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Australian Gathering 2012

SHALOM AND WELCOME! Bruchim Haba’im to the first-ever ROI & AJF Australian Gathering! The Australian Jewish Funders (AJF) and ROI Community are thrilled to be partnering to bring you this unique opportunity for networking, brainstorming, learning and connecting. ROI Community is part of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropic Network (CLSPN) and is honoured to join CLSPN’s President, Mr. Sandy Cardin, here in Melbourne. Last year, CLSPN deepened its commitment to supporting young inspiring Jewish leaders by allocating more resources to facilitating face-to-face encounters between individuals, organisations and networks that comprise Jewish life. That is where all of you come into the picture. AJF and ROI Community recognize your local talent as being vital not only to the Melbourne and Sydney communities, but to a global movement of change-makers. Each of you makes up this diverse network of leading thinkers, innovators and activists representing some of the most vibrant centers and creative young individuals in Australian Jewish life. Over the course of the day, you will be given the space to explore and share some of your greatest passions. We hope that your interactions at this gathering will spark fruitful connections for collaborations that will ultimately encourage and empower large numbers of Jewish adults to live rich, meaningful Jewish lives here in Australia and across the world. We are excited to benefit from the profound insight of your unique perspectives and experiences and to dream together in service of our collective vision: ensuring the perpetuation of our rich, millennia-old heritage for generations to come. In devoting your time and efforts to your important work, you are joining an international community working hard to create positive change. We look forward to spending a productive and meaningful day together and to seeing what emerges from the seeds planted today, at ‘The White House’. With great appreciation,

Tracie Olcha

Elissa Krycer

AJF Executive Office On behalf of the Australian Jewish Funders

ROI Community Manager On behalf of ROI Community

Australian Jewish Funders (AJF) AJF is a forum for its donor members to enhance the understanding and quality of philanthropy in the Australian Jewish community, Israel and the wider Australian society. Members create and share opportunities for critical enquiry, discussion, resource building, networking and collaboration to strengthen the foundations of their philanthropy and to maximise the impact of their efforts. AJF aims not only to increase the value of member-based philanthropy, but also to help others to make best use of philanthropy in their personal, professional and community lives. The AJF also encourages and assists young people to enhance their understanding of philanthropy and to play an active part in the development of philanthropy for the society of the future.

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Philanthropic Network (CLSPN) CLSPN is a global network of philanthropic initiatives focused on igniting the passion and unleashing the power in young people to create change. Rooted in the Jewish commitment to service, education, community and Israel, CLSPN is growing and building on a 25-year track record of activating and empowering networks of young leaders and organizations who share our vision of a more vibrant, welcoming, caring world. Ultimately, CLSPN aims to create a groundswell of people who work in partnership to plant the seeds of a better future for themselves, in the Jewish community and across the broader world. Started by the Schusterman family as a one-office foundation in Tulsa, Oklahoma, CLSPN has expanded its reach to 11 time zones, nearly 30 team members and, through its work, hundreds of thousands of people around the world. CLSPN includes the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Schusterman FoundationIsrael, ROI Community and REALITY. @schustermanfoun

ROI Community ROI Community is a global network of Jewish innovators created by Lynn Schusterman. ROI connects dynamic, creative Jews and gives them the tools, support and space to turn their ideas into innovative work that will change the face of Jewish life today and tomorrow. ROI Community conferences, gatherings, professional development, mentorship opportunities and financial support empower ROI members as leaders, activists and change-agents in shaping the Jewish future and society at large. ROI is a community characterized by sharing and reciprocity where members learn from and nurture one another. ROI Community members are contributing to and influencing the fields of education, Israel advocacy, technology, social justice, the arts, environment and more.

Sunday, August 26

08:00 - 09:00

Registration & Breakfast

09:00 - 10:00

Introduction & Opening Address by Danny Almagor, co-founder and CEO of Small Giants

10:00 - 10:30


10:30 - 11:45

You-Pitch-It & Speed Networking

11:45 - 12:15

Asset Mapping

12:15 - 13:00

Lunch & Break

13:00 - 13:30

Keynote Speech by Sandy Cardin, President of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Philanthropic Network

13:30 - 15:30

Open Space

15:30 - 16:30

Case Studies

16:30 - 17:30

Lightning Case Studies

17:30 - 18:00

Gallery Walk & Coffee

18:00 - 18:30

Closing Remarks


AARON DENSHAM Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Co-Director Informal Jewish Education, Bialik College

From Aaron’s initial experiences in youth movement Habonim Dror, he has spent the past ten years learning, exploring and practicing Informal Jewish Education in various settings throughout Australia and the world including Israel, Poland and Rwanda. After finishing school, he spent his gap year in Israel with his youth movement and returned to volunteer for four years running weekly programs and biannual camps, leadership courses, kick-starting interfaith programs and a year in Perth building the movement. He is heavily involved in March of the Living Australia and has led groups of students to Poland and Israel three times (2008-2010) firstly as a madrich, then Rosh madrich and then as an educator. He completed Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degrees, with particular interests in Judaism, Holocaust and genocide. This led him to Rwanda where he spent three months interning and volunteering for organisations dealing with Rwandese youth in the aftermath of the genocide. From there he went onto Israel to complete a three week Holocaust educator’s course at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Upon completion of his studies he assumed the role of Co-director of Informal Jewish Education at Bialik College in Melbourne mid 2010.

