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About the cleverbridge | ROI DNA Partnership: Even the best e-commerce engine in the world lies underutilized without world class marketing initiatives to drive sales. Conversely, comprehensive marketing programs won’t realize their full conversion potential without the foundation of a world class e-commerce platform. That’s why cleverbridge and ROI DNA have come together to offer clients superior end-to-end e-commerce solutions. Since 2010, ROI DNA & cleverbridge have been partnering to help clients achieve amazing results. Our alliance combines the remarkable strengths of the world’s best e-commerce platform with a renowned marketing solutions company proven to deliver superior business results. Today our partnership offers you a world class, end-to-end revenue engine tested and proven with leading enterprises. Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, A/B Testing, Branding, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Analytics Installations, Engineering and much more, all built on top of the world’s best e-commerce platform. Cheers,

Matt Quirie CEO, ROI DNA

Dear Business Leader, Thank you for your interest in ROI DNA. We’d like to take a moment to talk to you about how we’re extraordinary at driving growth. As an admitted “optimization addict” and a “constant developer”, respectively, we saw the opportunity to create a different kind of agency. One solely focused on helping clients drive optimal growth and achieve extraordinary results. We’re passionate about helping companies evolve to their full potential, and beyond. Here’s how we do it. Every company has a set of building blocks that determine its strengths and character. These building blocks are a company’s DNA–the people, processes and technology that ultimately make its work possible. At ROI DNA, we get into our clients’ DNA, select key elements and combine them with our expert DNA. The result? Organic evolution and powerful, sustainable growth. Take a look at our ROI DNA: ROI Thinking We’re 100% focused on commerce solutions that help brands transform their businesses. Our strategic planning and processes focus on identifying and exploiting the biggest potential opportunities to drive sales for our clients. From triaging growth impediments to identifying new high potential channels and sectors, we provide the focus and insight that make optimal growth possible. ROI Services From the beginning, we understood that driving optimal growth required strength in all of the disciplines that matter. So ROI DNA offers all of the key digital and offline services that can move the needle for your business. Strength in every critical area is possible. We prove it every day. ROI Technology We deliver the technology to drive massive growth for your business, whether it’s transforming a web site back end, providing ground breaking analytics and insights, or delivering the most persuasive brand experiences. ROI Experts Everyone at ROI DNA has unique talents and distinctive experience. A diverse, international group, we’re united by our passion for driving growth. Today, we offer a collective 450+ years of e-commerce experience. And despite our four centuries of collective experience, we’re young, fun and just getting started. Our model works. We can prove it. Throughout this booklet, we will show you real world results that illustrate our prowess with both B2B and B2C markets. Your agency should be as committed to your optimal growth as you are. With ROI DNA you get more than just commitment. You get results. Because ROI is in our DNA. We look forward to helping your business grow. Sincerely,

Matt Quirie Alson Kemp CEO CTO

What we have to offer A full range of services proven to drive optimal results


Creative and Design

Email Marketing


Multi-platform Design

List Development and Management

Display Ads

Client Management

Identity Design

Campaign and Editorial Calendar

UI/UX Design

Creative Development



Affiliate Marketing

Organic Traffic Acquisition

Program Development

New Market Identification

Affiliate Acquisition

Code Analysis and Optimization

Creative Development

Complete Service Management

Campaign Management






Campaign Development

Back-end Architecture and Systems

Outsourced Program Management

Software and Web Development

New Targets Development

Growth Platforms

Bid and Creative Management

Multi-platform Coding



Business Assessment Brand Development Engagement Strategy Go-To-Market Strategy

Social Media Campaign Development Community Management Facebook Presence Brand Enhancement


Creative and Design More than meets the eye

Creative and Design More than meets the eye

Beauty is as beauty does. More than ever, prospects and consumers are demanding better marketing experiences that help them make the right decisions. ROI DNA offers best-in-class experiences that excite, guide, and deliver value. We create designs that drive people. How we’re different | Beauty that works Creative work can be powerful, or confusing. Effective, or selfindulgent. ROI DNA hires creatives who love the intersection of form and function. We understand how to create visuals integrated with copy to inspire action. Our team consistently delivers better results by using its extensive knowledge of best practices coupled with rich, intuitive experiential design. Further, we’ve demonstrated this ability across virtually every medium and platform.


