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Literal Duplication, Liberal Contextualism

are supposed to see wide range of architectural styles responding to the different climatic conditions in each regions. And should encourage the people to opt tradition construction with proper Building code, so that at the end of the day nobody is blamed. After all this I feel that, Government of Bhutan should also develop a Building rules only for Tradition construction or Non-engineering construction which will be consistent and supportive to all the people of different regions using vernacular materials to preserve the nations unique Bhutanese Architecture with the publication and dissemination of the government’s “Building Rules for Traditional Construction” CONSTRAINTS OF TRADITIONALCONSTRUCTION (EARTH, WOOD, STONES, BAMBOOS, ETC) IN BHUTAN. The lack of standard criteria to evaluate the finished product. One may need a building code to erect an traditional structure suitable in the country.

The private sectors in urban areas has not been interested in investing in this type of ‘unconventional’ construction, except rural areas.

Constraints of traditional construction in Bhutan.

Traditional const. is considered as poor construction by the users in general. There are misconceptions in societies that, ‘traditional houses are only used by the poor people’.

Lack of political support discourages relevant government department promoting Traditional construction. Political supports, steel and concrete construction in the country

Less accepted by the professionals (contractors, building traders, architects) in the construction industry; because there is very little money and no proper standards. 55

Dissertation: Literal Duplication, Liberal Contextualism  

It is the combined ideas of people, who thinks that Bhutanese Architecture has many different perspectives if we look into. Nation's goal...