ADELE STOWE-LINDNER Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Manager, Citizens Advice Bureau; and Community Developer, Pouch

Adele has lived and worked in London for the past 12 years and is now returning to Australia. Her interest in community formation and creative Jewish practice began in Australian Habonim Dror, developed with some time in Israel then flourished when she continued working with Habonim in the UK as Head of Education. Adele has worked for the past decade as a manager in charities which work towards social justice by empowering vulnerable people with knowledge and bolstering them with community support - people who are homeless, have cancer and need welfare benefits or are refugees. With a BA in Jewish Studies and an MA in Community Development it is no surprise that her passion is building networks of communities within and outside of paid work whether this be in the context of homeless communities learning gardening skills, bringing new mums together to build the confidence to return to work, a Jewish feminist bookgroup now in its 11th year, Jewish babysitting circles, building secular/cultural chag communities or founding a cross-communal neighbourhood Jewish learning group. A regular participant in the cross-communal Limmud community, Adele edits the ‘Limmud on One Leg Dvar Torah’ email which brings together diverse reflections on the parashat hashavua.

ALI HARDACRE Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Co-Director Informal Jewish Education, Bialik College

Ali is a leading entrepreneur who runs a global technology business, and she is also a former Young Australian of the Year for her community service. Ali’s business, HealthKit, is a global health community that makes health more efficient, effective and accessible, and enables health informatics - a science that has more potential to save lives than drug innovations. Combining practice management software for doctors that can be used by any practitioner, of any profession, anywhere in the world, along with patient wellness portals so that you can find a practitioner and track your health no matter where you are in the world, HealthKit is the first health service of its kind anywhere in the world. Before launching HealthKit, Ali was a general manager in the health and banking sectors, with P&L responsibility for businesses of up to $18B in assets. She also has 20 years’ experience in the community sector, including as a director of Scope, the Australia Day Committee and the National Suicide Prevention Board. Ali speaks five Asian languages, and holds Arts and Law degrees from Monash University and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

ALON CASSUTO Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Director, Canisto

Alon Cassuto was born and raised in Jerusalem until the age of 14 when he moved to Melbourne, Australia. Alon has been involved in a wide variety of Jewish organisations, including peak Jewish bodies such as the Jewish Community Council of Victoria and the Australasian Union of Jewish Students which represents over 12,000 Jewish students across Australia and New Zealand. Alon has led 3 programs to Israel and has formed part of a variety of leadership delegations to Israel and the US. As a result of his extensive work in Jewish organisations and his passion for his community and Israel, Alon was awarded the Charlie Award in 2006. Alon worked as a commercial lawyer for 3 years and has recently left his position at a leading law ďŹ rm to focus on an exciting new venture in the retail sector. In his spare time, Alon is an avid cyclist, motorcyclist and traveller. He also enjoys reading, hiking and running. Alon loves meeting new passionate people and looks forward to meeting you (in which instance he will no longer refer to himself in the third person).

AMANDA GOODMAN Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Head of Communal Planning, Jewish Communal Appeal

Amanda is the Head of Strategic Planning at the Jewish Communal Appeal, where she works to plan for future community needs and identify strategies to enhance Jewish continuity. Prior to joining the JCA, Amanda worked with the LJCB Investment Group, a diversiďŹ ed investment vehicle owned by the Melbourne-based Liberman Family. Prior to moving to Australia, Amanda worked for a London-based private equity ďŹ rm focusing on early-stage technology investments. She also worked for Goldman Sachs in their Investment Banking division in both London and New York. Amanda has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Harvard University and a Masters of Applied Finance from Macquarie University. Amanda lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and two children.

AMANDA MILLER Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Advisory Board Member, Kids in Philanthropy

Amanda Miller practised corporate law for a number of years and then moved into communications, working at a leading Jewish independent school as Communications Manager. She has also been involved on fundraising committees and in other community positions. Amanda is a social media enthusiast and is responsible for maintaining a social media presence for a number of community causes/organisations. Amanda has three young children and aims to pass the value of ‘giving back’ on to her children. She is an Advisory Board Member of the philanthropic fund Kids in Philanthropy, an innovative initiative that teaches children the importance of helping others, and empowers them with the knowledge and skills to do so, whilst simultaneously helping children in need. Amanda believes that if we embed a culture of giving from a young age, children will grow up valuing this, and naturally taking on the responsibility of helping those less fortunate than themselves.

AMY HERSHAN Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation President GBH Parents Association & Executive Memeber, Mount Scopus Memorial College

As a mother of three young children, Amy Hershan is very involved in their Jewish Day School, Mount Scopus Memorial College. Amy is President of the Parents Association at Gandel Bensen House (on the the school’s junior primary feeder schools) and sits on the Council and Executive Board of the school. Amy believes that Jewish education is one of the cornerstones for infusing the next generation with astrong Jewish identity. She is very proud to be involved in a Jewish Day School that believes in encouraging students to play their part in their community, as members of the college, as Jews, as Australians and as citizens of the world. The Executive and Council of the school work very closely with the School Principal on matters pertaining to school policy and philosophy. The Mount Scopus Parents’ Association affords every family with the opportunity to get involved; it forms a vital link between parents, teachers and the college. Amy believes that by being involved in different areas of Mount Scopus she can make a difference in the education and Jewish life of many children.