Multi-platform Design

Identity Design


Logo development

Mobile and mobile apps

Brand evolution


Portfolio brand design

Print mediums

Family branding

Display Ads

UI/UX Design




Commerce sites


Landing pages and microsites


Multi-platform design


BrowserMob Case Study Strategic user-centered design

Founded in 2008, BrowserMob introduced its first website monitoring and load testing product in November of that year. Since then, BrowserMob grew to profitability and was acquired by Neustar Inc. (NYSE: NSR) in July of 2010. Project Highlights | ROI DNA performed a full homepage and logo redesign to better represent BrowserMob and improve user experience. A full site reorganization promoted more intuitive navigation and significantly improved site comprehension and conversions.

The Results? increase in B2B sales




Strategic user-centered design transformed the learning and buying experience of Browser Mob, instantly lifting conversion rates by more than 30%.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Natural search shouldn’t be a “black box”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Natural search shouldn’t be a “black box”

Many SEO practitioners keep their clients in the dark about what they are doing. It’s no wonder that marketers can be skeptical of SEO practitioners selling these “mysterious processes.” SEO is constantly changing and evolving to reflect new algorithms and market dynamics. ROI DNA understands this and believes that every client deserves complete transparency. How we’re different | Speed and transparency matter The building blocks of a powerful SEO program don’t change even though the precise characteristics rewarded by search engines may be in constant flux. ROI DNA has vast experience in understanding what sorts of characteristics and changes drive the most benefit. We are relentless in our dedication to continuous improvement. We keep you constantly aware of what we are doing and why it matters. Plus, our team works to build sustainable search engine strategies to ensure that our clients are ready for algorithm changes even before they occur.


Organic Traffic Acquisition

Code Analysis and Optimization

Strategy to grow relevance of content

Existing site and presence assessment

Traffic quality analysis

Code and content development

Page design

Text, photo, and video optimization

Site redesign

Page and word level analysis

New Market Identification

Complete Services Management

Multi-target content development


Buy path analysis

Commerce sites

Cross-platform optimization

Landing pages and microsites

Page rank analysis by target and word

Multi-platform design


Paid Search (SEM) It’s time to leverage science and art

Paid Search (SEM) It’s time to leverage science and art

Virtually every company’s search efforts see immediate benefits from SEM. But maximizing success requires much more than a “set it and forget it” SEM program. Further, the marketplace changes literally by the second. In this environment, optimal SEM results require artful expertise combined with the most advanced bid and yield management technology available. How we’re different | People + Platform + Cross Industry Best Practices ROI DNA is deeply experienced with every major bid management platform, and adds its own layer of proprietary technology to deliver optimal results. Our team has decades of experience in maximizing performance to any measurable KPI. We apply experience from within your industry as well as learning gathered from across commerce to ensure that you receive the best return on investment. Finally, copy and campaign development are led by experienced practitioners who understand that technology efforts are maximized by getting the right message to the right person at the right time.


Campaign Development

New Targets Development

Keyword list development

Segmented messaging

Message testing programs

Attribution modeling

Macro and micro level optimization

Dynamic testing of new words and targets

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines

“Long-tail� yield management

Program Management

Bid and Creative Management

Program audits

Optimization to any measurable KPI

Turnkey search management

International bid management

Marin Software, Kenshoo, Atlas, DoubleClick

Real-time optimization

Proprietary search platforms

Monthly and quarterly key learnings reports


Email CRM can work even harder for you

Email CRM can work even harder for you

For most brands, email is the most cost-efficient sales channel. But it takes focused attention and expertise to improve on a winner. Every aspect of a program needs to be made better, and then better still, in order to extract the most benefit from this critical, underleveraged medium. How we’re different | We make email enticing To ROI DNA, results and sales are one of the most attractive aspects of email. Our email experts focus relentlessly on driving stronger return on email investments. We’ve proven again and again that email can be both a workhorse and a growth channel through more effective prospect acquisition, list optimization, content innovation, and proactive editorial calendaring. We apply sequential learning and best practices to improve results every time you field messages.


