi,

Contact: katarina.kalviainen@gmail.com


+358 400 990 681

Contact persons: Meeri Manninen +358406344804, Pirjo

Contact person: Katarina Kälviäinen

Lehmusjärvi +358406342943 More information: https://joutsenonkoulu.fi

English lessons

Active School Experience

Location: Lappeenranta-Imatra region Duration: Based on demand, minimum 1 hour

Location: Imatra/Joutseno

Availability: All year round, available on request

Duration: 4-6 hours

Suitability: School children, adults

Availability: Summer/Autumn: September-October and Win-

Group size: 1-16 persons

ter: January-March

Language: Finnish, English

Suitability: 12-16 years

Price: 40-90 €/hour

Group size: 10-20 persons

Included in the price: Price per hour includes the lessons on-

Language: English, Finnish, German, Swedish

ly. If there would be extra expenses, such as classroom rent,

Price: 500€ + 25€ per person

travelling costs outside of Lappeenranta area, books and oth-

Included in the price: School lunch, activities

er materials, it will be calculated separately.

Our school will provide an authentic Finnish school experi-

KatariKa offers lessons in English for speakers of other lan-

ence. The visitors will be given a presentation about our

guages, taught by a qualified English teacher (CELTA by Cam-

school, the Finnish school system and Finland in general. The

bridge English). Lessons can be modified according to the

visitors will follow a guided tour around the school. The par-

needs and preferences of the groups, such as age, level of

ticipants are allowed to choose from several activities related knowledge, focus on chosen topics, available time frame. to Finnish traditions. For example cooking, participating in sports activities, getting to know Finnish art and creating art, articipating in a music lesson and getting introduced to traditional instruments and playing them. If the visiting participants are interested they are also allowed to visit other lessons according to their preferences. Certificates will be provided after the experience.



Contact: leena.talasmo@taidekouluestradi.fi +358445031259 Contact person: Leena Talasmo More information: www.taidekouluestradi.fi

Location: Lappeenranta (Teollisuuskatu 9) Duration: 75 min Availability: 15.6. - 15.8. Suitability: 10-18 years

Group size: 8-16 persons Language: Finnish, English Price: 240 â‚Ź Included in the price: Teaching, equipment, facility

Drama workshop

Drama workshop encourages you to dive and take on new situations through playfulness and theater expression. The drama method and exercises helps you to handle relevant

topics and encourages you to express yourself safely through fun.

Circus workshop

In the circus workshop you will learn about the fascinating world of the circus with the help of skilled and competent teachers. You get to try your limits with the support of the group. The workshop gives you positive experiences, joy of success and brings together the team spirit.

Drum and percussion workshop

In drum and percussion workshop everyone is playing together. The workshop teaches the group a whole new way to communicate and listen to each other. In drum and percussion workshop you can enjoy safe basic rhythms or get excited to play wild, multicultural rhythms.


CITY OF LAPPEENRANTA - GREENREALITY Lappeenranta is a pioneer city in renewable energy and clean Contact: kati.m.korhonen@lappeenranta.fi

environments with passionate problem-solving at its forte.


We are the climate capital of Finland full of high energy, out-

Contact person: Kati Korhonen

of-the-box thinking and international expertise. In our univer-

More information: https://visitlappeenranta.fi/en/

sity and tourist center, located in logistically important region


in South-East Finland only 2 hours from Helsinki, near the border between the EU and Russia, we dare and do. The LUT

Location: Lappeenranta

University, the innovative operating environment, skilled

Duration: 2 hours

workforce and good networks in a city of around 73,000 resi-

Availability: All year round

dents make it easier to start up and expand international

Suitability: Professionals, adults

business operations. Lappeenranta is easy to reach thanks to

Group size: Max. 15 persons

its international airport.

Language: Finnish, English, Chinese upon request Price: 500 â‚Ź (inc. VAT)/group Included in the price: Lecture about Greenreality

Greenreality is our way of thinking and operating for developing a green future, to which Lappeenranta is committed. It is ecological thinking, green knowledge, responsible choices and, above all, actions for achieving a sustainable tomorrow.

Lappeenranta aims to have 80% less emissions by 2030. Lappeenranta is also a member of the global ICLEI network of sustainable future. Lappeenranta is the national winner for Earth Hour City Challenge by WWF in 2014 and 2016 and among the 18 best cities in the world. Visit includes an introduction to our sustainable way of living.



A wide range of program services can be found in the region. Learning wilderness skills, fishing or sports with local youth gives a good balance while studying in summer season. Typically there is enough snow in the region from January to April for winter activities. In winter you can experience for example igloo construction, ice fishing, sled driving, crosscountry skiing or downhill skiing.

Picture: goSaimaa 22


Harbour and cruise at Lake Saimaa while you can enjoy smooth and relaxing traditional Finnish wood burning sauna.

Contact: teemu@saimaanaturally.com

Floating sauna can be rented with a driver for your group.