ANDRE OBOLER Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation CEO, Online Hate Prevention Institute; and Online Israel Advocacy (currently contracted to AICE)

Andre Oboler is an expert in social media, online public diplomacy andin combating online antisemitism. He is CEO of the Online Hate Prevention Institute, a new notfor-profit based in Melbourne but tackling online hate globally. He was previously director of the Community Internet Engagement Project at the Zionist Federation of Australia. His campaigns include “Zionism on the Web”, “Meet Gilad” (for ZFA), “Talk Gaza: Flotilla Facts” (for ZFA), “the BDS Cookbook” (for AICE), “Durban Review” (for ADC), “the Israel Calendar” (for AICE), “Click Against Hate” (for ADC). He is a member of the ROI Community, serves on the Board of the North Eastern Jewish Centre, is Co-Chair of the Online Antisemitism Working Group of the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism and is the Coordinator for the IEEE Computer Society for Australia and New Zealand. He has previously served as a Legacy Heritage Fellow, National Secretary of the UK’s Union of Jewish Students, an officer of the UK’s National Postgraduate Committee, and as a Madrich with Hineni. Andre has advised community organisations, advocacy organisations and governments on issues related to digital diplomacy, online hate and security. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and is currently pursuing a law degree. Check out Andre’s new project:

ANDREW HARRIS Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Project Manager, ISS Facility Services; and Writer and Photographer & harris creative content

Born in Johannesburg, Andrew Harris is a writer, editor and photographer based in Melbourne. Andrew has been engaged by some of the biggest players in book and magazine publishing, in Australia and internationally, including Penguin UK and ACP Magazines, to produce original words and images about travel, culture, food, business and adventure. Andrew has worked intensively on editorial projects for key Australian industry sectors, such as resources and energy. He has developed niche corporate communication strategies in print and online. In his photography, Andrew likes to work with available light wherever possible, and captures the scene as it is revealed; in his writing, Andrew always lets the story tell itself.

ANTHONY FROSH Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Senior Insights Executive, Nielsen (Consumer Research); and Director/Editor, Galus Australis

Anthony Frosh is a social-psychologist and research-methodologist with an interest in how people perceive the media. He is currently working in consumer research, and is the co-editor of Galus Australis.

ANTHONY ORKIN Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation National Public Affairs and Media Officer, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC)

Anthony Orkin is the National Public Affairs and Media Officer for the Australia/ Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC),, the premier public affairs organisation for the Australian Jewish Community. In this role, he has accompanied Australian delegations on study missions to Israel, including senior politicians, journalists and diplomats. He has a Masters in International Relations from Macquarie University. Anthony previously worked as an Adviser to the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Federal Member for Wentworth. He also served as Vice President of the NSW Young Liberal Movement and President of the NSW Liberal Students’ Association.

BENJI GERSH Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Teacher/Department Head, DEECD

Benji Gersh is an associate of the Teach For Australia programme, a secondary school teacher at The Lakes P-9 School South Morang and a volunteer tutor at Parkville Youth Corrections Centre. After his studies of Anthropology and Jewish Civilization at Monash University he completed his Honours thesis on the cultural and psychological intergenerational transmission of trauma in the Melbourne Ashkenazi Jewish community. Benji’s prior experience in informal education in Australia, Israel, Mozambique and the UK in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors has been instrumental in forming a pedagogical style aimed at confronting educational disadvantage.

BENNY GOLDMAN Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Farmer/Chef, Emunah Farm - Melbourne Communal Jewish Farm; and Filmmaker, Sunstop Productions

Benny has three passions in life: enhancing community living, sustainability and eco-friendly living, ďŹ lm-making and the creative art form. Together with his wife and their ďŹ ve beautiful children, Benny aims to combine these three passions into one major project by establishing a Jewish Community Farm Collective. By connecting community talent and skill to create a haven for the spiritual and physical needs of the community, the farm will hopefully inspire Jewish values, urban permaculture and sustainability. Educational, inspirational and respite programs tailored to families and to those with special needs will be run on the farm. Programming will incorporate various therapies including art, music, movement, nature and animal care. The farm will hopefully be functional by 2013.

DANIEL ALMAGOR Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation CEO, Small Giants; and Chair, Jewish Aid Australia

Danny is CEO of Small Giants, a company he started with his wife to effect social and environmental change through business. He is also the inaugural Social Entrepreneur in Residence at RMIT, the founder and former CEO of Engineers Without Borders Australia, chair of Jewish Aid Australia and on the wisdom council for Hub Melbourne. He loves to read, talk about philosophy, garden, travel and jump on the trampoline with his kids.

DANIEL MEYEROWITZ-KATZ Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Policy Analyst and Social Media Coordinator, Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC)

Daniel is originally from South Africa via the UK, but has been in Australia long enough to have graduated from Moriah College in Sydney in 2005. He studied applied mathematics at the University of Sydney and is currently completing a law degree at the University of Technology Sydney. He has been active in the Jewish community since joining the AUJS executive at the University of Sydney to help advocate for Israel during the 2006 Second Lebanon War. He went on to be the National Vice President of AUJS in 2009. He remains a director of AUJS Ltd and led the AUJS Leadership Development Program (LDP) in 2011/12. Since the end of 2009, Daniel has been working as a policy analyst for AIJAC and has also played a significant role in expanding AIJAC’s online presence. He has contributed analyses of current issues to the Jewish and broader Australian media. Daniel has also been an active member of the Australian Jewish blogosphere and in much of the Sydney community’s programming for young adults.

DANIEL ROD Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Volunteer Paralegal, Ozharvest Australia; and Social Media Consultant, NSW Jewish Board of Deputies

Danny is a Law and International Studies student who lives in Sydney. Danny has been involved in the leadership of the Jewish Community for the past 5 years in the capacity of the Chairperson of AUJS NSW, a former board member of the Zionist Council of NSW and through his involvement with the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies as a deputy, a member of its membership development committee and as a social media consultant. Danny is passionate about Israel and ďŹ nding new ways for people to connect with Israel’s start-up scene. Danny is currently seeking new opportunities and is excited to have the opportunity to be involved in this Australian Gathering!

DANIEL TEITELBAUM Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Student, Monash University

Daniel is a student at Monash University, studying Politics, Philosophy and Law. He has a passion for education and community, and wants to work with other inspired people who also want effect change where it is needed in society. Daniel has been the President of Habonim Dror Australia, is a mathematics tutor and continues to contribute his time and energy to valuable and meaningful enterprises outside of work and university. Daniel likes to eat well, ride his bike and be engaged in conversation.