List Development/Management

Campaign and Editorial Calendar

Prospect acquisition

Complete program development

List testing and segmentation

Themes identification

Deliverability optimization

Message testing

Database standardization

Dynamic messaging

Client Management

Creative Development

Complete outsourcing service

Content and copy

Contract negotiation

Offer development

Rates renegotiation

Template development

Full reporting and key learnings analysis

Dynamic template design


Ning Case Study Enticing emails help reinforce brand and recapture customers

Ning, a social platform, hired ROI DNA to redesign their homepage. They were acquired by Glam Media in 2011. The learnings from the multivariate testing for their homepage redesign enabled ROI DNA to efficiently create a successful email campaign series. The fresh campaign reinforced brand identification and performed very well. This retention email series was designed to capture customers who fell out of the buy flow and turn them into purchasers. Project Highlights | ROI DNA redesigned Ning’s email web presence. We designed a retention email campaign series to leverage learnings from multivariate testing of their previous web design project. We then trained the client to successfully implement the series on Silverpop.

The Results?


increase in conversions 22



Email campaigns increased conversions by 20%, recaptured customers, clarified the brand and expanded overall reach.


Affiliate Marketing Activate your sales army

Affiliate Marketing Activate your sales army

Affiliate marketing has been a part of digital almost from the inception of the web. Mastering this complex channel has grown increasingly difficult because so many brands and programs are competing for affiliate attention. Many marketers suffer from the misconception that the job is “done” after the recruitment stage. The reality is that sustained sales and growth from this channel require constant attention and focus. How we’re different | Real affiliate partnership ROI DNA fields and develops dozens of affiliate programs with a winning approach that emphasizes the strongest possible recruitment, proactive relationship management, and continuous offer optimization. We start by leveraging our deep partnerships with generalist and specialist “super affiliates”, and work with them continuously to maximize results. By keeping your program top of mind with these leading affiliate properties, we ensure that you grow sales month after month.


Program Development

Creative Development

Existing program assessment

Offer messaging

Program design and redesign

Creative unit development

Competitive offer and program analysis

Affiliate promotions

Program action plans

Static or dynamic creative

Affiliate Acquisition

Outsourced Program Management

Recruit generalist super affiliates

Complete outsourced solutions

Recruit category specialist super affiliates

Proprietary or third party affiliate platforms

Affiliate approval programs

Program calendaring

Offer development

Reporting, analytics, and optimization


Engineering Good enough simply isn’t anymore

Engineering Good enough simply isn’t anymore

Every day hundreds of thousands of programmers and coders build the backbones of companies. And while these systems may be functional, they aren’t always scalable. Engineering for growth requires a tremendous understanding of your business coupled with unparalleled expertise at driving results and empowering leaders with the mission critical information that they need. Everything counts. How we’re different | Engineered for success The founders of ROI DNA understood from the beginning that technology and information are the most critical components to running a business at its full potential. Every member of our team has vast experience building and adapting solutions to drive growth. Our team is constantly studying new developments to understand the best practices necessary to maximize results. We don’t just focus on a single set of technologies and platforms because every business is different and needs technology that perfectly dovetails with its needs. For the same reasons, we work with any and every platform. And we never forget the need to create scalability. Because you are going to need it. We promise.


Back-end Architecture

Growth Platforms

Overhauls of existing systems

New systems development

Custom implementation

Scalability solutions


Legacy systems re-engineering

Data integrity solutions

Web services implementation

Software and Web Development

Multi-platform Coding

Websites, pages, applications


Multi-platform development

Python, Django, Pylons

Full service testing and QA

Ruby and Rails, C#,

New standards compliance

Java, JSP, Node JS, PHP


Stitch Fix Case Study A complete back-end overhaul and development system

A totally new way to shop, Stitch Fix is exploring the new frontier of online shopping. Stitch Fix determines people’s size and style preferences and then delivers directly to people’s door a package of boutique-worthy clothes, customized to their taste, every month. ROI DNA developed a scalable foundation for rapid, strategic growth in online sales marketing. Project Highlights | ROI DNA developed Stitch Fix’s website from the ground up. We performed back-end application development, database creation, front-end engineering and more for a highly functional website ready for exponential growth. You could say we “tailored” their website perfectly to their brand.

The Results? 4x

product shipments


Stitch Fix

Took entire site from first code to production in under two months. Transferred spreadsheet-based system into flexible, modern web application. Enabled client to quadruple shipments in an efficient startup timeframe.


Branding The foundation for business evolution

Branding The foundation for business evolution

Sound research and efficient planning form the foundation to any effective marketing effort. To achieve the greatest benefits, the research, planning and brand evolution should have business growth as their core objective. Every aspect of what you do should originate from your company’s objectives and goals. How we’re different | What works and what matters ROI DNA takes a strategic approach to all client engagements, ensuring that each brand is poised for optimal growth. Our unique process ensures that your marketing efforts have the right DNA to be incredibly successful. Our branding strategy team is driven by a deep expertise in “what works” and a collaborative approach to unearthing what matters in your category and for your brand. We offer a full range of strategic services, from creating and evolving brand identity to defining robust growth platforms and action plans.


