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information design 2

Traffic Congestion Information System System Design named Disha, for resolving traffic congestion problem on Indian roads. the task was to propose a solution for traffic jam without any infrastructural change. The display tells drivers that how long the trafic is stuck and when to move and stop in the jam for steadily moving out of the jam.


other team members: Souvik Sur, Hemant Kanade, Vipin Yadav

information design 3

Video Camera

Traffic Police

Control Room

information through video cameras and traffic police, received by control room to regulate the dispaly boards. 3 different displays

during the traffic congestion, advertisement display boards will be used.

Red bar at the top, to tell traffic jam location. Green arrow to allow vehicles movement forward

working of the system Green bar at the top, for diversion on the road. Red cross to stop vehicles to leave space on road for emergency vehicles like Ambulance etc.

information design 4

Child Health Card Design designed as an entry for a competition of Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation,the objective was to design a child health card for rural India that should consider various problems related to card like: easy to understand and use by Health Worker educational tool for families easy to place for future references Team Members: Rohit Singh, Souvik Sur, Ravindra Singh

card layout showing foldable columns with color coding and highlighted boxes to write text.

information design 5

icon designs used in the card to make the columns visually differentiable and more understandable for illiteratre user

multi colour folding works as a bookmark for the record according to the time as shown.

back of the card is used for the child care information and growth chart according to age of the child for the first 12 months since birth.

information design 6

Railway Enquiry Interaction Design interaction display design for Indian Railways Enquiry System to be operated by passengers based on the user research and ethonographic study of the present context.

present enquiry device with little consideration on asethetics and needs ergonomic features.

present display designs

problem identification Problems in the present design with respect to the user were identified by surveys, questionaire, mute observation etc. information design 7

information design 8

Methodology various methods like persona study, user research, task analysis of present format, etc. were performed to come up with the solution.

Site map study

task analysis

information design 9

Color Selection for the Interface The aim was to decide a color for the Interface with which every user should be comfortable. Main Problem was to accomodate the comfortability of the Color Blind User. Since, there are various types of Color Blind People based on there inability to see certain colors, monocolor interface was the best suit option. Multi-color interface was kept in minimum use. for protanope,deutrope color blind user

for tritanope color blind user

Analysing all the colors, it was infered that blue, red, green, pink colors can be used. Later, Blue was selected because it is the color, Indian Railways majorly uses.

design solution

Rearrangement of information according to the user preference and his visual affordibility

information design 10

Seat availability information dispaly with the addition of color coding for better understandability.

Re-designing of the keypad by adding color coding and more keys to have visual relation with the display

information design 11

Run for PM (Mobile Phone Game) User Interaction Design of Android Mobile Game done as a part of internship, the task was to design the controls and concept story of the game based on Genrel Election 2014 of India. Also, included was the design of welcome page, game elements, buttons, mobile phone icon etc.

information design 12

Concept Generation Firstly, storyboarding was done to build the step by step story for the game. Objectives and Hurdles for the player were designed. Thereafter, characters and environment were sketched. After that, important icons used in the game were decided and sketched. Following are those icons used in the game.

Pause button to stop the game in between.

Life of the player. Icon is taken from the Election Stamp in India.

Playing Button. Player has to tap it for jumping.

information design 13

game screenshots

character design / animation 15

Character Design cartoon version of Narendra Modi for a mobile cum PC game based on 2014 General Elections of India.

character design / animation 16

Character Design cartoon version of Rahul Gandhi for a mobile game cum PC game based on 2014 General Elections of India.

character design / animation 17

Game Environment Design background environment made for the game based on 2014 General Elections of India.


character design / animation 18


Anna (Character Design) done as a part of my internship in a Game Design Company, the task was to design an Indian semi barbaric cartoon for the central character of a game. The basic idea and elements was taken from the attire of South Indian person.

Bantoo (Character Design) this is a mascot for Annual College fest SPANDAN 2010. The inspiration was taken from the carefree and jolly nature of a child. Various versions of the character were made based on different events like singing, gaming etc.

character design / animation 19

character design / animation 20

Clay Animation Claymation movie as the entry for Chitrakatha 2013 Animation Fest in NID Ahmedabad, is based on the funny version of the discovery of gravity.

Entry for

character design / animation 21

character design / animation 22

Story Boarding story boarding of claymation video for the promotion of Student Design Challenge 2013 under Design Workshop held in IIIT Jabalpur

Typeface Design 24

Typeface from Signature The task was to evolve and design a customized font from the signature. For this, curves and strokes in the signature was observed and made the typeface according to it.

Typeface Design 25

process of design the sketches of typefaces were traced in Corel Draw X6 and saved as .svg file. Later, it was converted into fonts in Type 3.2 software.

Typeface Design 26

final typeface

Graphic Design 28

Brand Identity (eSwasth) The objective was to design the logo and brand identity of a health concerned social networking site . The logo denotes the idea of person to person connection through internet for a common cause of healthy society.

Graphic Design 29

Logo Design entry for the competition to design logo for Rajya Sabha TV. The brief was to design logo which holds the general idea and significance of the existence of Rajya Sabha.

current logo

inspired from the seat pattern of the house and colour Red covering floor of the house.

inspired from the petals of Lotus. The flower reprents the knowledge and wisdom.

Hindi version

Grayscale version

Logo Design designing of the logo for a city based Dance Group Summation Crew. The task also involved T-shirt designing for the members of the dance crew.

Graphic Design 30

illustrations & caricatures

illustrations & caricatures

illustrations & caricatures

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Summary of the work done during my Masters in Design (M.Des.)