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Up-selling & Cross-selling

One of the most important services ROI Call Center Solutions can provide is the art of up selling and cross selling. The reason why these services are so valuable is because it maximizes the potential of every phone call. To up sell and cross sell can mean an average of forty percent (40%) additional gross sale per telephone call. ROI Call Center Solutions attacks the up sell and the cross sell in three different ways. The first is through technology, the second is through training, and the third is through statistical analysis.

Total Contact Management and Business Support Services

We leverage our expertise to deliver a total package of customer care solutions and contact center services! We provide dedicated 24X7-365 outsourcing solutions. The world wants to CONTACT you by phone, direct mail, world wide web chat, email, and text messaging – are you ready? Discover how we can help!

Technical Support oday outsourced technical support with overseas companies in countries like the Philippines is a popular option for any business looking to reduce costs. The current state of technology allows us to cheaply communicate anywhere on the planet instantaneously, so it does make a certain

amount of sense that any business would be foolish not to consider outsource options. Here at we have everything you will need to make an informed decision about outsourced business tech support and all the benefits an outsourced option can bring to your business. Quality Business Tech Support Here at we understand that customers don’t care where their support technician is located as long as they can help. Our outsourced business technical support’s first priority is finding a quality company with extensive knowledge and an impeccable reputation. Just a few factors that influence the quality include:   

Knowledge and Training Communication Skills Live Support

Knowledge and Training The very purpose of technical support is to have knowledgeable professional staff available whenever needed with the appropriate technical skills to solve a problem. Technical representatives are only contacted when customers can’t solve their technical issues on their own. Companies that provide the highest quality of outsource business technical support have been trained to take complex technical problems and break it down into easy to understand terms while walking clients through the solution. It’s this kind of quality outsourced technical guidance that yields the highest levels of customer satisfaction, whether located in this country, or on the other side of the world.

Customer Service Outsourcing

We realize that as a partner we are on the front lines representing our client’s brands to their customers. Growing the valuable relationship, between you and your customer, is something we understand. That is why we make it a first priority to act as a partner with our clients. One of the greatest ways we do that is by helping them build their brands and their business.

Inbound Services

To make your inbound telemarketing campaign a success requires a combination of careful planning, scalability and flexibility. Here at the call centers of our inbound services focus on identifying top inbound telemarketing buyers and prospects by examining purchase patterns. Our agents then provide these potential clients with targeted offers. Our inbound services include:      

Customer Acquisition Customer Care Direct Response Up sales and Cross sales Answering Services Daily or Weekly Reporting Services

The project management staff of our call centers works closely with you to carefully script inbound calls to streamline the inquiry and order process and maximize conversions. Our inbound telemarketing programs allow you to schedule meetings anytime throughout the campaign to review and, if necessary, revise your inbound program.

Inbound Teleservices

ROI Call Center Solutions has experience with several types of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications to support our live-operator inbound call center services. We support several types of applications, including forced pre-call messages, information delivery, menu routing, warm transfers, and others.

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