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Literal Duplication, Liberal Contextualism

a) The traditional Himalayan method of construction, the wooden beams extend to the whole length of the wall. One beam on the outside and another on the inside, the space in between filled up with stone. The wall at right angles has its beams laid on the two just mentioned and the alternate placing of these beams continue in this way. To create a proper bond of the timber and the stones the joints at the corners has dove-tailed or lap jointed by the cross-joists. Suitably placed along the length of the wall. It is clear from the above detail that the construction is capable of holding itself together without the stones which are filled in to form a solid wall. On top of this mingling of wood and stone stands the real dwelling, which is entirely of wood. Even the flooring in some houses are made up of wood, acting as thermal insulation in winters. it is earthquake resistance as the wood makes a strong bonds . b) Wooden construction is the other construction techniques which are very common in this region for easy availability of construction wood and its thermal properties provide relief from the cool winters. The vertical wooden posts are meant to carry the load. Horizontal members are placed at different levels with an in-fill of wooden battens. The upper flowers

Figure 14 Wooden construction.

are cantilevered thus providing living space all around. The base of the ground floor is built in stone masonry with the upper floor of wood to create a strong base. 3) Keylong, Higher Mountains or High Himalayan region. In this region the people experiences harsh climatic in winder and cold and rainy summer. The region is surrounded with mountains and hardly have we seen plains. According to that the materials available are stone and mud.

Figure 15 Mud construction Source: Ar. Sandeep Sharma

Due to this climate the vernacular architecture is entirely different from the other region in the state. Houses in this region follows two different types of construction as follows:


Dissertation: Literal Duplication, Liberal Contextualism  

It is the combined ideas of people, who thinks that Bhutanese Architecture has many different perspectives if we look into. Nation's goal...