DANIELLA BEBB Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Teacher, Yesodai HaTorah

Daniella grew up in Auckland, New Zealand where she was an active member of the Auckland Hebrew Congregation, serving as the Secretary of the Congregation as well as coordinating several Community fundraising events. In 2009, Daniella moved to Melbourne to be part of a larger Jewish Community. During the days, Daniella teaches kindergarten at Yesodai HaTorah but in her spare time, Daniella takes an active role in developing events and programs to engage young adults. In addition, she loves to perform in musical theatre and has participated in the annual Purim Spiel to raise funds for Emunah Hillel’s social welfare projects in Israel.

DANIELLE LAUREN Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Creative Director/Filmmaker, 11Eleven Project

Danielle Lauren is passionate about contributing to global good. She balances her time between a flourishing career in the Entertainment Industry and working in the not-for-profit sector. Her work credentials have seen her produce award winning productions for the Sydney Opera House, Sony Music and the BBC. Her credits include ‘Mad Men’, ‘Australian Idol’ and ‘The Vagina Monologues’. Danielle has contributed raising both money and awareness for a variety of esteemed charitable organisations including WIZO, JDC, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Save the Children and the World Wildlife Fund. She is the Australian Ambassador for the Charter for Compassion - an initiative created by Currently, Danielle runs a not-for-profit organisation focused on using entertainment for social good. It’s first major initiative - The 11Eleven Project - created a worldwide movement where people from 179 countries recorded their lives on 11/11/11. The product of these videos, songs and photos are currently being curated and transformed into a feature film, photographic book and world music collection. Money raised through merchandise sales goes to a variety of charities.

DEON KAMIEN Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Self Employed

Deon has recently completed a three-year term as the General Manager of the United Jewish Education Board (UJEB). Responsible for providing Jewish education to the 30% of the community’s children that do not attend Jewish Day Schools, Deon’s role was largely focused on change management and developing the organisation’s programs to be more effective and hard-hitting. Since completing his schooling at Bialik College, Deon has been involved in a range of different community initiatives including as Coordinator of the JSN program, AUJS campus and state President, Executive Officer of the Australian Friends of Yad Vashem, a leader for four different AUJS Israel Programs and various other interfaith and small community projects. Deon’s involvement with the ROI Community has been through being awarded a place on the Charlie’s program in 2008. Having recently completed his role at UJEB, Deon is now focusing on his own business interests including a business that prints on an eco-friendly wood product and a collaborative work and office concept called coworking.

DROR COHEN Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Travel manager, FBI Travel; and Writer, Israeli Newspaper Australia “E-ton”

Dror was born in Israel and came to Australia to study his postgraduate degree at Melbourne University. Whilst studying, Dror meet his wife Natalie and set up a home in Melbourne. Dror started working in the travel industry 5 years ago and also writing about touring in the Israeli newspaper in Australia, “E-ton”. Three years ago, Dror and Natalie welcomed Ariel into the world, their first-born son.

ELYSE CHIERT Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Director, Shalom Baby

Originally from South Africa, Elyse has been living in Sydney and working in the Jewish community since she arrived 8 years ago. She headed up the young adult organisation Network for 5 years and was passionate about creating a vibrant, energised and active young adult community in Sydney. After leaving her position to start a family she soon realised that there was no organisation that speciďŹ cally catered for parents with young kids (0-3 years). Her passion for the community made her eager to dive straight back in, thus creating a new organisation, Shalom Baby. With the recent establishment of PJ Library in Sydney, Shalom Baby together with PJ Library have increased the engagement of young parents and their children to the Sydney Jewish community.

EMMA BOYAR Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Youth Engagement Manager, Jewish Care; and Director, Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Melbourne

Every person counts; Every person has something valuable to give to their community; Every person can effect change for the better. These beliefs are fundamental to Emma Boyar’s world view and drives her passion to work in community-focused organisations as a volunteer and professional. From her earliest beginnings, at home, through her tradition and education, through to Emma’s professional career, giving time and money to charity has been a daily routine. When personally touched by the act of giving, Emma realized the potential power of a gift used wisely. Emma has held various positions in NGOs including previously interning with President Clinton on the Clinton Global Initiative and she currently holds the position of Youth Engagement Manager for Jewish Care Victoria. This role positions Emma as one of the few professional full time Jewish organisation fundraisers in her age group. Emma’s passion is contagious as she aspires to mobilize communities and emphasize the importance of acting now: We are all responsible for making a difference to our world.

GARY SAMOWITZ Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation CEO, Jewish Aid Australia; and Board Member, March of the Living

Gary Samowitz is the CEO of Jewish Aid Australia which aims to mobilise the Australian Jewish community to pursue social justice in the wider community. JAA works with Sudanese refugees and Aboriginal communities, and also send volunteers overseas. He was previously the Hillel Director in NSW, where he spent four years training and serving as a mentor to young leaders in the Jewish community. He has been a guide on 12 Israel and Poland programs, and is completing his Master’s in Jewish studies and International Relations. He received an Australian Leadership Award in 2012.

HAYLEY HELLINGER Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Project Coordinator, Diabetes and Depression Project

Hayley hails from Melbourne and has dabbled in a number of different ďŹ elds in a relatively short time. Currently working in the world of academia in research as a project coordinator, she has previously worked in the health sector after starting her career by working her way through various Jewish community organisations including the Jewish National Fund, United Israel Appeal and Jewish Care. Hayley has a Masters in Health Administration and an obsession bordering on unhealthy with the hawks in the AFL.

