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know before you go Capri, italy

Sunday, June 12th through Saturday, June 18th, 2011


Congratulations on becoming a President’s Award winner! This brochure will give you an overview of Capri and provide details on the activities planned for the week. Capri, known for the bustle of the streets and the Piazzetta, the bars, cafes, the fashionable boutiques, and the parade of the world’s beautiful people is equally as well known as the “paradise of idleness,” and has been enchanting visitors for centuries. On the trip you’ll have an opportunity to visit and experience Positano, the coast’s most photogenic town; Naples, with its pulsating life; and Pompeii, a city perfectly preserved as it was on that fateful day 2,000 years ago, when ash and lava literally stopped it in its tracks. Or if you prefer, you can spend your time at leisure at the world-famous Capri Palace Hotel and Spa. The MillerCoors senior leadership team looks forward to hosting you and your guest at this exclusive one of a kind trip to the Isle of Capri, Italy.


What Matters Most

Your PRe-trip Checklist q Prepare your passport and make multiple copies.

Store one copy where it can always be found, such as your suitcase and at home. q Confirm Itinerary and carry a copy including

hotel address and phone.

q E-mail friends and family a copy of your itinerary.

q Let your bank know you will be traveling.

q Make sure your ATM cards will work in Italy.

q Let your credit card companies know you will be traveling.

q Write down international credit card lost or stolen phone number.

q Make sure your luggage is tagged with your name, address and contact info.


q Coordinate cell phone service. Please contact your wireless provider to determine calling and data plans to suit your needs.

q Acquire electrical converter.

q Purchase travel insurance, if desired.

q Pack sufficient medication and write down medication details.

Travel info

Hotel Contact information During the event, you can be reached at the

Capri Palace Hotel & Spa

80071 Anacapri, isola di Capri

via Capodimonte, 14

t (+39) 081 978 0111

f (+39) 081 837 3191 If calling from the U.S., add prefix (011) to the number above. Emergency and Meetings & Events Contact If we can be of further assistance, feel free to contact Megan Van Dyke or Dawn Dunnewald with Meetings and Events.

Megan Van Dyke: 303.808.4052

Dawn Dunnewald: 303.638.2028 General Questions: 303.277.5594 GMMETS


Travel Arrangements Arrivals: Upon arrival at the Naples airport, please claim your luggage. You will be met at the Naples airport by MillerCoors travel staff and be transferred by private car to the Naples hydrofoil dock. (If you are MillerCoors Travel Services has made all necessary arrangements

Required travel documents

arriving from a different location, MillerCoors travel staff will contact

for your trip.

U.S. Citizens: must have a valid passport for this trip. We also suggest

you to coordinate special arrangements.) The hydrofoil transfer to

that you make several copies of your passport. Leave copies at home

Capri is approximately 40 minutes. Upon arrival in Capri, you will be

and carry copies with you. In the event your passport is lost or stolen,

taken to the Capri Palace Hotel by private taxi, as there is no private

this will make replacement easier.

car service on the Isle of Capri.

Non-U.S. Citizens: It is important that you check with your nearest

All luggage will be handled by the MillerCoors Travel Services staff and

consulate immediately for any special documents required for your

may be transferred to the hotel separately. Please have a small carry-on

trip. You are responsible for securing the required travel documents

bag that contains any valuables, medication or clothing you may need

Flight Changes Because of potential unannounced airline-schedule changes, it is a good idea to reconfirm your reservations with the originating airline(s) listed on your ticket 24 hours prior to departure. General Flight Information Seating Assignments: Every attempt will be made to obtain your seating preference. Please check in early to verify your seat. Also,

For additional information regarding the latest TSA information,

please be aware that some carriers may reassign your seat if you have

please visit the TSA website at

not checked in at least two hours prior to departure.

Airport Security

in case your luggage experiences a slight delay. Travel Tips: Weather: The weather is beautiful in June with an average temperature of approximately 72ºF/23ºC. The ocean is a balmy 72ºF/23ºC.

Electronic contact information

Due to increased security measures at airports, please check with the

We’ve included contact information electronically in the link below.

originating airport and or airline carrier for the most current airline-

For updated forecasts:

Click on the link to forward it to family and friends.

safety issues. Additionally, please see for the latest

Contact Info


I know of no way to link a file to this. If this is to be emailed, then send the V-Card along with and reference in copy?



Program Inclusions

You are a special guest of MillerCoors. Your host has arranged all hotel


accommodations, designated meals, activities, luggage handling,

During your stay, all meals and beverages are included.

transfers and taxes related to your specific daily itinerary

You may order breakfast via room service, or at L’Olivo.