Floating sauna does not have scheduled departures.

Contact person: Teemu Virtanen More information: www.saimaanaturally.com

Floating sauna has two flush toilets, spacious living room with large windows from which you can enjoy the view of Lake

Sauna boat cruise

Saimaa. The living room is heated during the early spring and late autumn. The floating sauna also has unisex dressing room

Location: Lappeenranta

with hot shower and spacious sauna. You can leave your own

Duration: 3 hours

shampoo home, we offer the best biodegradable shampoo

Availability: May-September

and soap. Our sauna is heated by local Misa stove. On the

Suitability: Suitable for age 15 and over

roof we have large sundeck where you can enjoy the views

Group size: 1-12 persons

and the sun. We have plenty of mobile charging outlets, and

Language: Finnish, English

Bluetooth speaker for your use. There is also a video screen

Price: Starting from 480 â‚Ź/group for 3h

available in the living room.

Included in the price: Captain, gasonile, rental towels, soap.

Welcome to enjoy the traditional Finnish sauna with a little twist. Our floating sauna offers you a great experience at Lake Saimaa. Floating Sauna cruise will depart from Lappeenranta




Contact: saimaatravel@saimaatravel.fi

Contact: Iloinenpassi@gmail.com

+358 5 5410 100


Contact person: Suvi Laine

Contact person: Terhi Torikka

More information: www.saimaatravel.fi

More information: www.iloinenpässi.fi

Walking tour in the Fortress of Lappeenranta

Eat local - bison burger meal

Location: Lappeenranta

Location: Parikkala

Duration: 1,5 hours

Duration: 1 hour

Availability: All year round

Availability: All year round

Suitability: Suitable for age 8 and over

Suitability: All

Group size: 1-30 persons

Group size: 10-40 persons

Language: English, Russian, Swedish, German, Portuguese,

Language: English, Finnish


Price: 20 euros per person

Price: 140 € /group

Included in the price: Bison burger (or vegan/vegetarian)

Included in the price: Guiding

made of locally produced ingredient, water, country fries, coffee or tea. Short speech about the food and family busi-

The tour will introduce you to the history and the present day ness is possible. of the oldest part of Lappeenranta, the Fortress. It is possible

Iloisen Pässin Maalaispuoti is a family-owned restaurant, cafe

to visit the oldest Orthodox Church in Finland (open to the

and local food store in Parikkala, right by the main road num-

public during summer, at other times by prior arrangement

ber 6 and only 2 kilometres from sculpture park Parikkalan

for extra fee).

patsaspuisto. We use local ingredients in our food as much as we can. Meat used for bison burgers is produced on local farm and bun baked in local bakery. Vegetarian options are made in our own kitchen too. If you want, you can ask about possibility to build your burger by yourself!



you can practice and take care of it. Now you can learn how to make a hobbyhorse of your own. It is made by reclaiming

Contact: helena.markkanen@seurakuntaopisto.fi

recycling materials. Our instructor helps you and gives ideas

+358 50 400 5084

all the time. After getting finished your hobbyhorse, you can

Contact person: Helena Markkanen

ride and have fun.

More information: www.seurakuntaopisto.fi Cross-country by hobbyhorses Location: Ruokolahti

Duration: 2 hours

Availability: All year round

Suitability: Suitable for age 10 and over

Group size: 5-12 persons

Price: 95 €/person

Language: Finnish, English

Included in the price: Teaching how to handle hobbyhorse,

ride safely, show jump etc. Do your own hobbyhorse!

Cross-country by hobby horses around Sipiniemi peninsula

Duration: 4 hours

near Lake Saimaa. We have built a show jumping area, which

Suitability: Suitable for age 8 and over

you will go through by walking or running with your ride in-

Price: 125 €/person

structor. At first you will get familiar with hobbyhorses, riding

Included in the price: Materials and equipment for a hobby

and show jumping. Instructors will give you good advices for

horse making, day snack, teaching by instructor who is using

safe riding and then you are ready to go through the course.

famous Finnish learning methods, and of course a hobby-

We consider all the time individual needs of child.

horse made by yourself.

At the end we will make together a rosette for hobbyhorse

Hobbyhorse is very popular hobby for children in Finland. It is and each of you will get this rosette as a souvenir. Hobby-

something special that isn´t anywhere in the World. You can

horse itself is not included in the price.

buy one or you can make it yourself. Hobbyhorse has a name and it is almost like a real one,


ACCOMMODATION Lappeenranta and Imatra region have many different levels of accommodation. You can stay on the shore of Lake Saimaa in the cottages or at the spa hotel. There are also some children’s camp centers in the area.