ITTAY FLESCHER Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Teacher, Mount Scopus Memorial College; and Co-Founder, Ayeka Centre for Secular Jewish Learning

Israeli born Ittay Flescher has been exploring and observing Jewish life for as long as he can remember. He currently teaches at Mount Scopus Memorial College, the Jewish Museum of Australia’s Adult Education program and the Ayeka program for secular Jewish learning. In 2007, he spent a year at the Hebrew University on the Senior Educators Program where he completed a major project on teaching Tanach in a pluralist setting.

JACKIE KING Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Researcher, The Pratt Foundation; and Development Officer, Jewish Museum of Australia

Jackie is an experienced social researcher. She completed her PhD on the role of NGOs in refugee policy at Monash University. She has worked at the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies in London, the Law Faculties and politics Departments at King’s College London, the University of WA and Monash University, and currently works for the Jewish Museum of Australia in a development role and for the Pratt Foundation as a researcher. Much of her experience has involved the measuring of outcomes and impact of services in the NFP sector, and she is deeply interested in the potential for philanthropy to affect social outcomes.

JARED ALFORD Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Director of Student Development, Mount Scopus Memorial College

Growing up in New Zealand, Jared moved to Melbourne in 1997 whilst working as a television director. A series of fortunate events led him to Mount Scopus Memorial College where he worked as an Educational Technologist helping the Secondary School establish Media Studies. Having far too much fun at Scopus, Jared joined the young, innovative informal education team in 2000 and since has worked developing a dynamic Jewish Life at the College. As part of the school leadership team he now is The Director of Student Development, responsible for Experiential Education, Co Curricular, Mechanech, Leadership and Student Personal Development.

JEREMY BALKIN Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation President, Karma Capital

Jeremy Balkin is a passionate social entrepreneur and financier based in Australia. He is President of Karma Capital an advisory firm for super wealthy family office and entrepreneurs with $100m+. He is the founder of Give While You Live, a philanthropic initiative aimed at inspiring the wealthy to share during their lifetime. Passionate about philanthropy, Jeremy also sits on the board of two Jewish charities in Sydney (JCA and JNF) in addition to an Indian education foundation (Tara.Ed). As an Ambassador for LIVESTRONG, Jeremy ran the New York and Boston marathons raising over $1m for cancer. Combining his desire to cure cancer and improve living standards in Africa, Jeremy launched an ambitious project to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and raise funds for cancer. He is also the founder of africAchieve, a project aimed at seeing Africa reach its enormous potential. Jeremy’s ultimate goal is to change the world and improve the lives of the Jewish People. This was the primary reason he established The 6 Million Project aimed at leveraging social media to promote human rights in the developing world. Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters in Applied Finance. In his spare time he enjoys reading, marathon running and travel.

JESSE SHARP Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Lawyer, Michael Sharp Legal

Jesse is a graduate of Bialik College and Deakin University and now practices as a lawyer with his father at Michael Sharp Legal. Jesse has been heavily involved in the Jewish community for over five years. Jesse has held the position as VP of AUJS and VP of AUJS Victoria and served as a Board member for both AUJS and Kew Hebrew Congregation for a number of years. Between 2009 t0 2011 Jesse served as the youth representative on the JCCV Executive and has played an active role on the social justice sub-committee championing this issues of mental health and the community ‘black hole’. Jesse has also high level knowledge of Israel having lead both a long and short term Israel program and being a delegate at the inaugural Presidents Conference. With Jesse’s diverse range of experience he has some very useful insight into issues that the community is facing and some ideas as to what can be done to improve the situation.

JO-ANNE HURWITZ Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Teacher

Jo-Anne is a Charlie Alumni and has previously been involved in the Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) as the NSW Vice President, National Education Officer as well as Winter Conference and Executive Conference Coordinators. Jo-Anne is currently involved in Jewish Aid’s program, Derech Eretz which involves building relationships with Aboriginal communities as well as leading Jewish University students to the Indigenous communities of Toomelah and Boggabilla to run school holiday programs in January and July. She is currently a high school teacher in Sydney, NSW.

JOEL LAZAR Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Education Coordinator, Jewish Aid Australia; and Director, Inkling Creative Content

Joel lives in Melbourne, Australia but frequently thinks he should be living somewhere else; like on Kayam farm in the US or some Eucalyptus forest somewhere. He studies Law and Arts at Monash with a major in creative writing. He runs his own freelance writing business and excitingly, just started working as Education Coordinator at Jewish Aid Australia. In his spare time he’s sourcing new music that’ll change his life irreversibly, jotting down incoherent lines of poetry and trying to remember where he left those damn keys.

JOSH GURGIEL Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Business Development Officer, Cornwall Stodart Lawyers

Josh works as the Business Development Officer at Cornwall Stodart Lawyers. He is responsible for marketing the ďŹ rm through its social media platforms and in creating innovative human resource strategies to retain and inspire staff. Josh is deeply passionate about the Arts and is involved in writing and producing local theatre as well as fronting punk rock band, Stella. Josh has been actively involved in Jewish communal activities for over 8 years, having served as Madrich and Executive Member at Bnei Akiva for 5 years (helping to create and run the Year 11 Leadership and Development Program), Madrich on the March of the Living Program, Madrich on the Australasian Union of Jewish Students Academy program, and serving as Youth Liaison on the Zionist Council of Victoria in 2008/2009.

LEAH BALTER Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Management Consultant, LSB & Company; and Board Director, Jewish Care

Leah is a management consultant and works on key strategic issues across a number of industries and in the Jewish community. Leah currently advises a number of family owned businesses. Leah was former Chief of Staff to ANZ Australia CEO and held other senior executive banking positions. She was an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company where she worked in various countries and industries for 9 years. Leah has been a Board Director of Jewish Care since 2010 and is Chair of the Development Committee.

