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Literal Duplication, Liberal Contextualism

4.6 Plastering and Painting. 4.7 Advantages and Disadvantages 4.8 Case Examples Chapter 5: Stone Construction 5.1 Different types of stone Construction 5.2 Main factor for achieving seismic safety 4.2 Structure properties 4.3 Construction Aspects 4.4.1 Size and dimension 4.4.2 Wall construction 4.4.3 Foundation 4.4.4 Mortar 4.4.5 Openings in wall 4.4.6 Masonry Bonding 4.4 Construction process 4.5 Advantages and Disadvantages 4.6 Case Examples. Chapter 6: Timber Construction 6.1 Different types of Timber Construction 6.2 Characteristic of Timber and its location 6.3 Structural Properties 6.4 Construction Aspects 6.4.1 Size and dimension 6.4.2 Wall


Dissertation: Literal Duplication, Liberal Contextualism  
Dissertation: Literal Duplication, Liberal Contextualism  

It is the combined ideas of people, who thinks that Bhutanese Architecture has many different perspectives if we look into. Nation's goal...