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North West Show Jumping 2011 At Templemore Equestrian Centre, Muff Open to all AIRC members. Each of the 5 shows are individual shows within the Western Region.

Emphasis on participation and fun!

One cover fee of €15 per person – covers all classes for the day Dates:


Sunday 6th February Sunday 20th February Sunday 6th March Sunday 20th March Sunday 27th March

Entry from 10:30am at each show Course Builder: Seamus McCaffrey

Classes For: Welcome Stakes: Crosspole & 50-60cm Primary – 70cm Advanced Primary – 80cm Intermediate – 90cm Advanced Intermediate – 1m Open – 1.10m Advanced Open – 1.20m

There will be graded sections in each class and a training section where riders of a different grade may compete in whatever height they wish. It is ideal for those with novice horses or those wishing to upgrade or downgrade. All graded classes will be run under A.I.R.C. rules. Training classes for Primary and Advance Primary will be run under optimum time. Training classes for Intermediate and above will be run at either optimum time or ‘against the clock’ at riders discretion. Training classes do not count for points. Novelty classes will be run at the last two shows only. League: Prizes 1st to 3rd and rosettes 1st to 6th for accumulated points over the 5 shows for graded classes. Final Show: Prizes for 1st place for graded and novelty classes, rosettes 1st to 6th for graded classes and 1st to 3rd for novelty classes. A competitor may ride more than one horse but will only be awarded points for their highest placing, e.g. if a competitor was placed 1st on horse A and 2nd on horse B they would be awarded 1st prize only, and the competitor placed 3rd would be awarded 2nd etc. Correct headwear and footwear is essential. Members are reminded to observe proper dress, especially at the final. 2011 AIRC membership cards and equine passports must be produced at each show. The shows are a joint enterprise between Donegal Gaeltacht, Letterkenny and Tirconaill Riding Clubs and are dependent on the help of our members and volunteers. A volunteer list will be at Entries. If you see something that needs doing, please ‘chip in’ and/or inform Frances McNicholl. Your help is very much needed and appreciated. Safety and other notices on arena gates must be adhered to. 2011 A.I.R.C. membership cards and equine passports must be produced at each show. ENQUIRIES: Roisin McGee – 087-6683987 and Schedule also available on and and Western Region Facebook page.

North West Show Jumping 2011  
North West Show Jumping 2011  

AIRC North West Show Jumping - February and March 2011