LILLIAN KLINE Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Consultant:e.motion21, Jewish Museum of Australia; and Solicitor, Not-For-Profit

Lillian Kline works as a consultant to the not-for-proďŹ t sector. Lillian has degrees in Law and Business as well as a Masters in Law, specialising in human rights. She has held various roles in the private, public and government sectors. She has 4 children between the ages of 2 and 8 years.

MALKI ROSE Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Producer, Manager& Program Developer/Coordinator ofMRP Management; Dora Rose Children’s Foundation; Made with Luv Homemade Fine Foods; Anti Defamation Commission; and Limmud Fest Melbourne

Malki loves travel yet still enjoys coming home to the diversity of Melbourne, an untapped pool of exciting cultural richness and influences. In 2006, Malki set up MRP Management to drive change through media, events and communications. In 2008, she created Made with Luv Fine Foods, specializing in diverse, gourmet kosher food, not yet produced in Australia, combining a love of international flavours with seasonal, sustainable food ideas and initiatives. With a passion for curing, preserving, cheese making and charcuterie MWL is the first and only producer and supplier of kosher Duck Prosciutto. She studied historical and Judaic text, as well as Journalism, drama and languages, including Egyptian hieroglyphics. She has lectured at Limmud conferences and chairs Limmud Fest Melbourne. An avid writer and singer, Malki lends her writing, voice and directorial skills to film, music and other media. Malki founded the Dora Rose Foundation for children. The first centre is currently being set up. She is part of the Hatzolah women’s pilot program. Malki also works as Education and Program Coordinator for the ADC (Anti Defamation Commission) developing educational, artistic and cultural programs and events to combat hatred and promote diversity.

MANNY WAKS Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation National Compliance Improvement Manager, Office of Transport Security; and President, Capital Jewish Forum

Manny Waks was born in Israel but raised mostly in Melbourne, Australia. He is the second oldest of 17 children. Manny voluntarily served in the Israel Defence Forces and subsequently returned to Australia where he obtained a degree in international relations and undertook internships with a federal parliamentarian, as well as with the Lowy Institute for International Policy in Sydney. In 2006, he was appointed Executive Officer at the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission. He commenced working in the Australian Government’s Office of Transport Security in 2009. Manny is Immediate Past President of the Canberra Jewish Community, former Vice President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and former Governor of the New South Wales Jewish Communal Appeal Board of Governors. In 2009, he presented at the Parliament of the World’s Religions and was Convenor of the Australian Association of Jewish Studies 2011 Conference. Manny is the Founder and President of the Capital Jewish Forum and a Director of the Online Hate Prevention Institute. He is also a member of the PresenTense 2012 Global Institute Committee. Manny is an alumnus of the Nahum Goldmann Fellowship (2011) and the PresenTense Global Institute (2010). Manny is married and has three children.

MARK STEINER Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Communal & Strategic Planning Coordinator, Jewish Communal Appeal

Mark was born and bred in Melbourne where he attended Leibler Yavneh College. After returning from two years studying in Yeshiva in Israel Mark got heavily involved with Bnei Akiva in a number of leadership and executive roles. Shortly after getting married (and another short stint in Israel) Mark moved to Sydney where he now lives with his wife and daughter. Mark is lucky to call community work in Communal and Strategic Planning for JCA his day job and is also involved in a number of other communal organisations including the Jewish Learning Centre, Hatzolah and the Sydney Torah MiTzion Kollel.

MATTI BOROWSKI Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Informal Jewish Educator, Mount Scopus Memorial College

Matti has always been passionate, and has had extensive experience in, Informal Jewish Education, having been the head of Bnei Akiva Melbourne and undertaken a wide range of leadership positions there, as well as having taught Jewish students at public schools in both formal (UJEB) and informal (JSN) settings for many years. Matti interrupted his university studies (a BA in Jewish Studies and Bachelor of Law at Monash University) in 2006 to serve as a combat soldier as part of the IDF’s ‘Machal’ (overseas volunteers) program. Upon completing his studies, Matti worked as a commercial lawyer for two years while volunteering at a range of legal aid organisations. Having realised Jewish Education is his true calling, Matti has been working as an Informal Jewish Educator and Jewish Studies Teacher at Mount Scopus Memorial College since 2011. In addition to his informal role in which he helps coordinate and facilitate experiential Jewish Education and leadership experiences for the senior students of the school, Matti teaches Talmud, Jewish Studies, Holocaust Studies and the Israel Studies elective. Matti is currently undertaking a Diploma of Education at Monash University, specialising in teaching Jewish Studies and History.

MICHAEL NASH Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Marketing Manager, Rafael Australia

Mike grew up in Sydney, Australia, and began Jewish communal involvement through the Hineni Youth Movement in high school. While studying at the University of Sydney, he took on a number of leadership roles with the Australasian Union of Jewish Students, convening the ďŹ rst Jewish-Christian-Muslim Interfaith dialogues at the University. After studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and serving as Media and Public Affairs Officer for the Israeli Embassy in Canberra, Mike took the Aliyah plunge in 2009. He served in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, working in Social Media as well as with Israel-based journalists from Europe, Australia and South Africa. A proud alumnus of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, Mike believes that increased accessibility to Jewish learning and literacy - be they cultural, textual, or spiritual - is the key to a richer Jewish future, moving beyond mere Jewish continuity, and towards true Jewish innovation and creativity.

