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What is Depression ?

explain “Depression� is very harmful effect in our human body. Some people are so many depressed because they are feel very sadly without any reason . They cannot share the problem to other people. As the result in depression. Depresion is comman but it very harmful effect in our human brain.

symptoms of Depression

symptoms The symptoms is that if people are depressed after more then one week that’s mean this people has going to the depression mode and they effect in our body.

other symptoms They alive alone. They are not interested to eat. They has lost positive charges. They are unhappy. They has loss

of interest in activities.


The people who has going in depression they contact to the doctor. The doctor can help us .And doctor advise help with you and get help with making positive charges in your life.

aDvise 

We always happy.  Do not stress to anything.  Keep simple on your face.  Do not lost your confidence.

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