Travel Managers:

Hours are as follows:

MillerCoors travel managers will be stationed at the MillerCoors

Room Service Breakfast - 6:00.a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

hospitality desk at the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa. All event times,

L’Olivo - 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

locations, bulletins and schedule changes will be posted there. Feel free to stop by for help in arranging personal plans, travel or your daily activity schedule

Each attendee will receive a cash lunch allowance daily, unless your activity provides lunch. Note: If you have a food allergy or require special meals, we’ll accommodate your needs as noted on your registration.


Daily Itineraries

Arrival Day, Sunday, June 12 Transfer from airport via motor vehicle and hydrofoil Afternoon Arrivals and Activities

Daily MillerCoors Hospitality Suite – Capri Palace Artist’s Bar Relax in the MillerCoors lounge, and enjoy a MillerCoors beer.

4:00 p.m. Welcome Reception – Capri Palace Pool Meet fellow winners and your hosts while you savor succulent antipasti and ice-cold MillerCoors beer in a casual setting


Casual, travel attire – Come as you are

Day 2: Monday, June 13 Breakfast

At leisure

Daily Depart for selected activities

Daily MillerCoors Hospitality Suite – Capri Palace Artist’s Bar

 Relax in the MillerCoors lounge, and enjoy a MillerCoors beer. 6:00 p.m. Transfer 6:30 p.m. Reception & Dinner – Villa San Michele An Evening of Naples Enjoy an exclusive MillerCoors dining experience at Villa San Michele, a museum dedicated to Swedish Physician Axel Munthe. Enjoy traditional Neopolitan cusine and entertainment.


Day 3: Tuesday, June 14

Day 4: Wednesday, June 15

Day 5: Thursday, June 16

Day 6: Thursday, June 17

Breakfast At leisure


At leisure


At leisure


Daily Depart for selected activities


Depart for selected activities


Depart for selected activities

Daily Depart for selected activities

Daily MillerCoors Hospitality Suite – Capri Palace Artist’s Bar

Daily MillerCoors Hospitality Suite – Capri Palace Artist’s Bar

Daily MillerCoors Hospitality Suite – Capri Palace Artist’s Bar

Daily MillerCoors Hospitality Suite – Capri Palace Artist’s Bar

 Relax in the MillerCoors lounge, and enjoy a MillerCoors beer. 6:30 p.m. Reception & Dinner - L’Olivo

A Michelin two-star experience

Enjoy inspired, exciting new interpretations of traditional island dishes, all deliciously light and bursting with the flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean.


 Relax in the MillerCoors lounge, and enjoy a MillerCoors beer.

 Relax in the MillerCoors lounge, and enjoy a MillerCoors beer.

At leisure

 Relax in the MillerCoors lounge, and enjoy a MillerCoors beer.

6:00 p.m. Transfer

6:00 p.m. Transfer

6:00 p.m. Transfer

6:30 p.m. Reception & Dinner - Edode Capri Restaurant

6:30 p.m. Reception & Dinner - Da Paolino – The Lemon Tree

6:30 p.m. Reception & Dinner - Il Riccio

 A fabulous dining experience with a modern twist on

Enjoy a sumptuous evening together in a wonderful

 Enjoy your last evening together at this famous sea-edge

traditional Caprese dining, sponsored by Peroni

lemon garden

restaurant, inspired by the sea and the Mediterranean.



Day 7: Saturday, June 18 Breakfast At leisure

Daily Transfer to airport via motor vehicle and hydrofoil

Depart to home city

MillerCoors Hospitality Suite – Capri Palace Bar


 Relax in the MillerCoors lounge, and enjoy a MillerCoors beer.

General: Dinner attire – resort casual:

Daytime attire – semi-casual:

Suggestions for men: linen pants, nice slacks, polo shirts, button

Suggestions for men: Bermuda shorts (also known as walking

down shirts, nice shoes or sandals with the option of wearing a

shorts or dress shorts), light-weight Docker type slacks, collared


shirts, dress t-shirts and stylish but comfortable walking shoes.

Suggestions for women: nice pants, skirts, nice tops, a casual

Suggestions for women: Bermuda shorts (also known as walking

dress, sundress, nice sandals, or casual shoes. For dinner on

shorts or dress shorts), Capri pants, sweater sets, nice tops, dress

Monday, consider wearing flat shoes or wedge sandals as the

t-shirts, sundresses and stylish but comfortable walking shoes.

walk to dinner will be on a slightly uneven path.



What to Bring by Event

Money Matters

Boat Trips:


Travel Funds:

Wear comfortable shoes

MillerCoors furnishes ample gratuities for all program activities,

ATM cards can be used for cash withdraw in Italy. Look for an Italian

Bring sunscreen and hat

including spa and housekeeping. However, at your discretion, feel free

Bancomat with the affiliations you need (Cirrus, Plus, BamkMate, etc.)