Picture: goSaimaa 26


Contact: sales.lappee@sok.fi +358107621000 More information: www.sokoshotels.fi

Location: Lappeenranta (Brahenkatu 1) Availability: All year round Suitability: To book a room, you must be at least 18 years Group size: Min. 10 persons Language: Finnish, English, Russian, Swedish, German Price: Starting from 40 â‚Ź/person/night

Included in the price: Breakfast, sauna, gym, pool

Our location right at the heart of the town but only a stone's throw away from the wonderful, unique Lake Saimaa and its nature is quite exceptional. Our hotel is an inspiring meeting place for local residents and visitors in the middle of lively shopping centre IsoKristiina and with five restaurants. Our new venue, culture and event centre Kehruuhuone at the Fortress of Lappeenranta, allows us to offer you new, wonderful event and meeting services.



Contact: Info@wooddream.fi +358400551869 More information: www.wooddream.fi

Location: Taipalsaari Availability: All year round Suitability: All Group size: From 1-32 persons Language: Finnish, English, Russian

Price: Starting from 25 â‚Ź The Wooddream villas are located in the midst of the beautiful clean Finnish nature by the Saimaa Lake. Now 6 villas are available for rent - 2 Small villas and 4 Medium villas. We have reception with 2 spacious halls where you can arrange different events.



Imatra Spa Resort is the Eastern Finland's most diverse holiday center. Here you find everything: accommodation, magi-

Contact: myynti@imatrankylpyla.fi

cal spa, restaurants, sport activities and beauty and wellness

+358 300870502

services. We offer hotel rooms, suites, holiday apartments

Contact person: Kati Ikävalko

and villas with a true nature holiday in the midst of beautiful

More information: https://www.imatrankylpyla.fi/en

Lake Saimaa. Central location by Ukonniemi leisure time center offers many activities: athletics field, natural grass and

Location: Imatra

artificial grass for football, jogging track, a first-snow skiing

Availability: All year round

track, ice hall, indoor sport hall, indoor tennis court and disc

Suitability: All

golf track. There are also fantastic nature trails around our

Group size: 10-200 persons

Spa Resort and inside you can find fitness training classes,

Language: Finnish, English

bowling alley, sport hall and gym. We co-operate with

Price: On request

SaimaaCamps.com offering you the best services. Please ask for an offer for accommodation and meals or tailor made package with activities.



Accommodation and dining services

Contact: tarja.luukkonen@seurakuntaopisto.fi

The Church Training College offers accommodation and dining

+358 50 300 2099

services for individuals and groups. Accommodation is availa-

Contact person: Tarja Luukkonen

ble all year round. We have 50 double rooms and 4 apart-

More information: www.seurakuntaopisto.fi

ments, all together we have 119 beds. Every room has an own toilet and shower and in addition each apartments have an

Location: The Church Training College, Jaakkima Campus is

own kitchen. Lunch and dinner are served in buffet in our

located by Lake Saimaa in Ruokolahti, only 15 km away from

dining room, outdoor dining is possible in our barbeque cor-

the centre of Imatra

ner area near Lake Saimaa. Our professional kitchen makes

Availability: All year round

everything from homemade food to demanding taste. We

Suitability: All

arrange also dining services for formal occasions and we pro-

Group size: Accommodation max. 119, dining services max.

vide dining services up to 200 persons.

200 Language: Finnish, English, Swedish, German Price: Double room 25 €/person/night, single room 45 €/ night, apartments 60-100€/night. Breakfast 9 €/person Included in the price: Linen


WHO TO CONTACT DMC/incoming-services:


yilei.pan@go-nordic.fi or +358 40 013 7588

Tuhannen tarinan talo

tuhannentarinantalo@tuhannentarinantalo.com or +358 50 530 3471

Taigasaimaa/Saimaa camps

tomi.varis@taigasaimaa.fi or +358 45 863 6024

Saimaan Palju ja Lautta Oy

teemu@saimaanaturally.com or +358 40 588 0738

Visit Savitaipale

Tommi.Naakka@savitaipale.fi or +358 40 055 7879

Enquiries in English: goSaimaa Ltd, The official destination management organization on the Lake Saimaa, Finland Riina Helppi-Kurki, Project coordinator tel. +358 40 845 2857 riina.helppi-kurki@gosaimaa.com tel. +358 207 120 560 info@gosaimaa.com

Lakeland Experiences: Lappeenranta region

lappeenranta@gosaimaa.com or +358 566 7788

Imatra region

imatra@gosaimaa.com or +358 20 617 7777

More products:

https://www.gosaimaa.com/en https://visitlappeenranta.fi/en https://www.imatrainfo.fi/eng/ https://www.doerz.com/saimaa https://lappeenrantaairport.bookingarea.bokun.io/booking-area/view



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Educational manual - Lappeenranta and Imatra region  

The place to study – Finland. The aim of this manual is to help you plan educational visits in southeastern Finland. You can find products r...

Educational manual - Lappeenranta and Imatra region  

The place to study – Finland. The aim of this manual is to help you plan educational visits in southeastern Finland. You can find products r...

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