Business Assessment

Engagement Strategy

Brand audit and competitive assessment

Target behaviors assessment

Target segmentation

Connection planning

Buyer insights

Communications strategy

Brand success factors

Reputation management

Brand Development

Go-To-Market Strategy

Naming and tagline creation

Priorities planning

Visual positioning

Marketing plans

Verbal positioning

Strategic media

Brand standards and guidelines

Full service planning and buying


SOS Online Backup Case Study We evolve brand to drive amazing conversions

SOS Online Backup is a 10 year veteran of the online backup market. With many industry accolades and years of creating advanced, secure online backup, they were looking for a way to evolve their brand to fit both consumer and business markets. ROI’s engagement with SOS Online Backup enabled them to have one cohesive brand that spoke directly to each in a unique way. Project Highlights | A 110% increase in B2B sales and a whopping 352% increase in B2C sales. By taking separate yet cohesive approaches to each market, ROI was able to achieve distinct communication channels that not only clarified the brand’s value proposition to each, but also grew revenues to new heights beyond expectations.

The Results?


SOS Online Backup

Created two completely different brand communication approaches that successfully increased both business lines. Worked within existing brand constraints and still delivered a focused and impactful ROI.


Social Media It’s time to unleash social’s true business potential

Social Media It’s time to unleash social’s true business potential

The potential for social as a business driver is enormous. Study after study demonstrates that prospects are spending more and more time in social environments, and are looking to these channels for ideas and recommendations. But these same studies show that most companies are dissatisfied with their current social efforts, believing that the channel should be doing more to grow their businesses. How we’re different | Social that delivers remarkable results ROI DNA is a first mover in delivering strong business results from social media. We marry the desires and needs of people to the sales and business objectives of brands using a combination of best practices and a unique spirit of innovation. We partner with both the largest social communities and the most innovative solutions providers to create programs wholly focused on meeting business goals. For many of our clients, this combination of expertise and creativity has made social a key growth channel with tremendous present and future potential.


Campaign Development

Facebook Presence

Social planning

Development and management of profile

Partner and technology identification

Tool and content development

Participation mapping

Performance measurement and reporting

Creative presence development

Continuous optimization

Community Management

Brand Enhancement

End to end group management

Recruitment of brand advocates

Prospect acquisition


Consumer dialogue

Brand amplification

Reputation management

Advocate relationship management


Apsalar Case Study We drive the social conversation to the next level

Apsalar is a leading analytics and behavioral targeting startup in the mobile industry. Early in their growth process, Apsalar chose to use social networking to maximize their market presence. A cohesive communications strategy developed with ROI DNA helped Apsalar become a well-known and respected name in mobile analytics. Project Highlights | When Apsalar sought their latest round of funding – an impressive Series A $5M – the content of the company’s tweets contributed to the venture firm’s interest in Apsalar, proving that social content not only connects you to your customers, but potential investors, partners, or collaborators as well.

The Results? + team and client collaboration


= brain storming

one successful campaign launch


Worked closely with founders and team to ensure a successful launch across channels and introduce the company as a thought leader in the industry.


Ready to get in touch?


Matt Quirie | CEO 1.855.4ROIDNA 1.855.476.4362


480 Second Street, Suite 302 San Francisco, CA 94107


Here’s why you should.

“The team at ROI DNA delivers! The creative team created stunning website and email designs that are true to the Ning brand. With their unique combination of creativity and analytical skills, the new designs helped to increased conversion rate by 20%.” Christina Lee, Ning

“ROI has been a great partner for us – they stepped up to fill in technological gaps when we desperately needed it – We couldn’t have built our business so quickly without their help and guidance. They are responsive, flexible, and above all, great people.” Katrina Lake, Stitch Fix

“All six of our key product and marketing metrics have improved consistently because of ROI DNA’s insight and execution. More to the point, we simply would not have been able to build this product and company as quickly and effectively without them. And it’s been fun, the support and enthusiasm is unparalleled.” Antony Brydon, Insidr


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Advanced e-commerce plus the optimal growth agency equals limiteless possibilities.

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