Bring seasickness medication if needed

to tip on your own for any special or personal services you may have

In Italy, Bancomats are clearly marked and are found outside banks, in

received during your stay.

airports train stations and other locations. Of course, in Italy the


money will be dispensed as Euros. A Euro conversion table is located

Hiking can be as casual or as strenuous as you prefer

Personal expenses:

Wear light, comfortable clothing with comfortable shoes

You will be responsible for any additional charges above and beyond

(such as hiking boots or tennis/running shoes)

your program inclusions. These include, but are not limited to,

Here are links to assist in locating ATM machines:

Bring sunscreen and hat

in-room phone calls, valet or laundry service, and activities not

Day Trips: Wear comfortable shoes Bring sunscreen and hat

here: The Universal Currency Converter

included in your daily itinerary. The hotel will request a credit card upon check-in for incidental charges. Credit Cards: For your convenience, the Capri Palace accepts the following credit

cards for your personal expenses: American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.



Travel Tips



Many USA carriers offer cellular service in Italy. Rates are usually $1.00 or

• Sit towards the front in the middle of the hydrofoil

more per minute plus taxes. A better solution is to rent an international

• Stay in fresh air

cellular phone from or from

• Focus your mind on anything other than the swaying environment

• Take deep breaths and drink plenty of water

• Eat lightly and avoid fatty or spicy foods


Jet Lag

Safeguard your valuables when you travel. Each room has an available

While jet lag cannot be avoided entirely there are a few precautions


in-room safe for your convenience.

you can take to minimize the effect that the change in time zones will

If you take prescription drugs, be sure to carry them with you in your


have on you and your body:

carry-on luggage when flying to Italy. You should also carry a copy of your

• Remedies must be taken before setting sail. Medication helps

prescriptions or list of the medicines you take (the actual drug names,

• Wrist bands or stick-on patches work well for some people

Electrical Appliances The electrical current in Italy is AC - the cycle is 50Hz 220 V. You should have a transformer, either obtained before leaving the United States or bought at an electrical appliance shop in Italy. Plugs have round prongs, not flat, therefore an European Plug Adapter (round pin) is needed.

• Change your schedule. Begin adjusting your body to the new time zone before you leave. Easing into the new schedule

not the generic names) in case you need to buy them in Italy. If you need

gradually in familiar surroundings will save your body the

medication while traveling in Italy, head to the Farmacia, pharmacy.

shock of adjusting all at once.

Time Zones

• Avoid alcohol


Capri is in the CEST time zone - Central European Summer Time. The

• Avoid caffeine

To reach Capri, you must travel by boat. As such, here are some tips to

current time is UTC/GMT +2 hours. Daylight savings time is in effect

• Drink water

prevent seasickness.

• Move around on the plane

• Adapt to the local schedule

If it’s 9:00 pm in Capri, it will be:


• Noon Pacific Daylight Time

• Looking through binoculars for anything longer than a glance

• 1:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time

• Reading a book, looking at a compass, doing detailed work or

• 2:00 pm Central Daylight Time

The weather is beautiful in June with an average high temperature of approximately 72ºF/23ºC. Average overnight low is 61F/16C. The

staring at one point. Try to keep your peripheral vision out on

• 3:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time

ocean is a balmy 72ºF/23ºC.

will interpret as stable.



most people by sedating the balancing organs

the horizon and not staring at objects your brain




camping gear, household accessories, fishing tackle, 1 pair of skis, 2

The following information was compiled based on U.S. Customs

tennis racquets, laptop computer, CD player, iPod, cellular phone,

Department an is offered as a guideline only. Please contact your local

baby carriage, 2 photo cameras, 1 video camera, binoculars, personal

Customs office for specific information regarding goods you are

jewellery, portable radio set (subject to a license fee), 400 cigarettes and

considering bringing back into the United States.

a quantity of cigars or pipe tobacco not exceeding 500 grams (1.1 lb).

Prior to Departure:

All items mentioned above may be imported duty-free only on condition

Be sure to declare valuable foreign-made articles at a Customs office

that they are for personal use only and are not being sold, given away

in your home city prior to departure. For further details see:

or traded. With regards to consumable goods, a maximum of two

bottles of wine and one bottle of hard liquor per person may be brought in duty-free. The bottles must not be opened. A maximum of 4.4 lbs. of coffee, 6.6 lbs. of sugar and 2.2 lbs. of cocoa are allowed duty-free Overseas tourists arriving in Italy after visiting other countries are

Customs Restrictions for Entering Italy Luggage is examined upon entering and leaving Italy. Free entry is allowed for the following items: clothing (new and used), books,


allowed to carry with them souvenirs purchased in other countries up to a total value of $500. Only a verbal declaration is required for these items. Purchases may include up to a half-litre of perfume.