NOMI BLUM Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Medical Student, University of Notre Dame Sydney; and Informal Jewish Educator, Moriah College

Nomi, a Melbourne soul currently trapped in a Sydney reality, is a perpetual student who has dabbled in history, Jewish studies, science and most recently medicine, and who has an insurmountable love for Jewish education and hadracha. She has spent the past decade involved in the youth movement world and various aspects of the Australian Jewish community including working for and contributing to Habonim Dror, the AZYC, Mount Scopus Memorial College, Moriah College, Limmud Oz and Limmud Fest, NIF and NIForum, Ayeka and Shira Chadasha Melbourne.

RACHAEL NEUMANN Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Management Consultant, Bain & Company

Rachael Neumann is a Consultant with Bain & Company, where she advises businesses throughout Australia. She advises a diverse set of Australian market leaders, in a range of industries including oil and gas, agriculture, online media and consumer products. She has experience in corporate strategy (growth and portfolio), due diligence and product innovation. Rachael has also served as a consultant to some of the world’s most innovative and high impact social ventures. To each organization she works with, she brings extensive experience in the social entrepreneurship and global health spaces, including working with America’s leading social venture fund dedicated to improving public education and designing and scaling a system of health clinics in refugee camps in SE Asia. In 2009, she helped organize a ground-breaking conference, bringing together Africa’s First Ladies to address pressing global health challenges. Most recently, Rachael has worked with LeapFrog Investments – the world’s first microinsurance fund – to create a Global Fellows program to develop the next generation of leaders in the microinsurance space. Rachael has a BA in Urban Studies from Stanford University, and an MBA and Master of Public Health from Columbia University.

RICHARD VOLPE Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Banker - Property Investments, Investec Bank; and Chairman Young Leadership, UIA NSW

Richard grew up in the bustling metropolis of Port Elizabeth in South Africa from where he emigrated in 2003 to settle in Sydney, Australia. He has been involved with community organisations for the past 5 years and since late 2011 took over as Chairman of UIA NSW Young Leadership. Prior to this role he was responsible for major donors. For his day job, he works for Investec Bank in the Property Investments division. He is responsible for acquisitions and development management of a portfolio of commercial and residential property. Richard is passionate about all things relating to Israel and is not shy to share his views on the topic!

SARAH FIFE Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Human, Living + Learning + Helping + Loving; and Consultant/Admin

Sarah Fife moved to Australia in 2005 from the United States where she had worked, volunteered and learned in a variety of industries and sectors. Since moving to Sydney, Sarah has had a journey which has been both rewarding and challenging and has led her to better understand herself and her view of the world. With a background in Social History, Sarah has a deep love of people, their stories and what moves them. She loves talking with people and building relationships - exploring differences while celebrating similarities. Sarah also enjoys traveling, learning, meditation, laughing and spending time with her friends and family. She comes to this gathering with hopes to engage with others around topics which are relevant not only to young Jewish adults but to the worldwide community of which we are a part.

SARAH RAMLER COHEN Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Copywriter/Production Manager, Parlour Punch; and Freelance Writer/Graphic Designer, Insight

Sarah Ramler Cohen is a proud Jewess; a writer with a day job; and an Olah on hiatus in Melbourne, Australia. Involved in a number of Jewish organisations when studying at university, Sarah left communal activity behind once she began her career in publishing. During her time in Israel, Sarah lived and volunteered at Jerusalem’s Merkaz HaMagshimim Hadassah, and when studying at Ulpan Etzion, she founded a number of extra-curricular groups, including the Shir Etzion choir that sang for Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. Since returning from Israel, Sarah has her eyes set on creating Jewish arts and culture platforms that give both affiliated and non-affiliated young Jews a neutral meeting place to connect, listen, argue, absorb, respond and inspire. Heralding the impassioned conversations that took place in the salons of Paris and Berlin some generations past, Sarah’s project Parlour Punch - seeks to engage her Jewish peers and keep the conversation going. Even if it hurts.

SHANI BURNIE Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Compliance Officer, Forex TG; and Volunteer, Jewish Museum of Australia

Shani lives happily in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and adorable Golden Retriever puppy. Shani’s life journey started in Toronto, Canada, with a brief stint in the US. She then moved to Israel, where she was involved in several organisations such as Rothberg International School and Hebrew U, StandWithUs International, OneVoice Israel, MASA Israel Journey and more. After meeting the love of her life, Shani moved to Melbourne, where she worked for the Zionist Federation of Australia. Shani is currently a volunteer at the Jewish Musuem of Australia, helping with the facilitation of children’s activities over the weekends.

SHARON PHILIPPSOHN Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Head of Operations - Fundraising, Jewish Communal Appeal

Sharon is Head of Operations - Fundraising at JCA where she works with a team of amazing people raising millions of dollars every year to support 22 local Jewish organisations in Sydney and Canberra. Prior to joining JCA Sharon was a small business owner, an IT consultant and she was lucky to be able combine work and play in sports administration. Sharon is a sports tragic who loves watching most sports and supports any team wearing the green and gold, plus a few others. She bakes a mean cupcake and has recently discovered her artistic ability through decorating birthday cakes for her nephews. She has lived in Sydney all her life and while she loves travelling, she agrees with Dorothy that there is no place like home.

SHIRAN AVINOAM Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Network Coordinator, Network

Shiran is an Israeli who moved to Sydney a year ago with her partner. She lived in Eilat, near the Red Sea, all of her life, until she joined the army for two years as an education and events coordinator. When she was relesed from the army, she travelled in Australia for 4 months and discovered the warm country with its warm people and fell in love with them. Shiran studied Business Management in Ben Gurion University of the Negev and as soon as she graduated she moved to Australia with her Australian-Israeli boyfriend who she met when he was in the army in Israel. When she moved to Sydney, it became clear to her that she wanted to work in the Jewish community and to stay connected to her roots, while doing something important and enjoyable. Today she works at Network where she creates a range of exciting cultural, political, social and educational events for young Jewish adults, between 20-39 years old, in Sydney - and she LOVES it!

