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Tips to stop Binge Eating Disorders We all know food is very important for us. It helps our body to perform task and do activities. However, when we consume more food than our capacity, it is called overeating. Overeating is a kind of eating disorder. Overeating means excess eats when you are not hungry.

Definition- Overeating consume large amount of calories that cause person feel uncomfortable.

Some people who overeat also suffering from a disorder called binge eating disorder. It also called BED

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BED- Binge eating disorder is kind of eating disorder in which people eat a huge amount of food for short period. People cannot prevent themselves from eating and feeling ashamed, guilt and depressed after eating out of control.

Compulsive Overeating – It is not a kind of disorder. It is use to describe that people cannot control their eating and they eat more than their need. People overeat because they feel loneliness, stressed, sad and they feel comfortable with food. The result is they gain weight. Compulsive overeating also called binge disorder. Generally, there is no difference between binge disorder and compulsive overeating.

Signs, symptom and causes Eating large amount of food when feel lonely  Feel that they are abnormal  Depression  Quickly eat  Feel they eat more their need  Eat lonely  Guilt

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 Feel ashamed to eat with others because they overeat  No one understand their feelings  Mental stress

Effects of Overeating Diabetes  Hair loss due to lack of vitamins  Skin problem like acne etc  Cancer  Gain weight  Always feel sleepy  Heat attack and other heart problems  Bad mouth in taste

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 Diarrhea  Liver problems like liver damage  Feel fatty  Chest pain  Headache and moodiness  Other health problems etc

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Treatment and Tips for avoiding Overeating  Be happy  Sleep well  Always eat breakfast  Eat healthy and rich of protein food  Say “no” to food when you are not hungry  Sharing your problems with your friends and parents  Don’t take stress  Chew you food

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Tips to stop eating disorders  

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