Please note that Italian legislations allow police to impose hefty fines on tourists caught purchasing counterfeit goods while visiting Italy. This is one of the toughest laws in the world as it carries fines of up to 10,000 Euros. Clearing Customs Upon Re-entering US If you’re a U.S. citizen returning home after staying at least 48 hours in a foreign land, you typically may bring $800 of duty-free merchandise into the country. If you exceed that limit, you’ll pay a 3 % surcharge on the next $1,000 worth of purchases. Those with over $1,800 of merchandise must pay a tax of up to 25% on the amount that exceeds this limit. Items such as alcohol and tobacco products carry special restrictions that vary depending on where you bought the merchandise. Generally speaking, however, U.S. citizens may import up to one liter of alcohol and one carton of cigarettes on a duty-free basis. Parcels containing gifts may be sent from abroad to the U.S. duty-free, providing the total value of a parcel does not exceed $50. Each package should be marked as “Unsolicited Gift”. The amount paid and the contents of the package should be declared. When boarding aircraft in Italy, you may carry-on liquids in containers larger than three ounces. However, once clearing customs in the U.S, you will no longer be allowed to carry on liquids in containers larger

than three ounces. Please make arrangements to either ship these liquids or check them in your carry-on baggage. TSA information regarding duty-free liquids:

Transported Funds Any person entering or leaving the EU will have to declare the cash that they are carrying if this amounts to 10,000 Euros or more; this includes cheques, travellers’ cheques, money orders, etc. It is legal to transport any amount of currency or other monetary instruments into or out of the United States. However, if you transport, attempt to transport, or cause to be transported (including by mail or other means) currency or other monetary instruments in an aggregate amount exceeding $10,000 or its foreign equivalent) at one time from the United States to any foreign country, or into the United States from any foreign country, you must file a report with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This report is called the Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments, FinCEN Form


105. Furthermore, if you receive in the United States, currency or other

the contents. Packages shipped to yourself that are valued under $200

If you’re a tourist from another country, you may be able to claim a

Premier Tax Free

monetary instruments in an aggregate amount exceeding $10,000 (or

USD are generally duty free.

VAT refund. You can do this in several ways:

This company represents 75,000 retailers in 21 countries.

Its multilingual Web site offers country-by-country

its foreign equivalent) at one time, which has been transported, mailed, or shipped to you from any foreign place, you must also file a FinCEN Form 105. This form can be obtained at all U.S. ports of entry and departure or on the Web at

Shipped “Gifts” You may also ship “gifts” to other people provided each gift costs less that $100 USD and that no recipient receives no more than $100 USD worth of gifts each day. These gifts may not include liquor, tobacco or

Restricted Items

perfume. Mark all packages “Unsolicited Gift” and indicate the

While in foreign countries, you may see items made from ivory, tortise

contents and retail value. The total value of a package containing gifts

shell or other materials. These are not allowed into the United States

for several people can exceed $100 USD provided each individual’s gift

due to federal regulations. For further information please see:

is valued at $100 or less and that each gift is separately wrapped and

labeled inside the mailing package. VAT Refunds According to the Italian law, based on the European Community provisions, as a non-resident visitor, you can claim a refund for goods

Mailed Packages Foreign –made articles purchased during your trip abroad and mailed home are subject to duty when received in the United States. These packages are not to be declared as part of your $800 exception. The post office from where you are mailing the package will affix a declaration form to the outside of the package indicating the value of

and services tax paid for goods intended for personal or familiar use purchased in Italy. In Europe, most prices include a value-added tax or VAT that can be as high as 25 percent. This is like a sales tax, except that it’s built into the price you pay instead of being added at the cash register.

• Use the store’s refund affiliate, which can be identified by a decal such as “Tax Free Shopping” or “Premier Tax Free” in

information on tax-free shopping.

the store window.

• Get a refund directly from the shop where you make your purchase.

• Charge your purchase with a credit card and ask the shop to

Europe for Visitors

make two charge slips: one for the amount of the sale after deduction of the VAT, and the other for the amount of the VAT. VAT rates vary from country to country and, in some cases, according to the nature of the merchandise. (Luxury items may be taxed at a

Italy Visitors’ Bureau

higher rate than food or books, for example.) Also, you’re required to spend a minimum amount in a store to apply for a refund, and this minimum is different for each country. VAT Refund Related Web sites

Italy Customs Agency Internet/ee/HomePageEn/VTA+Refund/

Global Blue The world’s largest VAT-refund company represents more than 270,000 stores in 37 countries. Its Web site lists the locations of Global Blue offices and their business hours.



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