TAMARA NEWMAN Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Researcher, Centre for Social Impact

Tamara lives in Sydney and currently works as a Researcher at the Centre for Social Impact ( She is completing her Masters in Community Management at UTS and has a BA in Development Studies and History from UNSW. Tamara has previously worked in the Jewish community and has held voluntary leadership positions. She is currently involved in the New Israel Fund and coordinates the New Israel Forum which is for people in their 20s and 30s who want to connect with Israel and NIF through education and open discussion. Tamara has also spent time volunteering with young people in Siem Reap Cambodia, in remote Indigenous communities and in Israel. She is passionate about civil society, social entrepreneurship and innovation, international development and human rights, community, Jewish community and a socially just Israel.

TIMNA JACKS Currently resides in Melbourne

Occupation Journalist, The Australian Jewish News; and Student, Monash Univeristy

Timna lives in Melbourne, Australia and toils away writing for the only national Jewish newspaper, The Australian Jewish News. She loves reading and writing (especially when overseas) and hopes to complete a Bachelor of Psychology if ‘spare time’ becomes a reality. She believes young Jewish people in Melbourne and Sydney have boundless potential for social action and creativity. Unlike the stereotype, these young people really care about the world, their history and their future. There is so much room for innovation and collaboration and she’s pleased others are realising this too.

TOOTI JACOBS Currently resides in Sydney

Occupation Network Director, Network

Tooti Jacobs, is a Sydney girl through and through. She has always been heavily involved in the Sydney Jewish community, beginning with her schooling years that were spent at Moriah College. After graduating in 2004, Tooti embarked on a year in Israel with the youth movement, Habonim Dror, living the Socialist - Zionist dream. Upon her return, Tooti became a leader in her yourth movement and studied journalism at UTS, graduating with a BA in Media and Communications (Journalism). Tooti worked as a journalist at the Australian Jewish News for a eeting moment, coached Maccabi basketball and led the AUJS Israel Program, Achshav, to Israel. In 2010, Tooti attended the Nahum Goldmann Fellowship program in Croatia which inspired and enriched her Jewish communal experience. Tooti is currently the Network Director and loves every minute that she gets to work for the Shalom Institute and the young adults of the NSW Jewish community.


Lynn Schusterman Founder and Chair of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Philanthropic Network

Berry Liberman, Danny Almagor and their team at ‘The White House’ for opening up their gorgeous space for this gathering and for their kind assistance, patience and good humour!

Sandy Cardin

Justin Korda

President of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Philanthropic Network

Executive Director of ROI Community

ROI Community staff: Beto Maya, Director of Recruitment and Gatherings; Elissa Krycer, Community Manager; Jen Keys, Consultant; Lesley Ohana, Administrative Assistant; No’a Gorlin, Director of Strategy and Leadership; and Renana Levine, External Communications Manager Australian Jewish Funders team: Debbie Dadon, Chair; David Werdiger, Director; Jeremy Dunkel, Director; Tracie Olcha, Executive Officer; Arechea Hounsell, Communications Officer at Besen Family Foundation Annette Gurgiel and Natalie Roth from To Catch A Chef for their support and delicious food! Dror Cohen, Tavel Managerat FBI Travel Ian Sandler, CEO of the Jewish Communal Appeal (JCA) Peter Philippsohn, President of JCA Designed by Say - Brand Strategy & Expression: Asaf Issacaroff, Daniel Eber, Rotem Avi-Tal Kula One: Daniel Gwerzman


Becky Tempelhof ROI & AJF Australian Gathering Logistics Coordinator Email: Phone: 0409 008 088

Elissa Krycer ROI Community Manager Email: Phone: 0401 414 808 Phone (ISR): +972 545 914 508

Tracie Olcha Australian Jewish Funders Executive Officer Email: Phone: 0414 980 857

Dave Burnett, Z”L (1985 – 2008)

In our work, personal lives and during this gathering in particular, we recall and wish to pay tribute to an Australian ROI Community member who died tragically in a hiking accident when he was just 22 years old. Dave was a Taglit-Birthright Israel alumnus, a 2005 recipient of the Charlie Award and a participant of the first ROI Summit, back in 2006. Dave personified all that a community might look for in a young leader and everything that a person might look for in a friend. He returned from his Taglit-Birthright Israel trip with a deeper insight into his Jewish identity and infused with an enthusiasm that burned brightly for the rest of his life. An activist by nature, Dave led AUJS (the Australasian Union of Jewish Students), was an elected leader in student politics at Sydney University and was a leading figure in the younger ranks of Australia’s Conservative Party. A participant in many CLI programs (The Center for Leadership Initiatives), Dave lived a deep connection with Israel coupled with a commitment to his home community in Sydney. Dave’s love of celebration, communal action and networking transformed him into a whirlwind of activity and innovation in every moment. Even though four years have passed since losing Dave, we still feel the gaping hole in our community. But we hold dear our memories of him, which continue to inspire us daily to emulate his standards of vitality, passion and commitment - by touching as many lives as possible, igniting their ability to act on Jewish values and dancing with them until dawn and beyond.











Profile for ROI Community

ROI and AJF Australian Gathering: Participants  

On August 26, 2012, over 50 young Jews from Sydney and Melbourne gather to explore exisiting and potential pathways of Jewish life, Israel-D...

ROI and AJF Australian Gathering: Participants  

On August 26, 2012, over 50 young Jews from Sydney and Melbourne gather to explore exisiting and potential pathways of Jewish life, Israel-D...


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